Friday, November 29, 2013

Sitting pretty

The house was finally dark and everyone except Master was in bed.  Master took a long steamy shower after tending to the animals.  His cock was so red that it almost glowed. I was laying in bed uncovered with a woody poking up at the ceiling.  Master said that he was going to sleep in a guestroom so he didn't catch my flu.

He saw the silhouette of my cock and then grabbed his, "fuck no!", he said, "It's been too damn long since I fucked you".  He squirted a gob of lube on my cock and sat on it.  He's never done that before, I was shocked!  He fucked himself on my cock and I helped him do it by arching my back so he could feel my full length. I screamed "stop! I'm going to cum!"
"Fuck NO! BOY!  I'm going to milk you of ever drop and then I'm going to fuck you!"
I shot my load and then flipped over with my knees under by chest.  He pounded the hell out of my ass until he finally came. He collapsed at my side and he fell asleep wrapped around me.

I can't sleep now because I've been sleeping for days.

Hot and Sweaty

I was feeling real good this morning. In fact I was hot and sweaty. Master was already out doing my chores before I woke up. I turned music on then went back to bed.

Pete laid out a spread for Thanksgiving dinner last night that was worthy of Gourmet Magazine's cover. Fresh herbs under the crackling skin of the turkey, mashed white beans instead of potatoes, roasted vegetables, dressing made of sprouted grain bread that he baked, wild rice and onion dinner rolls, pumpkin pie with praline topping that crackled like a brulet and sauces and gravy that was unbelievably delicious. I barely touched any of it.  Master took a look at me picking at my plate and reached over to touch me then sent me off to bed with a cup of hot chicken stock. I didn't even brush my teeth.

I went to a walk-in clinic this morning. I have the flu.

I want to post this picture for you guys. A friend on my Facebook page sent it.

I wish I was doing this instead of being stuck in bed

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have always fantasized about being trussed up like a turkey and used for a Thanksgiving centerpiece  on the dining table surrounded by room full of tops.

Christian found me asleep on the Cottage porch last night. When he woke me I felt like I was on the bottom of a deep well looking up at the light. "Hey! Wake up! Wake up! Hey! Wake up.  We've been looking for you.  Wake up!

"I'll just sleep here."
"You can't, it's too damn cold. Get up on your feet!"

I reluctantly walked as Christian guided me up to the house. He walked me to me room, undressed me and covered me with a pile of comforters once I crawled into bed.

I woke early, as I usually do but found a chain on my left ankle and wrist, making it impossible to get out of bed. I laid back down.  Master had been in bed during the night with me but had gotten up before I woke. I called out for Master and Christian because I had to take a piss. Christian came in to release me then watched me as I relieved myself.  "Your Master wants you to stay in bed this morning".

"Dan and Butch aren't here, I have to take of the livestock".
"Master is taking care of everything this morning. Get back in bed."

So, I lounged in bed all morning, falling in and out of sleep.  Master came in to wake me around noon. He felt my forehead then told me to take a shower and come out to the kitchen when I felt like getting up.  I got up immediately and stood under the warm waterfall in the shower. I went out to greet everyone then went into the kitchen to see if I could help Pete. He threw me out and told me to go relax. I went out to spend time with the animals then came in to relax. Master told me to sit in the chair by the fire.

I'm writing now because everyone is outside for a before sitting down for a Tradition American Thanksgiving meal.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Turkey Trussing

Master came home while I was in the shower. The morning chores are done and I planned to go food shopping with Pete.  We kissed and hugged while I was still dripping wet. He unlocked my belt and told me to come out to meet our guests as soon as I was dressed.

I didn't know any of them.  I actually expected that they would be guys from The Clubhouse so I felt disappointed when I saw them sitting in the living room.  Not knowing them, I had no clue how to present myself so I stood beside Master and listened to him as he introduced us.  I'm not sure that they are gay, so I felt our home might have been invaded by straight people. I was even more anxious to get out with Pete for the day. Master allowed it.

Our first stop was at Whole Foods in Santa Rosa, which provided us with everything we needed for the weekend. Pete had a few favorite markets to stop at on our way home. We filled the entire truck bed and back seat of the cab. A lot of what we bought were pantry items to fill our almost completely bare shelves.  We stopped at a farm for an organically raised fresh turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

Pete made a quick dinner for the evening.  Big bowls of Ramen with tons of vegetables and slices of grilled beef tenderloin.  He made parfaits of ice cream topped with warm blueberry compote.  We dined around the kitchen table and finished off with wooden cups filled with warm Sake that we served in the family room around the fireplace.

I wish I had something to say about sex but there is nothing to report.  While Master entertained his friends, I went outside to bring the animals in and feed them.  I stopped whirling and swirling long enough to sit on the porch after checking the cottage. I lit my pipe before going back into the house.
It felt cold once I had a chance to relax but I was determined to finish my pipe.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Important News

You guys are finally commenting on my blog.  Thank You!  Every author needs his readers to let them know how he is impacting his readers.

I'm still alone except for Christian who is always present, whether or not I am aware of him.  He' gotten to be a good friend.  I spoke to Master on the phone this morning. He's been monitoring my blog.  We're thinking that I will continue blogging, although postings may sporadic during December.

My day started earlier than usual because I am so horny that I can't sleep.
I am the only animal caretaker again today so I cleaned the barn and corral as usual then fed and checked each animal for any external sign of special need. The new boy and girl started mingling with the rest of their new family. 

