Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Real Implications of Slavery – Part 4

The Real Implications of Slavery – Part 4

I realize that I am indulging in pedantic bull shit. What the hell do I know about the implications for slavery?

Find someone who you can fall madly in love with. Learn to give more than you ever expect to get. If you want to be a slave, think like a slave and do everything you can to make your Master feel like a Master and do everything you can to make the Master’s life more enjoyable.

Being a Master requires taking responsibility for the direction of another person’s life and making them feel like a slave while treating that person with respect and compassion.

Don’t rely on preconceived notions of what you want. Learn to talk to each other with compassion and restrained passion.

Respect yourself.

Do everything you can to support and grow in your chosen life style.

Always kiss each other good night.



Boy Turns Teddy Bear

My slave needed me yesterday.

It was an easy day for me so I spent the day outside with him while he worked with his menagerie. We took the horses out for a bare back ride. I rode slave outside near the edge of the woods until it started to rain. We built a fire in the bedroom and he hugged me for hours without fucking, sucking or bondage requests. He just wanted me. I was all he needed. Love was all we needed.

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Real Implications of Slavery – Part Three.

The Real Implications of Slavery – Part Three.


There is nothing more important than excellent communication in every relation. It is even more important in a consensual Master/slave relationship. Listening and being observant of body language are constantly evolving skills that must be honed and sharpened has the relationship intensifies and deepens.

Earlier in our relationship I gagged the slave and told him that I love him but I could love him better when he is gagged.  I gagged him and kept him that way for most of several weeks. I learned that once I silenced his constant chatter that he thought more clearly about what he really needed to communicate. Slave learned to listen better. He could often tell what I was thinking by observing my body language. It was amazing how not talking deepened our relationship. In the long run, we are learning how to use intuition as a form of communication.

When I ask him a question, I want a clear and concise answer. Part of his response can often come with respect for the authority that he has given me over his life by saying something like “I will do what you decide is best”. Don’t get me wrong, he will let me know if I am wrong but never in anger.

We talk things out and never argue. Arguments are almost destructive. There should never be reason for one person to fear the other. It is important to recognize that there is inequality. It is important for the dominate person in a relationship treat the subordinate with respect that he demands for himself.




Odd Sunday.

I relented. Slave was bound near the edge of the pool in a very tight frog tie while the rest of us lingered over breakfast and coffee. We had the heat lamps on to fend of the chill and the slave was lying on a heated foam mat. The slave was tightly gagged and plugged. He was bound so tightly that he couldn’t struggle.

A buzz from the gate sounded. It was the boy’s hometown trust attorney making a surprise visit. I couldn’t turn him away and trying to explain the boy’s situation would be awkward so I decided it was best to be totally transparent.

I walked his attorney through the house, grabbing a coffee mug from the kitchen. We walked out on the patio and the attorney immediately walked over to slave and unbuckled his gag.

“Are you okay?”

“Oh! Mr. Jensen! Hello! Yes Mr. Jensen, the rope is kind of tight but I’m good”. Boy laughed nervously.
Mr. Jensen said “I always had a feeling you were a little different”.

I started to untie the boy but the boy loudly said, “Mr. Jensen, you met Ian on you last visit. Ian is my Husband now. If you have anything for me to sign, he can do it.

“No, there are no papers to sign, I just came to visit and make sure you’re okay. You look pretty damn happy.” He stuffed the gag back into slaves mouth and buckled it tightly.

I introduced all the guys to Mr. Jensen while brewing a cup of coffee for him. He grew comfortable with the family and spent the rest of the morning out on the patio. Slave remained bound and happy. I rolled the boy onto his side and snapped a pair of clamps on his tits then rolled him back onto his chest figuring it was getting near time to release him, I thought he would enjoy some pain.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Real Implication of Slavery - Part Two

The Real Implication of Slavery - Part Two


I put the boy through hell the first night of his induction as an object. I intentionally worked him to see how far I could push him. I gave him a safe word just for the night that he never used. He did a lot of teeth gnashing and muffled screaming. When I stopped working him over I asked him if he wanted me to let him go, if he didn’t he was mine until I was tired of him.

I thought he was a smart-ass when he responded “Sir, shouldn’t I be gagged when you ask me that question?” but I found as I got to know him better that when I ask him questions during play that he would rather me not ask, he will decline and answer by asking a question. I could and do live with that, it is the best way that he can let me know I am in control of his life.

The essence of this is that in a sensual Master/slave relationship, he recognizes that to be a slave, he has to be a slave. Likewise, I am not a Master unless I treat him as my slave, possession and object. None of this is easy when living in the world outside of our chosen family. We are equal and he MUST make decisions based on his autonomy even though from the time of our marriage, he shares much of the real life decision making with me.

We are fortunate in that our work is all done from home so there is no separation between work life and our home life that most people have to work around. We don’t worry about retirement accounts or health care costs. We have catastrophic health coverage for the entire family. I take care of running ranch accounts. For my slave, the worst day of the week is when we spend the day in my office double checking accounts. The reality is that like in any relationship, one is always dominant over the other. Master and slave relationships are no different whether he goes to work, work together, what ever the relationship.
Everyone on the ranch is busy working. Daniel was in bondage while in the family room with us. My slave was anxious and envious but it is not time for bondage or play. I can see his obsession and frustration growing with every passing day. It's a good thing. His only outlet is to serve me and cumming when I bang his prostate with my cock. He cums but there is no orgasm.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Real Life Implications of Slavery

I am writing this because I read a question about finding resources for a Master and slave.


I wanted to comment on The Real Life Implications of Slavery

My slave came to me via my Recon Posting and ad on Craig’s List. I was looking for guys who wanted to objectivized for an undetermined period of time that depended on my interest in that person. A lot of guys answered but few interested me enough to respond with anything other than “thanks but…”, whatever comment I decided to make. Most of them were “do me” guys who had no interest in what I wanted. Believe me when I tell you, this venture was all about what I wanted to do to the object, not what he wanted.

I offered to meet a few guys at an upscale cigar bar for a relaxing drink over a long smoke. A few of them refused outright because they were not into smoke. A few came to the bar, most didn’t show. The ad and profile was like casting a net into an empty sea. I started to realize that my efforts were futile and that I would have to continue with one-night hook-ups to get off. Then this unassuming character sent me a message. “What would you want of me, Sir? I have no time constraints, experience and few limitations. I am interested in learning more about YOU”.

He was under dressed when he came into the bar but walked in looking unimpressed and he appeared nervous but comfortable at the same time. He ordered top shelf and paid with a handful of crumpled up bills from his pocket but accidently dropped his American Express Black Card. He quickly picked it up and hid it while stuffing it back in his pocket. He looked almost embarrassed about it. He apologized, I don’t know why.

