Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Getting Hard

When I pull my belt out of my jeans,
even if it is just to change,
My slave immediately gets
The boy is still bound the way I left him.
I am told that he drinks water or what ever the give him.
He is taken to the toilet but he remains bound.
His hands are warm and he tells the wardens
that nothing hurts.
Most of the time, he sits in a meditative state.
He tells the wardens that he hopes
"some of my falseness will fall away".
They called to ask me if I think
that he is okay.
It is common for him to enter this state when
he is bound physically.

No Reason

There was no reason for the trip to the Chateau. We pay for the "services" annually. When we received a reminder about unused time, I asked my slave what he would do, given a choice. He said "use it". Since he was up for it and I had to be here for meetings, we decided it would be a good time. I'm happy that I dropped him off. I saw some in bondage that took artistry and skill that I want to learn when I get back to him.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Writing From Zurich

My slave was taken into the front door of the Chateau today.  The wardens immediately took him into the side room off the foyer. They stripped him and tied him with rope with the most beautiful and skilled workmanship that I have seen in my entire life. He was cinched without knots in inescapable bondage. Every strand and weave had a purpose. He looked beautiful. The wardens also bound his head, first with layers of duct tape then rope. They hobbled him with rope. I kissed him then said goodbye, although the wardens told me that he could not hear me. He was trembling as if he was a frightened child.

I felt sad seeing him shuffle down the corridor with a warden at each arm. I almost wanted to leave my business in Zurich undone so that I could stay and silently observe the events of his next 21 days unfold. But, I'll be back on Friday evening. The thing is, I have not set limits for his training this time and I have resolved not to interfere. I know that even though he may experience pain that they will do nothing that will harm him. He is also much stronger and more resolved to handle everything they can dish out so I know he can take "it" just as if I were tormenting him myself.

I have to try to get a few more hours of sleep before I have to suit-up for my business meetings.
Tim Cook: Pro-discrimination ‘religious freedom’ laws are dangerous

The Washington Post

There’s something very dangerous happening in states across the country.
A wave of legislation, introduced in more than two dozen states, would allow people to discriminate against their neighbors. Some, such as the bill enacted in Indiana last week that drew a national outcry and one passed in Arkansas, say individuals can cite their personal religious beliefs to refuse service to a customer or resist a state nondiscrimination law.

Others are more transparent in their effort to discriminate. Legislation being considered in Texas would strip the salaries and pensions of clerks who issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples — even if the Supreme Court strikes down Texas’ marriage ban later this year. In total, there are nearly 100 bills designed to enshrine discrimination in state law.

These bills rationalize injustice by pretending to defend something many of us hold dear. They go against the very principles our nation was founded on, and they have the potential to undo decades of progress toward greater equality.

America’s business community recognized a long time ago that discrimination, in all its forms, is bad for business. At Apple, we are in business to empower and enrich our customers’ lives. We strive to do business in a way that is just and fair. That’s why, on behalf of Apple, I’m standing up to oppose this new wave of legislation — wherever it emerges. I’m writing in the hopes that many more will join this movement. From North Carolina to Nevada, these bills under consideration truly will hurt jobs, growth and the economic vibrancy of parts of the country where a 21st-century economy was once welcomed with open arms.

I have great reverence for religious freedom. As a child, I was baptized in a Baptist church, and faith has always been an important part of my life. I was never taught, nor do I believe, that religion should be used as an excuse to discriminate.

I remember what it was like to grow up in the South in the 1960s and 1970s. Discrimination isn’t something that’s easy to oppose. It doesn’t always stare you in the face. It moves in the shadows. And sometimes it shrouds itself within the very laws meant to protect us.
Our message, to people around the country and around the world, is this: Apple is open. Open to everyone, regardless of where they come from, what they look like, how they worship or who they love. Regardless of what the law might allow in Indiana or Arkansas, we will never tolerate discrimination.

Men and women have fought and died fighting to protect our country’s founding principles of freedom and equality. We owe it to them, to each other and to our future to continue to fight with our words and our actions to make sure we protect those ideals. The days of segregation and discrimination marked by “Whites Only” signs on shop doors, water fountains and restrooms must remain deep in our past. We must never return to any semblance of that time. America must be a land of opportunity for everyone.

This isn’t a political issue. It isn’t a religious issue. This is about how we treat each other as human beings. Opposing discrimination takes courage. With the lives and dignity of so many people at stake, it’s time for all of us to be courageous.

Discrimination = Ignorance

from Tumblr

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Leaving for Europe

Master and I will be leaving for Europe tomorrow. I am going to Germany. Master will fly on to Zurich.  We will begin out trip home on April 21.

