Friday, January 31, 2014

All tied up

I've been all tied up for the past bunch of hours. Other than that, normal rarely exists. Master is sweating over something back home so he's leaving for London on Monday. I might make the trip with him.

I'm trying to get as much studio time in as possible but it always get put on the back burner with Dan and Butch off on a short vacation. The "might" in making the trip to London depends on the guys coming back on time.



Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nothing much going on

My day was spent in my studio working. I went outside a few times to get fresh air and visit all the pets. Master is hard at work in his office. He's thinking he might have to go to London next week.

Landscape and everything on the land seems to be in a dormant mood. It is the middle of winter. We're getting some coastal dampness but not much rain.

Dan and Butch took off to Arizona to visit family. Christian is dying for some action. He patrols the fence line on horse back. He's looking like a cowboy.

It feels like a good night to climb into bed early.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Home Coming

The attack geese greeted us at the drive. I brief moment of my attention satisfied them and caused the dogs to some running. Tommy got to me first, his tale stood straight in the air while wagging. I gave him a pet on the head, a kiss on his snot and he reciprocated with a lick on my face and then he let the others edge in. Sancho and Panza are getting big enough to knock me on the ground when they are excited and that is exactly what they did. Tommy joined in with a growl and more tongue action on my face.

The rest of the animals were in their stalls. I disturbed the peace in the barn when I walked in. It's like having children. They expected my attention and I gladly gave it to them along with apples. They all bring tremendous joy to my life.

We went to our room to clean up and get comfortable then had a late supper with the guys.

We spent today catching up with the work the built up while we were gone. I had a few hundred emails to go through. One of them was a request for a commissioned work in a guy's New York home. I quickly and excitedly let him know that I do not do commissioned work and never will. I never want to work for money when doing art.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fantasy from Star Trek


Many years ago, I saw a Star Trek episode that featured Captain Kirk, Ohura and Dr. Leonard McCoy. I don’t remember much about the episode except that they were being held captive in a room. They didn’t know who their captor was. The three characters were wearing wide belts that caused pain every time they did something the captor didn’t like.

Being a pervy kid, the belts, the pain they caused and the control they exerted on the characters turned me on to the point that I had to cover my crotch with a pillow while watching it to hide my erection from the other people in the room. From that day on, it was one of my favorite kinky fantasies that were buried along with everything that had taken my libido to new heights.

Some time ago, I found a police equipment site that developed and sold Stun Belts. I tried to order one but the company only sold them to verifiable law enforcement agencies. I tied a few places but got the same response from every company that I tried so I gave up on the idea and buried it in the back of my mind again along with everything that I thought I would never experience. I don’t recall that I ever mentioned the fantasy to Master.

My friends treated me to sensations from their stun equipment. They are heavily into electrical stimulation. One of them is actually an electrical engineer with a talent for designing and building electrical torture devices to use on his boi.

My friend the electrician wrapped the belt around my waist just above the hip bone so that I couldn’t slide it down to escape it. The belt closes with heavy duty Velcro. A steel cable is threaded through and around the belt then locked. Removal is impossible. Master stood ready waiting to catch me as my friend pushed the button on the remote control that triggered the belt to shoot a 50,000 volt stun throughout my body that lasts eight seconds. It feels like an eternity. The experience cured me of that fantasy in a hurry.

The electrical engineer modified the belt so that he is able to lower the voltage so that it is less devastating.  He demonstrated his modification at lower power. I found the lower levels tolerable, in a pervy way, so that it could be used as a toy. Master tried the belt. He felt the maximum stun but did not respond to it so violently and enjoyed the lower levels of stimulation. He asked our friend if he could build one for his use with the same kind of modification.

We have an appointment to view a couple more properties this afternoon before we head to the airport to catch our flight home. We’ve had a great time here in Aspen. We got to feel a little real winter and made two or three runs each day. Night life is varied more than what we usually experience since we didn’t go to any gay bars. We fed well and enjoyed a few drinks along with bumping in to old and new friends. We saw a handful of celebrities who were trying to remain anonymous and a couple politicians who weren’t.

I got tied up a couple times. The most interesting was a reproduction I found on my Tumblr account.

I was left tied for several hours. I enjoyed the position because it was secure and still comfortable. My friend’s boy was tied similarly. I have a new favorite position!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Skiing and Bondage

Aspen is a cool place. There are a lot of familiar faces on the slopes and around town. We flew in on a private jet so that was par around here. I saw a couple women smoking while skiing, that seemed counter productive. Another hetero couple were coming just short of coitus on the slopes. The town looks like a festival for conspicuous consumer-ship.

I haven't been skiing for over a year. I used to do this sort of thing often before I met Master. I'm sailing of jumps like an old pro and digging a place where I found a lot of bath tubs to hop around on.  I'm going heli-skiing tomorrow with some old friends that we're staying with.