The entire conversation was about me and what I wanted. He had very little to say about himself. Then without provocation he started addressing me as “SIR”.

He had four limitations, no scat, no blood, no scars in places visible by the public and no permanent injuries. They were common sense limitations that I impose upon myself. I started to talk about a contract. He said, “Sir, if we enter a contract, I am imposing limitations on you by the very nature of the definition of the word contract. Your ad stated that you were looking for a person to treat as an object for a undefined period of time depending on how interested that person can keep you. My limitations are the only conditions if we mutually decide to enter into this adventure.

He was an intelligent boy who had obviously thought about contractual relationships, sexual fantasies and his role in the Leather Lifestyle. Though not imposing his charisma and sense of self-worth, he impressed me. He was a no bull shit guy who knew what he wanted and that to get it, he had to allow me to take the lead.

The Day

Don't worry guys, I haven't decided either way about discontinuing the blog.

We had a full table for breakfast this morning. We discussed the up-coming harvest and Butch and Daniel's trip. Daniel's demeanor has changed. He is far more conscious about serving Butch before taking care of himself. He wears the same collar that my slave has fixed permanently around his neck. He pulled his shirt up to show the brand and tattoo on his ribs. slave pulled his shorts down to display his new brand. Daniel looked envious and asked where it was done. Butch told him to wait until the brand on his ribs heals before thinking of getting another one.

The Talena Collar is available with or without a lock.
You can request a pin that once inserted it cannot be removed.
slave is horny as hell. It is a damn good thing that he can't get at his genitals. His chastity is torment today. He is being denied everything except positional bondage until I feel he has had enough of the "vanilla" treatment. He's finding it hard to concentrate in the studio so I sent him outside to work

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Question arises again.

I am teetering on ending this blog because I don't know if we are wasting our time in exposing our relationship publicly. It will remain online, at least until it is backed up, however long that takes. I feel the blog has run it's course and there is nothing new to be said. We will remove the blog once it is backed up if we decide to decide to bring it to a definite end.

We will have our secretary begin work on the back-up on Monday coming.

Heavy Padded Leather Hood

We were sitting in Greatroom watching a movie while sipping wine from dinner. slave was at my side enjoying the second hand smoke from my cigar. He went to the playroom in my bedroom to get a leather hood and a pair of Darby Handcuffs. He approached me on his knees asking me to lock them on him. I took hood and cuffs from him and set them on the table to my right. He looked at me with anticipation but I looked at the TV screen without responding to him until I noticed that his position was sloppy. I ordered him to kneel properly in front of me or I would give him my belt across his ass. He held the position for a good hour then told him to sit between my legs.

Rather than using the hood and cuffs, I held his mouth and nose with my hand alternating with holding the front of his neck as if to strangle him. He takes this treatment placidly, holding his hands behind his back to control the urge to struggle.

He no longer struggles, no longer flinches and no longer avoids my touch, all of which takes a great amount of self discipline to master. This tells me two things about him. He has absolutely put his life in my hands and he is constantly mindful of my attention to him.

Butch and Daniel come home from Europe today. We'll have a full table for meals again for the first time in over a month. Butch can see how well Jason has fit in to the workings of the ranch. I, with slave's approval intend to invite him into the family if Butch approves of his work during the past month. Jason is a good man.

Today is Wednesday, a day that slave hates. He dresses for business and works on numbers in the office with me. He would rather leave everything to my discretion but we're talking about his money, my money and ranch income and expenses. He needs to know what goes on and I need his detail oriented mind to find any mistakes that I make.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sleep Walker

The boy was sleep walking again last night. I caught him walking up the mountain toward the Oaks. He was stark naked and shivering. He woke up in a sleep sack laying in bed next to me wondering how he got there.

He's up and working outside as if nothing happened. He's been a sleep walker for his entire life. I'm taking his haunted self to a doctor to see what can be the cause. I have been thinking of keeping him in the sleep sack every night but then I would miss his arms holding me.

I've never known anyone has passionate as my slave. He got up, cleaned around the barn doors and then let his animals out into the coral one by one, giving each a hug and a small apple or carrot. He looked like a child at a petting zoo or like fucking Saint Francis of Assisi.

Monday, September 22, 2014


The choke collar was a process I imposed  on him that was not completed because I wanted him to feel other things. He did not put that on himself.

The cell in the wine cellar is where he goes when he has a migraine. It is a cool, absolutely dark and quiet space. It locks on the outside and I sometimes restrain him so he knows he has no other responsibility other than riding out the storm in his head.

My slave serves me and tends his animals and art these days. This will be all that he does for at least a few weeks. I've taken his communication privileges away.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Change is good.

A note on my desk; "I am in the wine cellar cell".
He was standing at attention facing the corner.  He is able to enter the cell but cannot
get out if he closes the door from inside the cell.

His face was red from the choke collar. It was dangerous for him to continue wearing it
so I removed it. I replaced it with a heavy iron collar that is chained to a ring near the floor.
I left him in the dark.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


"And in the end the love you get is equal to
the love you give"
-John Lennon
Misquote of Paul McCartney's lyrics.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Property Is Where He Belongs

My slave went to the shower to wash the dirt an sweat down the drain. Tommy followed him around like his nose was stuck to back of the boys knees and actually climbed into the shower with him. The boy hadn't shave in weeks so his stubble was almost a beard. I asked him to keep it but I shaved his head.

A shaved head means two things to the boy. He is a slave and it is a sign of humility (a Buddhist attribute). I enforce his status by shaving his head myself. His beard remains in tenuous status. We'll see how that goes.

The slave came out to the family rather than going to bed to rest. He was carrying his Carrera chastity belt and handed it to me. He stood silently while I decided to leave him free or lock him up. His eyes pleaded. He needed it. I locked him up on the tightest setting. There was little holding it in place because of weight and muscle loss. He needed to muscle up again.

He laid on the floor so that his dogs could crowd around him. He placed his head on one of them then fell asleep until Tony woke him for dinner. He said he wasn't hungry but thanks. I grabbed him by the back of his neck and lifted him off the floor.

"You're Fucking Eating!"
I played with his food an ate a little until I slapped him on the side of his head, "You're Eating Everything on your Plate!" I was so fucking pissed at the moment.

We watched a movie together. I made him sit on the sofa next to me where he snuggle up against me. I've been denying myself this feeling for weeks.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Home Slave, Home

The prisoner was chained to the Oak tree on the side of the shed. Wraith walked me out to talk to him as I had invited him to join the conversation.

"Warden Wraith tells me that you asked to stop this treatment. Do you want us to end this?"