We will be home for two weeks before I go to Bhutan for three weeks to walk. I will be with a Buddhist Monk who will guide me through the walk. I will be flying to Tokyo after my walk to visit friends and Meet Master.

We are traveling light. Master will have a Laptop. I will have no access to anything while in Germany. I am carrying nothing but a GPS phone in Bhutan.

Friday, March 27, 2015


I heard this song earlier today on Pandora while working in my studio. I sat down to listen because the lyrics moved me. The man singing it could not have had a more perfect voice for the words.


Make me your fire
A ring of bliss to clear
Each solitary sigh and fear

Let me be your touch
That I may heal
Let me be your breath
For all to breathe
Let me be your sun and rise
Tenderly caress the sky

Make me your truth
And from that brilliant light
A thousand wings in flight
Illuminate the night

Make me your fire
A ring of bliss to clear
Each solitary sigh and fear

Let me be your peace
Let me be your faith
Let me be your love

I am still in my studio. Master went to Reggie's new digs for the day. They are going shopping for home furnishings. Reggie left everything behind in the UK. I am going to stop for dinner then work until I get tired.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I Wish I Could Do Something With My Cock!

I got a question from a reader: What does your Master do when you disobey him?

People have asked me this question before. I think they want to hear that I am disobedient and that I will be beaten or tortured. My answer is this, why would I disobey him when I consent to having him call the shots and know that I am privileged beyond imagination to be able to say that he consents to own me? Why, in a consensual relationship such as this, would a slave violate the person that they have chosen to submit to? It wouldn't make sense.

It's a matter of choice. To carry over the conversation from yesterday. I am essentially a Toaist/Buddhist. Not by religion, which neither was meant to be but philosophy. I heartily suggest that Dominant and Submissive people at least read some of the basics tenants of these related philosophies as well as Confucius. It all helps me carry on in my entire life but also guides my behavior as a slave. The first task is to control your ego.

I think male to male relationships fail most often because of conflicting egos.


So I have this piercing in the head of my cock. I WANTED IT and I got it. It has been about two weeks and it is healing as expected. It causes pains and often itches to the point that it makes me very horny. It is not locked up and Master refuses to touch or allow me to touch it until it is completely healed. It is torture by denial.

Ray called to say that he has completed the alterations to all "my" chastity devices and wants to come for the weekend and drop them off. With locks going through the tip of my cock and the devices, I will definitely feel more stuck than ever.

Last night, Master made me sit between his legs while watching television. My arms were held and locked by his legs. He reached over my head to work my tits during commercials. Can you believe that I actually was not in the mood? He knew it which added to the thrill he got out of my moans. My cock hung limp between my legs and I wished more that anything to be able to ask him to leave my tits along. I tortured me for the length of the movie and all of the commercials.


Today was a studio day. I had the entire day to myself with a break for lunch. I prepared an 8 foot by 6 foot canvass with Butch's help them primed and sanded it several times. I sat and starred at the blank white cloth wondering what it will look like as I work on it. I have nothing in particular in mind except to photograph  the animals.

Dinner was a salad with freshly roasted beets with roasted chicken breasts. Tony made bread with cheese, whole grains and setan for protein. We had roasted pineapple with cinnamon crème fraiche for desert. All in all, the day was quiet until Master strung me up in the dungeon and gagged me. He drew his belt out of hiss jeans and I got an erection. He beat my ass and back. I screamed "I'm going to cum". He told me to go ahead but don't expect me to stop just because I shot my wad. I came in short time. I shot straight out in front of myself, no hands. Master gave me a few more whacks then tenderly ran his hands over my body, kissing me from head to foot. He let me down. He held his folded belt in his hands and whacked me on the back with it as we walked into the house.

It was a good after dinner treat.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Slaves Have No Choice

I was on the Internet this morning perusing Tumblr. I saw a posting, a split image. One side was a picture of a guy having his hair done at a barber and the other image was of a guy with a shaved head and a stack of wide steel collars around his neck. The caption read "Master have choice, they have hair. Slaves have no choice, they have shaved heads". I had two issues with that posting. Masters can make choices and slaves actually make a bigger choice. We choose to put various portions of our lives in another's hands, at least in the context of our lifestyle. The situation is never as black and white as we fantasize about and decisions are made every moment of our lives.

Let me talk about hair first, I have none but a stray hair on my entire body. It was a choice. When Master fist took his time and effort to remove my hair, I still had a choice even though it appeared that I had none. Had I really wanted to keep my hair, he would have respected my decision. When he said he was going to remove all of my hair, My choice was "YES MASTER!". I submitted to his decision. I SUBMITTED TO HIM.