The Geese Militia went into attack mode while I was in the barns working, signaling that someone or something was invading their territory.  Sancho turned with a sudden start and ran out of the barn barking, alarming the rest of the puppies.  Pete had driven in without announcing himself.  He sat in the seat of his beat up jeep pilot waiting to be rescued. What a relief! Thanksgiving dinner is covered! He said his boss told him to leave when he gave notice. 

I helped Pete empty his jeep and carry his belongings to his room. He had only a big green duffel bag, two cardboard boxes, suitcase and a small silver case that contained his kitchen tools. I used to travel light myself and felt a little envious that he hadn't bothered accumulate "stuff".  I gave Pete the grand tour of the property, keys and American Express card for expenses.

He was very intrigued by the play spaces and wondered if he could take advantage of them.  He's another pervert, he should fit in perfectly.

I feel almost sick with horniness. I took a long warm show and upped the pressure on the shower shot to work my ass over.  I hoped to milk myself and hoped it would relieve my libido a bit. It didn't work because I knew Master wouldn't approve.  I hope Master comes home today.  I hate being left alone.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Another slow but busy day

Master decided to stay in San Francisco another day or two.  He's having a great time showing his buddies around.  He warned me that they will be coming up for a good old American Thanksgiving so I better figure out how to roast a turkey.  I hope I can find a caterer.

I am alone with Christian today.  Butch and Dan look off for the mountains today.  I've cleaned up after all of my pets, curried them and fed them.  I milked the cows.  I don't see why I can't use the milking machine on myself except that we don't want cum in the milk.  I sell the milk to a woman who makes cheese with it.  Besides.  I've been locked in the Groethal for so many days that I've lost count. Not having Master around to pound my prostate is causing my balls to hurt a bit.

Christian holds a key for the belt but he's of the mind that slaves should never have the right to cum. I'm glad he's not my Master.

We went into down for dinner.  We sat at the bar to wait for a table.  I had a glass of Pinot Noire but wished I could have had a Gin and Tonic.  As it was, I barely tasted my wine before we were called to our table.  Christian ordered duck with some sort of pear sauce and baked pear.  I went rustic.  I had a green salad with pearrs and blue cheese and Cannellini beans cooked in olive oil, rosemary and shallot with shaved black truffle.  Talk about elevating the simple white kidney bean!

I went out to check the animals before turning in for the night. I smelled wood smoke and noticed a fire down the hill by the Eucalypti.  I dialed 911 and then rushed in the house to get Christian. We hopped into the ATV and rode down the hill toward the fire. We saw several people milling around the fire.  Christian drew his gun as we moved closer.  The fire Department and Sheriff's car came barreling across the field toward the fire just moments after we arrived on the scene. 

A bunch of drunks started the fire. They said they thought it was public land. The fire department put the fire out and the sheriff hauled the drunks to jail.  The whole incident was over with a half hour.
So much for a calm evening.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Slow day on the hill

Life isn't all fun up here on the mountain sometimes it's just plain exciting. A Icelandic Horse breeder sent a couple of horses with a family from Canada that was making a trip to Southern California.  It was a convenience that I was glad to pay. We have a new mare and gelding in the corral now.  The girl is white and tan and the boy is almost all black with a deep brown mane and tail.

The newcomers were nervous and tired when they arrived.  I worked with by walking them around the fence and taking time to feed them apples that I made them bite into while I held them.  I talked to them in the softest sweet voice possible while we got to know each other. The big stallion came over to check the young female out and nuzzled her.  He greeted the boy and snorted at him, as if to let him know who was boss.  It was like a Master meeting a new slave.

This whole ranch "thing" has rapidly grown to be one of the best experiences of my life. It helps me calm down and makes me want to stay home. We're leaving for Europe in nine days. I love to travel but I wish we were going for a week instead of a month.

Master went to San Francisco today to spend the day with friends from London. I'm relishing the down time.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Toilet, suck and fuck as usual

Woke up to the morning routine. Went out to clean the stable and barns then went inside to clean myself off and out.  Master was sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for me when I emerged. He hugged me and stuck his tongue in my mouth then put his hand on the stop, signally what to do next. He let his piss stream slowly into my mouth and then held the back of my head for leverage as he forced his cock into my throat. He nearly came but turned me around to ram his cock into my ass to finish himself off.  I had a little fun of my own when I clamped my sphincters around his cock so that he couldn't pull out.  He slapped me on my back and the back of my neck, playing at making demands to release him.  We wrestled on the floor after I let him go until he pinned me helplessly under his powerful body.

Butch, Master and I interviewed a string of guys who applied to our ads for a chef/Dietician/Trainer. We lined up eleven guys and told them to shop for and prepare a meal for us.  We narrowed the field to three guys that we sent outside to have a casual meet with Daniel while the three of us deliberated. Christian had already used his connections to check backgrounds of every person we invited to interview.

We called the three men in and offered them a drink while Daniel gave us his take on the applicants.

Butch, being our Care Taker announced, "We all work seven days a week here. Our days off are flexible but irregular. The chosen one, will have room and board provided beside a handsome salary and benefits. It all leaves very little time for social life outside of our family. If any of you have a problem with our demands, we ask you to leave now."

The three men sat quietly.

Master, Butch, Christian, Daniel and I went to the office to prepare a job offer.  We hired a man named Peter, Pete is what he prefers to be called.  Pete is about 5'8", stringy and heavily tattooed. He has a Marine style hair cut and wears a large ring in his septum. He's truly freaky looking with a Cheshire Cat smile.

We offered Pete two weeks to quit his current job and move in.

"You dudes, are you like Masters and slaves?  I noticed that two of you wear awesome looking collars. I always wanted to be some dudes slave". Pete was a bold guy with no inhibitions about letting people know what lies under his skin.

