Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fantasy? But whose was it?

The Bondage Fantasy World stories on precipitated these events.

Master read the stories after I told him about them. I told him the I loved the possibilities of the treatment of the vacationing prisoner in the story and told him that I would like to experience some of what the guy in the story. Of course, I was referring to versions of those events done by Master.
He rummaged through the stories and found things that he thought were hot.

I learned today that he actually worked with Reggie on the pin prick sleep sack design for a long time before he started making it. I thought about it then forgot about it until I read the story again just days before Reggie came to visit.

Here we go again. Master designed a collar with ratcheting mechanism that allows it to be tightening by a fraction of an inch each day. It's about two inches high and a good quarter of and inch thick and it sits above my permanent collar. I've had the permanent collar on for more than 18 months. There is no way to remove it except to saw it off. Master places the new collar on the loosest notch and locked it. I can get several fingers under it.

Master finally opened the new Carrara belt and locked that on me. There is no plastic lining or edging to it is much smoother and more comfortable. It has more drainage and cleaning ports and twisted cable over the rear instead of anal rings.  We spun the Wheel of Misfortune, which Master modified to five stinging settings, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 8 months and 1 year. If I whine or beg for it's removal before my time is up and there is no health reason, he will had a month to the sentence. He said I will not cum during those months. 8 MONTHS, 8 Months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So life goes on.
I'm in some sort of chastity 90 percent of the time anyway but at least he lets me have great orgasms. Will he really make me go 8 months?


  1. Yes.
    But then you were able to orgasm in the previous Carrara at certain times so it may not be all that bad - or it may be:)

    I'm interested in that collar. How tight does it go? I know that you won't come to harm but will you be able to run etc with it tight? Maybe the regime allows for it to become looser after it's reached its tightest point. It's the kind of thing I like to try but in my circumstances would need a time frame. I doubt if you need that do you.

    1. I won't know about what he will do about running. I hope that he will loosen it and preferable take it off while I run. It's heavy and not comfortable.