"Master, I will do what you want."

"What do YOU want boy!"

"I want to go home and be with you, I don't care about the chains, but I wish we could go home and live more vanilla for a while. I'm just feeling that I'm running on empty. I need to work. I need to walk in animal shit in my work boots and I need to work in my studio."

I gave Wraith a nod and he unlocked the chain that held the boy prisoner under the tree. I helped the boy to his feet and held him under his arm as he struggled to follow Wraith to his studio. The chains and restraints were very heavy, restrictive and cumbersome. We helped the boy climb onto the work table. Wraith told him that he had to drill the shaft of the rivets and that there would be a lot of uncomfortable vibration and hammering. He also told the boy to let him know if the heat from drilling got too hot for him.

"Before we start we have two other things to discuss. Master Ian, do the chains go with you or stay here with me?" He handed the branding Iron to me for me to inspect. "When do we take care of this?"
I paused and held the iron in front of the boy. His eyes opened wide with fear. "Do you want this boy?" He stuttered "that is something that I cannot say. I would be honored if that is what you want, Master, SIR! I do not presume to know your intention".

Wraith laid the iron in the brazier until it glowed a sinister red then waved it in the air for several minutes to let it cool. The boy laid still as if he was restrained directly to the table. Wraith position the iron above the boys buttock and looked at me to approve the positioning. I nodded and Wraith set the hot iron to mark the boy indelibly with my initials. He winced and tightened then relaxed. He cried silently.

Wraith removed the irons from the boys body. He reached up and hugged Wraith and thanked him for everything. He asked him to come down to stay at the house whenever he wanted. He hugged me and apologized for falling short of living through my plans and hugged me like he never hugged me before.

We invited Wraith for dinner out with us but he said he had a job to finish by the end of the week.
He dressed the boys wound and we climbed into the truck and headed for home.  We stopped for a late lunch. The boy was so tired that he ate very little.  While in the truck, he put his hand on my thigh and leaned back in his seat and fell asleep.

The chains rattled in the bed of the truck.

Unhappy Prisoner

The prisoner is apparently unhappy today. He is apathetic and not eating. Not eating is common for him so I am not worried about that but being apathetic is. He also asked to be let out of the irons twice, each time Wraith visited him today. He doesn't know this but three separate requests and a counseling and he's out. He would spoil this for himself.

He also told Wraith that he knows I am home and he wants to go home to be with me.

I am driving up to bring him home. I cannot say if he will remain in chains. If he asks to have them removed again, we'll talk and it he still wants out, Wraith will strike the rivets.

We're pushing the event planned for Saturday up to today. Wraith made a branding iron with my initials. My slave is not anticipating this but I know he wants it.

What will it mean to wear my identification for the rest of his life?

Christian returned from Germany this morning. Butch and his slave Daniel have graduated from the Chateau. Christian said that Daniel broke at one point but regained himself after a quick visit from Butch. The two of them are driving through Germany for a week then coming home.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Prisoner's Diary

How many of you  subs keep a diary or you dreams, thoughts and experiences?

My slave has done that for several years. Once he became my slave, he gave me access to his diaries. Oh, I own him and he has given me everything.

I hate the words "FAG" and "Faggot" as much as I hate the word "Nigger" or any other word that is meant to be degrading for person's of any 'group". I hate it when people such as gays or black people call themselves those names. I could never understand it until I read this in the boys diary;

"I am a faggot. I was born a faggot and will always be a fag. Faggots are a tiny sub-group of males who do not see themselves as Real Men. (Most gay men are not faggots and no one should call them that.)

True Fags are very different from all other men. Many consider themselves a sub-human animal. It’s not just their sexual orientation, fags recognize the superiority of other men and their own inferior nature compared to Real Men. Fags were put on this earth to serve Real Men. Fags are incapable of evolving to become Real Men, it is impossible..

 Alpha men can easily recognize faggots, others cannot. Fags are as likely to be construction workers or body builders as anything else. (They are probably not the drag queen, effeminate man stereotype, for those are Real Men, simply and bravely being who they are.)

 Fags will obey and serve Alpha men. It is their destiny to do so.

 I prefer men who can fuck my mind as well as my body. I live to take real men's cum and to give my partner my whole being."

I understand the thinking but if the boy believes this about himself he is wrong. He is so much a REAL MAN. He proves it every day of his life when he questions himself so that he makes the right decisions about caring for other people and for himself. Real men give of themselves altruistically whether to their family, friends or people they never meet. Real men let go of the things that cause unhappiness and real men get up again when they fall down. And real men know that a life lived for others is a life well lived.

Prisoner's Life

He did not sleep so comfortable last night. His arms were pulled behind him and locked to the ring in the floor. The chain leading to the ankle manacles was shortened.  Wraith gagged him then gave him a stiff paddling for no other reason than wanting to so he was forced to sit on his sore ass all night.

I am not in London, I'm home languishing in the slaves absence but I want him to get a better idea of what real imprisonment might feel like, including being sexually abused by a stranger. The only thing that I cannot take away from the slave is that he knows I would not put him in a situation that is not safe. He's missing the fear factor. I have arranged for just a glimpse of it for him the morning before I come to pick him up. (I will be there but he won't know it.)

T: email is good.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Prisoner's Progress

Rich or Wraith as he is known and I had a conversation about my boy and prisoner earlier today.

Wraith laid down his rules for his prisoner. They were the usual;
Never look him above his knees unless told to do so.
Never speak unless required by Wraith.
Always begin and end a sentence with Sir.
Attempts to escape will be met with more pain than he has ever felt.
Eat and Drink everything he is given. Failure to do so will result in skipped meals for two days.

To demonstrate punishment, Wraith produced his antique sjambok from South Africa http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sjambok  . He placed a pillow on his work bench and gave it a whack. It split the pillow, sending stuffing every where. The foolish boy requested that he receive a sample. Wraith bent him over the edge of the table and gave him a whack on his buttocks. Mind you, it was not a full arm swing. That would have cut into the boys ass. Wraith made the boy clean up the mess from the pillow then brought him out to the shed behind the Studio and chained the boy to the floor using the chain that hung from the back of the collar. He could reach a plastic covered mattress and a bucket to relieve himself.

Wraith told me that his prisoner slept soundly. A picture that Wraith sent me showed the prisoner seeming to sink through his mattress. His fingers grasped his left nipple and he stretched out as long as the chains allowed. Wraith chained him under an Oak tree during the day. He looked completely at ease as if he was sprawled out in a poolside chaise. He held the iron belt as if to relieve himself of it's weight. Even in restrictive bondage he has far more freedom than he had in the dungeon.