We're looking at real estate while we're here so I'll be out with an agent on Monday. That was a very recent decision. I like Aspen but it could be at any of the resorts. Maybe someplace a bit more low-key.

I slept in chains last night.
I got excited when Master grabbed me by the collar and lectured me about something he heard me say to friends that he wanted me to be circumspect about. In a way, it demonstrated more of a sense of control and maybe even anger, that made me feel hungry for him.

 Tumblr photo

 Tumbler photo
He looks a little like me. I am completely shaved, muscled about like him
but I am very skinny right now.
This guy is hot!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


It was a long day yesterday. Master stuffed my ass with a plug then tied me to a kitchen chair. He told me that I had to free myself.

We started at about 10:am and he finally let me out at 11:30 pm last night.

It was a LONG, LONG Day!
No matter how I tried, I couldn't reach any of the knots.

We're leaving for Aspen to ski with friends for a long weekend so if I'm absent here, you know I'm racing down a mountain in Colorado. We'll be back on Wednesday!

I just dozed off in the middle of writing the last sentence.

I would love to experience this!
I've had various limbs in casts but this would be totally mind blowing!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hung by the Neck

Hung by the neck, well, almost.

Back to the new normal today. Woke up to work at the new usual time and joined Daniel outside with the animals. We have a foal, two Alpaca cria and Llama cria on the way. I didn't expect anything this year because it's a new environment for them.

I learned why Steven left. As I suspected, he had no intention of being a 24/7. He was in it for the thrill but the reality that he experienced was too dull for him. I think his ego wouldn't allow him to take things as they came.

I worked in my studio for several hours then went out to play. The stallion took me for a run today. I rode him with just a halter. His muscle movement translates directly to my body when I don't saddle him. It's a sensual feeling and I think he enjoys the relatively freedom of working out without an encumbering saddle.

We played for a couple hours this afternoon. Master and Christian worked on me. I posted the following picture a while back. The afternoon was all about me and all about my desire fore a little breath play.

Combine the bondage in the top picture with the noose in the bottom picture. Master gagged me with a monkey first rope gag. He made me tie the noose. He was trying to get me psyched. He tied my legs above the knees and at the ankles. Master removed my chastity belt after tying me but before slipping the noose over my head. I immediate sprang a woody.
Master and Christian played with the noose while torturing my tits and edging me over again. I sank into the noose as I was finally allowed to cum. The anoxia brought me to a near faint and intense orgasm that sent my cum flying across the room. I felt Master reach under my arms and wrap his arms around my chest, holding me up as Christian dropped the rope and loosened the noose. They laid me on the ground leaving me squirming in ecstasy. They left me bound for a while then freed me in time to clean up before joining them on the deck over looking the valley for wine. It had been a beautiful warm day but we lit a propane heater to keep ourselves comfortable as the temperature dropped.
caveat: Noose play is dangerous at best. Death can occur even when skilled players engage in it. Never play breath control games without experienced play partners. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Beat up but exhilarated

How many days was it? It seemed endless but it wasn't quite as horrible as it sounds. There is no draft in that room except air that comes through the ventilation system.

I can't guess why Master decided I needed some "object" time. I've got to tell you that every time I came in to see me that he a rock hard cock with a pre-cum spot in his jeans. The idea of me chained, helpless and completely at his mercy turns both of us into horned up crazy animals.

He beat me with his belt a couple times until I would have done anything to get him to stop and then he'd be so hot that he fucked me in either end. I could piss in the room because there is a drain that flows outside into a stone lined culvert that eventually runs into a creek that eventually runs into the ocean. He let me use the toilet and let me take a shower. He made meal time hard with a dog bowl and my hands restrained behind my back or at my sides. He laughed as he watched me struggle. He said "you make a piss poor dog". Of course the smell of his piss in the bowl made that statement appropriate.

"Our greatest strength lies in the gentleness and tenderness of our heart" - Rumi

Yeah! Being Master's property can be a rough deal but when all is said and done...

It's dinner time and I need to be with my family then spend some serious time in the hot tube with Master and a glass of red wine.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Weekend Chained in the Dungeon

The slave is still enjoying a weekend of peace and quiet in the dungeon. He's chained at all points, eating his oatmeal like a good boy and drinkin my piss for refreshment. I figure I might let him out tomorrow after the holiday here. May not!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Lock Down

My slave is in lock down tonight. He's chained to the wall by his left ankle in a cool pitch black room. He's gotten nothing to do but curl up and sleep.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday Bondage Session


Steven is chained in the wine cellar dungeon. He’s been there for nearly two days, alone except for food delivery. He’s not able to move much so he’s struggling to eat and drink from a piss filled dog bowl. He thought it was going to make him horny to be chained and ignored for days. I know he was thinking. I’ve been there myself. I wonder how HE would like to go for thirty long days in the dark with limited mobility and occasional torture and hard punishment. You can tell my sadistic side is coming through because I want him to suffer.

