Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Home Coming

The attack geese greeted us at the drive. I brief moment of my attention satisfied them and caused the dogs to some running. Tommy got to me first, his tale stood straight in the air while wagging. I gave him a pet on the head, a kiss on his snot and he reciprocated with a lick on my face and then he let the others edge in. Sancho and Panza are getting big enough to knock me on the ground when they are excited and that is exactly what they did. Tommy joined in with a growl and more tongue action on my face.

The rest of the animals were in their stalls. I disturbed the peace in the barn when I walked in. It's like having children. They expected my attention and I gladly gave it to them along with apples. They all bring tremendous joy to my life.

We went to our room to clean up and get comfortable then had a late supper with the guys.

We spent today catching up with the work the built up while we were gone. I had a few hundred emails to go through. One of them was a request for a commissioned work in a guy's New York home. I quickly and excitedly let him know that I do not do commissioned work and never will. I never want to work for money when doing art.


  1. Bit ironic having to fly for a little bit of winter when the rest of the country seems to be covered in the white stuff, mind you - better on skis than doing ice dance in a car.
    Glad you're both back safely.

  2. California is dry. All the pacific mountain ranges are lacking snow. Snoqualmie Pass in Washington is dry. It's known for big snow and white outs. It's the way it's going this year.