Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rubber and Diapers

I've never been much into rubber except a bondage suit that I bought in Australia.  It's made of super heavy black rubber with the opening at the back above the waist.  Instead of being stretchy it's compressing.  It's difficult to get into and almost impossible to get out of, especially without a second pair of hands. It's a one piece suit with attached feet, mitts and hood with only nose openings.  The zipper goes up the back to the top of the head and locks there.  I've stashed it in a plastic tub because the two experiences that I've had in it left me feeling afraid of it.  The story about the box on MetalbondNYC prompted me to take it out of it's hiding place and show it to Master.  He insisted that I get zipped into it the moment he saw it.  A half container of corn starch later I was completely sealed except for the two hoses that fit into my nostrils.

I felt different about being in it this time. It had everything to do with complete trust in Master.  I was locked in it for several hours of Breath play and spanking. Getting swatted through sweaty rubber increases the pain.

We were watching porn together a couple weeks ago. The bottom was wearing diapers and a plastic chastity device.  He was quite mouthy and disrespectful but the top fed into it. I mentioned that diapers were stupid and humiliating.  Master turned my words into a weapon today when we went down to San Francisco. We went to spend the day shopping for rubber, art supplies and have lunch with friends. Master bought a bright green package of men's diapers.

Just be careful not to tell you Master what you don't like because he might turn on you with it.

Henry makes really cool rubber and uses extra thick rubber.  My suit was custom.  My suit is all black with a locking zipper.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Adendum to our Aniversary Conversation

Maybe it's something odd but Master and I talked more about our goals for the next year.  I didn't have much to offer, change or register as disagreeable during our initial conversation but while in bondage last week I actually thought that I liked being on a "short leash".  I felt like I had been given more freedom when Master had the tracking chip removed from my side. I asked if there was a way of having one installed so he knows where I am and what I am doing when we are not together. He said we could re-up at the Chateau.  There are complications because he cannot really control what they do to me during our six month visits. He said he would think about it.

Master is very possessive and protective.

I've been reading a story called The Box on Metalbond;    I got so turned on by the story that I asked Master to read it. When he finished I asked if he would replicate the bondage in the story for me.  He said he would.  I almost jumped for glee knowing that it would be hell to live it.  We asked Butch if he could find someone to build a box with padding. He knew just the kinkster carpenter to do the job but "let me suggest that you let his fertile fucked up mind be creative".

I'm dreadfully excited.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's been a few days.

I woke in the dungeon Sunday morning.  My ankles were chained together and to a ring in the wall. The chain traveled up to my collar with my wrists fastened to irons at about my lower ribs. I had a pillow under my head.  I realized that I was hugging the heavy chain as if it was a teddy bear.

Master and I have been together fulltime for nearly a year so it was a time to reflect on the and build goals for the future. Being submissive and dominant in the Master/slave lifestyle is not as simple as it seems in fiction.  But let me back up, being together was easy but building the relationship had it's fits and starts. We talked about the things I did not want before my month as his object and told him that I would submit willingly and completely to what he wanted. I promised to never complain, question him or ask for anything and I didn't.  I kept my promise. That was the basis of everything that followed, including events like the beating that he gave me last week. It was particularly rough and vicious but I've got to tell you that any time that he pulls that belt out, I am complete turned on and in a state of pre-cum drooling arousal and he knows it. He must have felt uncomfortable because he wanted to talk about it. I said, "did you notice that I came while you beat me"?

We dropped our roles for the afternoon.  Master became Ian and I became Trace. We walked our horses out to one of the stands of Eucalyptus and settled in the shade and talked. Master smoked a cigar and I lit my favorite Mario Grande pipe. We never seem to be able to hold a decent conversation because I end up moving close to him and he holds me so tight that I can hardly breath. I slide down to unbutton his jeans and take his cock into my throat until he decides to fuck me. It was exactly what happened. that afternoon.

I am happy with our relationship now that neither of us is afraid of committing to each other so I didn't see a reason to get involved with things I like or dislike and I asked him to do what he wanted. I think living the way we do helps us find balance and avoid guilt.  We play with other people but he keeps the keys.

