Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wheel of Misfortune

We played wheel of misfortune today.  You can find it here:
It was originally written for Chastity "play" but it can be modified for other activities.  Master made several versions of it.  Bondage Time, Bondage Devices, Head Gear and Tortures.

Bondage can last between 2 hours and 3 days.  Bondage devices are rope, steel, leather harnesses, sleep sack, straight jacket, Bondage chair, etc.  Head Gear is Ball Gag and Blind fold, None, Isolation Hood, Breath Control Hood, Piss Hood. Duct Tape, Duct tape with piss pail & tube, Rubber lined tight hood, steel ball, etc.  Tortures includes tit clamps, leather Prison Strap, Master's belt, etc.

I spun 5 hours, steel bondage, piss pail & tube and Prison strap, tit clamps and none.  The torture wheel has 24 slots and 3 spins.

Master chained me inside of a cage with a steel plug in my ass. I was unable to move. He locked a three inch steel collar around my neck and chained it around two vertical bars.  He placed the piss bucket on a board that he laid on the top bars.  The pail has a drain hole that has a plastic tube connected to it. He placed the free end of the tube in my mouth and taped it in place with a duct tape gag.  He took a piss into the pail and asked the other guys to piss in the pail when ever they had to relieve themselves.  Master attached clamps to my tits then hung several other pairs over the cage bars. The guys attached which ever clamps that they chose, alternating with none.

My day was interesting. Piss dripped into my mouth all day and leaked from my body through a catheter into another pail, when the catheter was not clamped off, forcing me to retain my own piss in my sometime painfully distended bladder.  When my time was up in the cage, Master took me out of the cage and chained me on top of it.  He gave me twenty punishing full arm  strokes with the prison strap.

I like the wheel of misfortune game. I thought of variation that we can use. I'm surprised at how vicious I can be toward myself.

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