Friday, October 31, 2014



Daniel and I talk a lot. We have private moments to talk about what our Master's want from us. Daniel began to trust Butch before they got married. He got over his initial limitations much faster than I did so he relies completely on Butch's sensibilities. He is more vocal than I am so it is easier for Butch to read where as; I go almost dumb because I get tuned into what is happening. I like to think that I influence Daniel positively.

The day before yesterday I had planned on working but Master obviously had other plans for me. I protested a bit by saying that I thought I would be able to work. Master got no more than an inch from my face and said, "I don't give a flying fuck about what your expected or want." First thing, why bother asking or protesting? Second, Master was so intimidating that the only thing keeping me from getting a hard-on was the Groethal. I love it when he cuts me short and gets verbally mean with me.

Bondage Heaven

I laced, strapped and locked the slave into the leather bondage corset then strapped him up tight in his Mr. S Bondage Vest before breakfast. He is wearing his thigh high loggers with padlocks in the top eyelets. He is slightly short of breath. The tight leather strap just under his adams apple makes it hard for him to swallow. He was wide eyed and very uncomfortable while sitting at the table.

Daniel was also bound for breakfast. His hands were cuffed behind him. His Master, Butch made him eat on the floor while smacking his butt with the leather handle from the leash. Daniel had tears in his eyes.
My slave is locked up all safe and sound in storage for the rest of the day and Daniel is all strapped up and locked in the shipping crate out in the dungeon. Things have slowed down for the season so the work outside can be handle by Jason and a part time man on some days. There is a lot more time for love and torture now.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Horny Mind

I'm taking a horny mind break before lunch. I'll be switching from animal mode to artist.

I keep thinking of having my hands restrained behind my back, gagged and blindfolded with a tight fitting leather blindfold. I need to get off but it's unlikely Master is not in the mood to let me orgasm much less allow me to cum.

I'm a little confused by his thoughts about chastity. I likes to lead me to orgasm and loves it when I cum but lately, he's been talking about permanent chastity that requires a urethral reroute and a large ring that travels the length of the urethra. The scary thing is that he knows a urologist who would love to do it when we go to Europe in December.

I'm not voicing a desire on this. It is his choice to make

In the Studio

slave is outside working with the animals this morning. He plans to work with them all day. He needs it and all of his furry friends enjoy his presence as much as he enjoys being with them.

I released slave from his storage closet in time to clean up for dinner. He was a bit sore but emerged with a smile. I cleaned up and changed with him. I pulled my belt out of my jeans and folded it over, intending to toss it on the bed. Slave moaned at that moment causing him to grab the metal that manages his genitals. He dropped to his knees and said "yes Master" before sticking his butt in position to be a target. How could I ignore and invitation like that?

I belted my slave's ass until it was red, raw and welted.
"Thank you Master."

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Getting Back to "Normal" Can Wait

Even after the slave did his duty for me this morning, I am still all fired up and horny. I don't often post pictures but I saw the following picture on a Tumble site last week. It gave me the idea of "storing" my slave so I turned a small unused utility closed into a slave storage room. I built it myself and finished just before dinner last night.

The slave is "stored" in the closet just as the boy in the picture. Is gagged soundly and blindfolded even though the closet is pitch black. I sound proofed the closet and installed a remote monitoring system that I monitor on my phone.
I know he wanted to work today but I wanted to torment him a little today. I'll let him out when I want him in bed tonight.
At last check he was standing quietly.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Giving the slave Hell

I gave the boy hell between breakfast and dinner today. I tied his hands behind his back, gagged him and strapped a two pound piece of steel up his ass. I told him he could masturbate all he wanted. I also told him he could free himself if there was anything he wanted to do. The knot that I tied was impossible for him to untie.

He sat at the table for lunch but could not eat or drink. He obviously didn't have his hands available and without hands, he couldn't remove the gag.  Oh well. I gave him a good kick to the plug throughout the day and of course, overshot and got him in the nuts more that a few times. He wandered around helpless all afternoon. I was going to leave him that way all night but the boy can't afford to lose any more weight from not eating.

Blue Lights

I rented a Suzuki Hyabusa a few years back when I was visiting home. It was far more power than I had ever ridden. It controlled me when I first started riding it. I took the monster on a midnight ride from home to Madison, Wisconsin when the roads where nearly empty. It seemed I was bent on self-destruction because I opened that fucker up and flew down the highway at a speed that scared me. It was exciting and it cleared my head of all other emotions. I actually out-ran a trooper near Madison then got off the Interstate to avoid being caught.

I also went parachuting and helo-skiing that same year even though I was terrified of heights. I was tearing my own envelope then. I ate foods that I had phobias about as a kid, some of the food was really strange by American or European standards.

The night on the Hyabusa was the ultimate because I was a relatively inexperienced rider and I chose to speed at every moment of the ride. I was in control.


Then, by comparison I let something like being reminded of my mother turn me into a basket case.  Master coddled me though it while I  was in the throws of anxiety but caught hell for it last night at home last night.

Master ordered me to go to the punishment room. It has nothing to do with the dungeon or any sort of play. It is an empty room with a low table in the middle with nothing more that a strap hanging on the wall. There are no restraints. I have to lay on the table and take the punishment without so much as a squirm. I cannot cry out or scream. The punishment would be doubled if I did either.

Master came in a while later. "Do you know why you are here, boy"?

"Yes Master, I let my anxiety spiral out of control without communicating with you. But I didn't want to spoil the morning for you and our friends."

"I appreciate that but, they are our friends and you could have confided in them".

He pointed at the table, indicated that we were done talking. I took my position on the table. Master retrieved the strap and stood at my side for several minutes. He hung the strap back on the hook then said, "stay there" then walked out of the room, locking it behind him. He came back later to give me hell. He left me again, locking the door behind him. I "slept" there last night.