Master re-lit his cigar and I filled my pipe again.  We spent a casual evening.  He gave me couch time and held my head while I lay on the sofa watching a movie.  My left ear was on his upper leg over his femoral artery so I could hear his heart beat.  We went to sleep together.

I walk in my sleep sometimes. I slipped out of bed while deep asleep and went outdoors and started walking down the drive toward the road.  I was naked and barefoot.  Christian caught me and brought me back to the house and woke Master. They strapped me into a straightjacket, wrapped tape around my mouth and chained my feet.  That is the way I spent the rest of the night.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Breakfast and Newspaper by the fireplace for Master and Christian

Taken from the dungeon. I cleaned up and out. I hoped for breakfast simply because I hadn't eaten in over twenty four hours. The cook set up breakfast on a side table for Master and Christian. Sade was playing softly in the background. The two men put me in a complicated rope hog tie and left me gagged and drooling on the tile floor

The cook cleared away breakfast and brought fresh mugs of coffee touched with Irish Mist to the two men.  They paged through newspapers, completely ignoring the hunk of flesh struggling silently near their feet. They eventually decided to go out for a walk and a cigar, leaving me behind.

I am plain fucked! Barely human and denied by my lust.

boy/girl. come all serve all.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Punishment for nothing

Master had a new collar made after seeing a similar collar Serious Bondage.  It is a high thick collar that rigidly locks onto my cage bars. He stuffed my ass with a plug and locked it in place. and cuffed and manacled me with four way police cuffs with an 18 inch chain between the wrists and ankles.  I crawled into my cage and he placed the collar around my neck.  A protrusion from the back of the collar grasps the cage bars as it is locked around my neck. He locked my cage and left me in the dark overnight and into today.

He took me out of the cage but left the restraints on. He told me to stand in the center of the dungeon. He drew his heavy belt from his jeans and beat the hell out of me.  There was not apparent reason except that he felt like it.

Found on Tumblr
Leaving the restraints on, He chained my collar to the wall in the dungeon and left me until this evening.
That's the way it goes.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hugs and Cuddles

Today was all hugs and cuddles.  I crawled out from under the quilts and blankets to go outside to tend the animals and clean myself out for Master. He grabbed my hand and pulled me back into the bed and wrapped his arm around.

"We're just hanging out today".

That's the way it goes. I never question him except in business and absolutely never when other people can hear me..

Tumblr picture of unknown origin
Master rolled me in his arms all morning.  I whispered about my gratefulness in belonging to him.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Master had fucked me and stopped short of cumming. He pushed a steel ass tunnel into my ass then jacked himself off inside of me. He plugged it before locking my Carrara chastity belt that made pushing the tunnel and plug out impossible.

We watched a movie a few days ago in which the hero had his wrists handcuffed to the chair legs. The bag guys tied his feet to the chair legs then gagged him with a blue bandana that was knotted in the middle. The bad guys started to interrogate him. They started out by slapping him and gradually started slugging him in the chest and gut. They threated him with a large knife and cut him on the chest.  I, in perverse hard cock sarcasm said, "It looks like fun to me".

Master gave me a chance to experience much of the interrogation that the hero in the movie experienced this afternoon,  He had me sit on a bar stool with a tall back on it. He handcuffed my wrists to the back legs, cuffed my ankles to the chair then used a thick brown leather strap to pin my upper body against the back of the chair.  I bounced up and down on the stool as much as I could to try to drive the tunnel deeper into my ass. The experience was pleasurable up to that point.

Christian, our body guard was and interrogation specialist when he was in the army. It wasn't the US army so the things that he did were very different from what he supposedly would not have done in a branch of our military.  Master turned me over to him and sat back in his big brown leather chair, lit a long fat cigar and watched Christian work me over. Christian gagged me with a knotted bandana then secured it by wrapping dust tape around my head several times. He pressed the tape on my face as he stretched it very tightly around and around.  He pinched my nose between his finger and thumb to see if there were any air leaks in the gag. I gasped and struggled before he let me breath.  There were no leaks.

The game was, "TELL ME WHERE YOU HIDE THE GOLD"?  He told me to make it easy on myself by telling him right away. I couldn't answer him if I tried because of the gag job that he did on me. There was no answer to give him but he played dead serious.  He went from being an eagle eyed mild mannered guy to a monster with hatred and malice in his eyes.