Things have been fun for me too. Master forced me to go to a doctor to find some help getting to sleep at night so I don’t crash and burn with migraines.

I woke up later than usual today. I worked with Dan to get the animals fed and ready for their day outside instead of trying to get it all done before anyone else got up. I have to say, it was more fun doing it with another person. I cleaned up after Master woke instead of being in bed. He still filled me his piss and used me for his morning cum receptacle so I didn’t lose anything there either. We sat down for breakfast. I ate a little more because the doctor told me that I was far too underweight. Butch asked me help outside after breakfast. I was more than happy to work with him.

My afternoon was spent in a severely tight frog tie. Master gagged me with a stuff gag that filled my mouth so full that I couldn’t drool so I had to continuously struggle to swallow it. He placed me on the tile floor at the edge of the office carpet. Any time that I tried to move, my flesh rubbed the edges of the tiles so that I was further stimulated. I was wearing my new chastity belt with the large conical steel butt plug that was further jammed in my ass by the rope bindings. I would call my afternoon predicament excruciating paradise. To torment me even more, every time that Christian came in to the office, he kicked me in my crotch, driving the butt plug against my prostate gland.

Master untied me just before the dinner hour. He removed the chastity belt and fucked me. He came then started to torment my tit while telling me that it wouldn’t stop until I made myself cum. I was tired, too tired, I thought, too cum. My tits burned with pain from Master manipulating them with his fingers. I finally began to edge as he nearly ripped my tits from my chest. He began to lick my face and spit into my mouth then started to rub my pre-pubis penis as I continued to stroke myself. My cum began to boil up, I squeezed my muscles, trying to hold the fire inside then stroked slowly, shooting back over my head and hitting Master in his face.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jabber, Jabber, Crash and Burn

Master locked Steven an me in the dungeon behind the wine cellar. It is constantly sixty degrees and well hidden behind oak walls. The other walls are sealed rock so the rooms are arid. My great uncle played there with his lover and friends. Now it contains a low table that is used for punishment and two cage-like cells with chains sunken into the rocks.

Master chained us in pre-nineteenth century irons and locked us in separate cages. Master gave us permission to talk quietly for a short time then go to sleep. He closed the door, leaving us in sound proofed isolation. I’ve slept in this dungeon often, sometimes for days at a time, so I almost relish the quiet that it enforces upon me.

Steven had many questions that I began to answer before I grew tired of him. “Listen Steven, I’m going to give you an outline of life around here and the chain of command. I own everything here. Master and I are partners in a Master and slave relationship. He runs my ass, runs the business as well as his family business interests. Christian, the guy you met on your way in is our security man and my body guard. Butch, the blonde guy outside is the caretaker; he makes sure everything physical about the place is taken care of. Daniel, the tall thin guy takes care of the animals. He answers to Butch. They are Daddy and boy. Pete is the Chef and trainer. He is gay and has a boyfriend who visits on some weekends. That leaves me. I have my hands in everything. I work in the office with Master and I work outside with Butch and Daniel. I also wake up before everyone and tend to the animals then get ready to serve Master when he wakes up. I work in my studio as much as possible. Even though I own everything, I am low man on the totem pole much of the time. I answer to Butch for things outside, Christian, Pete and above all Master. If you stick close to me and Daniel, you will know what you are expected to do and how to behave. Do not invoke punishment thinking it is role play. You will not enjoy it and you do not want to give Master reason to think you are disrespectful. He’ll throw out. Respond to everyone with deep respect. Think of all others before yourself and you will be golden around here. Master confers with me about people who come to live here. Address everyone as “Sir” unless Master tells you otherwise. All of your questions will be answered by your experiences.”

I closed my eyes and turned away, covering myself with an old wool army blanket. I arranged myself and the chains and then fell to sleep.

I had a restless night after an initial snooze. I sat at the back of the cage imagining images in the jet black room. It was probably nerve signals searching for stimulation. I wasn’t wearing my chastity belt so I could play with my cock and balls. I didn’t want to cum; I wanted to feel myself grow in response to gentle stimulus. The skin was soft as I slid it over my partially erect shaft. I focused my attention on my scrotum and testis. The skin felt like elastic tissue paper. It was relaxed and extended in length instead of tight and wrinkled against my crotch. My nipples were dense and erect, standing proudly away from my cold chest. I fell asleep again, only to wake again. My mind would not stop. I tried to meditate through my chakra. It worked and then my thoughts danced off in another direction. The usual peace that I seek in the dark was out of grasp.

Master came to release us. We walk outside in the cold because the wine cellar is a cave in a hillside outside of the house. The sunlight burned my eyes and my vision was distorted by an aura that signaled that I was going to have a migraine. I get them occasionally when I have several consecutive sleepless nights. Master saw what I was feeling in one glance. He gave me medicine and took a warm shower with me then sent me to bed.