He came to get me this morning, acting like nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

To be clear about this, when I first became Master's slave, we talked about punishment. He didn't like the idea of punishment and wanted to avoid it all together. He said it would confuse the "play" aspects of the relationship. I persisted in  conditions for which it should be given. It became the only signed contract between us at the time.

No discussion of a demand or command given by Master may occur at the time it is given.
Punishment for visible or unreasonable disagreements will be intense and given Master determines. 

Significant emotions will be discussed in a sensible manner when it is appropriate. Downward spiraling behavior will not be tolerated. Punishment will be given as agreed and may be amended by Master.

The Terms of punishment are rigid and may be otherwise amended by Master. We signed that as a contract after outlining in conversation the reason I wanted it enforced. Now, punishment is more of a matter of ownership that a contract. The moment that Christian beat me for not realizing and for being disrespectful to the family (a few months ago), our relationships changed, especially with Master. The actually realization of the Master/slave began to change to Owner/property. The night in play when I told Master "no more limits" became a significant breakthrough that eliminated all contracts.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Enough is Never Enough

The ride home. The wind seeped through the zipper of my jacket as we rode north toward home. Master took the lead for most of the ride. He is far more daring than I so it seemed to be a game of chicken. We stopped for dinner in Santa Rosa and made the remainder of the ride as the sun dropped below the mountains. It was a good ride.

Master was ready to rough ride me early this morning. I woke with his belt tight around my neck and hands in cuffs behind my back. He grabbed me by my hips and brought me up to my knees to fuck me. My Groethal was laying on the floor so I my cock was rigid and dripping. I pounded my prostate hard until he loaded my ass with his cum. I managed to flip on my back and then begged Master to allow me to cum. I asked him to tighten the belt as I came close to exploding. He stroked until I shot and then dropped at my side and laid his arm over me and fell asleep. The belt was still snug around my neck and hands still restrained behind my back. He loosened the belt a bit before he dropped off to sleep so it was pleasant to feel it but did not restrict blood or air flow. I turned to face him and fell asleep with my face buried in his arm pit.

He woke a couple hours later and repeated the same thing before we got up to face the day.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Sometimes it just happens, we'll be somewhere relaxing and all of the sudden, the boy will get a screwed up expression on his face and I can usually guess correctly, bam! He gets a migraine. Today was different.

We were enjoying a brunch al fresco with a few friends when a woman walked by our table who was wearing a light gray dress. She was blond and smelled heavily of Lily of the Valley. She was carrying a Martini from the bar in one hand and a cigarette between the fingers of her right hand. She brushed against the boy. The boy quickly turned to acknowledge her when she apologized. The boy turned back and began to get that screwed up expression. He grew quiet.  Minutes later, the boy got up and rushed to the restroom holding his fist over his stomach. I followed and caught him just as he vomited. I thought, "this could be a migraine". The boy came back to the table and tried to relax but soon asked to be excused and got up to go outside. He started to walk in the direction of the condo before I paid the bill and tried to catch him.

The boy climbed into bed with his clothes on and covered his head with a blanket and pretended to be sleeping until he actually fell asleep. He talked in his sleep, saying something to his mother in dream.
He woke a couple hours later and greeted me. He asked me if I wanted to go shopping.


The woman looked and smelled like the memory of his mother. She would do her hair and dress-up to leave for her daily card games or round of golf at the country club but not before splashing herself liberally with Muguet. She wore bright red lipstick and smoked pathologically. She drank Martinis instead of eating while lunching with her friends. He hasn't seen her since his grandfather ripped him from her care to protect him from her during her tantrums. His grandparents protected him, shrouding him and hiring Max to be his body guard, manny, best friend and surrogate father. The woman's present led him into an anxiety attack that exploded before he could grasp it and think himself through it. Had I known, I might have been able to help him.

So the boy and I went shopping. We'll stay in the condo tonight then leave for home tomorrow after the worst of rush hour is over.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Needles and Cups

This was supposed to be SM?

Master brought me to his friend's house for a session. He's a doctor of alternative and Holistic Medicine. He's all business in the office but at night in his playroom he uses his profession to experiment with his needle, cups and fingers to create unbearable sensations for his "victims".

He tied me face down on his massage table and blindfolded me. The gag came later. He used acupuncture in the usual spaces and in places that are not used in his practice. He needled me in the bottom of my feet between the big toe and next toe just a head of the ball of my foot. It gave me an intense orgasm that seemed to churn like a washing machine in my testicles? my back must have looked like something out of Hellraiser when he was done. Then he started to cup over some of the needles. He used a lot of suction so they were immediately uncomfortable. He left me for a while then came to remove the cups. Imagine really nasty tit clamps being removed after being on for a long period of time. It was like that as he removed each cup. It stung and stung.

He flipped me onto my back and did the same thing to my front side. My face was massed with needles before he started working on my tits and chest, scrotum, penis and feet. He added cups over my needled tits and let me simmer for a while before removing everything. It hurt like hell when he removed the cups. I screamed when he removed the cups that covered my tits. I thought he was done with me. I was like a limp noodle, barely able to move because I was strangely very relaxed.

The he announced "NOW for the star of the show!". He began to touch my body energy without actually making contact with my body. It felt like an electrical/static charge where ever he moved his fingers. I begged him to stop. I BEGGED HIM TO STOP! I don't do that sort of thing, ask Master!
He gagged me and continued the torture of non-touch. He was playing with my body energy. It was like using an egg beater over the surface of my body. He suddenly stopped then started giving me a deep massage. He said he was realigning my energy after mixing it all up. I felt like chocolate melting in his warm and very strong hands. He flipped me over again and worked on my back side. He fingered my hole, relaxing it. I thought he was getting me ready to be fucked. It didn't happen.