He asked me where I hid the gold several times.
I shook my head "no".  He slapped and backhanded me across the face. He obviously held back.
He asked me again.
He slapped and back handed me again and again, each time just a little harder.
He stood back and turned to talk to Master for a few moments than came back to backhand me.
I actually tasted blood.
He slugged me in the chest, first one side then the either.
He slugged me in the chest again.
I tried to yell but each time I tried to make a noise he pinched my nose closed.

My chastised cock hurt more than anything that he did to me.

He switched gears and pinched the muscles on top of the shoulders.  It hurt, unbearable pain drew involuntary tears. I struggled to get him to stop working those muscles.  I was serious, I wanted him to stop,

He drew his knife from his boot sleeve and touched it's point to the tip of my nose.  He drew the blade against my face as if he was shaving me.

"TELL ME WHERE THE FUCKING GOLD IS NOW!!!!  or I'm going to start cutting you".
He nicked me on the right side of my chest.  A drew a few drops of blood.  He put me in a sleeper hold and pretended to snap my neck.  I passed out from a combination of primal fear and lack of oxygen.

I woke up, still fastened to the chair.  Master laughed "Have you had enough"?  I shook my head "yes".

Master and Christian removed the bindings and the gag. Master unlocked the chastity belt and told me to go in to the bathroom to remove the plug and dump the jiz out of my gut and come to the bedroom.  Christian and Master were both waiting for me with semi-hard cocks waiting for me to stiffen.  Master fucked my head while Christian took my ass.  Master told me to jack-off while they fucked me.  Christian filled my as then Master took over my ass, telling me that he would not stop until I got myself off.  Christian stepped around to my head and softly slapped me and held my nose and mouth closed.  I finally, after weeks of being denied begged Master for permission.

"You damn well better" he said, "Because I can't hold out for ever".  I pumped a screaming load into the air hitting Master in the face. He was pumping and slamming hard as my ass pulsated from cumming.  PERFECTION!

My face was lightly bruised.  I hope the cut on my chest scars.  It's about an inch long.  I rinsed the blood and pre-cum out of my mouth and there is no more blood.  I must have bitten my cheek when Christian hit me.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Hey guys,

The slave is bound in a chair with his hands strapped hard behind the chair. I got his wrists pulled down tight to the so his shoulders are pulled back on themselves.  The slave is being fucked with a fuck machine.  It is going on an hour now. He'd be screaming except that he is taped gagged with a pair of my stinking underwear stuffed down his throat. I'm going to take that shit out of mouth and fuck his throat with my cock while he's being fucked up the shit hole with that machine.

It's a good fucking slave who takes my shit day after day and means it when he thanks me for it.

Do you fucking measure up?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

People are only interested in pictures

My slave is indisposed today. You're going to have to read this if you fuck-offs are at all interested. You worthless pieces of shit are not worth my slaves time. I am thinking about closing this blog so he does not have to take time from me to do it everyday

If you have the god dam brains to read this let me know if you care.
You can also let me know if you have any ideas for working him over.
The winner might just win a weekend as his stead, if you think you can take it.

Master Ian

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Unfinished Business

We started the morning in the Dungeon where we were interrupted the day before. Master strapped me down on the table after he gagged and blindfolded me. I drew his belt from his jeans and gave me three whacks, one on my butt, one across the thighs and the last across my back. He left his belt lay across my back and left me to ponder the coming pain.

As I drifted off into bondage euphoria, I began to think about the handcuffs that he broke the day before and Master's speed and agility. He's a big man who is as likely to move like a Ninja Warrior as he is to move like the Hulk that he appears to be. I thought of actually trying to escape him and how utterly useless it would be. I thought of how happy I am to have him for a Master, best friend and love. I lost my ability to have a logical thought and I drifted deeper into euphoria. I felt my hard cock which he had pulled back between my legs, straining to straighten out in front of me.

My back side was on fire when he finished working me over.  He was nude and his cock rigid and red.  He pulled me down to the bottom of the table and sunk himself inside me. He finished loading my ass then hiked me atop the table again and played with my tits while working my cock until I shot.