The event came as a complete shock to the boy He never in his life thought it would happen. I is a fantasy that he thought would be fun but I am sure the reality of it was beyond his psychological reach. He is so far away from being a criminal besides what he wants, he wants to be safe. Then I read the story that he drew me to and realized that I can easily make him my prisoner. I had two ways to do it. I could bring him to the Chateau. They would keep him for the rest of his life if I wanted that. The better way was to keep him prisoner myself. I have everything I need. I could never live without him in my life. He is my most precious and I am obsessed with him.

The chains are very permanent, if I want them to be. Hot riveting them in place was risky business because he could have been burned. If anyone could do it, it was Rich. Rich can also remove them without damaging the boy or the irons when the time comes.

The collar weighs between 3 and 5 pounds. It is connected to an Iron belt that rests on the hips. A chain goes from the belt and hangs just below the knees before it separates and connects to ankle irons. Chains connected to the sides of the belt connect to wrist irons. His hands can be restrained front of back or shortened so that they are secured at his sides. A chain hangs down from the back of the collar this is padlocked to the back, a wall, the floor, what have you. He can be mobile but restricted. He can feed himself and tend to his bodily functions or he can be heavily restricted.

His psychological state determines the length of imprisonment but he will be done on December 14th so that we can make our trip to Europe. (I have not explained anything to him.)

His cock was raging when he was riveted in the chains but his head dropped when I left him in Rich's hands. When I gave him permission to speak, he asked me why. I told him, "because I want to". I told him to behave for his new warden as he would for me.

I, of course, get updates on his condition.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


“Almost like the good times before you talked me into giving you a lifetime lease on my body. In those old days, you’d often put me into make – believe bondage. Great fun it was, but somehow fake and frivolous – even silly. Both of us hungered for the real thing. We got it now, by god. Every time I wake during the night, I feel the aggravating weight on my neck, and know where I am, and who I am. You got my ass for good, buddy.”

From: The Collar by Lars
Read it at: Metalbondnyc.com

I read this story weeks ago after reading the above quote in boys diary. I have tried to make his bondage real but somehow or another, no matter how long, how painful or secure, it seemed fake and frivolous. After all, we referred to it as play. I don't know if his limited speech in the last few weeks is truly because of hypnotic suggestion or a real desire to give his self to me without conversation or commentary. I'd like to think it is a combination of the two.


The boy slept well last night and serviced me with perfection when we woke. I fucked him twice. One of the times he raised my hands to his neck and strangled him as I came into his gut. His cock and balls were swollen and purple from being edged constantly. I told him to cum. It took a lot of rubbing to get him to explode. He rolled his eyes back in his head as if he was overdosing on some powerful drug. He lay gasping and clutching my forearms for several minutes after he came.

We showered together and then I dressed for breakfast. Boy attended naked as required. We sat on the patio by the pool sipping our second cup of coffee. He got out of hid chair and sat on the patio between my legs and threw his head back to look into my eyes. He smiled.

I put the boy in a leather mail sack and locked it to make it escape proof. I "tossed" him in the back of his pick-up and drove him to a friends studio. I fastened to rail in the back with a chain so he wouldn't role and tumble around and get hurt. It was a good hour drive, part of it on rough private road.

Our friend is a blacksmith and artist who makes beautiful fence gate, hand rail an other ornamental architectural art for homes and offices. I went into his studio to let him know I had the boy with me.
We talked about the boy and the head trip he was going on and just how we wanted to play him. We returned to the stand near the truck bed and started our play so that he was sure to hear it.

"Rich, I can't thank you enough for taking him off my hands. I have to fly to London for a few weeks and all the guys are gone. I can't leave the fucker alone and I can't take him with looking a beat up like this".

"Ian, it no problem. I'll chain him up in the shed out back and maybe work him over when I have the time. Let's get him out of there and fixed up".

Richard carried him into the studio near his forge. He dumped the boy out onto the concrete floor.
The whole Idea is to get him restrained in chains and leave him alone with very little contact.
Rich custom made a set of six point irons for the boy.

The entire rig was permanently arranged to cramp the boy. Rich threw large rivets into a pan in the forge Then lifted the boy onto a worn wooden table with a heavy iron pounding block held in one end. He arranged the restraints on the table along the boys body length. I removed his choking collar and gave rich free rein of the boy. Rich fit the heavy round stock collar around the boys head. He removed the collar then coved boys head with a heavy insulated fire proof bad. He place the collar on boys neck and  put the two wings that formed the closure the held in in place on his striking block. He inserted a red hot rivet into the locking holed and struck it with a heavy hammer until the rivet flattened out. The collar became a permanent fixture on the boys body. He continued working top to bottom until the boy was permanently bound in iron and chains.

I read the above quote to the boy. He cried. I turned and left in his truck. Leaving the boy in Rich's devious clutch's,

Saturday, September 13, 2014

If I Were In Your Shoes

I heard the boy give out a loud exasperated sigh and then a scream through the monitor that I keep on my desk while I am working. I rushed out to see why he made the noises but once inside the dungeon I slowed myself down to appear unconcerned. He was fine, the predicament that he was in had finally sunk in. He was exasperated.

I reached through the bars to tighten his collar another notch. I can still get my full index finger between the collar and his neck. I should be two more days before it fits snugly.

I think he was anticipating that I would change his position or at least take the angle iron the presses into his crotch out but I did something that absolutely shock him instead. I took my shirt and boots off and pulled a heavy chair in front of his cage so that he had to look at me. I locked my own ankles to the chair in leg irons. Clamped tongue clamps on my nipples and then told him that I wanted to help him out but couldn't. I strapped a gag in my mouth just like the one he was wearing then threw my keys on the floor between us. I locked handcuffs around my wrists and behind the chair.

I instructed Tony to come to free me in three hours. The boy was shocked. He never imagined me, much less saw me in bondage.

The truth is that Reggie was my Master for months before I had to move to New York. He was a ruthless ass whole who kept me in bondage from the moment I got home from work until I had to get ready to leave in the morning. I was his cum hole and whipping boy. He'd even sewn my mouth shut over a five day holiday. He was hell to serve. We never fell in love and I hated him at times. I even threatened to kill him and meant it. I lost my taste and need for being bound and disciplined after that.

It has been a long time since I've had clamps on my tits. I wished I hadn't given Tony three hours before releasing me. I had a very hard time keeping myself from screaming.

Tony finally came to release me but as instructed released the boy first. The boy kneeled in front of me, opened my zipper and sucked me dry. He stood and starred at the keys. He has such an aversion to touching his Master's keys that he could not pick them up. Tony knew this was a test and stood by watching him. The boy's internal fight went on for a good five minutes before Tony removed the clamps and the gag then unlocked the restraints. The boy dropped to slave kneeling position as I stood up.