I laid on his table for a while before he helped me sit up. He removed the blindfold and gag and told me to relax for a while.

Master, the Doctor and I sat around his dining table drinking herbal tea. We left after inviting him to the ranch. I felt like I was floating as we descended the stairs and walked out to catch a taxi.

Friday, October 24, 2014

I Think You Are Correct

My slave is vulnerable appearing by his own design but he can be so hot looking all the same. He smiles and treats everyone with respect and warmth. I can see how people can make the mistake of thinking he is not wholly masculine. He admits to his desire to be more butch, hairy and obviously muscled but that is not the man I know him to be. I give him more hell and pain than I could handle myself and I'm fuckin' big and scary looking and I handled a lot of pain in my time as a slave.

We're spending another night in the city. We'll be hitting some of the kink shops and of course, Mr. S Leathers. My slave has a date with a  friend to play. I think he's going to enjoy himself. The guy videos everything and I gave him permission but after the boy's identity is obscured.


My slave and I headed south to San Francisco instead of north. He hasn't been in the city for months so on a whim, I took him down the Coastal highway until we crossed the bridge then dropped our bikes off at the condo and took public transportation around the city. The boy likes to walk. I think he can walk endlessly without stopping and I have to work to keep up with him.

We had dinner at Zuni Cafe'. Slave got the piccolo frito (Hen of the Wood (Maitake) Mushrooms and I went the flesh route with Rabbit roasted in a brick oven. We lingered over cheese with squash blossoms and coffee then walked over to the Lone Star for a beer and to meet friends who make it their Thursday night hangout.

I was talking to a friend who is also a slave owner. My slave was behind me facing the opposite direction when a slightly more that tipsy guy walked up to him. The boy greeted him with a friendly hello and the guy tried to buy him a drink. My slave said "thank you sir but you need to talked to my owner". I turned to watch my slave from my far left. The guy reached up to touch my collar on my slave and the boy blocked him and told the guy that he could not touch him without getting his Master's permission. The guy reached up again, disrespecting the slave. He grabbed the collar.

Much to my shock and shaken surprise, the slave ripped the guys fingers from his collar then grabbed the guy with his right hand and bent it backward, "sir! If you touch me one more time I will break the offending hand at the wrist". The guy winced and tried to take his hand away but the slave pushed it harder. I grabbed MY slave by wrapping my hand around his head and covering his mouth and nose with my hand. I whispered "you better heed my slave's warning. Mu slave dropped the guys hand. The guy stumbled and nearly feel. He grabbed the guy an helped him stand then turned and the bartender to call a taxi for the guy.

I took a short lead from my pocked and snapped it on to the boys collar and made him kneel with his face buried in my crotch until it was time to leave.

I honestly thought that my slave would break the guys wrist. I have never seen him so aggressive before.

Question: Why is it that so many guys challenge a person wearing a slave collar?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tight Tie

My slave and I discussed his "story" this morning while waking up. He said it was a "confession" that was meant for me an no one else. I decided to abide by his request not to publish it. It's too bad, it makes for good fantasy.

He wondered if he was a sex/and BDSM addict. I'm the wrong person to discuss sex addiction because my libido is constantly super charged. I think that we're healthy. We both manage to live a constructive life and have fun.

Slave is tied, gagged, plugged, and blindfolded into a very tight and unforgiving package this morning. He is listening to recordings, reinforcing the hypnotic suggestions that we worked on about the time Reggie came from London to visit. He actually requested to be in the tightest hogtie that I could get him into and leave him alone for the morning. I think he started regretting his request about the time I turned the lights out on him.

We're taking our BMW's out this afternoon for a ride then coming home after dinner.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Story of a Past Relationship

It is Wednesday. We will spend part of our afternoon in the office reviewing the financial activity for the week. slave hates this day even though it's about what keeps our lives moving.


The story was deleted at my slave's request

Christian escorted slave into town today. I had no idea why.
They were gone for about an hour. slave ran into his studio carrying a large white plastic bag. I never allowed him to spend money without knowing what he was spending it on so I wondered where he got the cash to buy whatever it was that he bought. Christian asked me to leave him to his surprise.

He emerged from his studio a few moments later and asked me to come with to see a painting he had just started and finished earlier today. It is a fairly large canvas. It must measure five feet wide and about eight feet high. The painting is a portrait of him in his heavy chains with me standing in the foreground looking stern and menacing. I am holding a baseball bat and wearing bleachers, which I haven't worn in ages.

In the front of us there are these words painted in transparent letters;
There are no "Timeouts, "Safe words" or Limits.
I am Master and you are my slave.
You belong to me 24 hours a day.
My word is final, My control absolute.
This is OUR life.

He had black steel hangers attached to the bottom stretchers of the canvas that hold an aluminum baseball bat.

I asked, "Why the baseball bat?"
"You are protecting me and you keep me in line with it."
I understood the metaphor. I got so wound up by it that I didn't know how to respond. My slave dropped to his knees in rigid strict slave posture and said "Thank You, MASTER" until I wrapped my hands around his head, picked him up and hugged him.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Locked Up Again

The boy is locked up in the Groethal Chastity Belt again after having use of his cock when he could reach it. I've got to muscle him up again after the last ten days laying around (laughing to myself), if you lugging over a hundred pound of steel that is an unrelenting companion.

Speaking of steel, Ray made up some pins to go through the rivet holes so we done have to go through the somewhat dangerous process of installing hot rivets. Ray wondered if soft amalgam rivets would hold with all the weight that would cause stress on them. I did a little decorating with the restraints. We have a canopy bed from Dungeon Beds. I hung the Irons of the corner post near his head. He not so oddly approved.

It's 7:54pm here. The boy is already in bed with his dog Tommy at his feet.
He worked in his studio after we played earlier. He had a lot of pent up energy to take out on his paintings.

