Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have always fantasized about being trussed up like a turkey and used for a Thanksgiving centerpiece  on the dining table surrounded by room full of tops.

Christian found me asleep on the Cottage porch last night. When he woke me I felt like I was on the bottom of a deep well looking up at the light. "Hey! Wake up! Wake up! Hey! Wake up.  We've been looking for you.  Wake up!

"I'll just sleep here."
"You can't, it's too damn cold. Get up on your feet!"

I reluctantly walked as Christian guided me up to the house. He walked me to me room, undressed me and covered me with a pile of comforters once I crawled into bed.

I woke early, as I usually do but found a chain on my left ankle and wrist, making it impossible to get out of bed. I laid back down.  Master had been in bed during the night with me but had gotten up before I woke. I called out for Master and Christian because I had to take a piss. Christian came in to release me then watched me as I relieved myself.  "Your Master wants you to stay in bed this morning".

"Dan and Butch aren't here, I have to take of the livestock".
"Master is taking care of everything this morning. Get back in bed."

So, I lounged in bed all morning, falling in and out of sleep.  Master came in to wake me around noon. He felt my forehead then told me to take a shower and come out to the kitchen when I felt like getting up.  I got up immediately and stood under the warm waterfall in the shower. I went out to greet everyone then went into the kitchen to see if I could help Pete. He threw me out and told me to go relax. I went out to spend time with the animals then came in to relax. Master told me to sit in the chair by the fire.

I'm writing now because everyone is outside for a before sitting down for a Tradition American Thanksgiving meal.

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