Monday, September 8, 2014

It knew it would happen someday.

The whole reason that it met me back east was to be an object. "I may throw you out after ten minutes or keep you for months, depending how long I find you interesting."It is my turn on. I was never looking for a slave much less a partner and a husband or someone to love so intensely that I knew I wanted to own his heart and soul forever.

The truth is, I've taken boys before and used them as objects. It's what I do. I'm  sadistic by nature and I know all sorts of ways to get off on giving pain and keeping objects where I want them. Most of these would be objects start whining and trying to bugger out within a day or two but then my slave came along and took everything I dished out without one thought of getting away. I would have kept it longer but I had to get back to London fast. I kicked it out, believing I was done with it after tormenting and keeping him chained for a month. I ignored it for days at a time but it never lost it's eagerness to try to make me happy.

So now I have the time to fuck him over good. I started in on it without warning. That torture collar that I locked around it's neck turned me nuts in an uproar so I told myself this is the time to start in on it.

It has been caged for a day. I took it for a second time today so it could relieve itself then fed it the same bland Faro with egg white powder mixed into it. I strung it up by it's wrists and took my 12 footer to it's back. It went like it was comatose to focus in on the pain. I gave it 30 before it started struggling and then jumped up and screaming "No! No! No!" and whimpering from the shocks the collar gave it. I stopped to see if it was alright. I give it pain, I don't want to hurt it.

Jesus Fucking Christ, he came. The cum was dripping out of it's chastity belt onto it's bound feet. I finished whipping it then took it down and laid it on the work table with his feet hanging over the end. I took a small tawse and punished it by beating the soles of it's feet. It started heavy breathing like it was going to cum again. I pulled it's as over the edge of the table and fucked it. It is locked back in the cage with it's hands free to pull the ratty blanket up over it's self. Our eyes locked, I slapped it for looking in the Master's face.

Strangely enough, it looked happy.

The collar is steel that can be tightened by 1/8 inch each day. It is wired to react to sound emanating from the boy with a shock that is sharp. I can also shock him with a remote. It won't more long before he intentionally shocks himself. He's like that.

He is taken out of the cage twice each day. I will make him wear a diaper if he makes a mistake. He would hate that more than anything I could think of so he'll hold. His food and water are limited to avoid mistakes.

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  1. That description above is one of the most intense and erotic I have ever read. Somehow it resounds with the ideal M/s situation. There's the hard pain that you can almost feel but over and above that the love and respect that you both have for each other that allows this situation to continue. He won't wimp out, but more than that he won't wimp out because he knows you won't harm him however bad it gets.
    Thanks for taking the time to write this.t