Upside Down

Master was careful with me today. There was little stress on my arms and shoulders. He cuffed my hands behind my back and tied a rope between the cuffs and my balls and walked me up to the oak trees where he had thrown a rope over one of the heavier high branches. He coiled roped around my ankles then tied the rope that was hanging in the tree to that. He pulled me up using his brute strength so that I was hanging inverted with my face at his crotch height.

He fed me his piss. It's almost impossible to swallow when you're upside down but I got some of it down (I mean up). It didn't matter, my face and head were dripping with it. Once he had emptied himself he started stuffing his cock in my throat, got wood and shot a load in my mouth. Some of it dripped out of my nose and over my forehead.

Master had a signal whip curled and hanging from his belt. He started working on me with that until I begged him to stop. I asked him to use the body of the whip instead of the tail end. (Sorry for being demanding, Master! but you probably planned on doing that anyway. It's just that I had a vision of myself with tiger strips when all was done.

When he had completely obliterated my from side he began to pay attention to his rigid meat again and shoved it in my mouth and skull fucked my until I started gagging on his cum again. He lowered me to the ground and bent me over the fallen tree and scooped up my cum and spit to lubricate my ass. He plunged into that, fucking me for what seemed like hours before he let out a scream and came inside of me again.

He untied me and we rolled in the grass wondering if anyone with binoculars happened to be watching us. Master's scream must have alerted someone.

Monday, October 20, 2014

It's Me, the slave

The shoulder is sore. I went to an acupuncturist this afternoon. She needed, cupped, used the spikey roller and rubbed Po Sum On into everything between the base of my skull and my waist. I stood under the shower forever and walked around the corral to let the animals know I'm still alive and well.

Master and I sat out on the deck with a glass of wine and a really nice cigar. It's amazing how much can be said while being silent. We were like a couple old people rocking the day away on front porch. At least that was the image I had in my mind.

I'm perpetually horny but I know that if I even mention play that Master would have all he could do to keep from slapping the crap out of me. So, I just sat beside him enjoying the wind in the trees and the smells of Tony's cooking drifting out of the kitchen window. I'm going to enjoy dining at the table with the family.


My slave was up before dawn and ready to go out to work.

"GET YOUR ASS BACK IN BED, BITCH! Doc told you to rest for a few days."
He laughed at me, it was a seizure of laughter. "Master, did you really call be bitch?" He continued laughing. "You have never called me that before. You must be really angry".

He jumped back in bed beside me and dug his face into my arm pit until he couldn't breath. I wrapped my arm around him until he began to struggle. He ejaculated on my leg.
"NOW LICK IT UP, BITCH! Then go back to sleep until I'm ready to get up."
He fell into a deep sleep. I left him in bed.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

It Was The Weight

Suddenly I heard my Slave groan loudly and all the weight of the chains that bind seemed to crash on the cement floor. Christian hear it the same moment. We made a mad dash down the boys cell and open the door. Boy was laying on the floor afraid to move.

"i'm just tired Master, I am sorry to alarm you."

His face was red and the shoulder was welted where the collar pressed into his flesh. His pulse was rapid and he was breathing slowly in through his nose and in burst from his mouth.

"Call his doctor and I'll get the tools to get him out of this metal."

Butch and Daniel joined the others. Christian returned with a drill and Butch took over the boys extraction. The boy's doctor was on his way. Butch drilled the shaft of the rivets and Daniel completed the work, cleaning out the last bits and metal the prying the irons open. The boy closed his eyes while the work continued.

The dogs were raising a ruckus. The doc was inside the house looking for us as I fetched him. The guys stopped working while the doc examined the boy.

"His body is worn out from all the weight he's been carrying. Has he been complaining about pain any where"?

"Geez, you know this boy, he'd be dying from pain and he wouldn't let on. The only thing that gets him is migraine pain".

"Has he had migraines lately"?

He hasn't complained of any but again, he was in restraints so he likely could have turned even that into something erotic."

He was out of restraints and we got him onto his mattress. Doc continued his examination and said that the left shoulder was dislocated. It was the weight. The Doc pulled and massaged until the boy arched his back and cried out. "Do you have any strong pain medications in the house?"

The boy is sleeping in my bed where he belongs. Our adventure ended abruptly and I'm glad of it although not glad of the cause. I think we're done with this exercise.

Solidly Attached to His Rock Wall

I guess his isolation will not be complete isolation. I went down to remove his gag and loosen his hands so that he can feed and take care of himself.  Tony, made pumpkin croissants, scramble eggs and sausages. Object ate well this morning. I loosened his collar chain so that he can move around his cell but he is solidly attached to the rock wall.

Object had little to say other than "thank you, Master".  I think he is oblivious to his situation and happy that I came to be with him, however short the time.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Harvest Time is Nearly Over

The last of the vineyard is being harvest beginning Monday. It paid for itself and that is what we expected for our first year. Some of our olives went to bottlers to become part of a mix. Some went into private label bottles for samples, gifts and home use. I think the boy is happy about his first year in production.  Everyone in the family feels good that we've managed a good first year.

The ranch will add sheep to the menagerie in the coming year. We're researching different breeds.

Object is in his cell again. He is chained to the wall. A ball gag is keeping him occupied. I sat with him, filling the cell with a thick cloud of cigar smoke. Object is turned on sexually by it and wants to fuck his hand. He knows it is useless unless I demand that he cum but I allowed him to pleasure himself for a while before I tightened up his chains.

I'm going to a record four days of isolation for the object beginning this evening.

