Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hung by the Neck

Hung by the neck, well, almost.

Back to the new normal today. Woke up to work at the new usual time and joined Daniel outside with the animals. We have a foal, two Alpaca cria and Llama cria on the way. I didn't expect anything this year because it's a new environment for them.

I learned why Steven left. As I suspected, he had no intention of being a 24/7. He was in it for the thrill but the reality that he experienced was too dull for him. I think his ego wouldn't allow him to take things as they came.

I worked in my studio for several hours then went out to play. The stallion took me for a run today. I rode him with just a halter. His muscle movement translates directly to my body when I don't saddle him. It's a sensual feeling and I think he enjoys the relatively freedom of working out without an encumbering saddle.

We played for a couple hours this afternoon. Master and Christian worked on me. I posted the following picture a while back. The afternoon was all about me and all about my desire fore a little breath play.

Combine the bondage in the top picture with the noose in the bottom picture. Master gagged me with a monkey first rope gag. He made me tie the noose. He was trying to get me psyched. He tied my legs above the knees and at the ankles. Master removed my chastity belt after tying me but before slipping the noose over my head. I immediate sprang a woody.
Master and Christian played with the noose while torturing my tits and edging me over again. I sank into the noose as I was finally allowed to cum. The anoxia brought me to a near faint and intense orgasm that sent my cum flying across the room. I felt Master reach under my arms and wrap his arms around my chest, holding me up as Christian dropped the rope and loosened the noose. They laid me on the ground leaving me squirming in ecstasy. They left me bound for a while then freed me in time to clean up before joining them on the deck over looking the valley for wine. It had been a beautiful warm day but we lit a propane heater to keep ourselves comfortable as the temperature dropped.
caveat: Noose play is dangerous at best. Death can occur even when skilled players engage in it. Never play breath control games without experienced play partners. 


  1. As a teenager I tried noose play a couple of times by myself and agree whole heartedly that you should only do it with experienced partners. Once the ladder gave way and I only just managed to free my hands in time to resolve the situation. Being good at gymnastics helped.
    Sounds like you had a really intense but wonderful day, the afternoon full of trust and love.

  2. Yes, It was fun.
    I started turning on to hanging as a teen after watching a re-run of a 1950' TV Western called Wagon Train. I'm lucky to have made it through those years. I've been truly hanged by a man from Portland, OR. who died while playing. His friend went to prison for a while for man slaughter.

    Had a friend in high school. He and another friend and I were called the Holy Trinity by other kids from our church. He hung himself in his basement. His parents told everyone it was suicide but I always thought it was autoerotic asphyxiation.

    It's fun but it can be deadly.