Steven was turned over to Christian for the day. I’m sure that he was feeling things that rocked his world.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Crazy Stuff and visiting slave

I came out of the shower all fresh after fuck and giz.  Master handed me a box that came UPS some time ago. It contained a black and white and orange prison uniforms. Yahoo! Inmate was emblazoned on the back and down the legs. Canvas shoes complete the uniform.

A guy named Steven came up the drive to play slave for a week. Not again… this happens every now and then but they never want what they think they want and leave early.

Master and Christian “entertained” him while I went to my studio to work. I got onto the Internet for a while to do some shopping for myself. I bought a couple kilts and all the kit that goes with them and then found a site called Utilikilts that makes kilts for work. I guess I went a little mad with the American Express card. Kilts are really hot looking. Here are the catalogue pictures.


Gratuitous cute picture from the web that came up when I did a search for kilts.

Fire Fighters Memorial Kilt

Heather Kilt


Gladiator kilt that I ordered from Ebay UK last week. Master wear kilts from time to time. His monster v-shape funneling into a gladiator kilt drives me horny to my wits end.

Gratuitous picture from the web of the way I would like to play today, but I know Master is occupied in other ways today.

Master came to the studio to summon me. I hadn’t gotten started painting at that point. The visitor was standing at ease in the middle of the room. Master ordered me “at ready”. I squatted with one leg kneeling and the other foot flat on the floor, waiting to respond to his next order. He signaled me to squat with my hands crossed behind my back. It is a position that he prefers over kneeling because I am at his crotch height and ready to serve him orally if he chooses to use me.  He ordered Steven to do the same. Steven's leg muscles started to give out. His entire body began to tremble and he eventually fell to his knees.

Master ordered me to stand with my hands above my head and turn slowly so that Steven could see the brand on my ribs and mirroring tattoo. Master told Steven to inspect my Groethal Chastity Device and feel its weight. My wrists are still red from playing yesterday and my back still bares the marks and scares from previous beatings. Master stood up and wrapped his hands around my face and neck, blocking my breath until I nearly passed out. He held me so that I wouldn’t fall then turned me around on put his mouth over my mouth and nose, once again blocking my breath. He held me in his arms as I faded.

Master directed Steven to respond to the question”, if you became a slave, would you give yourself to me without limits as my slave has?” then told him he had better think about it seriously during his stay.

After I recovered he ordered me to stand at quiet, meaning that I stand at ease with my nose touching the wall. It is bondage without physical restraints that is more restrictive than physical bindings.

Master ordered Steven to stand at quiet next to me. Master and Christian left to do other things.

Steven was quiet for a while then wanted to talk.  I stood without responding to him and he finally got the message. Master made me stand there until Pete announced lunch. He left Steven standing. He told Steven that he was being punished for talking while at a quiet position so he would not be invited to lunch.

I went to work after lunch while Steven stood at quiet for most of the afternoon before he was called in to Master’s office.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ten Penny Nails and Darby Handcuffs

The day started as usual. I woke very early because It was one of those nights when I couldn't wait until morning. I meditated for a while after doing yoga then sat in the living room to read. I went out to take care of the animals and went for a sunrise ride on the stallion. I rode bareback, that seemed ironic consider that I was ridden bareback later that morning.

I cleaned up then crawled back under Master's arms for a few more hours of sleep. He grumbled something about me being cold and then fell back to sleep. 

We played in the barn early in the afternoon. It was simple but eventually painful. Master locked a pair of Darby cuffs on my wrists then nailed the to a wood post with a ten penny nail so that I was forced to stand on the balls of me feet. Before leaving me, Master opened the door to the corral where the Alpaca spend their day. They wandered in and out of the barn. Sometimes they licked me or nibbled at me.  They do this weird nibble that sort of pinches without breaking the skin. I think that groom each other by doing that.  I was covered with Alpaca and Lama saliva in no time. Weird!

Master came out to play with me. He gagged me with a ball gag and snapped tiny black plastic clothespins over my body. The clothes pins are not much wider than an eight inch and they have tiny sharp points that feel like needles poking the skin without actually breaking through the skin. They cause the skin to protest with almost unbearable pain.

Master kneeled in front of me and took my cock into his mouth. He stimulated me until I nearly cum then started to backhand and slap the clips of my body, while laughing at my screams. He placed the clips around the edge of my corona and nibbled at my tits. My cock grew, causing the clips to dig deeper into my cock. He slapped the clips off my cock while I fought back tears. He kneeled in front of me again to take my cock in his mouth. He sucked until I came, then stood up and spit the cum into my face.

Master pulled the nail out of the post and walked me into the house.

One of my Mares is pregnant, as I expected.