Friday, October 17, 2014

That is Exactly What I Did.

object suffered in darkness until after dinner before I brought him upstairs to the shower to wash him then flushed his ass and guts out. Gallons of foam washed his filth down the drain. He was so grateful
for the warmth of the shower and my attention. His little yellow dog Tommy waited impatiently outside of the shower for his boy to give him attention. I brought the boy out to watch a movie with the family. He made a feeble attempt to worship my feet but slipped into deep sleep surrounded by heaps of white canine fur who were all snoring loudly. I covered the boy with a blanket and left him sleep. Tommy lifted his snout to watch me then placed his chin on the boys face and closed his eyes.

Things didn't work out as I planned. I'd been fondling my cock all day thinking of taking the object to bed with me to fuck him and then fall asleep still inside of him. He looked so beautiful and vulnerable laying there amidst his adoring k-9 elite guard puppies that I couldn't bear to disturb them.  I had a great horny day, I'll just finish it off giving pleasure to myself.

Tough Workout

Object started working with the sunrise this morning. He beat Daniel and Josh out to the barn. Then the least expected happened. Daniel ordered object to his climb on to a table to present his ass for a work out. object obeyed him but with true concern asked Daniel if he would get in trouble with the Masters for taking liberties. Daniel told him that he wanted to fuck him since the moment he saw him in his chains and said it was worth getting in trouble now that he had the opportunity. He also told object that he trusted object not to say anything to the Masters.

The full truth of the matter was that Butch and I were watching them on a cctv link. I was just like the object to express his concern for another before himself. Daniel fucked the object and then invited Josh to join the fun. object was going nuts with pleasure. When they filled his gut with cum he got on his knees and offered to clean their cocks with his tongue. I was at that moment that Butch and I 'surprised" them.

Butch grabbed Daniel by the ear and pulled him out of the barn. Josh stood looking dumbfounded as I grabbed the object and pushed him around in my very best mock anger. I dragged the boy outside and put a rimming seat over his head and sat, making noises as if I was going to crap in the boys face. I told him to open his mouth and he obeyed without and inkling of protest. I let go of a long stream of piss instead of shit.

At that moment, the boy was truly an object. There is nothing that he wouldn't do for me. Nothing! There are no more taboos between us.

I told my boy that I was proud of him for showing concern for Daniel before himself. I told him how pleased I was with his obedience and willingness to please me no matter what it took and then I took him down to his cell and chained him by the chain in the back of the collar to through rock wall and told him to have a good day. He thanked me and told me to be horny thinking about your imprisoned object.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Master Asked Me to Write

Master is sitting on the sofa arm. He is wearing nothing but an old red t-shirt. His balls and cock hang freely, teasing me. He is wearing a cockeyed smile as he watches me struggle with the keyboard.

Affection? I know it is there not matter what he does or what he choses to express.

What am I learning? I can be an object but only within the confines of existing relationships and how they affect our attitudes toward our actions. Remember that every relationship must remain fluid to stay alive. I don't know what the future holds, not even 5 minutes from now.

Iron is heavy and unforgiving. I have to adjust my body to accept it's weight and relieve the pain it inflicts. Sometimes I actually feel annoyed that something can be so heavy and yet not restrictive enough. I am ceaselessly horny. I think the frustration that I feel causes that.

Laser Fair

It's a bad attempt at a joke.

It was stubble removal day so out came the laser hair removal toll. I boldly removed his eye brows, (with a razor). Object tells me that he enjoys being smooth as a baby's ass and didn't even mind having his eyebrows shaved.

He has kept his head shaved because it reminds him to be humble and now, because he is submissive and slave. This is a fact to him that no longer needs reinforcement.

He has found a way to work out without the use of the gym. To keep boredom to a minimum he does various forms of sit-ups, crunches, planks, push-ups and deep knee bends. We added ranch labor to his physical activities. Butch has gotten into the spirit of the boys objectification by making do hard labor and smacking his ass when he slows down. Daniel is the object's alpha as well. The object loves his situation, you can see it in his eyes. I love it too. He drops to his knees when I am near. I use him and then walk away feeling satisfied and happy that his objectification is working out well.

My slave gets physical affection as he normally would. I could never deny him that. He responds to every touch in his normal way even when he is bound. His personal energy is so strong that you can't miss his intention or affection. He is almost magical.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Object spent a night in misery. It was a classic case of letting his cock do his thinking, but he recovered the next day by sleeping under his meager wool.

He was up and around outside earlier today. Butch gave him a job to challenge him. He struggled with his chains which constantly challenged him but he was determined to get his work completed. Butch gave him a few swats with a paddle when he tried to rest. Butch gave the object a bar of soap and a shower under the garden hose because he smelled horrible after being stuck under ground for so many days.

Object ate his dinner on the kitchen floor then cleaned the kitchen for Tony before standing in the corner while the rest of us sat comfortably watching a movie. He is chained to the bed frame waiting for me. He'll be sleeping on the floor when I am done with him for the night.

Monday, October 13, 2014

I weakened

I didn't make it for another 24 hours. I went down this evening in a fit of horniness to use him. That's what an object is for, right?

I got him up on his mattress and forced his knees under his gut so his ass was sticking up in the air. I spit lubed his hole and slowly slid my cock inside of him. He gasped and sighed as I penetrated him then pushed back to get me deeper inside of him. I set a pace to fuck him slowly and as gently as I could but ended up grasping the chain at the back of his collar for leverage as I lost control of myself. I fucked him long and hard before I shot my seed into him. I collapsed on top of him to recover. I heard him sniffle and quietly cry.

I turned him over to straddle his chest and buckled a dental gag into his mouth and spread it as wide as his mouth would open. I stuck my tongue in his mouth then spit inside of him several times before I face fucked him until I came a second time. The object was frustrated at not being able to suck me clean but I used my fingers to skim the cum from my cock into his mouth.

I thought of sitting with him for a while but I want him to know what it is to be an object.

