Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Trip Through Legal Land

A Trip Through Legal Land

We’re heading into the fourth quarter so it’s time to gather documents from everywhere to get our finances together for taxes. We actually have people who do that sort of thing for us but we watch the watchers. Well, Master watches, being the “tycoon” that he is. Wednesday is office day and today was even more intense as Mr. Jenson and our local attorney got together to hash out the annual re-write of my Last Will and Testaments. Death planning isn’t my favorite thing today. We also worked out our contribution to the Annual Halloween Festival. We’re bringing animals to town for the petting zoo.

We lunched together over Salads of bright green romaine, heirloom tomatoes and goat cheese from the cheese lady who buys our goats milk. Tony topped the salads with beef roast that he cooked in the sous vide with salt and crushed pepper. It was intensely flavorful and tenderer than Kobe Beef that we had in Japan.
Everyone cleared out of the office by 4:30, Master fucked me and we went to soak outside in the hot tub. Giving head under water is a trip. Talk about playing with breathe control! I think the interrogators in Gitmo should employ this torture method. The hell with water boarding.

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  1. Trouble with that theory is you'd have the guards lining up to take the "punishment".

    I remember seeing my name on the top of my will the first time it was written. First I felt like I wanted to screw it up almost as if it was some sort of omen, afterwards I just felt how insubstantial we really are - especially on the motor bike.