We got dressed and walked the horses and a couple of the dog around the ranch. It was like a slow Sunday with nothing to do and no where to go.

Monday, October 14, 2013

County Sheriff's visit.

I was strapped down on the spanking bench when all of the dogs started furiously barking. Master left me to see what the commotion was all about.  Two Sheriff's Deputies were at the front door of the house pounding on the door.  They asked to see me. 

The two deputies had handcuffed Master before he led them to the playroom.  They were shocked by seeing me strapped on the table by a dozen or so heavy brown straps and a ball gag in my mouth. One of the deputies held Master by the arm and the other removed the ball gag and started to undue the straps.  I protested and yelled "What the hell are you doing here and how id you get past the gate"? Before they answered, I laughed "You guys realize that he can break those cuffs and kill you very easily". I laughed again, "Master, you sure look cute in handcuffs".

Someone, I think a guy who came to play at being a slave that Master sent away called the authorities to make trouble. (He was trouble from the start.)

They asked me if I was okay.  "No, not really." They looked at each other. "We were about to have some fun before you interrupted us".

They continued interviewing me after another pair of officers came to take charge of Master. I walked two of the deputies up to the house. I was as naked as I was when I walked down to the "dungeon". The dogs followed in a cloud of white fur. Sancho stayed at my side. Hector stayed with Master to protect him. He's a monster of a Great Pyrenees who would give his life to protect us, especially Master. 

Christian was in town for the evening.

I had to convince the deputies that what they walked in on was a consensual activity.  I am the owner of the property. I have two full-time care takers and a cook that lives in town and that I have a body guard who has the evening off. I had to convince them that I am not held captive and that you can often see me alone in town at community activities. They asked me if I knew what Stockholm Syndrome is.  I answered yes and I told them that I certainly wasn't suffering from that.  The whole conversation was foolish as far as I was concerned. "Lets end this now", I said.  I made two phone calls.  I interrupted Christian's evening and asked him to come home then called my San Francisco Attorney to tell them of what he knows of my lifestyle with Ian. I handed the phone to the deputy.

Christian rushed home. He entered the house with his hand on his gun and looked at me.  I shook my head. The deputies were ready to jump him.  Christian demanded to see their badges and called 911 to see if they had actually sent deputies to the house. The legality of the gun, Christians position with us and all the legal crap went down quickly. Christian went to my bedroom to get a robe for me and we all walked down to the dungeon to make sure Ian was alright. He was still cuffed but he and the two deputies were laughing.

"Master, show them how you can break the cuffs". He looked at the deputies and within a second broke the cuffs and reached into his pocket for a handcuff key and removed the separated cuffs. He handed them to the deputy and told them he'd pay for new ones. The deputies apologized but I stopped them and reminded them about the mass Milwaukee murderer, Jeffrey Dahmer. The police stopped a kid that he was chasing and convinced him that it was consensual play.  He took the guy home and killed him, chopped him up and stuffed him in his freezer. "Better safe than sorry".

We made a few new friends.

"Master, that was more fun that getting my ass beaten".

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Quiet Evening at Home

Bound ankles wrist and pulled up tight against my butt, wrist to elbow behind the back. Ball gagged with added duct tape under a leather hood.  Stuffed in a leather Hogsack and left to sweat.

The Hogsack
Use it how you wish. A lot of people fold the arms in front but it was intended to be used with the arms folded behind the back. Master Uses it to achieve it's maximum potential. It can be intensely punishing.
A movie was playing in the background and his cigar smoke swirled around the room.  The movie ended but the release I expected didn't come. Master had fallen asleep.
Master released me at 3:47 am.  He helped me unfold my limbs and stand.  I went into the kitchen for a tall icy drink of water then crawled in to bed alongside Master. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sunny fucking yeah day!

This is fucking paradise! I have everything I could ever want.  A oversexed, over kinked and mean fucking Master who runs my ass, protects me and possesses me. Eight dogs, two Scottish Highland cows, horses, alpaca, llama and fearless attack geese that won't let visitors out of their cars.

I woke up before the sun and went out to clean the barn and then went back in to clean myself for Master's pleasure. He rolled on top of me and drained himself in my mouth then pounded my ass. He slipped a rope around my wrists then held my neck in his magic way that immediately takes my breath away and forces blood into my chastised cock.  He laughed at me when the pain made me groan and then he wrapped his arms around me.