Friday, November 22, 2013


It's hard to know where to begin but I am determined to leave psychology and reason out of this post.

After my difficulty the other night, Master took me to the playroom and ordered me to bend over the cage.  He used handcuffs and leg iron to restrain me to the bars.  He took his belt out of his worn leather jeans and wrapped it around my neck. He slowly tightened it while reaching through the bars to yank the steel that continuously traps my genitals. My cock painfully strained at it's chamber more and more as the belt dug deeper into my neck.

Master stepped behind me a used a glob of his spit to lubricate my hole before he fucked me. He was forceful and undisturbed by my cries and grunts.  He used the belt as a cowboy holds the reigns to control his horse.  He stopped short of dumping his seed in my ass and removed the belt from my neck.

He began to beat my entire backside with his belt.  He yelled "Scream! Scream at the top of your lungs boy!  I'm not stopping until you wear yourself out."  He continued to beat me until I slipped out of my endorphin high and began to feel all of the pain that he intended to inflict on me.  I cried tears although sobs at long turned to screams.

He stopped beating me and starting fucking me.  His pre-cum lubricated my hole. He pinched and pulled on my tits until he seemed to stiffen, pushing deeper inside of me. He came, roaring like a bear.

Master released me from the irons and told me to go clean up and then get my ass inside the cage. He locked it then literally flew into bed without stopping to turn off the lights.

Being beaten forced every spark of anxiety from my body.  It sounds like punishment but punishment is given with a prison strap and no bondage and I am not allowed to visually respond to the beating in any way.  This beating was for pleasure.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

All wound up

I don't get real punishment often. One of the worst things that I do that Master has zero tolerance for is attempt to express negativity. It doesn't work for anyone. I think it is my adult version of a temper tantrum that is usually aimed at myself. The second is that anxiety over nothing starts like an internal fire. It starts with a tiny spark and steadily builds until I am consumed in its flames.

If I express negativity, Master will tell me "stop!".  I get one chance to stop, after that, If I continue I am scheduled for a severe punishment after I calm down. If anxiety builds, Master tells me to stop what I am doing and "go walk or run it off!". If I don't IMMEDIATELY do as I am told, Master will IMMEDIATELY make mince meat out of my butt. There is no second chance.

I started t feel anxiety last night. I went to clean the kitchen. I got the dishes put away then started cleaning cabinet doors, counter tops and started to take the pots off the pot rack to dust and clean them. I worked with ever increasing speed, feeling more and more stress.  The clattering disturbed Master.  He stepped inside the kitchen arch and asked me what I was doing.  By that time, my face was red, I was shaking and almost in tears. All that I said was "I can't stand the dirt". Master told me to put my clothes on and get out of the house and take the dogs with you.

Master grabbed me by the neck with his right hand as I tried to pass him. He twisted me around so I was standing with my back to him. He squeezed my neck and covered my mouth and nose with his left hand and began to "choke" and "suffocate" me. I struggled to breath. I don't stand a chance against him. "Boy, this is the worst thing that can happen to you. I can keep this up until you're dead. Nothing is worth the hell you are putting yourself through and I can tell by you're reaction that you're not ready for that.  Fuck boy, the anxiety is going to kill you".

I dressed myself and pulled on a jacket. Master was waiting at the back door for me. He whistled for the dogs and we all went walking. We made the circuit around the fence line and ended up on the Sunrise Deck. Master lit the gas fire and his cigar and sat back in a lounge chair to watch the stars. He reached into his jacket pocket to produce my pipe and handed it to me. I sat on the deck next to Master.  We sat in silence.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nose against the wall and a box of rubber

Master told me to get my ass over to the wall and stand there with my nose touching it until he decided what to do with me. He ripped a corner from a page in his magazine and placed it between my nose and the wall.  He used a leather collar with cuffs attached to a strap that extend down the back, terminating in attached leather cuffs.  He moved me from the wall where I was standing to the wall where the bracket extending from the wall with an attached ball stretching holds me against the wall.  Master replaced the paper between my nose and the wall.

I stood trapped with the fear of punishment for letting the paper drop.  He left me there for hours before a the geese made a big fuss over a visitor trespassing within their realm.  Master came out of his office to answer the call, followed by Panza, the Great Pyrenees who is constantly at his heals.

Master came into the family room where I stood naked and restrained.
"That's our victim", Master told the man who was wearing a flannel shirt with rolled up sleeves and tan bib overalls. I can let him loose if you need me to. The man said that it would help him get an accurate set of measurements. He measured my height, width from front to back and from side to side. Butch walked in and greeted Jim, who is his friend.  Master put me back in restraints and placed the paper between my nose and the wall then offered lunch to Jim, Butch and Dan.

The three men were in the kitchen eating when the geese and dogs started making noise again.  A UPS driving honked his horn to get our attention.  The dogs love him but the geese attack everything until we shoo them away.  A delivery arrived from London. Master acted like a child on Christmas morning.

Master came to release me from the wall.  He slapped me on my butt with his brawny bare hand and told me that I had been "his good boy" because I held the piece of paper in place without mishap. He told me to open the parcel.  It contained a full length thin rubber cat suit, another suit that was much thicker. It had an attached hood, socks and mitts and a rubber straight jacket that has legs.  The only openings in the heavy suit are tubes that are intended to fit into the nostrils.
"I'm excited about getting you into this gear".
"Today Sir"?
"No, not until your box arrives".