My head was nearly shaved anyway. I shaved it once a week because I was studying Buddhism and for me it was an expression of humility (in general) and to my perception of god (everything that we know and don't know). Humility is the key word for me. Oddly enough, It brings me pride to submit to Master and walk by his side expressing my humility as his procession. In a way, being humble is freedom in itself.

Master has also chosen to shave his head or keep it very closely cropped and he keeps his body shaved because it was a lifestyle choice from his youth as a Skinhead and also because he was a slave to Reggie, who is mentioned in this blog. He tried growing hair for a couple months but didn't like the way he looked so it all came off again. Some Masters have no hair and do so because it is a matter of choice.

A matter of choice: I learned early on in my relationship with Master that I wanted to submit to him even though I did not know him well enough to make an intelligent choice. I got myself chained and tormented in the attic of his New York Brownstone for thirty days. I made the choice because I was bored and afraid of life. He offered excitement and a bit of the unknown. I was intoxicated by him within the first days of being his "object". He left with giving and explanation and then came back to find me months later, just as I was giving up on ever seeing him again. I had just made the choice to forgive and forget when he came to my door to claim me.

I fought with myself over my choices. Did I trust him not to run off again without telling me where or why he was going. I had just moved to the Ranch and hired Butch to teach me how to run it. Did I want to give that dream up? And, when he said he wanted to own me and make me his slave, I wondered if I had grown past that. Clearly, I made my choices just as he made his. If we are not making choices constantly, there is something very wrong in the relationship.

It can be as simple as choosing to be tied up instead of working in my studio the other day. I had made two choices. The first was to open my studio to him to play in. My studio has always been my sanctuary. Second, I decided to play instead of work. My choice and focus was to make him happy.

In our lifestyle, if you are not making choices, there is something that you need to evaluate.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Slave Had a Problem

The boy had a problem late into his bondage session. He repeatedly called out in the same phrase. I hopped into the cart and ran down to the studio to check him. After immediately removing his gag, he began to say that he felt funny like sick. He wanted to eat something to calm his stomach. I unbound him and he tried to stand but slumped back into the chair. I knew by instinct somehow, maybe just by looking at him. His blood sugar was low. I found some pomegranate juice in his fridge and held the bottle while he drank from it. He immediately started to look less distressed.

It occurred to me that the boy hadn't eaten since breakfast, which in most cases isn't a problem for him but this was his third day in a row that being in bondage caused him to miss meals. I got him stable enough so I could take him up to the house to feed him. He wanted seaweed and rice noodle soup and he wanted it to be very hot. Our fumbling in the kitchen woke Tony who came out see what was going on. He put a sandwich together made of his sunflower seeded bread, turkey and avocado to go with his soup. Once we got him feeling human again, I took him to my bed and tucked him in like a daddy tucking his little boy in for the night. Yes, among other things, I am often his Daddy.

The boy woke up very early, pulled his wellies on at the backdoor and put on his ranch jacket. He went out to spend quiet time with his herd before Dan and Jason went out to work. He came in and headed straight for the bedroom but Tony called him back to feed him. He's laying in bed undisturbed under a pile of linen sheets and wool blankets. He is sleeping like he's been knocked out.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Studio Bondage TIme.

I invaded the slave's studio this morning. My intention was to show him that no space is off limits to my demands. I wanted his ass and I wanted to tie the fucker up and leave him alone to simmer after I fucked him. I think that he wants it this way.

I packed a sack of toys from the dungeon to bring with me.

I was sitting at his drawing table starring into space. He hadn't noticed that I walked in until I stomped my boots behind his chair. He turned, looking embarrassed, slid off of his chair and kneelt in front of me. I picked him up from the floor and he threw his arms over my shoulder and kissed me. I in turn, wrapped my hands around his neck and forcibly kissed him. I started to ease off but he put his hands over mine and put pressure on them, wanting me to constrict his breath and kiss him harder. I adjusted my hands to hold him more closely then held his neck until his eyes began to roll back in his head then released him, holding him the whole while so he would not fall.

He asked, "did you come to get me to put me on the table again"?
"No slave, not that but sit down in that chair over there". All the chairs in the studio are metal with arms except the stool at his bench which easily adjust in height and has a base that allows him to roll forward over his drawing table or toward a painting on his smaller easel.

