Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Prisoner's Life

He did not sleep so comfortable last night. His arms were pulled behind him and locked to the ring in the floor. The chain leading to the ankle manacles was shortened.  Wraith gagged him then gave him a stiff paddling for no other reason than wanting to so he was forced to sit on his sore ass all night.

I am not in London, I'm home languishing in the slaves absence but I want him to get a better idea of what real imprisonment might feel like, including being sexually abused by a stranger. The only thing that I cannot take away from the slave is that he knows I would not put him in a situation that is not safe. He's missing the fear factor. I have arranged for just a glimpse of it for him the morning before I come to pick him up. (I will be there but he won't know it.)

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  1. Do you think it will change his outlook, this experience?
    My take on what's written is that he's always searching for some sort of "reality" which can't realistically happen, like being a prisoner for instance. He wants to experience it as real yet as you have said, he knows you'll keep him safe so there's always a safety net ready to catch him. It will be interesting how he deals with your "glimpse" of it as I can bet money it will be realistic. The fear factor, one of the strongest emotions you can play him with.

    Anyone can see that he's devoted to you just as you are to him. I feel awkward sometimes writing what feels like a commentary on what is none of my business but it actually makes me reconsider some things I've said or done or had done to me. Seeing into both your minds by what you individually write is quite an eye opener.