I pulled the chains tightly through the side hasps of the waist restraints and locked them in place then pulled his legs up behind him so that he is hogtied. The weight of his leg irons added stress to the hogtie. I removed the dental gag and replaced it with a ball gag head harness and left him laying face down. I stood in the door opening and watched him, waiting to see how he reacted. He managed to force a muffled "thank you Master" through his gag. I locked the door and went upstairs to go to bed.

I thought about what I had done to my object and honestly loved the way I felt about it. I now think I can handle this part of our lifestyle.

Past Trauma

His greatest source of trauma was his mother after his father died. She was loony and spoiled and a stupid very intelligent woman. He is indifferent toward his half siblings except when the second brother tries to bully him for money but he's in prison now. His first "lover" as he admits was his misguided at keeping his Manny in his life after his grandparents died.

He has a big hurdle to jump now. His father died in January at the age Trace is now.

I think he is settled with everything from his past although he is shocked by the kind of grasp I have on him. He was unconditionally loved by his grandparents, as he now knows, but the people of his ancestry rarely displayed warmth through touching. They were stoic to say the least. With me and my big arms wrapped around him every chance I get, he knows the warmth he has always needed is right here for him. He has all of us at the ranch and his leather family as it expands.

We're not looking for any revelations in this game that we're playing other than greater respect for each other. How many slaves or submissive men or women dream of an opportunity, although fantasy, to experience what my object is living at the moment? And how many dream of a slave situation that they can never escape from? If I choose, I have ways to keep him slave for the rest of his life even if he wants to end the relationship.

I think, being able to show I can objectifying my slave is a good for both of us, given our chosen lifestyle and the depth of our love for each other.


He was fed his green liquid shit. Before I shut the peep hole door he managed to say "tighter?".
I just shook my head at his impetuousness.

Mind Games


You are absolutely correct in your thoughts as I read them. We are playing a mind game so it is absolutely essential to monitor the object closely. I have Christian, Butch and the entire family monitoring the boy and me to make sure I do not hurt him or damage our relationship. They are all stakeholders and have vested interest, besides being family. Because of them, Trace and I can push each other beyond what we could without them. I may be the boss but any one of them can step in to stop this if they see something going wrong.

Do I think this will make our relationship stronger? Yes!
Is the boy strong enough to handle himself even as an object? Yes!
Can he be broken? Not easily.  I don't like breaking my toys and thus the safe guards of family are paramount.

Morning update.
Object is sleeping peacefully on his mattress with his blanket covering him. He appeared to be dreaming because he had a gentle smile on his face. He appears to be acquiescing to his extreme bondage as he learns to position himself to find some bit of comfort. As he often does, he has expressed that he would like to have even less freedom. But hasn't spoken directly to anyone since the door of his cell was locked. We monitor sound as well visually.

I'm going to keep him isolated for at least 24 more hours.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Object Wants Out?

It was daylight for the object. He was huddled on the floor in the corner of his cell. His wrist were still voluntarily held at his sides. He wrapped his ankles in the chain between the irons so that his feet appeared to be chained together. His neck was bent as far forward as the collar would allow. He appeared content and wide awake.

Content may be a wrong word, resigned to his imprisonment is a better way to describe.

It was feeding time. The boy stepped up to the peep hole in the door and took the funnel gag in his mouth and I began to slowly pour the green liquid. He grimaced as the liquid hit his taste buds. When he stepped back from the gag, he said "I wish I could smell you and your cigar smoke". I snickered and slammed the peep hole door in his face and locked it. His five minutes of fleeting sight of my face ended abruptly. The crazy kid is in isolation and all he wanted was to smell me and cigar smoke. It's a wonder what make him tick.

I whacked off with my right hand three times today. Thinking about keeping the fucker locked up in a hundred pounds of steel keeps me constantly on the edge.


I am keeping him prisoner/object without any clue to the outcome. We're living this moment by moment. It is rather a conclusion of our first time together when he came to me to be my object except that I know him now so I can be much more of a beast than I could without all the knowledge of him that I've collected in our short time together.

I fully intent to bring him to the point where he begins to believe he is an object. I suspect that there will be times when I have difficulty pushing him and myself but I will have Christian monitoring the entire interaction. He will sure me up or stop me so there is a safeguard of having a more experienced Master overseeing the needs of both my slave and myself. He can also act for me in my weakness.

This is truly an adventure for all involved.

The slave knows himself better and is in far stronger than when I first met him.

Slave in the Dark

Tony (slave),
To answer your question. There is a very big difference between leaving my slave with Ray and having him at home. I monitor him and I can go down to his cell and torment him or sleep in his bed while he sleeps on the floor beneath me. I can take him outside and I can take him to the dungeon to work on him. He was an hour drive from home when he was with Ray. Also, I can force him to eat. If he doesn't do as he his told, I will beat him and he expects it. Ray would never treat him as I do, with either love or punishment.

slave has not been given solid food for almost forty eight hours. Tony whips up a drink that sells like vitamins and freshly mown grass. It is terrible tasting but has all the nutrients that he needs with consideration of being in the pitch black most of the time. I feed him through a tunnel gag that is usually used for toilet training.

When I checked in on him this morning he had pulled the chains for the wrist restraints back through the side hasps of the waist restrain. He is limiting his own movement. He was laying on his stomach with his face in the pillow. Laying on his stomach is the most comfortable position because the hasps press into softer muscle instead of against his side or spine. I get the feeling that he would like me to make him more uncomfortable by locking his wrists to his sides and gagging and blindfolding him. Intuition is strong in these situations. He is not seeing anyone for at least another 24 hours, although I want to go down and bury my wood in his ass.

I can monitor his sounds constantly. He has only sighed so far.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Training the Object

Everything is random at this time. I want to keep him off balance for a while. I sat with object while it ate breakfast and we talked. It sat with his back to me and raised my hand to cover his mouth and nose and leaned back into me when I asked it how it felt. I eventually turned it around and face fucked it then left him on his knees.