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Questions about Bondage and Male Slaves

My presumption is that the term Slave as it applies to consensual sexual slavery is that we all want to participate in activities and that we all have fantasies that vary in degree of reality.  For instance; I call myself a slave.  I call my partner Master. In reality, I do what he wants me to do. This can be anything from cleaning up after the animals and tending to their needs, digging around in the Olive groves, painting in my studio or just plain sitting out on the sun deck watching the colors change with the sunlight over the fields. These are all things that I want to do and they are the things that keep give me a sense of productivity that all humans need to feel.

There exists another side that is secret and sometimes "dark". Master enjoys dominating other people, including men and women. I likes wielding power that makes other people productive.  He is retired from his company office but still has a strong hand in his family company via internet and telephone.
He also likes to dominate men sexually. Before me, it could have been a different man every night if he wanted.  His intense charisma attract attention whenever he walks into a room. I wouldn't dream of trying to bottle him up for myself but he has come to focus his energy at me. I'll be eternally grateful to him for that.

Our sexual interaction can take president over everything because we manage our own lives so we can due anything we want now or later, meaning there is rarely a fixed schedule.  This all works out well because of our sexual fantasies and the way we interact.

I like be commanded, demanded and required during bondage. It is all integrated in our life together. Master decides what he is going to do and when he is going to do it. For me, it gives me the feel of being a victim. Being bound or restrained when I don't want to be or when I am tired of it is when I start to feel it is real.  I love it when he says "no".

One day, he put a diaper on me. I hate diapers, they are stupid as far as I am concerned. He tied my ankles and knees together. He used another rope to tie my ankles to a rope waist cincher so that I was forced to stay in a kneeling position.  He tied my wrists together with rope and stretched my upper body by tying the rope over a ceiling beam. He clamped my tits with an array of clamps that he changed though out the day. He told me to beg for release whenever it got too intense.

I begged and begged. He told me to shut up and increased the torment. This went on for hours.

I recently read a story about a guy who wanted to "try" different thing during his bondage sessions. He could option out at will.  I wondered at the difference between our approaches to the world of BDSM. We all have different levels of fantasy.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Dreaming in Bondage

Have you ever fallen into a sound sleep while in intense bondage?

I bought a really nice straightjacket and sleep sack while visiting London a few years ago.  They are both made of heavy black leather with quilting and padding is all the essential areas.  The straps and buckles are extra wide with locking buckles. They're both lined with blood red buttery-soft calf skin that absorbs my sweat and starts to sling deliciously to my body.   No one has ever been in them beside me.

Master laid the body bag out on the bed and opened it up.  He laced a snug leather hood over my head with nostril openings and a grommet over the mouth. I crawled into the body bag. He tickled me for a few moments then began lacing the bag closed. He buckled the collar.  There is a flap that covers the laces that zips with a heavy black metal zipper. The zipper pull locks into the collar.  Once zipped, Master began to buckle the straps snugly but not too tightly. Master wanted me to sleep in the sack all night. Once strapped in with all the padlocks secured, he crawled into bed beside me and laid his arm across me.

I was too excited to fall asleep. I clearly didn't want to risk waking Master by testing my bonds. I lay quiet listening to him breathe and smelling cigar and the mint from his toothpaste on his breath.

I dozed in and out of sleep. At one point I was having a pleasant dream that caused me to laugh out loud. Master slapped me across the gut and told me to be quiet.  I dozed in and out of sleep a few times then fell into a deep sleep. I had no concept of the time when I sudden awoke from a stressful dream. I didn't know where I was or why everything was so black and why I couldn't move. I felt like I was dreaming a dream from which I couldn't wake. I felt panicked until I finally realized where I was.

It was interesting to be so completely disoriented and so completely bound. I laid awake listening to my heart race and then slowly fall to a slow steady thump that resonated though out my senses until I fell into dreamless sleep.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Business as usual.

There is an eight inch diameter 10 foot high post in front of one the outbuilding.  Master handcuffed my hands behind me and around the post from ten in the morning until eight in the evening. I stood or slid down the post to sit on the ground.  The guys ignored me the entire time I was bound. I guess I was just a helpless object. At least that is the head space that I got myself into.

I went from bound object to fucked object when I was taken into the house.

We're working on turning the sitting room in the master bedroom into a playroom.  We decided to do it because it is a completely wasted space as it is now.  There are four more unused bedroom suites in the house.  We rarely have house guests.  There is also a bedroom connected to the kitchen for domestic help. We're searching the web for new and unusual toys to fill the room.  Any suggestions?

Wake up was routine this morning. I went out to work with the animals then cleaned myself up and out for Master's use. He used my mouth for a urinal then hiked my ass in the air so he could fuck me. We worked in the office together then Master bent me over his desk and fucked me again.  It's business as usual but anything butt routine.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Fuck You Idiot

We were in San Francisco yesterday We were looking a some real estate to invest in..  We stayed the night in a Gay Bed & Breakfast so we could have dinner and bar time with friends who went on out hut with us.  They are long time residents and realtors.

We went to a bar for a few drinks before going to the room for the night.  Master was standing, facing away from me talking to another top that we know when a guy that I didn't know came over to talk to me. He was okay looking but he was obviously a geeky misfit.  I was nice to him but indicated that if he wanted to continue talking to me that he had to talk to Master first.  The guy ignored me. He touched my collar, I stepped back to touch Master with my back.  The guy reached down and touched my groin. I stepped back again.  Master turned toward me and put his hand over my mouth and turned my body and face so that my face was buried in his chest.  Master threw is open hand toward the guy as if he was a traffic policeman signaling traffic to stop. The guy told Master that he only wanted to talk to me.