I tied him in the metal chair with rope and then snapped a pair of clamps on his nipples. I gagged him with a simple ball gag. He was comfortable but would not easily escape. I slipped a blindfold over his eyes so that he would lose his sense of time and the set his IPod, the source of music in his sound system, to random play indefinitely. I mouthed his cock for a few moments then kissed him on his forehead and told him that I would see him later.

The studio is monitored with cameras and sound just like the rest of the property.

He has been bound for over twelve hours. I'm planning to collect him in another 3 to 4 hours.

 From Tumblr


Sunday, March 22, 2015


There is notion that I am sure that he thought of. There is already too much power in the garage as it is. A Panigale is obviously or gorgeous bike but le's show some restraint here Tony. I see that Master didn't tell you about his new Ducati that is bright shiny black. There seems to be some metaphor in his color choices. He gets the black, I get the white.

Master and Ray came up with a proper holding device for me. It is intense, it is restrictive but excruciating to be locked in it. I almost panicked the first time Ray locked my head in place in the helmet. I don't know why but I have never been entirely comfortable with rigid things over my head. I have anxiety when I put a full bike helmet over my head but like most things, I talk myself through it. Now I am thinking that a padded hood with hoses into the nostrils might feel really hot before having my head locked down. I was locked down for a little more than eight hours. I have to admit that near the end, I was wishing for a long soak in the hot tub followed a long rest under crisp linen and down.

We went on an after lunch ride on the new toys and stopped in a secluded patch of trees. Master ripped his fly open and pulled my jeans around my ankles to do the obvious. He nor I ever seem to get enough.

In response to Master's 24/7 bondage comment: I am in 24/7 bondage. The obvious is the steel ring that I wear around my neck. There is no way to get it off but cutting it off. He also keeps a steel belt locked above my hips because he thinks it looks hot when I am naked. It's also a form of appetite suppressant should I ever develop an appetite. I enjoy food but I have never had impulses that tell me to eat. 

Did you read about the Texas lawmaker that wants to make sodomy illegal and proposes that people caught doing sodomy should be shot through the head?  Which head was he thinking about anyway.

Is it true that Ted Cruze will run for President? I hope Americans are smart enough to run from the anomalous excuse for a human. He is a man who ardently chooses ignorance over knowledge.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Damn! I Can't Stand the Excitment!

My slave is five and a half hours into his intense bondage predicament. A pool of pre-cum is spiraling from his cock to a pool on the floor. He drip endlessly. I can't imagine how high he is flying. His right thighs tightened up as if he was cramping. He cried out for a moment then pointed his toes like a ballet dancer enpoint. His body relaxed again and the knot in his thigh visible smoother out and softened. I again, do not understand his mastery over his body. I believe it is Qi Gong or his Yoga practice that keeps his body supple.

I touched his shoulders. He reacted as if a chill went through his body. I unlocked and opened the helmet. "I'm going to take you" I yelled. He shook his head to say no and a muffled "please no, sir" came from his gagged mouth. I sensed that he wanted me to tighten his bondage. I tried but the restraints are finite in intensity due to the design. I closed and locked the helmet leaving me feeling frustrated with excitement.

For no reason, I stopped at a Ducati dealer on the way home from the airport. I fell into great need to purchase a Multistrada for my boy. It is white with red and black details. The dealer brought it up to the house a few hours ago. It is standing directly in the middle of the path from the dungeon to the house. It makes me horny just to see and feel it.

Conversation with my husband/slave/boy ( his titles are interchangeable but most formally, slave his how I address most often):

He sold me while waiting for sleep to come, after I fucked him again, that if he didn't have so many things that he wanted to accomplish in life that he would like to be in bondage 24/7 for the rest of his life. He is a rare person who would know what he would be getting into and would still do it.

Another Trip on the Extreme Metal Bondage Table

The first thing my boy said this morning was "I'd like to take another trip on that table today".
"You like that, do ya?  Okay but you're on for the whole day if I think you're handling it but you better not disappoint me. Is there anything you think we should ad or subtract to the experience?"
He said holes for nipple play would be good and a gag would reinforce the sense of being helpless. Maybe good ear plugs would enforce the sense of isolation. He said he could hear Ray and me talking last night.

First of all, the table was designed for intense bondage and denial. That's why we chose not to have holes in it for tit play. The bare metal top is meant to feel harsh. The hole for the genitals can be handy for play but it is meant to be used for urination.

slave has been properly restrained with gag and ear plugs for a little over two hours so far. I have a monitor alongside his head so I can leave him for periods of time. I fucked him then plugged him with my jiz still in his ass. I'm thinking that I can still play with clamps on the back side of his body. Maybe I'll decide to needle him.