Daniel emerged from The Box after nearly two days of isolation. He was as high as a kite and exhausted. His smile started from deep within his psyche. It was the longest bondage that he's experienced since escaping his ass of a Master in S.F. It was good to see him comfortable with bondage again.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


I saw a young man, perhaps in his early twenty, who was sitting in a chair outside of Barns and Noble. I was intrigued and amused by him. He was tall and thin; he wore brown chukka boots, jeans, striped shirt and tie with a corduroy sports coat. He wore Rayban sunglasses and smoked an expensive looking pipe, it sort of a blond color. His hair was swept back into a pompadour with the sides shaved. It seemed as if he was posing for GQ Magazine. He took delight in the fact that I took time to notice him. What is the word, Metrosexual? I couldn’t help but wonder if he was cruising.

He looked sort of like this guy – Tumblr Essence of Man

Daniel spent two days strapped in The Box. Butch, his “Daddy”, nervously did the bondage. Daniel came to me some months ago when his Master battered him. I took him in to take care of him when he got out of the hospital. I gave him a job working with Butch. He eventually moved into the Caretakers Cabin and they’ve been together since. Butch has been taking Daniel into BDSM in baby steps while he builds up his trust again.

Daniel was naked when he went into the box. Butch opens the lid every few hours to check on him. He’s a lucky boy to find such a person to take care of him. Butch is perpetually happy and smiling where Dan’s previous abusive master was sullen, cynical and abusive to everyone. What a change.

I know it’s ridiculous but I feel jealous and possessive about someone else being locked in “my” box.

I know this is just a matter of preference but I get turned off when I see pictures of guys with cigarettes and massively large cigars sticking out in front of the faces like proboscis. I also get turned off by guys flipping a bird at the camera. Is it supposed to be hot looking? So why do I think it’s kind of hot when guys smoke decent size cigars and pipes? It seems sort of hypocritical to me.

  Tumblr Photo

I’ve actually sold my first piece of art yesterday. It’s going into a friend’s houseboat in Lake Washington in Seattle. I don’t even have a picture of it and I had no idea of what to ask for it. I blurted out a price in fun before I realized that he was serious about buying it and he paid it. I just finished it the night before he came to visit.

 Tumblr pictures
I like the feeling of being handcuffed.
It's a simple way of stripping a man of his power.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

They Do Have Normalcy in Their Lives

Well, normal is a matter of perspective. If a mouth full of piss and cum every morning seems normal to you.

I got up early, as usual and went outside to care for the livestock (my pets). It is the best time of the day because they are just waking and starting to move around. They are usually very affectionate before their morning feeding. I'm probably crazy but Greta, one of the horses looks like her belly is swelling a bit. I called the vet out to look at her. He'll be here tomorrow. I think she might be carrying a baby, I hope.

We had sprouted wheat and rice pancakes for breakfast with Maple syrup. They were really dense and tasted good but they settled like bricks in my stomach. It seems a shame to measure Maple syrup in tablespoons instead of pouring it freely so there is a lot around the edge of the plate to sop up with a pancake. Sometimes I think we're a little too health nutty.

I read through a couple art supply catalogues then placed orders before going to my studio. Master was at his desk and on the phone. That's all that we did all day. I went out to call the animals in before cleaning up for dinner. I milked my girl. I've been wasting her milk. I wonder what it would take to make small batches of cheese from it.  There's a woman who makes goat milk cheese near by. I should talk to her about using the milk.

I know this blog is supposed to be about sex so:

All images are from Tumblr sites
I love kilted men and men wearing skirt-type garments but only
when they are hunky, muscular and masculine.
I also like guys in blue collar work clothing. I never legitimately
wore work ware until I moved onto the ranch. It felt like fetish dress
at first because I grew up wearing suits and dress clothes. I never owned
a pair of jeans until my freshman year in college. Can you believe that?

This guy is so fucking hot! Almost as hot as Master!
This picture caused me to go to a Western Store to buy a hat.
I even took the picture with me to show the clerks what I wanted.
It's so good to be fucked up. It feels so normal to me.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Power of Symbols


Simple suggestions like an iron manacle around a wrist can seem a greater sexual turn-on than pictures of complicated Bondage, “torture”, fucking and sucking. They are symbolic of a thousand possibilities. This picture conjures long term bondage for me. It brings back memories of the thirty days in Master’s dark attic dungeon before I earned the right to call him Master. I had no access to time or light except a tiny red spot in a far corner. Scraps of food were brought to me sporadically. Punishment for nothing that I did was harsh. Screaming or moaning invited greater agony and longer hours of absolute boredom. He said he would throw me out when he grew tired of me. He said I had no choice in the matter once we began. I was testing him, as I was testing my own resolve to learn how far my fantasies would take me.

Thirty days with an abrupt end. He apologized for throwing me out before he intended then disappeared, completely.