I grabbed him by his collar and told him to stand. I walked him into the house and gave him a bottle of cold water then took him into the shower with me. I washed him the stood him facing the wall while I washed myself. I turned him around and held him tight while kissing the back of his throat with my tongue. He dried me then himself.

We walked out to the kitchen butt naked. I sat in my place then invited the boy to sit in a chair. Tony made Chateau Briand for the three of us. The boy ate very slowly, reluctantly eating his slab of rare meat. He would have greedily gobbled it down before watching the movie about how farm animals are treated. I encouraged him because he needed the nutrients. He ate broccolini and mashed sweet potato with total abandon. Tony made white chocolate cream filled tarts with fresh fruit. The boy ate the fruit and a bit of the cream then pushed the rest aside, asking Tony to save it for him.

We launched ourselves into the great room to watch a movie. Boy instinctively sat at my feet until I told him to climb on the sofa and put his head on my thigh. I covered him with a throw and let him fall asleep while I enjoyed a cigar and red wine that Tony brought home last week.

I carried the boy into my bed and that's where he will stay the night. I will wrap my arms around him and plant my cock in his ass where it belongs.

The Path We're On.

Answers to your questions.

I don't care if he comes or not. The time is not right for him to receive pleasure of any kind except to know that I take care of him and want him to pleasure me. That is why I take him into the shower twice a day, give him my piss and use his body. I supervise him and time him while he eats and take his food away when the allotted time is up. He is so high on this trip that when he crashes it's going to be a long fall and I will be there to catch him. He knows and that is why he is so at peace, probably for the first time in his life.

Our path has changed irrevocably. Our relationship of the past is the cornerstone of where we are right at this moment. He has me where he wants me.


I took him out of the crate. He had tear stains on his face. He stood straight and threw his arms around my chest and kissed me then dropped to his knees to service me. I pushed him away and ordered him to do yoga to stretch.

"Fuck the shower this morning and you're not eating".
I removed his diaper. It was clean and dry. I let him use the toilet then locked him in the vertical cage. I used a long piece of angle wire under his crotch and above the lowest bar to keep him standing erect. He either rested at the peak of the angle, which causes considerable pain or stands on his toes to avoid it. He will stay there until I feed and bath him tonight.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Leaving Him Alone

Another notch tighter on his collar and he responds by getting painfully hard-on. His nuts are purple from erections that have been denied. I can't let him cum. He has access and he is allowed to play with himself when his hands are not cuffed behind his back but he cannot cum. The suggestion is either planted so deeply in his head or he won't cum with a specific demand from me.

I let him out of his cage to stretch and do some yoga then fed him. I took him into the bathroom for his daily cleaning and then took him into the shower me. I fucked his ass then head fucked him until I cam down his throat.

I decided to make his night hell for him. I folded him into an oak packing box with his hands cuffed behind his back. Of course, we've drilled holes in it for ventilation. Before I screwed the cover down I gagged him. "I'm leaving you alone so you can make all the noise you want. I'm not monitoring you tonight, you're on your own". Sixteen long wood screws hold the cover down. 

I turned the monitor on and left, turning the lights off as I left the dungeon.

I will have the monitor receiver on his pillow so that I will hear him if something goes wrong. His faithful and sometimes vicious guardian Tommy, is laying against the crate. The boy is wearing a diaper to soak up any mess.  In any other situation he would have fussed like a baby over the humiliation. I've never diapered him before.

He will have a long tortuous night crammed in that box.

I'm Not Sure That I want to Finnish This

It is hard to tell what goes on in that boys head. He's been in constant bondage and pain for a week now. I moved him from his larger cage to the punishment cage where he is unable to move. He doesn't make a sound. There are no moans or sighs of exasperation. He gives no indication that pain is getting to him. He takes everything I give him and seems happier for it. I can't work him over anymore. His scrotum has sores on it. His tits are swollen, his ass and back are fucked up, there is nothing left but his smile whenever I take his gag out.

I asked our surgeon friend to come to check his scrotum and cock out and talk to the boy. He's one of my boys best and oldest friend. He told me to keep the wounds clean and don't touch them for a while.

"What about his head? Has he gone off the deep end? No matter how I treat him, he is happy. He only smiles and thanks me for it."

"He is happy, he's high. You don't have to worry about anything. Keep his wounds clean, if they start to look more inflamed, call me. I'll come out to visit you guys on Saturday. I'd be honored if you would fuck me over for the weekend. I'm not on call".

I've been taking the boy out of his cage twice a day. His hands are always restrained behind his back. I take him into the shower and wash him with Tea Tree Oil soap and dry him. I remove his gag and feed him Tony's special "object diet" in a dog bowl then take his cuffs off so he can brush his teeth and clean his mouth. I give him a chance to make one request, hoping that he will tell me he doesn't like the objectification "game" and wants to crawl back in my bed. He doesn't.

One day he walked over to the wall where the straps and paddles hang and brings me a six layer leather strap with a flogger type handle and asked me to beat him with it. One morning, yesterday in fact, he asked for a cup of hot coffee. Last night he asked me to restrain his upper arms with his elbows together with a wide leather strap. He asked me to tighten it after I buckled it the first time.
He never begs me for the one thing I want to hear. "Please Master stop treating me like an object.

I know I would say "NO FUCKER!" at least for a day or two but I would know he's not enjoying this trip that we're on.

The thing that comes from this is that he is like clay in my hands and he is absolutely affectionate without the sense of preoccupation that I sometimes get from him.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Quick Recovery

My slave sunk into a deep regenerative sleep. His determination is admirable.

I give it permission to speak. it requested two things. it asked for a flogging with a heavy bull hide flogger and permission to have an orgasm. Both are therapeutic for it after a migraine. It helps him to relax and it opens the energy blockage from the migraine. It is the only time that it actually requests to have an orgasm.

I gagged it with a ball gag head harness and tied it to the whipping post. I flogged it until it's back was as red as the flogger itself. It gasped and moaned with each stroke. I didn't count the strokes, I kept giving it until it's energy told me it was no longer feeling it. it's eyes were red and filled with tears. I licked it's tears from it's face.

I flipped it over so that it's front side was exposed.

"Please Master."

It stopped talking, I asked it what it wanted.

"Please Master, hurt me." It was the second request to be hurt by me within 24 hours.
"Please Master, I am your object..." I stopped him by covering it's mouth with my gloved hand and pinched it's nose until it dropped off from lack of air.