He said, "I own you. Everything you are and everything you have is mine" and the whispers things that I never tell other people about.

The cook made us a decent breakfast that was almost fat and gluten free. Master and I sat in the cool autumn breeze watching the light and how it was filtered through the leaves of the giant oaks that top the hill east of the house. We talked while sipping our coffee. The morning light so moved me that I decided that I had to work in the studio after I spend the morning with the animals. I never got to the studio because I worked outside with the animals all day. Work is always play these days.

Master took my ass again while I showered off the sweat, animal saliva and oils. I had a great day!

Friday, October 11, 2013


One stop in New York and we're home, finally!
The dogs rushed us as we drove up to the house and Butch and Steve came out of the cottage to greet us. We joined them for dinner and the latest news about the ranch. Steve accompanied Master, Christian, and Butch to the deck for a cigar and the view of the valley under the half moon. I went out to let the animals know that I am home to take care of them. Boris gave me a big sloppy cow kiss on the face and wanted me to hug his huge head.

I'll be up with the sun shoveling Alpaca shit from the barn floors and currying my horses and cows.  The dog surrounded me in a great white cloud into the house where they all a giant chewy bone to carry as they followed me through the house to the bathroom where I stood under a warm waterfall shower until my skin felt wrinkled and squeaky clean.

Tired but daring not to climb in bed before Master, I laid on the floor surrounded by dogs and promptly fell asleep.  Life will be back to normal, until the next trip.

Sancho, the oldest of eight fluffy monsters stands as tall as my shoulders.
He's not a full adult yet. He's mostly a house dog who follows me everywhere.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Music on the Big Flute

It feels like home.
Master straddled my chest, waking me as he forced his cock into my throat.  I rarely sleep later that he does but because I get up to clean myself out and then go back to bed and wait for him.  I try my hardest to be ready for anything.

He pinned my hands down above my head, as if I would ever struggle to refuse him. (I do sometimes but he knows I'm playing so he can "punish" me).  He came into my mouth and all over my face then eventually slid down over my legs. He held my neck with his left hand and pinched, pulled and bit my nipples until I screamed and then started to laugh at the absurdity of actually wanting the pain. My cock swelled inside my chastity belt, causing more pain.  He laid down on top of me and kissed me.

We once had a prospective slave come to our house to visit.  He said he wanted 24/7 slavery but I doubted him immediately upon meeting him. Master locked us down on our cots in adjoining cells for the night. He's strict about bedtime when locked up. I better fall asleep rapidly or do a damn good  job of faking it. This guy wanted to talk. His questions would have been endless so I broke protocol to first let him know about Master's sleep rules. He asked me how Master punishes me when I disobey him.

"I don't except by accident. Being a slave such as we are is a constant practice. I try to never give him reason to punish me because It breaks my goal as a submissive. You always try to anticipate what he wants out of love and respect.  One thing that you do that might be hard is that you smoke cigarettes. He's not going to allow it. If he catches you, he will throw you out, immediately".

"He smokes cigars". 

"Occasionally, He lets me smoke a cigar or pipe occasionally but if it ever became habitually, he's stop it. Remember, he is the Master. He does as he wants and we do to please him. Anything that a slave does is either by permission or because he expects it."

He asked, "you guys are really tight, is there room for another...".
"I'm not going to talk anymore. You know he can hear everything we say and he can see what we are doing? You should ask him these questions if you feel they are important enough.  By the way, our goal is to please him, not finding cause for punishment. He doesn't play that game."

He lasted less than a week because he was into slavery for what he could get, not for what he could give."

Master is deliciously cruel sometimes.
We went down the street for breakfast. Christian joined us after taking a couple days to himself. I was starving so I ate like a pig.  I wanted fried potatoes but Master ordered me tomatoes. He did let me have bacon though.  We went back to pack for our trip home, said goodbye to anyone who was still in the house and took a taxi to Heathrow.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I had a few hours to myself today. I listened to music on my iPod while everyone was out of the house except Christian.  I so rarely take time to just listen to music these days.

