Saturday, November 2, 2013


I should have learned months ago not to comment on kinks that I think are stupid.  It's personal choice more than judgment anyway.

Master forced me to wear a diaper yesterday.  I felt about as sexy as a fish filet. I followed Master's instructions to put myself in inescapable self bondage.  I happen to like self-bondage, especially with people around to rescue me when I can't get out, which is my intent in the first place.

I started by standing in front of a full length mirror.  My genitals were already locked in chastity along with a large plug stuffed deep in my ass so there was nothing to be done there.  I took a red bandana to start gagging myself as Master does.  Feed a point of the square into the back of the mouth.  Careful fold the bandana in layers as you continue to stuff you mouth with. Take another bandana and tie a tight knot in the middle. Push it between your teeth and tie it tightly at the base of you skull.  It is already nearly impossible to make a sound.  If your try to scream the gag seems to expand.  Now take three six inch lengths of good sticky duct tape and a length that will wrap entirely around your head. Wrap the long piece around your head, making sure that you press the adhesive firmly onto your face while pulling the length as tightly as possible.  Take the first six inch piece and place horizontally across the mouth just under the nose. Over lap that with the second piece. The third piece should be under your chin over lapping the second piece.

Doe you think that is enough?

Rip four more eight inch pieces of tape from the role. Take one strip and place it vertically along side the nose.  The top should start just below the orbit of your eye and extend under the chin. Over lap the second piece, making sure everything is firmly adhered to the lower strip.  Do the same to the other side. To finish, take a long piece of tape from the role. About three feet. Start under the chin, tightly pull the tape over the head just behind the crown.  Remember to pull it tightly as if you're trying to stretch the tape. Is everything tight and is all the tape stuck firmly with bunching or gaps?

Gagging yourself slowly with intention can be very erotic.  Don't do this unless someone is around to rescue you from your cock brain.

At this point, I pinioned my legs by locking heavy iron restraints on them with no chain between them.  I used a padlock to connect the two cuffs.  Before I locked my wrists in the irons hanging above my head, I laced a tight fitting leather hood over my head with only a half inch diameter hole over the mouth. The hood was made for me when I played forced cigar smoking with a stogie chomping daddy that I know. Once I screwed the irons around my wrists, I dropped the key to the floor. It hit my foot as it bounced.

I was stuck. I could easily lose my balanced and totally fucked, waiting for Master to do whatever he wanted to do.

I've done this bondage to myself without a spotter but I didn't gag myself under the hood and I held the key to the irons by a leather loop so that I had a way out.

I like being bound this way because my chest, genitals, back and ass are usually exposed. I one did it in the great room while Master was in the office working.  I clamped my tits with Japanese Clover Clamps that are weighted with a half pound lead fishing weight on each side.  He was too busy to play so he felt me.  The tit clamps causes pain until My tits when endorphin numb.  They woke up again when I started getting bored.  I moaned through my ball gag to get Master's attention.  He yelled "quiet down out there"!  The pain became more and more unbearable with the passing hours. Tears ran from my eyes then I started to beg shrilly, "Master! Please I can't take this anymore".  He looked at my tits then told me there was nothing wrong and to quiet down until he was finished for the day".

It was after dark before he released me. He smacked me on both tits with his hand the locked me in the bedroom cage until the next day because he was in the mood to be by himself with a good book and a cigar.

I enjoy it when he says "NO"! Being denied makes me hungry as hell to be his.

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