Sunday, November 17, 2013

Business as usual.

There is an eight inch diameter 10 foot high post in front of one the outbuilding.  Master handcuffed my hands behind me and around the post from ten in the morning until eight in the evening. I stood or slid down the post to sit on the ground.  The guys ignored me the entire time I was bound. I guess I was just a helpless object. At least that is the head space that I got myself into.

I went from bound object to fucked object when I was taken into the house.

We're working on turning the sitting room in the master bedroom into a playroom.  We decided to do it because it is a completely wasted space as it is now.  There are four more unused bedroom suites in the house.  We rarely have house guests.  There is also a bedroom connected to the kitchen for domestic help. We're searching the web for new and unusual toys to fill the room.  Any suggestions?

Wake up was routine this morning. I went out to work with the animals then cleaned myself up and out for Master's use. He used my mouth for a urinal then hiked my ass in the air so he could fuck me. We worked in the office together then Master bent me over his desk and fucked me again.  It's business as usual but anything butt routine.

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