I listened to Il Adore by Boy George twice then found the video on YouTube:

It seems incredible that men have unprotected sex.  I seems that they intentional seek STD's, including those that can kill them.

Il Adore

Mother clutches the head of her dying son
Anger and tears, so many things to feel
Sensitive boy, good with his hands
No one mentions the unmentionable, but everybody understands
Here in this cold white room
Tied up to these machines
It's hard to imagine him as he used to be

Laughing screaming tumbling queen
Like the most amazing light show you've ever seen
Whirling swirling never blue
How could you go and die, what a lonely thing to do

Silence equals death, this is what they say
But the anger and the tears do not take the pain away
How far must it go, how near must it be
Before it touches you, before it touches me
Here in this cold white room
Tied up to these machines
It's hard to imagine life as it used to be

Laughing screaming tumbling queen
Like the most amazing light show you've ever seen
Whirling swirling never blue
How could you go and die, what a lonely thing to do

Did you ever ask those strangers what they're looking for?
Did they laugh and tell you they're not really sure?
You were hurt by love but still you came right back for more
Il adore, il adore, il adore

Thanks Mum

Please be safe.

I was all tied up.

The simplest things can be the most agonizing.

There is a lot of talks about "Objectification" on blogs lately.  I must admit that I like the idea myself.  I hadn't really thought about it much but many time, I think Master treats me as an object. He dispassionately uses me then stuffs me away someplace or ties me up where he can see me struggle to find relief from a stressful position.

Not long ago, on our last trip to London. Master had a stainless steel head harness made to fit my head perfectly. Besides gagging me, it fits to perfectly to keep me from opening my mouth. He couldn't wait to get the thing. He slid that thing over my head and locked it.  He said "I love you but sometimes I love you more when you're gagged".  I seemed to have seen that as a caption of some Tumblr blog.

Rigid things on my head freak me out. I even have to combat panic when I put my motorcycle helmet on. I wore that steel head harness for days except for meals simply because he knows I hate it and he gets off knowing when I hate something that he does to me.

Night before last, Master tied Shibari wrist restraints on both arms then threw the free end of the rafters in the second floor lounge.  He pulled my arms up and apart so that I could barely stand. He strapped a rubber ball gag in my mouth and left me there in the middle of the lounge. The guys totally ignored me.  I felt like a piece of statuary that they didn't notice or care about anymore. I spent the night, yesterday and most of last night that way with no physical contact. I am completely exhausted and my shoulders ache.

A bit earlier in the day before he tied me he told me that I had enough play for a few days. He changed his mind quickly.

Sometimes I am Masters object, sometimes I am his prized procession, sometimes I am the love of his life. I rarely know where his moods will lead me.

Am I an object?

Monday, October 7, 2013

A Day of Grace

Master unlocked the cell door and let me out.

"You stink! You smell like hell"!

I went upstairs to clean up and out.  I shaved my face and head then climbed into a hot shower.  Master slipped into the shower as the shit ran down the drain. He wrapped his arms around me and held. He kissed me several times then pushed me against the wall.  He entered my ass with his cock and fucked me slowly and gently. He held me with my face buried between his pecs and kissed me over my head and face.  We stood until the steaming shower until the water began turning cool. He dried me and sent we into bed and laid beside me.

"We'll go out for dinner after you get a few hours of good sleep".

I tried to hug him and get him to fool around but he said "It's enough, you've had enough for a couple days".

We went to sleep.

Master and I went to Hawksmoor for a steak then went to Bonds where Master bought cigars and a Peterson Sherlock Holmes pipe for me. We walked a few miles then found a taxi back to the Club House.  We joined a few guys in the lounge where I sat on the floor between Master's knees.  He reached down to wrap his hand around my neck every once in a while.  I'd get a woody in response and then he would take his hands off me.

He eventually took me to bed and fucked me before we went to sleep.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Left alone

Being locked in a cell makes for good fantasy.  Most men thinks its boring to be left alone with absolutely no attention.  It gets worse the longer it lasts.  I've been given a lukewarm paper cup of instant oatmeal with no spoon.  It's been my only meal for almost 24 hours.  It was the only time I've had human interaction since last night except for occasionally foot steps above me.