 Picture from Tumblr
More symbolic than real bondage?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Intense Bondage

Picture from Tumblr


Intense Bondage

Okay!  I posted this picture a couple days ago. I commented that I hoped the guy in the picture was wearing clamps on his man tits and a collar. I don’t do it to intentionally make a suggestion to Master but he increasing takes my commentary as some that I’d like to experience.  Master reads my blog everyday so he knows what I am saying in it and often edits the posts if I say something he doesn’t like.
He read my comments on the picture and decided to try me and see how long I would last.

We finished our business in the office and then Master pulled a few pieces of rope from his desk drawer. He tied my upper arms just above the elbows then tightened the binding until my upper arms touched.  He tied my wrists and then made a Shibari type collar with a third piece of rope.  He threw the raw end of the collar rope over the ceiling beam and tied it off so that I was stuck to struggle in my bindings. I stood in front of his desk so that he could watch me while he worked.

I’m fairly fit. I run thirties miles a week, work out with the machines in our gym and do yoga. I do yoga to remain flexible for bondage and serving Master.  Having my arms tightly bound behind me wasn’t a big deal for the first fifteen minutes but it became tiring after that. Master upped the pain level by snapping a pair of clover clamps on my tits.  I started to moan a little sometime later. He fed me a Viagra tablet then tightly tied my cock and balls with another piece of roped. He went into the bathroom a soaked a pair of his dirty underwear with piss and gagged me with it, tying it in place with a monkey fist knot. My cock already felt like it was dribbling. It was hard before the Viagra, it could only get harder.

Master leaned his chair back and put his hands behind his head.
“You got yourself in a real fix there you stupid shit”, he laughed.

He couldn’t see my smile behind the rope gag.

The pain in my shoulders steadily grew more intense. My cock grew harder. A steady stream of pre-cum dribbled onto the floor. I clenched my buttock, stimulating my prostate.

“Don’t you dare come, stupid shit!”
Master rarely calls me names, I liked it.

I suddenly felt like I wanted him to take his belt off and work my ass over with it. I was in a dilemma, I could cum without permission to get him to beat me, but then, after cumming I wouldn’t want him to beat me. I thought to myself, “I better not”. The funny thing was, as if by mental telepathy, Master stood up and slid his belt out of the loops of his jeans and reddened by ass with it. He said, “It’s what you wanted, isn’t it boy”?

I shook my head affirmatively, wondering “can he really read my thoughts?”

Master sucked my cock after beating me then stud up and fucked me. He beat my ass again.

My shoulders burned with pain. In fact, my entire body burned in both pain and from being on the edge of cumming and fighting it back. Master turned his attention to my tits. I sucked the piss out of my gag while trying to keep from screaming.  He suddenly stopped everything. My cock was turning colors. Master untied my upper arms and massaged my shoulders. Having his massive hands work my shoulder muscles felt like heaven. Master turned his attention to my cock. He messaged it, insisting that I will not cum. He slapped my cock when I screamed, “I’m gonna cum!”. He repeated the process over and over again and then whispered, “Let’s have it boy”. Master clamped my urethra with his fingertips preventing a free flow of cum. I thought I was going to die.


answers to questions

I was branded the same day I got the GPS tag.  The brand is a mark from the chateau. The pain while getting it is bizarre. It hurts like hell for the second or so that the branding iron touches the skin then my body went numb, as if I was in shock. They iced the burn then dressed it to keep it dry. The pain level was high for a few days then gradually faded. The brand healed and has faded so that it is almost unrecognizable. I have a strong fantasy about branding so I sort of got off on it. I like needles too.

The capsule is a GPS tag. The Chateau monitors and makes tracking information available to Masters. It's like being able to track family members on your cell phone.  Without going into detail about the reason, I had a surgeon friend remove the first one. We destroyed it. It's somewhere under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. We were going to leave it out but after discussing the issue, Master decided to have a new one inserted.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Art Days

I worked in my studio yesterday and today. I'm just a naked steel collared slave wielding paint at my canvas. Master does not make demands of me when I am working except to stop long enough to sit with the family for meals.

I don't often spend two days in a row painting. I'm letting the play lists in my IPod play, which changes my cadence from time to time. Master comes in to talk and watch me work. Sancho and Panza lie on the edge of the carpet most of the time that I work. Sancho has some bright green pain on his tail.

I started another project today and I'm thinking of building a gallery/studio where our land touches the road at the bottom of our mountain too. I want to run that past Master, banker and town planner over the next week so I've been thinking of ways that it could make a positive impact on the town's people.

I writing this early today so I can wind down and serve Master with a proper mind set.

This is not my work. I found it on tumbr and like it.
It reminds me of a movie that we watched on Hulu last week
called "The Man from Earth". It's essentially a commentary on
human development and how we USE religion.
I recommend that you watch it.
From Tumblr
Great Bondage!
Simple, Effective and Painful.
I like to think the guy wears a collar and
has clamps on his man tits.