Late Night Extreme Torture Bondage

Tony: Thank you for your constant feed back. I wish we had more readers like you.

It seems slave and I are going opposite directions with our workouts. I am getting lean while he builds mass. It is hard for him because he runs all of his calories off. I on the other hand just started running so I burn off what I don't want to carry. Tony, our Nutritionist/Chef is making two different meal options to help us. Another thing that is hard for slave is that he prefers vegetable over protein so he has had to eat more protein and a bit more fat. His work is starting to show.

I read a short story in a book called Best Gay Bondage Erotica by Jack Fritcher called Don't Throw Me Into the Briar Patch. It reminded me or should I say "made clear" the reason and purpose for my bondage perversions. It also helped me understand my slave a little better.  We need our BDSM activities. I think we're not just addicted to it, we understand our programming, the proclivities that we are born with and nature as we grew. I understand that my slave needs it even more than I do.

Ray's Surprise For My slave:

It's a table of horrors that is made of steel with many locking accessories. Ray had slave lay face down on the table. His face fit into the front half of a steel helmet that is firmly bolted and welded to the table. There is a hole in the face for air and to insert various toys into the mouth. The back half of the hood is fitted over the back of the head and locked in place. A wide leather strap is fastened and locked across the slave's back.  Ray fits and locks steel restraints around slave's biceps that are connected by a metal rod to metal wrist restraints. There is a hole in the table through which slave's genitals are exposed for further bondage and torture. Ray inserted a nine inch plug into the slave's ass then connected a t-shaped metal strap to the table between slave's legs then brought it up and fastened the long portion of the device to the table on both sides of slave's waist. The metal strap between the slave's legs holds the plug in place.

The slave is shaking from either fear of excitement or both. Ray continues restraining him by folding his legs so the calves touch the back of the thighs. He locks them in metal ankle restraints that are connected by a short rod to the slave's wrist restrains. Leather straps around his bound legs enforce further compression. We sat back and lit cigars. We smoked and drank a cognac while watching the slave's motionless struggle.

The slave has been locked down like this for nearly five hours. He has stopped sweating. Here is a quiver in his voice but he is okay. His hands are warm. His leg muscles are soft and relaxed. He can talk because we decided to let him wallow in his situation without struggling with a gag. His genitals are untouched although his cock is constantly erect and begging to be played with but I don't want to disturb his healing Apadravya. We'll let him out soon and take him to bed but not before I take the silicon cock out of his ass and replace it with mine. I am sure Rays wants his ass too and I will let him have.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Shave and a Hair Cut

Master left shortly after breakfast with no explanation than, "I'll be back in an hour or so". He returned with his head shaved and his beard removed. He said that when he looked in the mirror and didn't recognize the reflection. He's been a "Skin" for so long that it id how he identifies himself. He read on the internet that a doctor in Europe developed a crème that removes tattoos by invading inked cells to destroy them and keep the ink from staining knew cells. He's looking for more information to help him rid himself of a few tattoos that were meaningful at the time he got them but regrets getting them.

I am beginning to understand why he is reluctant to let me get tattoos and other body modifications.

He is changing other things about himself like working out differently. He's dropping muscle mass and becoming more lean and sinewy. I am really happy that he has started running with me. It feels good to see him work his heart more.

We haven't played since we got home. I got into some nasty stuff with Ray that needs to rest and heal before going at it again. Don't worry, he uses my mouth and ass as much as ever. You know, Ray fucked me and it felt good but nothing feels as good as having my Husband and Master inside of me. It feels like everything else is just sex. With Master, it feels like love.

Here's another hit from Toni Childs. I've been listening to her music in the studio lately.

I Want to Walk With You  This video doesn't have all the women stuff in it. I found that almost everything she said in YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL can easily pertain to any and everyone. Sometimes we lose our sense of self-worth and inner beauty as we spend so much of our energy on other people. For me, I grew up without a deep sense of love. I never expected to know what it feels like because I didn't know it existed. I was living my life in what I would call emotional neutral. Nothing really mattered except having to protect myself. I feel like I am a lotus in the process of unfolding it's petals.