Master locked the tube on my cock again so I'm trying not to move so the spikes don't stick me. I'm in a cell with a toilet that has no seat and no furniture. I have a ratty old blanket to try to find comfort in but it smells like shit and piss.

Master gave me my laptop for one hour. Otherwise the cellar is completely dark.  There isn't a even shadow to help me pass the time.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tie me up and gang bang me

It's just never enough, even when it feels like too much at the time.

This fucking tube on my shaft really hurts today!  Master opened it and saw nothing that concerned him. Walking down the street to the pub for lunch was almost unbearable.  I couldn't sit still.  Master relented and handed me his key and told me to go to the restroom and take it off.

It was dinner time and eight guys were in the Club House.  The Club House is an old industrial building that was rebuilt inside.  It's obviously not in the best neighborhood and it's virtually a dead zone at night.  The first floor has a kitchen and lounge area upfront and a dungeon in the back.
The top floor is private bedrooms for each of the original members and another lounge that runs down the middle length of the building.  The guys mostly hang out there,  The cellar houses the mechanicals, the mean toys and a row of cells.  Two of the cells have solid walls and solid wood doors, three are steel bars, one is padded with heavily stained canvas floors, walls and ceiling.  Some have cots, some have bar floors.  One small room has a cage in the center and is supposedly completely soundproof with speakers in the corners near the ceiling that pump music or white noise into the room.  I've spent a couple nights in the cage the first time I visited.

These guys get nuts when they are together.  They've been friends since their early teens when they first shaved their heads, bleached their jeans and terrorized the neighborhood with their baseball bats. At that time they called gays faggots and often targeted them.  The odd thing about that was that to become a member of the group everyone had to take it up the ass as a rite of initiation.  Everyone of them have fucked by everyone in the group.  I'd been inducted for over a year and I've been fucked by all 12 mates.  I was allowed in because Ian is my Master.  I haven't fucked anyone except another slave who lives in the Club House.

Too much information but I have to add, some are gaymembers, some have families and all are successful businessmen and professionals.  They are all still boys when they get together.

Master tied my wrists to my ankles so that I was on my knees with my ass in the air,  He gaged me with layers of duct tape then he picked me up and set me on a cocktail table that is in the center of the upstairs lounge. The guys, all eight of them beat my ass and fucked me. It went on all night.

It was hot and exciting at first but became painful beyond fun quickly.  I hated it by the time Master released me but I'd like to do it again sometimes.  As I said; It's just never enough, even when it feels like too much at the time.

Friday, October 4, 2013

John Cena

I saw a movie that had a big brother character played by John Cena.  My hear throbbed along with one of my appendages. Cena wasn't very good in the movie but he reminded me of Master except in height.  I think Master is taller but they have the same monster build.  It's no wonder that I was smitten with Master the first time that I saw him in that cigar bar in New York.

We went out to the bars last night.  A huge shiny really black man was there with his pale white boy on a steel chain lease  The slave was held on his knees for more of the time we were in the bar.  His Master held him by his hair.  Master held me by my neck as if he was threatening to strangle me.  I was in agony while feeling privileged to be at his side.  I think the two Masters were holding a silent competition while they talked about their slaves.  Master opened my jeans and pulled my stainless steel wrapped cock out for display.  My cock was entombed in a shaft tube that was lined with steel screws that burrowed into my flesh.  He could adjust the screws to dig deep or just tease the surface. He could also replace the nubby screws with pointed screws if he really wanted to torture me.

The Black Master invited us to his home for play and dinner for tonight but we already hand tickets for London.

We're in the Club House for tonight with Master's Mates.  Master and his mates are just fucking around while I'm sitting in the corner writing this.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Munich Cellar

I missed writing yesterday.  I should say I am sorry but I'm not.  I was indisposed by a fun little cement room that the owner called Die Duneon der Hölle.

Master setup this meeting the other night when he went to the leather bars.  He met this guy at Bau and went home with him and his slave boi.  We went to meet him at his home the next evening.  He had a hot dungeon with plank patterned cement walls, cell doors with layers of mesh, flat iron and hardware cloth.  He had enough equipment to set up a party for many hot men at one time but the whole dungeon was available to just the four of us.