Tumblr picture
I've never been staked out on the ground.
I get my brand renewed in June. I'd love to be
staked outside before and after instead of just laying on a table.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Don't you be very long

Do you ever wish someone would leave you like this?
I found this on tumblr, I think. In real life, this sort of thing happens to me a lot. My relationship with Master started this way. A month of being an object.  Before we started he said that he would keep me for as long as he felt like using me. He said he'd throw me out on the street when he got tired of me. He said it might be and hour or it might be the rest of my fucking life.  He left me for days when I was completely isolated and bound. (I didn't know he was watching me on a camera that he had access to on all of his electronic devices.)
He threw me out one day without an explanation. He simply vanished, sold his New York house, terminated his phone service, sold his cars and cycle and left no word. It was like he never existed. I did the same and moved to the ranch that my Great Uncle Clarence left me. Months later he called and said he was in the city and wanted to take me out for dinner.
"Sorry Dude, not unless you're in Northern California."
He came driving up the road the next afternoon.
The following is just a fun fantasy from
one of my favorite people on the web.

Bindings inside The Box

Slave asked me to describe the bindings inside The Box.

Answer to your first question: No, Master did not choose to use a straight jacket although we own six of them between the two of us, including a step in heavy rubber model with an attached hood. My favorite is my black leather jacket with the red lining and quilting. It's clingy when it gets sweaty.
I never bother to guess what Master intends. I'm usually wrong.

The restraints inside The Box are comprised of a muzzle that can be attached to the wall of The Box, a two inch wide collar, two inch strap across the upper chest just under the arms, a strap just under the pectorals and one at the waist. The arms are strapped to the sides of The Box; at the upper arm, just below the elbow and at the wrist. The legs restraints are on the thigh, jest below the knee and at the ankles. There is also a metal ring in the bottom or the box, dead center, in case the bottom is naked and cbt is intended. Most of the straps are two inches wide and all of the straps have locking buckles. I'm a big fan of locks even though they are not really needed.

I found this posting on tumblr and wanted to comment on it. If you are interested in REAL POWER EXCHANGE RELATIONSHIPS  type realpowerexchange in you tumblr search bar.

One seldom sees chastity belts today. It’s design, while visually hot, is cumbersome and impractical for long-term use. Those into “controlling the seed” know cages and tubes are comfortable, very secure and far more practical. But those of us with a sadistic streak know first-hand how effective the belt design is in not only controlling but in wearing down a potential slave.

Many years ago, a young submissive and I were auditioning each other for a potential Master-slave relationship. (While the concept doesn’t work well in porn stories, it works brilliantly in real life and most lasting Master-slave relationships begin this way.)  It was southern California, midsummer and hot. My young buck had been locked into a device similar to those shown above for several days and its restrictive, claustrophobic nature was clearly taking its toll on him. His tugging, fidgeting, whining and complaining escalated. One afternoon while driving, he got the best of me. I pulled into secluded corner of the Fry’s Electronics parking lot in the San Fernando Valley. He pulled down his jeans, I produced the key and the belt was removed. One might say the belt proved to be stronger than both of us and it won! But it’s not a win/lose type of thing; the belt simply provided a fairly accurate reading as to how well my potential slave could deal with consistent confinement.

In my book, the real beauty of a chastity belt has nothing to do with prevent ing an orgasm and everything to do with producing the consistent restrictive, confining, controlled environment required to determine how a prospective slave can deal with the stress. The young buck did not become my slave but I’ve no doubt he eventually found the right Master for him and I’m pretty sure that Master is one hard-ass son-of-a-bitch.
(via heknowshisplace)

Comment: The chastity belt is cumbersome and often uncomfortable but it is practical for long term use except when a slave has a bowel issue. I carry a small packet of wet tissues with to aid in clean up. It's hard to take crap when you wear it full time.
I loved the idea of being locked up so I have tried a number of belts, tubes, etc.  I usually wear the belt in the third image. It is the newest. I wear it 24/7 unless I travel or I develop a problem like a rash or other hotspot. I wear it when I run with a jock and tight spandex over to keep from chaffing.
The top in the post did the right thing when he removed because it does take time to "acclimatize" the body to wear them. Tubes take less time.
I would never fuss over discomfort unless I felt there was something happening that shouldn't happen, in that case I would be honest rather than fussing. The belt that I wear is there because my Master wants it there or I'd just wear them for play. He is "one hard-ass son-of-a-bitch" but he also concerns himself with my wellbeing. It seems to me that more spontaneous I am in showing my adulation to him, the more he takes me to places that I could never imagine on my own.
If you want to be a slave, you have to practice being one just as you would practice a religion. And concern yourself with making other people happy rather than yourself. Your own happiness will follow naturally. Being a "do-it-to-me" guy is making the Dom the slave.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New years in the Box

This may be poorly written but I hope you enjoy it any way.

