Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nose against the wall and a box of rubber

Master told me to get my ass over to the wall and stand there with my nose touching it until he decided what to do with me. He ripped a corner from a page in his magazine and placed it between my nose and the wall.  He used a leather collar with cuffs attached to a strap that extend down the back, terminating in attached leather cuffs.  He moved me from the wall where I was standing to the wall where the bracket extending from the wall with an attached ball stretching holds me against the wall.  Master replaced the paper between my nose and the wall.

I stood trapped with the fear of punishment for letting the paper drop.  He left me there for hours before a the geese made a big fuss over a visitor trespassing within their realm.  Master came out of his office to answer the call, followed by Panza, the Great Pyrenees who is constantly at his heals.

Master came into the family room where I stood naked and restrained.
"That's our victim", Master told the man who was wearing a flannel shirt with rolled up sleeves and tan bib overalls. I can let him loose if you need me to. The man said that it would help him get an accurate set of measurements. He measured my height, width from front to back and from side to side. Butch walked in and greeted Jim, who is his friend.  Master put me back in restraints and placed the paper between my nose and the wall then offered lunch to Jim, Butch and Dan.

The three men were in the kitchen eating when the geese and dogs started making noise again.  A UPS driving honked his horn to get our attention.  The dogs love him but the geese attack everything until we shoo them away.  A delivery arrived from London. Master acted like a child on Christmas morning.

Master came to release me from the wall.  He slapped me on my butt with his brawny bare hand and told me that I had been "his good boy" because I held the piece of paper in place without mishap. He told me to open the parcel.  It contained a full length thin rubber cat suit, another suit that was much thicker. It had an attached hood, socks and mitts and a rubber straight jacket that has legs.  The only openings in the heavy suit are tubes that are intended to fit into the nostrils.
"I'm excited about getting you into this gear".
"Today Sir"?
"No, not until your box arrives".


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