Friday, November 22, 2013


It's hard to know where to begin but I am determined to leave psychology and reason out of this post.

After my difficulty the other night, Master took me to the playroom and ordered me to bend over the cage.  He used handcuffs and leg iron to restrain me to the bars.  He took his belt out of his worn leather jeans and wrapped it around my neck. He slowly tightened it while reaching through the bars to yank the steel that continuously traps my genitals. My cock painfully strained at it's chamber more and more as the belt dug deeper into my neck.

Master stepped behind me a used a glob of his spit to lubricate my hole before he fucked me. He was forceful and undisturbed by my cries and grunts.  He used the belt as a cowboy holds the reigns to control his horse.  He stopped short of dumping his seed in my ass and removed the belt from my neck.

He began to beat my entire backside with his belt.  He yelled "Scream! Scream at the top of your lungs boy!  I'm not stopping until you wear yourself out."  He continued to beat me until I slipped out of my endorphin high and began to feel all of the pain that he intended to inflict on me.  I cried tears although sobs at long turned to screams.

He stopped beating me and starting fucking me.  His pre-cum lubricated my hole. He pinched and pulled on my tits until he seemed to stiffen, pushing deeper inside of me. He came, roaring like a bear.

Master released me from the irons and told me to go clean up and then get my ass inside the cage. He locked it then literally flew into bed without stopping to turn off the lights.

Being beaten forced every spark of anxiety from my body.  It sounds like punishment but punishment is given with a prison strap and no bondage and I am not allowed to visually respond to the beating in any way.  This beating was for pleasure.

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