I have set up my big loom with instruction from my friend Ellen. I've spun all the roving from my Alpaca and want to weave some throws with the yarn. It's getting near sheering time so I thought I would use what I have on hand before bringing in more. Other than that, I am working on smaller detailed work at my drawing table.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I Had a Dream

I had a dream this morning before I woke up. I don't know why but I dreamed that I was not able to walk on my own because I was held down by some sort of unseen hidden weight. I was in a neighborhood near downtown in the city where I grew up. I was standing on a hill were people were standing, waiting for something to begin. It was warm and raining. Snow was melting on rooftops and sliding down into water that was accumulating, flooding the streets. Jets blew by overhead, ripping the air with their wings. I got up the ground and started climbing over people. I met some of my old buddies, the beautiful young athletic boys from my high school. I invited them to visit my house. I told them that I had many empty rooms for them to stay in. Fireworks exploded in the afternoon sky. My old friends asked me when I started to walk. I woke up feeling my body ache from my shoulders to my feet.

The entire dream had a sound track. It was Toni Child singing You are Beautiful. Open the link to watch her perform the song. The video has a lot of talk about empowering women but the conversation can hold true for us men, (even the big burly tough guys). The first five minutes or so is talk.

It is my message to you given in the song of Toni Childs.

Tony had a few questions:

The Apadravia is just there now. It stings a little when I piss and there blood sometimes. The pain when having the needle pushed through the head of my cock was intense in and electric orgasmic way. I have a 8ga. barbell in it, which is large for a new piercing but it will eventually have a padlock through it and I didn't want to shorten the stretching process. It honestly aches a bit but it is healing properly.

The punishment for my behavior with Ray yesterday was not for bantering and talking back to him in play. Master and I are not saints of any sort. We use cuss words from time to time but not in the way he heard me cuss yesterday. He said that I sounded like an "uneducated gutter rat". Master said he was embarrassed for me and for himself when he heard me.

The punishment was having to kneel on the tile floor in front of him while he talked to me about why he was upset with me. It wasn't too much more than what I am expected to do these days when I enter a room that he is in. He has been expecting me to kneel since we watched a Korean movie in which everyone showed respect by kneeling. The higher ranking person sat on a cushier cushion while the lower rank person kneeled on a small pillow.

The concept clicked for both of us at the same time while watching the movie. Butch and Daniel are also adopting the concept.

Master told me that he will no longer need to travel for business. He has resigned from the board of the company that he sat on and divested himself of all interest in it. It makes me happy to see him free himself from that bitter position. He'll be home more and our travel will be for pleasure.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hanging Tortured slave

Instead of going home, I drove straight up to Ray's to pick up my boy. No one answered the doorbell so I walked around to the back, knowing that's where Ray spends his day light hours. What did I see? A boy hanging from the rafters spread eagle from his wrists with weights dangling from his ankles. He had clamps on his nipples and a striped and welted chest. He was moaning loudly. Ray shouted, "What's that you're sayin' boy?" slave yelled loudly "get me the fuck down, you bastard!" then began moaning again. Just then, Ray noticed me standing in the door frame. He tipped the edge of his cap then continued, "boy your a HARD ONE TO BREAK!". He turned the boy so I could see his back. He was blindfolded with a shop rag. slaves back was glistening with sweat. His ass was bright bloody red in color. Ray started working his back with a single tale with a knot instead of a cracker at the end. slave tensed his straining muscles more as the whip wrapped his back. He cried out, "stop you fuckin' asshole"! Ray smiled, the whip left another stripe just above where the first landed. slave and the boy played, a crack of the whip earned by slaves uncharacteristic insults and obscenities.

Ray laid the whip down and lowered him until his toes touched the floor. Ray told him he wasn't done yet. He punched the slave lightly in the gut and continued until the boys belly was bright red and quivering. He turned to me and asked, "do you want to take a crack at breaking the boy". I walked in. The slave yelled demandingly, "who the hell is this joining you're fuckin' madness?".
I slapped his cheek lightly and whispered, "watch your mouth slave".

His attitude changed. He dropped his chin to his sweaty chest and said, "yes Master". He had been playing with Ray. The insults were hurled by slave in fun. They were daring and egging each other on. It is different between us. We role play but in his mind, he had trained himself very well to never insult me, not even in  play. The tone of my voice and my quiet obviously frightened him. Even though Ray was playing with the slave, I didn't appreciate the boy's behavior.  I whispered, "we'll take care of this sometime in the future", leaving the slave to wonder exactly what was wrong and to anticipate a long lecture and possibly, severe punishment.

We broke off. slave went into the house to shower and find his clothes. Ray and I talked while sipping coffee outside on his back steps. I took them for lunch then drove the slave home.

I brushed slave's nipples through his shirt and he nearly hit his head on the roof of the car in response. He pulled his shirt up so that I could inspect him. slave's nipples were intensely red and abraded. I teased him as we drove along. He almost started crying when I pinched them. His eyes were welling with tears.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ripping My Hair Out!

