Saturday, October 11, 2014

Training the Object

Everything is random at this time. I want to keep him off balance for a while. I sat with object while it ate breakfast and we talked. It sat with his back to me and raised my hand to cover his mouth and nose and leaned back into me when I asked it how it felt. I eventually turned it around and face fucked it then left him on his knees.

It is hard to treat the person that you love most in the world as an object. This is training for me as much as it is for him.

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  1. I did wonder how you'd feel. You wrote that you "were languishing" without him when he was chained at Rays and he'd only been gone a day.

    I think it's a difficult situation to be in when you feel so deeply for that person you're treating "badly" even though, to some extent, he wants it. When he grew apathetic the first time and you went and released him you said he had to ask 3 times for release before he got it. Have you any similar plans this time? In the end if he's not enjoying it and you're lost without him you have to ask if it's worth it.