"He belongs to me you obnoxious arse! He doesn't talk to anyone without my permission."

Master held me in a bear hug and whispered, "he's an ignorant shit". "Was he touching you without your permission"?

"Yes Sir".

We walked over to the bouncer to talk for a moment.  The bouncer told him to keep his hands off people unless they indicate they want his attention.  The guy got angry and charged out of the bar.

Master said, "For Christ sake, I can't take you anywhere". He was smiling as if he was proud of me.
Master handcuffed my hands behind my back and pushed me to my knees.  He slipped his fingers around my collar to hold my face in his crotch.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wheel of Misfortune

We played wheel of misfortune today.  You can find it here:
It was originally written for Chastity "play" but it can be modified for other activities.  Master made several versions of it.  Bondage Time, Bondage Devices, Head Gear and Tortures.

Bondage can last between 2 hours and 3 days.  Bondage devices are rope, steel, leather harnesses, sleep sack, straight jacket, Bondage chair, etc.  Head Gear is Ball Gag and Blind fold, None, Isolation Hood, Breath Control Hood, Piss Hood. Duct Tape, Duct tape with piss pail & tube, Rubber lined tight hood, steel ball, etc.  Tortures includes tit clamps, leather Prison Strap, Master's belt, etc.

I spun 5 hours, steel bondage, piss pail & tube and Prison strap, tit clamps and none.  The torture wheel has 24 slots and 3 spins.

Master chained me inside of a cage with a steel plug in my ass. I was unable to move. He locked a three inch steel collar around my neck and chained it around two vertical bars.  He placed the piss bucket on a board that he laid on the top bars.  The pail has a drain hole that has a plastic tube connected to it. He placed the free end of the tube in my mouth and taped it in place with a duct tape gag.  He took a piss into the pail and asked the other guys to piss in the pail when ever they had to relieve themselves.  Master attached clamps to my tits then hung several other pairs over the cage bars. The guys attached which ever clamps that they chose, alternating with none.

My day was interesting. Piss dripped into my mouth all day and leaked from my body through a catheter into another pail, when the catheter was not clamped off, forcing me to retain my own piss in my sometime painfully distended bladder.  When my time was up in the cage, Master took me out of the cage and chained me on top of it.  He gave me twenty punishing full arm  strokes with the prison strap.

I like the wheel of misfortune game. I thought of variation that we can use. I'm surprised at how vicious I can be toward myself.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Working Day

I worked out in the grove with Butch this morning after helping Dan clean out the barn.  Butch lined up a few guys to interview for a personal chef.  He found one who is a Dietician/Chef/Trainer that comes complete with a smile that competes with Butch's.  He's also kinky so he won't get scared of activities around the house.

I had my Groethal chastity belt on until I started to feel something was going wrong.  Master removed it and saw some signs of breakdown on my cock so he left it off.

We're all wiped out after the past view days so we went into town for dinner together then crashed in the family room.  I had sofa time so I laid down with my head resting on Master's knee.  Butch and Dan went to the cottage after a few tormenting yawns to call it a night.  Master and I fell asleep on the sofa and Christian left us alone and went to lock up and go to bed. The dogs slept in a pile in the middle of the room.  They were all snoring when we woke up to go to bed.

Monday, November 11, 2013

No pictures, No videos

Master is an immensely talented Master and Sadist. I feel that it would be interesting to video and photograph some of our activity.  He said "no" every time that I suggested it. He said it would take his attention away from the nature of our relationship. In addition, he suggests that I drop this blog all together because it apparently does not mean anything to visitors as is evident by the lack of response to my time and work.

We are leaving for Europe on December 2nd so it appears at this time that I will make my last post on the last day of November and that the blog will be deleted on December 1st.  I will maintain the content and continue writing in the form of a diary instead of blog.  It will be added to the writing that will be published as an erotic diary once it is edited.

I invite you to ask questions, make comments or express yourself if this blog has value to you.

The muscles of my right upper back are sore today.  I have been taking an over the counter analgesic all day.  I was in a mood that I rarely feel late yesterday.  I wanted to be left alone with a book and quiet music in my studio.  Master had an opposite desire.  He wanted to tie me tightly in rope and use me for a fuck hole. I never express reluctance much less try to refuse him. This strikes deep at the potency of our Master and slave relationship.  He does as he wishes and I am determined to do as he wishes, without complaint.

Master tied me using Shibari. He suspended me asymmetrically from a beam in the family room. He moved the rope over my skin with great sensuality. My limbs and body were layered in coils of rope that seemed to tighten themselves around my body as if they were Boa Constrictors.  The binding eventually became uncomfortable and then painful. Pain increased when I struggled. He left me hanging for several hours while he sat in his favorite corner of the sofa to read financial journals and magazine. He gagged me with duct tape wrapped over a cloth that he soaked with his piss.  I winced from pain that release from bondage intensified. My body was sore and tired. Most of the pain was relieved after Master gave me a massage that climaxed in deep tissue invasion.  The only pain left is in my upper back.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Permanently collared

Nothing happened, absolutely nothing.

We changed our cell phone providers to a family plan to cover everyone in the family. I get sweaty when these types of decisions.  Master took over, leaving me out of the process except for the color of the Otterbox that I wanted.  If you see a guy at some leather event with a gray and lime green Otterbox it just might be me.

We went Olive oil tasting once the phone deal was done.  That was much more fun and a break from the usual.