I will not describe what I did to it other than to say it was the most intense torture that it has ever experienced. He passed out on me several times but I persisted. it didn't scream or cry. it looked at me in terror. It made me wank several times, each time I fed it my cum.

it took it down from the post and let it collapse at my feet. it looked up at me and said, "thank you Master". I cleaned it up and stuffed it back in it's cage to rest and heal. I didn't let it cum.

Still Locked

I got so horny thinking about my slave that I got up and pulled him out of the cage so I could fuck him. First it's ass then his mouth. I shot a load into it twice within 15 minutes. Before I fucked it. It moved it's lips as if it wanted to say something. I switched off it's collar and allowed it to speak.

"Master, if it pleases you, you can hurt me." Then it dropped back down to it's knees and crossed it's hand behind it's back and dropped it's head.

Those words drove my mind into hyper-drive. With all that I've done to it, it tells me to ignore more limits. Pain is one thing but hurting it was a line that I will not cross. But, I can make him think I have. My nuts were on fire. It had just given up everything with nothing held as a taboo. That's why I fucked it's ass first and then shoved my dirty cock in it's throat. It wrapped his hands around my legs and bade me to go deeper into it's throat. It swallowed with my cock deep in it's throat causing a pulsing sensation that I never felt before. It was driving me wild. It sucked my cock hard so I had trouble pulling out of it's mouth.

I snapped a pair of forceps on it's tits and locked it back in it's cage with it's hands cuffed behind him through the bars. I slept on the padded bondage table so as to be close to it. He whimpered from the pain in it's tits so I got up and gave them another click and told it to be quiet or I'd tighten them again. I realized I'd forgotten to turn on the shock setting on the collar.


I dragged it out of it's cage this morning to use it. He had that strange twisted look on his face that he gets just before a migraine. My first thought though was to quit everything and get him into bed then thought, "fuck no, he can sleep it off in the cage". I removed all the restraints except it's collar and pushed another blanket into the cage. It curled up in a fetal position and closed it's eyes. I shut the shudders over the windows to darken the dungeon then left it alone.

Monday, September 8, 2014

It knew it would happen someday.

The whole reason that it met me back east was to be an object. "I may throw you out after ten minutes or keep you for months, depending how long I find you interesting."It is my turn on. I was never looking for a slave much less a partner and a husband or someone to love so intensely that I knew I wanted to own his heart and soul forever.

The truth is, I've taken boys before and used them as objects. It's what I do. I'm  sadistic by nature and I know all sorts of ways to get off on giving pain and keeping objects where I want them. Most of these would be objects start whining and trying to bugger out within a day or two but then my slave came along and took everything I dished out without one thought of getting away. I would have kept it longer but I had to get back to London fast. I kicked it out, believing I was done with it after tormenting and keeping him chained for a month. I ignored it for days at a time but it never lost it's eagerness to try to make me happy.

So now I have the time to fuck him over good. I started in on it without warning. That torture collar that I locked around it's neck turned me nuts in an uproar so I told myself this is the time to start in on it.

It has been caged for a day. I took it for a second time today so it could relieve itself then fed it the same bland Faro with egg white powder mixed into it. I strung it up by it's wrists and took my 12 footer to it's back. It went like it was comatose to focus in on the pain. I gave it 30 before it started struggling and then jumped up and screaming "No! No! No!" and whimpering from the shocks the collar gave it. I stopped to see if it was alright. I give it pain, I don't want to hurt it.

Jesus Fucking Christ, he came. The cum was dripping out of it's chastity belt onto it's bound feet. I finished whipping it then took it down and laid it on the work table with his feet hanging over the end. I took a small tawse and punished it by beating the soles of it's feet. It started heavy breathing like it was going to cum again. I pulled it's as over the edge of the table and fucked it. It is locked back in the cage with it's hands free to pull the ratty blanket up over it's self. Our eyes locked, I slapped it for looking in the Master's face.

Strangely enough, it looked happy.

The collar is steel that can be tightened by 1/8 inch each day. It is wired to react to sound emanating from the boy with a shock that is sharp. I can also shock him with a remote. It won't more long before he intentionally shocks himself. He's like that.

He is taken out of the cage twice each day. I will make him wear a diaper if he makes a mistake. He would hate that more than anything I could think of so he'll hold. His food and water are limited to avoid mistakes.

Slave into Object

I removed slave from the cage this morning after he was fed a bowl of cold unseasoned Faro that he washed down with my warm piss. Slave was removed from the cage to service me then take a cold shower to wash the stink off. It is one of two times each day that it is allowed to use the toilet. It was cuffed in Hyatt cuffs and it's nips were pegged with wood clothes pegs. It's collar was tightened by one click. I told it that he was demoted to object for the foreseeable future.

The cage is 20 inches by 40 inches by 30 inches in height. it sits on a steel floor, no padding and it has been given an old wool Army blanket.

It looks at me with pathetic eyes that are wet with tears.

I'm horny and need to wank.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

To answer a few questions

My slave is locked in his cage for an as yet undetermined time. He is wearing nothing but his Carrara chastity belt and a collar that shocks him if he tries to vocalize.

The collar will be removed during times of other activities but will be locked on in the very same setting that it was taken off.  He went out running today. The collar was removed

No. Slave would not attempt to defeat his chastity device. There are three reasons.
He cannot cum unless I specifically tell him that I want him to.  (subliminal training)
If I caught him without his device he knows his punishment.
He wouldn't do it because he wouldn't do anything to dishonor me.
Just to add another stronger reason, he wants his junk locked.

Slave is highly receptive to subliminal and hypnotic suggestion. He practices meditation and uses it to create a new behavior or attitude within himself. He is an intensely strong character and easily influences others through compassion and generosity. I would never violate him.

Some times it is his ideas, more often mine and very often an idea that we read in online stories.

Master Ian

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fantasy? But whose was it?

The Bondage Fantasy World stories on Metalbondnyc.com precipitated these events.

Master read the stories after I told him about them. I told him the I loved the possibilities of the treatment of the vacationing prisoner in the story and told him that I would like to experience some of what the guy in the story. Of course, I was referring to versions of those events done by Master.
He rummaged through the stories and found things that he thought were hot.

I learned today that he actually worked with Reggie on the pin prick sleep sack design for a long time before he started making it. I thought about it then forgot about it until I read the story again just days before Reggie came to visit.

Here we go again. Master designed a collar with ratcheting mechanism that allows it to be tightening by a fraction of an inch each day. It's about two inches high and a good quarter of and inch thick and it sits above my permanent collar. I've had the permanent collar on for more than 18 months. There is no way to remove it except to saw it off. Master places the new collar on the loosest notch and locked it. I can get several fingers under it.