It is hard to treat the person that you love most in the world as an object. This is training for me as much as it is for him.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Heavy Chains

I packed the chains in the back of the truck without the slave knowing. We hopped in the truck for a leisurely ride, or so he thought. We stopped for lunch at a little diner then continued the drive. He knew exactly what was happening as I turned off the "main" road.

"This isn't just a leisurely drive, is it."

I smiled and reminded him that he knew he would end up riveted in the chains again. He was silent for the rest of the trip. I knew that he would. He was unhappy but tried his best not to let it show. This was exactly what he wanted. He wants me to take merciless physical control of him as well as psychological control. Wearing the heavy chains long term will fill the bill on both accounts. I was getting hard just thinking about him having to negotiate almost a hundred pounds of steel whenever he moves.

Ray was ready for us. We three talked over a beer and Ray went to work setting the red hot rivets in place. His skill kept him from injuring the slave although the slave was wide-eyed with fear during the entire procedure.

The slave is wearing a heavy steel collar that is nearly as wide as a posture collar. A chain connects the from of the collar to the heavy steel waist restraint then down to the chain connecting the ankle restraints. The wrist restraints also have a chain on each side the connects through a ring in the sides of the waist restraint. Those chains can be pulled tight, locking the wrist snug against the waist. A chain connected to the back of the collar is clipped to the back of the waist. It can be unclipped and locked to a stationary object, such as the ring in the wall that it is connected to now.

Ray took such beautiful care in the design that there are no corners or edges on the irons so bruising and abrasions are minimal. My slave is confined to the wine cellar cell where he goes to escape noises, light and sound that might disturb him during a migraine.

Once the boy was secured in irons, we stowed him in the back seat of the truck where the dark glass obscures sight of him. He was not happy but again, he would not complain, he knew he had asked to be an object again at the end of his month with me in my New Your house. I never managed long term imprisonment for him until now. He is far better off in the cell than he was the first time. He can reach the toilet, sink and water faucet.

I am thinking about making feeding time hard on him sometimes by locking his wrists to his sides. He will only see me at feeding time or when I decide to torture or "punish" him. He is doing nothing but hard time isolation until I think he has had enough.


A member of the Chateau, the one from the Emerits who pulled his slave's teeth, contacted me through the Chateau. He gave me a very handsome offer for the rent or purchase of my slave. I had to laugh and obviously said, "NO!" I told the boy once I got him all settled in his cell. He wasn't  phased by the offer because he knows it happens all the time. He laughed and hugged my legs. "This is life long".


My slave totally shocked me last night. We were watching a program about prison life in Arizona. The focus of the program was gangs and gang violence in the prison. He said and he meant it, violence in prison could be ended by chaining people the way you chain me, so they can't do anything but sit there bored out of their minds. Give them minimal nutrition, don't give them any privileges and let them rot in the hell that they create for themselves. If they committed violent acts, let then let them rot without possibility of release.

Then he recanted by saying that he thought non-violent and prisoners who can be reformed should be separated from prisoners who committed violent crimes. If they become a threat then they should be chained with the violent prisoners.

Slave is so humanistic in most things that it was a shock to hear him.

Things like this amuse me. Serendipitous coincidence always amuses me. Watching the program about prisons and our conversation come as I finished a deal with and architectural re-use store for
six prison cells from a 19th century jail that was torn down and my plan to bring slave north this afternoon to be riveted in his heavy chains again. slave doesn't know about my plans and I am sure he will not like being in the heavy chains again but he won't protest. I'm bringing him home in the chains this time so I have direct control of him.

"Everything you have ever wanted
  is on the other side of fear."

                         - George Addair

slave was up early today. He was sitting on the deck waiting for the sunrise over the valley. He had a cup of coffee on the deck floor alongside of his chair. He wore a checked shirt, jeans, his shit kickers, cowboy hat and tan leather gloves. He held a lit cigar in his teeth while he pleasured his tits. It was such a beautiful site that I stood inside the door and watched him.


Thursday, October 9, 2014


"Find the courage to ask questions
and express what you really want.
Communicate with others as clearly as you can
to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama"
- Miguel Ruiz
The boy bounces from wanting me to take complete control of our relationship to frustration over unexpressed desire. Confusion lies in it's wake. Having said this, my boy is my partner and husband first, slave and fleetingly, an object. In his mind the priorities are different. He is slave, object, partner and husband. My thoughts were that I wanted to re-order his priorities but then I came to understand how much he loves, worships and trusts me to allow me to have so great an influence that he so insistent upon being my slave. How is it that I have found such a partner and husband?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Not Functional

Slave did not do anything wrong but he got his ass beaten anyway. I can do that sort of thing without having a reason.

He is working outside this morning, not venturing to sit down any where. He is a sight with his bare blistered ass, Groethal and his shit kickers. It makes me horny to see him that way.  He has a big smile on his face today so I know that even with the tears, he enjoyed his beating.

I strapped him down on the Australian Punishment Bench. His arms were pulled straight out in front of him. He was bent at the waist with legs hanging down and strapped to the bench legs.  His feet were several inches from the floor. The body and muscles are stretched which increases the intensity of the punishment. He was well gagged with a ball gag. I tied a rope from the d-ring in the top of the harness to the front end of the table just to make his position more punishing.

