Friday, November 15, 2013

Fuck You Idiot

We were in San Francisco yesterday We were looking a some real estate to invest in..  We stayed the night in a Gay Bed & Breakfast so we could have dinner and bar time with friends who went on out hut with us.  They are long time residents and realtors.

We went to a bar for a few drinks before going to the room for the night.  Master was standing, facing away from me talking to another top that we know when a guy that I didn't know came over to talk to me. He was okay looking but he was obviously a geeky misfit.  I was nice to him but indicated that if he wanted to continue talking to me that he had to talk to Master first.  The guy ignored me. He touched my collar, I stepped back to touch Master with my back.  The guy reached down and touched my groin. I stepped back again.  Master turned toward me and put his hand over my mouth and turned my body and face so that my face was buried in his chest.  Master threw is open hand toward the guy as if he was a traffic policeman signaling traffic to stop. The guy told Master that he only wanted to talk to me.

"He belongs to me you obnoxious arse! He doesn't talk to anyone without my permission."

Master held me in a bear hug and whispered, "he's an ignorant shit". "Was he touching you without your permission"?

"Yes Sir".

We walked over to the bouncer to talk for a moment.  The bouncer told him to keep his hands off people unless they indicate they want his attention.  The guy got angry and charged out of the bar.

Master said, "For Christ sake, I can't take you anywhere". He was smiling as if he was proud of me.
Master handcuffed my hands behind my back and pushed me to my knees.  He slipped his fingers around my collar to hold my face in his crotch.

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