The most kinky thing about the day that a woman complimented me on my "Necklace".  Master locked a Talena collar (Mr. S Leather) around my neck that is permanent.  It has to be cut off to be removed. She asked me how I open it to put it on and take it off.  I told her there is no way to take it off.  He face turned red, she said "Oh" and moved away. Master smiled.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

3 fucking paragraphs

I laid face down on the massage table.  Master strapped my face against the head rest, restrained my hands along the side of my body. He put a bolster under my ankle and used leather restraints to restrain my ankles, spreading them as far from each other as the width of the table allow.  The soles of my feet were vulnerable to bastinado, my ass cheeks were spread wide and my back was willing prey for his ministrations.  Master slipped his belt from his jeans and laid it across my back while he removed his jeans and belt.

He gave me a few warm glances across my back and butt then worked my feet for several minutes.  He dropped his belt on the floor and slowly climbed on top of me, sliding his body along my sweaty backside like a snake, entering my rectum with his cock without hesitation.  He lay upon me, dropping the entire weight of his body.  He spoke dirty nothings into my ear and told me how much he loved me.  He told me that I was his property and that there was nothing I could do about it.  He told me that he was going to fuck the hell out of me and that resistance is futile.

I always thought that being a Borg would be hot and I told him so as he slowly lifted his chest from my body as if doing push-ups.  He moved his cock in and out. He was as impossibly gentle. I clenched my hole tightly around his cock.  In a short time, Master started to shudder and moan and pulled out me. He entered me again, the dropped his entire body on top of mine. He was still. He remained so still that I wondered if he had fallen asleep. I clenched as tightly as I could, causing him to moan. I worked his cock with my sphincters until I felt him harden more.  His body tensed and  he squeezed my hands tight in his. He came, shaking violently.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Strapaddo. red butt, sore man tits and inflamed hole

Strappado - Well, not strictly.

Master, Christian and I played today. Strappado is one of my favorite torture positions.  When you add a predicament situation to it, it's even more fun.

Master and Christian tied my arms behind my back then took a length of rope and raised my arms using a pulley above my head.  They threaded the rope through another pulley about three fee in front of me and pulled it down to anther pulley that was attached to my rope bound ankles.  The pulled the roped up and tied it to a pair of Japanese Clover tit clamps.  They adjusted my bondage so that I had to stand on the tips of my toes to keep the clamps from digging into my tits,  If I relieved the stress of standing on the toes and fell to the flat of my feet, my arms pulled higher and the tit clamps bit deeper. To add to an already difficult situation, they made me stand on a quire door mat that chewed at my feet.  They took turns spanking me with an assortment of paddles that stung so much that I started laughing.

Why the hell did I sign up for this life?

Master and Christian also laughed.  It was contagious. For me, it got to the point that I either laughed or cried.

They adjusted my bondage so that I could bend at the waist. They took turn face and butt fucking me until they got off.  Master entered my ass again while Christian milked my usually ignored cock.
They kissed and frenched each other while working me over. I felt a tiny bit of jealousy in my gut that felt like a quickly passing kidney stone was unwarranted.  I confessed the moment to Master. His response was to hold me in his arms.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bare Chest and a death in the family

I worked outside during the afternoon.  We were planting olive trees in the heat of the sun.  My poor muscles are not used to labor like digging holes and filling them again.  We were all sweating.  I was the first to peal off my shirt.  It was the first day that was warm enough so far this spring. Dan commented on the red welts that showed above my belt.  "Your Master is really hard on you"!
"He can be, but he's never hurt me".  There is a difference between pain and hurt in my mind that I've defined in several ways.  Pain is what I consent to. Hurt is done without consent like domestic abuse or rape.

We finished planting all that we could. I went to my studio to work until Master called for me to come get ready to go out for dinner. The five of us piled into my truck and drove into town to have dinner together.  We would normally dine at home but there was nothing thawed and no fresh produce in the kitchen. We went to an Italian Restaurant.  I generally hate Italian restaurants because nothing seems as good as the food I had when in Italy. Americans made thick pasty sauces and over dress the pasta. I opted for a Filet Mignon, with Master's permission. I have beef when he orders it, otherwise it's not on my menu. I eat what he allows me to eat.  It's another element of control over me.

We bumped into our local attorney when we walked from the truck to the restaurant.
"Hi guys!  I just tried calling you Trace".  I reached for my phone and realized I left it in the studio.  I asked "What's up"?

"I'm guessing you already got the news from someone in the family but I want to make sure you know. I got a call from the Sheriff in your home town that your brother"...

"He's my half brother".
"It was Paul, the one we have the restraining order against. He died last night. A bunch of Mexicans from his work crew went to his house with baseball bats last night and beat him to death".

I felt has if a thousand pounds fell off my shoulders. The fucker is a hateful religious maniac and bigot.  He's been told by the company that he works for to stop preaching and calling people nigger and sweat backs. He said he would kill me for being gay because god hates gays. His threats were the primary reasons that Master hired an armed body guard.

I ordered a bottle of Champaign to celebrate after a great dinner together.

Master handcuffed me as we walked back toward the truck. This whole little town is going to know all about us if the secret isn't already out. He wrapped his arm over my shoulder and around my neck and held me aggressively yet tenderly.  He whispered "you're mine" in my ear as he put pressure on my neck".

"Thank you Master".

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hard Real Punishment

Up at 5: AM.  I took my coffee out on the deck to wait until it was time to take care of the animals.  I was already burning with energy, the strong coffee had me climbing the walls.  I was naked when I walked up to the crest of the mountain to wait for light to peak at the edge of the Eastern horizon. Christian came up the hill to fetch me, thinking that I was walking in my sleep again.  He stood with me to watch for the sun to show itself. I went back to the house to get dressed for work.  Master was already sitting at the edge of the bed stretching.