Master and our host agreed to switch slaves.  Master gave the key to my chastity belt to our host, meaning that anything goes.

He removed my belt and forced my moth open with a open dental gag and restrained my arms behind my back in a heavy set of irons.  He ordered me too my knees then skull fucked me.  He didn't cum but I think he was close because his cock was rock hard and curved upward. I tasted pre-cum on the tip of my tongue when he pulled out.  He removed the restraints then ordered me to climb up on his rack, beating me with a riding crop until I got myself situated.

I had never been stretched on a rack before so I felt scared and excited about all the possibilities that I fantasized about in my perverted past.  The top used leather cuffs and ropes to pull my body so that I was gently stretched.  He asked me a question that I could not answer.  He turned and but on an old SS billed hat and turned to face me again.  He struck me across the chest six times with his riding crop then asked me the question again.  He removed the steel gag and slapped my face from side to side then asked me the question again.  I yelled "I don't know what the fuck you are talking about. He cranked the winch on the rack two clicks. I liked the way it felt. He struck me on the chest with the crop again then asked me the question again.  I couldn't answer him, I didn't know what he was talking about.  He beat my chest, abdomen and thighs with his crop, slapped me in the face and tightened the rack until I screamed at him to stop.

His boi was screaming under the constant impact of Master's belt.  The top who was working me over tied a rope around my ball and threaded it through a pulley that hung above the rack and began hanging weights from it..  He beat me alternating with added weight until I started screaming at him.  Master stopped to watch him work me over.  He kept telling me to tell my tormentor what he wanted to know. I couldn't.  "Master, I don't know the answer!  I don't know what he is talking about!"

My tormentor released the restraints then told me to turn over.  He beat me while I tried to change positions.  "Get the fuck on your knees Sklaven!"  He climbed up, slide a condom over his dick and fucked me. He ordered me to get up.  He grabbed master's collar and used it to drag me into a small cell.  He chained me to the wall by a collar and wrists then locked the door after slamming it.  His slave was chained in the cell next to mine.

The torment and beating began the next morning.  My top got a little carried away because Christian stopped him and talked to him for a moment.  Master asked "you good boy"?  He looked at Christian and nodded.  The top started in again.  He still demanded the answer to his question as he focused on stretching me and tit torture. Master has tormented my tits to such extremes that our host's attentions hardly hurt at all in comparison.  I started feeling like I was floating above myself watching what was happening to me.  The top looked at Master for guidance, he said, "Just fuck him and lock him in a cage. He's done"!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I plopped into bed last night, burrowing a nest in stacks of pillows and down comforter.  I woke up when Master stripped the bed because I was drenched in sweat from being overheated.
"Are you good boy?"  It is his way of asking me how I feel.
"Yes SIR! Now that you're here".
"I found a hot little German boy at the bar who wanted me to fuck him".
He laughed.  "But I figured it would be a lot more fun to come back here and rip your ass open".
That is just what he did. He poured lube down my crack and massaged it into my hole with his two big fingers then rammed his mighty one in to my insides.  He was on the verge of being drunk with German Beer so he was kind of sloppy and brutal.  Better me than someone else and I was always happy to be had, no matter the circumstances.

He rubbed his cum over my back and collapsed next to me. I pulled a blanket over us and dug my face into his arm pit and fell asleep again thinking "this is heaven".

I woke this morning half suffocating because Master was on top of me and soundly sleepy. I crawled from under him and went to the bathroom to clean up and out.  I was thinking about French Toast, Sausages and Maple Syrup, food of days gone long past.  Master would never allow it.  I also thought of issues of control.  No one has control of anything, we can just make choices. I wondered why Master left the Chateau as soon as we got there. What had happened?  I thought of eggs over easy and hash browns with apricot jam on toasted white bread.  I sang The Beatles Songs Golden Slumbers and Boy, You're Going to Carry That Weight in the shower. I substituted Golden Showers for the word Golden Slumber.

Master quietly slipped into the shower and delivered a long stream of piss over me the pushed me against the wall, lifting me from the floor and impaled me with his cock.  He held me like I was a little air filled toy and fucked me.  He turned me around and surrounded me with his arms and held me. Something in the way he held me made me cry while smiling.