Fuck this shitty company.
I am an even tempered guy but these idiots broke the final straw this morning. I pushed my chair away from the table and almost threw it at the CEO (PH - SH for piss head and his shit heads). This doesn't belong here but I am going to write at expose' and send it to the papers.  I walked out of the room and divested myself of my investment before the elevator brought me to the ground floor.

I went shopping and bought my boy a gift to celebrate my exit from the British economy. I'm waiting for my flight home to where people are more forthright.

A report from Ray: My slave, my boy and husband had a day off  and worked outside today, cleaning up a few things in Ray's garden. Ray put him in a diaper thing that is shaped like a cod piece. This will keep the drops of blood contained and keep his hands away from his penis so it can heal. Ray locked the Carrara without the tube over the diaper. The boy is like a 13 year old who just discovered that he can do more with his cock than just piss.

Monday, March 16, 2015

London and The slave's Life in Chains.

A day of aggravating meetings for me today. I'm thinking that I am selling out my interest in this archaically minded company and putting those interests in something in the US.

The highlight of my day is hearing about my slave. Ray removed the heavy chains this morning. He was blistering around his neck. He's still locked up most of the day and they are giving each other hell. The boy is mocking disobedience to earn Ray's attention (which he gladly gives). Ray tells me his ass is well bruised and welted. He also tells me that if he didn't know the boy was being disobedient for fun that he's lock him up tight and leave him that way with nothing but bread and water.

BTW: Do you know the actual significance of "Bread and Water"?
It was a punishment in historical times. The prisoner is given a meager amount of water and rather dry bread. When the prisoner ate the bread, it was hard to swallow. When he drank water, the bread swelled from the moisture. The whole mass moved slowly through the GI system causing constipation which caused further pain and misery to the already malnourished prisoner.

So there you have it.

An exerpt from the boy's Diary.


Starting 01.01.2015

The Wish List

Everything important that I wanted for 2014 came to fruition.  The Ranch is in a state of maintenance. The olive trees and the vineyards are in the ground. We have lost one olive tree so I would say that is all perfect.  All the vines look like they survived. All of the animals are healthy and happy. The goats and cows are productive and the Alpaca have great fluffy fleece growing, my horses are eager to run and my big boy nips me when he thinks he is being ignored. They are a mix of species that share a common territory and affection for each other. The deer tolerate the goats being oddly affectionate toward them. The dogs have all made their places on the ranch. Four of them prefer to be outside keeping watch over their herds, three of them follow me at my heals. The geese are as fearless as a squadron of Special Forces soldiers.

The family is as close as ever. Daniel and Butch are husband and husband and Christopher and Jason are very close but remain independent. Tony cooks up a storm and presses the housekeepers into action on their weekly on the messes that we create, Tony’s love is spending more and more time with us and no longer acts like a guest.

Master and I constantly gain better understanding of each other. He is as much my Slave as I am his slave. All of my thoughts and fears of abandonment have been thrown to the winds. He has asked me if I am keeping them secret because I haven’t had a need to talk about them or act out to make sure of my place in his heart. In a way, he is the one who reminds me of them by asking me how I feel.

New Wishes for the New Year

More of the same. Staying home more. Inviting more friends to visit. Losing more inhibitions, loving more, giving more.

Exploring the hidden wild side of myself. For instance: I would like to tattoo more of my body in my own art. Pierce my ears and stretch them a bit. I’d like to get a septum piercing. I’d like to train myself to speak in a lower voice and I’d like to grow some facial hair. I know Master won’t allow that.  I think I want to be more edgy. It goes along with shedding my inhibitions. It all seems so frivolous.

I dream of living in a mountain valley in Colorado. By that I mean night time dreams. It reoccurs often. I don’t know what it means.
We already live "edgy" by almost all standards except those than include hard work and creativity. I think that what he is looking for is something like this:  
Except that he wants big tunnels in his ears. That's not going to happen. I have tattoos so I'll talk to him about that but it's not going to be a bunch of dumb shit. It has to be art, his art.

Friday, March 13, 2015

My Trip to London and a Vacation From Me For The Slave

I took my boy, my slave to get his Apadrvya yesterday. He came though it like a well trained slave. He laid there with barely more than a wince when the needle punched through his Meatus. The slave's cock is very sore. He said it's like cock torture that never ends.

I'm leaving for London to do some business for ten days. I will post if I have the chance. The slave wanted to go with but this is going to be all business and I won't have time to give him attention. Rather than leave him home, I'm took him and his iron up to spend some time doing what the two of them do so well together. This time, the boy won't have me to fall back on for pity. Actually, the last time he was there I missed him to much to leave him.