"Come here boy. On your knees, I need to piss and then I need to leave a deposit in your ass."
"Master, I haven't cleaned myself".
"A little ass dirt isn't going to hurt anything".
I got dressed with spunk dripping down my legs and went outside to work.  Full of shit - cleaning up shit.

I showered outside after working and walked in the house through the laundry room. Master was waiting in the bedroom for when I went to get dressed. He admonished me for running so far yesterday that I needed a ride back.  I knew the consequences for it.  He slide his belt out of his jeans and told me to lay on the bed with my leg and arms stretched out spread eagle.  He threw his belt on the bed next to me, then went into the closet to get the punishment strap.  He called Christian into the room.

He addressed Christian. "The slave has not been punished for a long time but he's made a grave error that was reckless, time consuming and dangerous to his self. I truly hate doing this but he's been warned and punished for running to far.  I have to bust him.  This is how it is done.  I called you in because you have my permission to punish him when I am not around to do it". I want you to know the protocol.  He will remain stretched out on his own and make no sound or we will double the punishment.  Tears leaked from my eyes, knowing how horrible punishment would be.

Master touched my butt with the strap and then pulled it back over his shoulder.  He sent it roaring through the air toward my shaking body. Ten rapid full armed strokes, a moment to catch his breath and then ten more, another moment of rest and then ten more strokes. He handed the strap to Christian and told him to finish. It was hard to believe but Christian had a way of making each smack sting even more that Master brute forced strokes.  Christian laid twenty rapid strokes on my butt, focusing at the fold between my butt and upper leg.  I lay, waiting for Master's direction.  "On your knees slave! Punishment done! You're a good slave, boy! Let's go have breakfast".  Tears ran from my eyes.  Master ignored them. There would be no more mention of the punishment.

The cook took exception to my punishment and walked out.  He told Butch that he quit because of the brutality that he heard as the sound from the strapping traveled thought the house. He said he wouldn't be a party to it.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Running until Empty

The boy is indisposed today. I sent him to bed with a hot cup of chicken soup and a rap on the ass.

He went out running today. He plugged his IPod into his head and ran until he was thirty miles from home. I had to go rescue him. The boy gets lost inside himself sometimes.

Hey guys!  I notice none of you comment on his writing.

Master Ian

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Long term life in a cage.

I love small places like cages, locked boxes and trunks, small dark closets and everything else that's locked bondage.  It's weird that I sweat in a stall in a public restroom or in my water closet at home.  I keep the door when I'm on the toilet ajar or open because I feel claustrophobic.  We were at Whole Foods today when it was extremely crowded.  So crowded that all the carts were in use. People were cutting other people off, carts were banging together and the general atmosphere was a panicked sense of rudeness that made me feel anxiety that caused me to feel like bolting from the store.  I used the bathroom, because my cock is locked in a chastity belt, I always have to use a toilet rather that urinal.  I usually use the handicap stall because it is larger than regular stalls.  I was forced by urgency to use a small stall.  The anxiety that I already felt combined with being in a small space made me feel as if I was suffocating.  It was a good feeling suffocation like having Master put a plastic bag over my head or covering my mouth and pinching my nostril shut. It was a horrible feeling that felt like death.

I finished in the bathroom then rushed out of the nearest store exit.  I called Master using my cell phone to let him know where and why I was outside. I waited for him on a patch of grass in the middle of the parking lot. He left his cart and came out to rescue me from myself. He talked me back into the store and carefully watched me as we finished our shopping.

So, I wondered how I could be locked in small places and love it but feel anxiety in larger places like bathrooms and toilet stalls. Does anyone have a reason?

Next. I have had times, especially with Master when I am locked in small spaces. I've been caged for as long as two weeks.  I mentioned a time when I first met Master when he was using me as an "object". He locked me in a cage for over seven days without letting me out. My friend Metal wanted me to tell him about it.

Here goes; It was a caging, nothing else. Master, who was not my Master at the time ordered me to crawl into a "puppy" cage. It had a steel floor, heavy metal bars on the sides and top. It was placed in the center of the room over a drain in the floor. He locked the door with a massive lock and told me to enjoy my stay.  He said I would remain caged until he got tired of knowing I was locked in it.  He didn't give me a time line. He left me in a completely dark space.  The only light was a red beam that emanated from a far off corner that did nothing to light the room.

I felt excited and horny for a while.  I wasn't restrained so I had access to my genitals and ass. I stimulated myself and almost came but I feared repercussions for doing self stimulation without permission.  Excitement fell away as did the feeling of being horny.  I became bored with the passing of time. It was a mistake for me to think it would be a matter of hours before Master came to release me. I became more bored, to the point of feeling agitated. Then I decided to try to meditate. I climbed through my Chakra but could not reach the top.  I was blocked. I eventually fell asleep with no way of judging how long.  I eventually had to urinate.  I held it until it became urgent and started to call out to be allowed to uses the toilet. My pleas were never answered,  I eventually pissed, trying not to get in the cage.

Master eventually came.  He made his way through the room guided by the light that illuminated it from outside in the hallway. He slide a plastic try and a plastic fork through the slot at the bottom of the door and set a gallon of drinking water inside the cage.  I told my captor that I had to take a shit.  He replied "oh? ok". and left again, leaving me to try to eat in the pitch blackness of the room.  I eventually reached the point at which I could not keep my bowels from moving.  I yelled for release but it seemed no one heard me.  I relieved myself into the disposable plastic tray and pushed it out of the slot at the bottom of the door. It smelled and filled the space with it's overwhelming odor, making me feel nauseous.