The Box

New Year’s Eve felt like a day that was all about me. I woke up earlier than all the other guys on the ranch and finished the morning chores well before anyone began to stir.  The chores never feel like a chore for me. I love slipping into my dirty Wellies and shoveling out the barns.  I like the smell of the animals and I like the way they mill around impatiently waiting to be let outside. They give me slobbering kisses when I fill their feed troughs.

I went into cleanup and prepare myself for Master who was still in bed snoring. I slipped in bed beside him and he wrapped his arms and legs around then falls silent again. I fell asleep myself to be wakened by his demand for service and to be his cum receptacle as he sometimes calls me. We showered together so that I could scrub and massage his back and legs then dressed to meet the others for breakfast. Master told me to eat very lightly.

I lay on a massage table, my extremities bound to the corners. Master used a straight blade to remove the little body hair that I’ve grown and then skinned my scalp smooth as a baby’s behind. He keeps me bare most of the time. The first time that he took is blade to me was terrifying. I was sure that he would cut me. That was just another experience that taught me not to anticipate what Master can and will do.
He shaved every hair from my body without a nick or cut. Needless to say, I no longer fear his razor.

I remained nude throughout the day. I had Kefir with extra protein for lunch and dinner while the guys ate salads at steaks.

It was 10: pm when Master called me into the bedroom playroom.  He spread lubricant all over my body then helped me get into a rubber cat suit with a zippered crotch. He pulled my cock through the zipper.
After lubing rubber the cat suit, he started to help me get into a second covering, which was entered from the shoulder. I was shaking with fear and excitement. Once in the suit with the shoulders zipped, I lay on the table again while Master inserted a catheter.  The suit has integrated feet, gloves and hood. The hood has mouth and nose tubes. Once properly locked in two layers of rubber, Master lead me to the Gallery. 

Master guided me into the box so that my back touched the back of the box. Master knelt in front of me and began fastening the straps around my body. I was so excited and frightened that I can’t begin to describe the process of being bound in the box; I only know that I could not move anything except my fingers and toes. I don’t recall everything that had happened up to that point. It was weird to be in such a mental state. I’m sure my entire body was flooded with endorphins that confused my senses. Before closing the box, Master connected tubes to the catheter, nose and mouth. Once the box was closed, I felt a rush of warm air being pumped rhythmically through my nose into my lungs. I imagined in was a respirator. Eventually, cool drops of water entered my mouth through the mouth tube. 

Master had locked me into my box. A fantasy generated by a story that I read on was coming true for me.

I eventually started to calm down to the point that I could feel and sense what I had gotten myself into.
The sounds that filled my head were my heart beating and the breathing machine that sent a constant stream of air into my nose and then the return of air into the box as I expelled the air. The cushioning in the box was soft and enveloping but at the same time, supportive. It was true; I was bound so that I was immobile but comfortable. Nothing was overly tight and nothing pinched. I wasn’t gagged. I could move the tube in my mouth with my tongue and I could suck on it to get more water if I wanted it. I felt no need to relieve myself; the catheter had prevented the need for that. I could feel nothing in my groin except a sense that I might occasionally have an erection that deflated itself, depending on what I was thinking.

Boredom set in, the thrill of bondage in the box turned into a feeling of “been there, done that, now let’s move on to something new”.  I had no choice so there was no use in even thinking about it. I was in my box for as Master wanted me there. I felt good about that. I am lucky to have such a person take control of my life and do things that other boys like me will never experience.

I sometimes thought of things that I’ve experienced and sometimes thought of new things that I’d like to try. I thought of ways to my current situation more intense. I remembered the guy in the story on Metalbond and how he was slowly fucked via a metal butt plug and electro magnet. I suddenly felt that I was missing that experience and wanted to somehow communicate that to Master. But, I wouldn’t even if I could.

I slept and woke, slept and woke. Listened to my heart beat and my forced breathe. I fantasized and criticized my behavior and thought of ways I could better serve Master. I smiled a lot because of my sense of contentment with my life. I even cried when my emotions became too much to bare.  Much happens in isolation, not to mention that it opens the mind up to let feelings and thoughts flow without judgment.

The box opened. The rush of room temperature air chilled me. I didn’t really want to get out at that moment. I asked “longer?” Master said “NO! You’ve been in there long enough for the first try”. He removed the mask and unzipped the hood then stood above while I was still restrained. He opened his old leather jeans and shoved his hard cock down my throat and almost immediately discharged himself. Master immediately released me from the straps and helped me to my feet. Out of curiosity, I looked at the clock that hung near the door. It said 4:10. I felt disappointed at being in the box for only six hours.
Master corrected me; he said it had been nearly 30 hours. As I said earlier, all of my senses deceived me during my imprisonment. I laughed at myself but still felt like I would be more than glad to spend more time in the box. I can only hope that I am this eager next time, especially if it is a longer session. Sometimes we use the thrill after the first time.