Master finally opened the new Carrara belt and locked that on me. There is no plastic lining or edging to it is much smoother and more comfortable. It has more drainage and cleaning ports and twisted cable over the rear instead of anal rings.  We spun the Wheel of Misfortune, which Master modified to five stinging settings, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 8 months and 1 year. If I whine or beg for it's removal before my time is up and there is no health reason, he will had a month to the sentence. He said I will not cum during those months. 8 MONTHS, 8 Months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So life goes on.
I'm in some sort of chastity 90 percent of the time anyway but at least he lets me have great orgasms. Will he really make me go 8 months?

Friday, September 5, 2014

No reason for confusion

Take something away one day, give it back two days later. Good boy one minute then "punishment" the next.

My feelings are that slaves should not have anything outside of what keeps them alive and healthy so when Master took my pipes away, it resolved some conflict that I felt about smoking. I've gotten to enjoy it but it didn't really matter.

He ordered a really interesting pipe from Italy that came today. He gave it to me as a gift of sorts. I felt confused but never the less, grateful for the gift. He unlocked the cabinet where things like that are stored and told me to try it out. I was hesitant considering my headspace. I loaded the pipe and lit it. We sat outside by the pool enjoying our smoke and a cool drink. We talked freely and then took a swim.

We cleaned ourselves up and got ready to go out for the day. While giving Master head, he told me I am a good boy and that he loved my devotion to him. He said he completely and absolutely trusts me then removed my Carrara belt and slipped the spiked punisher on my cock.

Again, it was one thing one moment and the opposite the next.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


"Is there anything that you want to try today?"

I was still laying in bed with Master, buried in his arms. He slid his hand up my chest and grabbed me by my throat as if to choke me. He looked into his eyes, his steely blue eyes. He kissed me all over my face.

"Yes Master, there is, but I don't know if I can handle it." I described it to him and he said he would try to accommodate me but there would be no gag or blindfold, "I want to be able to read you and you call out if something is going wrong". He added, I'm going to torture the hell out of you".

I showed him the picture I found on a tumblr site.

I'm a little underweight for my size and I am fit. My shoulders and upper back used to hurt me a lot until I built them up with weights and keep them flexible with yoga but we are both hesitant trying aerial Strappado in spite of my physical status.

Master cuffed my hands behind my back. Otherwise were both naked as was walked from the house to the dungeon. Jason saw us from the barn and watched us walk to the dungeon. Master waved him to invite him to follow if he'd like. He decided to follow.

Master set everything up. He tied a ten pound weight with a rope. The handcuffs are replaced with leather restraints that he tied together after buckling them on me. He buckled restraints on my ankles the tied an end of the rope holding the weight to each restraint. He hit the button on the winch and my arms raised behind my back. My unchaste cock reacts to the bondage and the discomfort in my shoulder.  I started to shake with fear.

Master looked into my eyes and locked on to them as he began to raise me off the ground. I closed my eyes so that I could concentrate on what I was feeling. It was stressful, very stressful. Master raised me higher until the weights also left the ground. He stopped and demanded "tell me what you feel boy"!

"Sir, please add more weight".
"Not this time pig. Just hang there and enjoy it".

I lasted for fifteen minutes before my arms started to feel numb.
My shoulders hurt more after the hanging than they did during. Josh went to the barn and got some horse rub that he slathered over my shoulder and upper arms. It's like Icy Hot on steroids. 

Master remarked, "I hope we got that out of your system".
"On the contrary Master. Next time I'd like to have weighted clamps hanging from my tits and ankles."

Now that it's been hours since our little trial at real Strappado, I can tell you how I feel. I think that if I had struggled that I would have damaged something, perhaps something like a torn rotator cuff or a pulled muscle. I had the sense to hang still and to relish the pain and stress in my shoulders, arms and the muscles over the scapula. There was a benefit in all this. I have a vertebra that mis-aligns slightly. I use inversion therapy to relieve pressure on it so it realigns itself. I felt a pop in my back and now I feel complete release there. My joints are sore, my triceps are sore and I have pain in a small area on the right side of the sternum. I've felt much worse after a good bondage session.

Yes! I was very close to orgasm. It was intensely erotic to feel myself in a situation that was and is used for actual torture. I didn't think about the differences in reality. I just pictured myself hanging as I was feeling it. It was an intense head trip. So much of what we do is based on real imprisonment and torture.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Free Day

I felt grumpy, oppressed, restless and angry this morning. I went into zombie mode to keep it to myself.

Jason is now handling things like he's an old hand. He's gay of course and he's more of a country-western kind of guy who competes in amateur rodeos from time to time. He's a tall hefty shouldered guy with a butch haircut. He wear western boots and a wide brimmed straw western hat. He, like Master smokes cigars when the work day is done. He has a long upper lips that supports a long blondish mustache. It's kind of a nod to Buffalo Bill Cody without the curls at the side of his lip.

Master declared today to be a free day. He removed all the encumbrances from my body and told me to do what ever I wanted. So I went running. I turned Deep Forest on my phone and plugged the ear buds into my head, stretched and then set out on the road. I wore black running shoes, jock, nylon running shorts and a black skank top so I felt pretty much sexed up for myself.

While running, I filed through the things in my head that have caused me to have nightmares over the past few nights. I thought about feeling oppressed. I thought about being in a situation where I was not free to do exactly what I wanted. I've felt this way so often during my life.

I went to private schools with guards at the gates. I was dropped off inside the gate and picked up in the same place. There were only a few kids who road the school bus. I envied them because for that ride to and from school they were autonomous. They could scream and raise a ruckus if they dared. I was a single kid sitting in the back of a car alone. The cars always embarrassed me because they were big, black and corny looking to me. I wished they would pick me up in a normal car.

I also envied the wild kids who managed to find a way to get out of the school yard to cross the street to smoke cigarettes and act out violent looking rituals with each other. They were the bad kids who were always in the Headmaster's office waiting for angry and frustrated parents to arrive. There were times when I wanted to be one of them.

Now I envy the guys, the kinky tattoo addicts who mark their bodies where ever they want, when ever they want. I want to be a pig with no thought of danger or getting STD's for sucking and fucking anything that moves. All I have is a brand and a small mysterious emblem tattooed where almost no one ever sees it.

What I have instead are people who love and care about me. I have Master fussing over me and a group, a family of guys that I belong too. Once again I reminded myself of my good fortune so there is no reality for my feeling of being oppressed.

My pedometer told me that I ran over 26 miles before I hit the gate for the ranch. It was a short run for me today because I worked out so much in my head. I rinsed off in the pool shower and dropped into the pool to cool down and relax feeling damn fucking good.

An Email from Mike

I met Mike a few years ago at a Leather Event in Atlanta. We played around a little. I thought he was another masochist just like me trying to make a connection. We smacked each other with leather straps, trying to make each other call "uncle" and wimp out. It got vicious, in fact so vicious that other people in the room stopped what they were doing to watch. The match was a draw.

