Sunday, August 2, 2015

Some Things in Our Lives Constantly Change

I know we sound like I change our rules as fast as the weather changes. Some changes like hiring people to take up the "must do" activities makes sense. My slave and I shouldn't be bogged down with them when we both like to be free to do as we like. Beside that, why not give some blokes a job who need them? Beside that, the boy's studio is ready to work in so if anything, that and just enjoying his animals are enough. He has more time to play with them in stead of shoveling up their shit.

As for sex, slave, owner object, etcetera and etcetera, that has and will change constantly at my whim. Frankly, my whim seems to be in synch with the boy's most of the time. But then, he is malleable and has a deep need and desire to serve my needs.

He has stopped asking me to try different experience and goes on with whatever I come up with. Actually, fuck the rules!


  1. Actually, you're right. The only rules you need to play by are your own. You're in the lucky position of being able to do so. Life is only a one off chance, grab it and enjoy. Having the time and financial security to be able to enjoy what you have is something we would all like and would probably grab at any opportunity. Go for it.

    That, of course, is written knowing that consideration for others, love, care are taken for granted in your life. One thing that comes through your writing here is that you have those feelings not only for Trace but the family in general.
    I hope you consider it worthwhile continuing the blog, even if it is on an ad hoc basis. To me it's all part of the same family feeling, the community which you have chosen to include in your lives. From what I've read over the past two years community and family play a large part in your lives. The London club and, to a certain extent, the Chateau are both extensions of that concept. The family that Trace was building when you "refound" him has now grown and prospered, you being pivotal to that.
    I simply hope you can enjoy writing as much as I know many here enjoy reading.

  2. I can always tell quickly who wrote a posting, your styles are so different.
    Just wanted to say, it is too strange, I had thought about if the boy gets some time in his studio, then you mention it.

  3. I thought this was the best way to contact you:

    Happy Birthday, Trace!!

    for 24th August 2015. May all your wishes for the new year come true.