I used a heavy rubber strap on his ass after warming him up with my hand. I counted out 100 strokes with the strap. He protested while I used my hands to warm him up. He groaned and twisted angrily. He hates being warmed up so I like to prolong it. Once the strapping begins, his breath rate drops and his body falls limp. His pulse rate drops and it seems like he is going all stoic and manly on me. It used to piss me off but experience with the crazy boy has taught me that his head wraps around each and every stroke, building up to a state of orgasm that is agonizing. His eyes turn red and puffy. Pools of tears wet the bench top. Any other slave would scream but he remains silent until he loses control of everything. His cock is so hard that it turns red and then purple. He shakes as if he is having a seizure then erupts, shooting cum the length of the table and beyond. I continued beating him, finishing out the final strokes. He goes limp and takes it all. His cock shrinks and hides close to his pelvis. He is finished and doesn't feel anything.

I release him. He slides off the table onto the floor with his ass in the air inviting me to fuck him. It happens. I am turned into a raging fuck monster while watching him react to the beating he gladly takes from me.

I picked him up and threw him over my shoulder to carry him into the shower and to bed. He threw his arm over me and buried his face under my side.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bleachers and a Collar

I worked outside today then took my horses out for a charge up and down the mountainside.  I brushed them all down then headed into the house. Master was home from his trip to S.F. and he was waiting for me.

He was sitting outside on the steps wearing his bleachers, Navy Blue Nat Sherman Polo and his 20 hole Rangers. He held a heavy iron collar in his hands and a frown on his face.

Hooded and F83ked

This person, this self, this me, finally, was made somewhere else.
Everything had come from somewhere else, and it would all go somewhere else.
I was nothing but a pathway for the person known as me.
 - Haruki Murakami
Nothing makes sense today.
I am working in my studio today after spending the an early sunny morning outside with my menagerie. Daniel was a little spent earlier today after a rigorous "workout" with Butch. Master was in San Francisco last night and I was horny and frustrated so I "went to bed" alone. I asked Christian to chain me to the bed. He was happy to oblige me.
He laced and locked by favorite leather hood on my head then locked my hands behind my back in leather palm to palm restraints before locking my neck to the floor via a chain to the ring in the collar of the hood.
Nothing is free. Christian fucked me before leaving me for the night. It made me more horny and leaking inside the Groethal. I laid awake for what seemed like hours before slipping into sleep.
I am horny and frustrated today. 

Monday, October 6, 2014


Master locked me in the Groethal Belt yesterday. He plugged my ass with the ass lock and chained me to a post in the dungeon with it. my hands were locked palms facing outward in hinged handcuffs. He clamped my tit with rubber tipped forceps clamps and locked them in place with zip ties. My ankles were restrained in large handcuffs so I couldn't stand.

He sentenced me to 25 hours of isolation and pain. I was alone without food, water of use of a toilet.

Oh! and a double dose of Viagra.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Daniel seems more secure than ever. Like a lot of us gay men, Daniel went threw several relationships that fell apart. Having Butch claim him and Butch's patience has allowed Daniel to trust in life. The marriage and the fact that he is care of by the entire family that he constantly invests himself in is making for a happy boy. It seems he uses my slave for a role model. Butch is always happy but he is high as a kite with Daniel at his side.

Josh's guy is sleeping at the house most nights but keeps his home and job closer to San Francisco.

Tony is Tony. He works longer hours than he should. He's a magician in the kitchen and keeps the Merry Men on their toes when they come to clean. He plays once in a while. He's a bit of a sadist and loves to work my slave over when he gets the chance to edge in.

Christian does what ever needs to be done and plays. He watches the boys and corrects them when they are being "unslavely". 

We're all happy working and more settled than ever.

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Implications of Slavery – Part Five

The Implications of Slavery – Part Five

Set up a time at regular intervals to discuss the business and financial aspects of your relationship. Unless you have a truly unequal relationship in which the Master takes complete financial responsibility for the slave, it is important to know what and where financials are set in place and the contributions of each person in the relationship. Remove the guess work and understand planning for the financial survival of the relationship.


We involved ourselves in Financial Planning, primarily focusing on the slave’s assets and income. This took most of the day this past Wednesday. I laid out my finances for the slave yesterday. The sale of my portion of the family business and continued income from investments needed to diagramed for his understanding so that we both understood what complications could ensnare us and affect our family and employees. We do this every three months besides running a brief statement each week. In other words, we run part of our lives as a business.

Today was a play day. The slave had his wrists restrained in leather cuffs to his balls all day with a large ball gag head harness locked around his head. I changed other features of his bondage though out the day and tormented his tits constantly. He was my cum dump, dripping, drooling pig all day and his own clean-up crew early this evening. The crazy boy asked me to beat him with my belt and I was happy to oblige him. Then asked me to beat him again while he crawled around cleaning up the mess he made.

I fucked him again while in the shower and then we got dressed and joined the family for dinner and a movie in the family room. The boy leaned against the sofa between my legs. Daniel did the same at Butch’s knees. The room was crowded with men, slaves and dogs. Cigar smoke drifted above our heads.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Trip Through Legal Land

A Trip Through Legal Land

We’re heading into the fourth quarter so it’s time to gather documents from everywhere to get our finances together for taxes. We actually have people who do that sort of thing for us but we watch the watchers. Well, Master watches, being the “tycoon” that he is. Wednesday is office day and today was even more intense as Mr. Jenson and our local attorney got together to hash out the annual re-write of my Last Will and Testaments. Death planning isn’t my favorite thing today. We also worked out our contribution to the Annual Halloween Festival. We’re bringing animals to town for the petting zoo.

We lunched together over Salads of bright green romaine, heirloom tomatoes and goat cheese from the cheese lady who buys our goats milk. Tony topped the salads with beef roast that he cooked in the sous vide with salt and crushed pepper. It was intensely flavorful and tenderer than Kobe Beef that we had in Japan.
Everyone cleared out of the office by 4:30, Master fucked me and we went to soak outside in the hot tub. Giving head under water is a trip. Talk about playing with breathe control! I think the interrogators in Gitmo should employ this torture method. The hell with water boarding.