Mike asked me to go home with him for the night and I quickly agreed. I promised to tie me up good and maybe work on me a little. I told him that I wanted to go up to my room to grab a few things before we left but he told me that I didn't need anything.

We were walking down the hallway when big local dungeon owner told me to be careful if I was going home because "Mike is a hot dog". Mike called him an ass hole and told him to shut the hell up and we went along our way to the parking lot to Mike's car.

Mike seemed a little redneck to me. I expected a run down house in the Georgia hills but instead, he pulled into the drive of a slick post-modern house that was brightly lit inside and out. It was sparsely furnished with few adornments just like my apartment in New York. I started to feel we were alike in many ways.

"This way to the Dungeon!"
I followed Mike through the house, down a flight of stairs and into a room that he said was below his garage. It was all poured concrete. The ceilings were quite high with steel beams from which a power hoist was hanging. He had iron rings and manacles bolted to walls, a long steel rack, Australian CP bench, an intense looking leather covered bondage chair and a walled that was covered with other small pieces of equipment.

To make things quick, Mike hung me upside down and tied my hands to rings in the floor and used several different whips on me then tightly strapped me in the bondage chair and went off to bed.
I was happy.

Master intercepted my Email as he always does. Master monitors everything I do online and everything that comes to me in the mail.

"Who is Mike?", he asked.
I was puzzled until he told me about a "Mike" that said he hoped he had found me again. "Mikeatlanta---".

I explained who he was and that we played one night.
Master let me read the email. It was the Mike I had played with and wondered if I wanted to play again sometime.

Truthfully, Aside from Master and our Leather family, I don't want to "play" with anyone. Master told me to answer him and invite him to the ranch.


Master received his new Wesco Highliners this morning. He ordered me to put them on his feet and lace them up for him. They are his first American made boots. He usually wears Rangers or something from England. He had me scrunch down in front of his chair so he could swing his new boots up on my back so he could relax and read The Journal while he drank his coffee. He bent his right knee and placed the bottom of his boot against my ribs.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Falling out of bed

I had a nightmare filled night last night. I actually fell out of bed and hit my head on the night stand.
It woke Master and he got out of bed to take care of me. He got me a cold bottle of water from the breakfast bar and sat next to me on the floor while I sipped it.

We went back to bed. Master fell asleep while I lay watching the clock until I finally drifted off to sleep. I dreamed again. It was my great uncle who left this property to me standing at the foot of the bed. I still question whether it was his ghost or a dream. He talked to me and told me he liked everything that I was doing to his house but said that I was missing something that is buried under the ground where we build the deck. He wanted me to get up so he could show me where it is hidden.

I woke, I think. Master was sleeping on his stomach. I lifted his arm and hid my head under his arm pit. He tightened his arm around me.

Master woke me after searching the house for me. The sun was peaking through the cloud in the east. I was in a seated in a fetal position with my arms wrapped around my knees. I was shivering from the cold.

You're sleep walking again.
I'm going find away to keep you in bed at night.

Fucking Out of My Mind Horny

This fucking chastity belt has been driving me crazy these last few days. I'm constantly aware of my cock and my ass, most of the day when Master keeps it plugged. I don't know why the change, but I want to get out of it.

With Butch and Daniel gone, I'm getting up to make sure the new help is doing everything as expected. He's just about nailed it. When the morning work is done I go into the house to serve Master then shower. Joey makes breakfast of vegetarian food for me and a separate breakfast for the guys, including Jason, the day help. I've been drinking more coffee during the last few days than usual and feeling the desire to smoke my pipe along along side of it. Master would not allow me to have my pipe this morning so I am even more horny. He took all the smoking paraphernalia and locked it in a cabinet. I guess that is just another point of control.

We received a new toy from a friend today. I binds the hand below the wrist, forcing them palm to palm. There are four locking straps. He used the restraint to bind my hands behind my back then ordered me to stand with my nose to the wall. I looked at him wondering why, "have I done something to displease you Master?" in words unspoken.

Master knew exactly what I thinking, "No", he said, "you haven't done anything wrong. I want you to stand there and breath deeply. I want you to slow your breath and lower your pulse rate".

It was an unusual command in this situation.

I stood next to the brackets that Masters use to force Daniel and me to face the wall by locking our balls in the attached ball stretcher.


The last time they used these things, Butch connected Daniel to it then Master attached a dildo to the front of my chastity belt. They forced the dildo into Daniels ass then used a long leather strap around our chests to keep us attached to each other. Daniel took the brunt of the action.

Master left me stand, ordering not to move until told to do so while he read The Times and drank another cup of coffee and smoked a large Maduro cigar. Finally, he walked up behind me and stood there, breathing in time to my breathe.

After a long period of silence, he reach around me an began to work my tits. He massaged them and gently rolled them between his thumbs and forefingers. He was angelic. My cock engorged in it's steel trap but even that felt good. Then, he snapped a pair of Japanese clover clamps on them and whispered "two hours, not a moment less".

Master had gone off to do something else, leaving me alone, standing, facing the wall with nothing more than my imagination and pain.

When he returned. He stood behind me again, doing nothing but breathing on the back of my neck then kissing my neck, shoulder and bound hands. He started torturing my tits with all the strength in his fingers. I tried to bend forward to avoid his hands and then, in the middle of the pain remembered by resolve and promise to never avoid his touch. It was written in the now burned slave contract but in my mind was still contractual. I stood straight and backed toward him.

"Good boy."


I slept in the Sleep Sack with the Pin Pricks that night. Master started putting me in at 8:30pm. He helped me figure out how to get into with the least amount of unwanted pain. I lay in it, breathing deeply as he laced. He closed the zippers and locking them. He buckled the straps. And the moment that he stepped back to look at his work, he must have sensed my thoughts.

"You want those straps tighter. Is that what you are saying?" I looked into his eyes and he tightened all the straps then padlocked them. He did not put the hood on me for sleep. I was disappointed but he knows best.

I lay there feeling the enclosure. It was warm and it was stinging me from neck to the soles of my feet. Sweat got into some of the stings. My cock swelled and ebbed constantly. Sometimes, when the edge of my meatus touched the pins it woke me with a jolt. At times during the night, Master threw his arm over me as usual. Pushing pins deeper. I slept and woke all through the night wishing that I was any where but in the sack or wishing that Master would flip me over and open the ass zipper and fuck me. I lay silently, enjoying my agony, enjoying the fact that I had someone that I love and trust to do this sort of thing to me. I love the very fact that it keeps him happy, hard and horny.