Master came in to tend to me. He used a hose and cold water to shower me and wet the floor of the cage. He handed me a soapy sponge and told me to clean myself and the floor of the cage.  He rinsed me off with cold water then sprayed the soapy water down the drain.  He slid another tray of now cold food under the slot in the cage door and closed the door to the room, once more leaving me in the dark.

This treatment seemed endless.  My brain cried out for stimulation and sunlight. My body begged for exercise and food. I constantly felt hungry even though I was inactive. The monotony of nothingness and inability to move my body was driving me crazy but I still felt a weird sense of comfort that I can't explain or understand.

Finally, after days of isolation, Master came to release me. I could finally stand and feebly exercise.  I took a long hot sudsy shower and dried myself with a towel rather that air drying in a chilly room.  Master fed me a meal that I ate sitting in the sunlight that spilled across the kitchen floor. I cleaned the dishes and the went back to the room containing the cage to clean away the stench I left in the cage and the floor around and under it.. 

Master was not finished using me.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


I should have learned months ago not to comment on kinks that I think are stupid.  It's personal choice more than judgment anyway.

Master forced me to wear a diaper yesterday.  I felt about as sexy as a fish filet. I followed Master's instructions to put myself in inescapable self bondage.  I happen to like self-bondage, especially with people around to rescue me when I can't get out, which is my intent in the first place.

I started by standing in front of a full length mirror.  My genitals were already locked in chastity along with a large plug stuffed deep in my ass so there was nothing to be done there.  I took a red bandana to start gagging myself as Master does.  Feed a point of the square into the back of the mouth.  Careful fold the bandana in layers as you continue to stuff you mouth with. Take another bandana and tie a tight knot in the middle. Push it between your teeth and tie it tightly at the base of you skull.  It is already nearly impossible to make a sound.  If your try to scream the gag seems to expand.  Now take three six inch lengths of good sticky duct tape and a length that will wrap entirely around your head. Wrap the long piece around your head, making sure that you press the adhesive firmly onto your face while pulling the length as tightly as possible.  Take the first six inch piece and place horizontally across the mouth just under the nose. Over lap that with the second piece. The third piece should be under your chin over lapping the second piece.

Doe you think that is enough?

Rip four more eight inch pieces of tape from the role. Take one strip and place it vertically along side the nose.  The top should start just below the orbit of your eye and extend under the chin. Over lap the second piece, making sure everything is firmly adhered to the lower strip.  Do the same to the other side. To finish, take a long piece of tape from the role. About three feet. Start under the chin, tightly pull the tape over the head just behind the crown.  Remember to pull it tightly as if you're trying to stretch the tape. Is everything tight and is all the tape stuck firmly with bunching or gaps?

Gagging yourself slowly with intention can be very erotic.  Don't do this unless someone is around to rescue you from your cock brain.

At this point, I pinioned my legs by locking heavy iron restraints on them with no chain between them.  I used a padlock to connect the two cuffs.  Before I locked my wrists in the irons hanging above my head, I laced a tight fitting leather hood over my head with only a half inch diameter hole over the mouth. The hood was made for me when I played forced cigar smoking with a stogie chomping daddy that I know. Once I screwed the irons around my wrists, I dropped the key to the floor. It hit my foot as it bounced.

I was stuck. I could easily lose my balanced and totally fucked, waiting for Master to do whatever he wanted to do.

I've done this bondage to myself without a spotter but I didn't gag myself under the hood and I held the key to the irons by a leather loop so that I had a way out.

I like being bound this way because my chest, genitals, back and ass are usually exposed. I one did it in the great room while Master was in the office working.  I clamped my tits with Japanese Clover Clamps that are weighted with a half pound lead fishing weight on each side.  He was too busy to play so he felt me.  The tit clamps causes pain until My tits when endorphin numb.  They woke up again when I started getting bored.  I moaned through my ball gag to get Master's attention.  He yelled "quiet down out there"!  The pain became more and more unbearable with the passing hours. Tears ran from my eyes then I started to beg shrilly, "Master! Please I can't take this anymore".  He looked at my tits then told me there was nothing wrong and to quiet down until he was finished for the day".

It was after dark before he released me. He smacked me on both tits with his hand the locked me in the bedroom cage until the next day because he was in the mood to be by himself with a good book and a cigar.

I enjoy it when he says "NO"! Being denied makes me hungry as hell to be his.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Self-Bondage for Master's Amusement.

I cleaned myself out and went out to clean in the barn with Dan then crawled back in bed where Master was still sleeping.  I put my arm over his chest and laid there watching his chest expand with each breathe until I fell asleep again with my face in his arm pit.  He smelled of healthy sweat and cigar.

I woke when he lifted my ass in the air and began squirting lube into my hole.  He slipped his cock inside of me and slid in and out.  He was impossibly gentle.  My head swam in ecstasy and chills run u and down my spine as he kissed my back, neck and ears. I came without control or warning.  The orgasm rocked me, making me feel like I would pass out. Master exploded, washing my entire gut with his seed.  He groaned as he shot. He continued to fuck me until he came a second time.

After taking a shower together, I dried Master and then myself. He had thrown my Groethal chastity belt with the butt plug on the bed.  He fastened it and then handed me one of the diapers that he bought the day before.

"I want you to put this on and then go to the playroom and lock yourself in bondage that you can't escape from.  Gag yourself and put some sort of blinder on.  If I don't think you did a good enough job, I will punish you then rebind you.  If I like the job, I will tighten things up and leave you without punishing you".