Slave took all of the chastity devices and the chains that Ray fitted for him so that Ray can make adjustments so that I can further secure his cock (when it heals) in the devices.

Ray treated us to coffee and a simple breakfast then measured the slave for the new device that I'm having built for him. Everything looks great. I stayed long enough to help rivet the slave into his iron and see him locked in Ray's outdoor cell. Even though the slave was a bit disappointment because I wouldn't let him travel with me, he seemed happy with his situation. Before locking the cell door, the slave asked Ray to limit his range of motion more. Ray laughed a bit then pulled the chain, locking the slave's wrists against his body. "Sir? could you please gag me before you leave?" Ray laughed again and then locked his head in a ball gag head harness. The slave closed his eyes and fell silent,

The slave keeps looking at this video. Do you think he wants this done to him?

<iframe src="http://embed.redtube.com/?id=105922&bgcolor=000000" frameborder="0" width="434" height="344" scrolling="no"></iframe>

body and<iframe src="http://embed.redtube.com/?id=105922&bgcolor=000000" frameborder="0" width="434" height="344" scrolling="no"></iframe> mouth.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Did You Say No?

In a bar in San Francisco, I was standing with my back to Master's right arm starring at a guy who was a little shorter than me. He looked very familiar but it took a long time to place him. I's seen him in video clips on Tumblr. I don't know hid name but he always wore a sneer on his face and slapped his bottoms around and spit on them when he was done using them. I one of the videos, he was strangling a guy with a black rope while he fucked him. It always turned me on to see him use his bottoms in such a cruel way.

The guy saw me starring at him and eventually started walking toward me. From no-where, Master took my bottle from my hand and set it on the bar then used his right hand to cover my face and turn me so that my face was buried against his chest. Since I was gasping to breath, I didn't hear what he and the man where saying except that I was his property. Master pulled on the back of my collar, slightly choking me. He pulled me away from his chest and asked, "you want to fuck this guy, don't you, you filthy slut". I did but I didn't want to admit it. I said "NO!'.

"Did you say "no" to me?"
"Yes Master, I said "NO!".
"But you didn't mean "NO", did you?".
"Sir!", I started to say but he cut me short with a slap on my left cheek. It was the first time that he had ever slapped me. It gave me a raging hard-on. He pilled my face into his chest again, nearly suffocating me.

We went out for a bite to eat before heading to the condo. The gay walked in and sat across from Master. He smiled at Master but sneered at me. He came home with us and Master turned me over to him to use and abuse. He did everything that I had seen him do in videos and more. My face and chest were slightly bruised and I had rope marks around my neck. He came several times and I jacked off several times before he turned to talk to Master who was sitting on a chair in the corner watching us. Master stood up and unbuckled his belt. He beat my ass with it, calling me a slut then fucked me while holding is hand over my mouth.

I woke the next morning sandwiched between the two men who used me until I collapsed the night before.


A dream

I dreamed that someone with muscled abs with pop-out veins locked an un-removable chastity belt on me. A flexible probe on the inside of the cock tube slid into my bladder. There was also a probe that went into my rectum. The probes vaporized waste and somehow got rid of it.  Any attempt to cut the belt off resulting in the belt healing itself as the cut was being attempted.

I woke in the middle of the night with an intense erection.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Some Thoughts

One needs to evaluate the life they are leading from time to time and in the process of introspection alter the course when something is not right or there are ne directions to explore...

The boy came to me expecting intensity and that has been the course of our lives from the start. He knows tenderness but constantly craves the intensity that brought use together. Everything is tight, hard and sometimes brutal. We never gave ourselves the chance to go slow. It is time to go back to before we started and build up to where we are now, taking the time to enjoy a slower ride.

We stayed in bed all morning yesterday, taking time for foreplay and conversation. The good thing about starting over in an established relationship is that neither is trying to impress the other. The boy wanted to be tied and fucked (raped is what he called it). It refused but instead pulled him down to the edge of the bed and lifted his legs up to me shoulders and pressed into him. I took my time, slowly measuring myself as I worked into his ass. I slowly fucked him, measuring our enjoyment by the quaking of our bodies. I edged then pulled back to start over again. He dribbled pre-cum endlessly. I stopped before cumming, leaving myself burning.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

And So It Goes

Reggie is taking a rental in Napa Valley and Steve left this morning saying that he couldn't understand our lifestyle. It was his second encounter with "The Family", having visited Reggie in the UK.

It seemed stupid that Reggie was out on his own so quickly.

Master was relieved that Steve left. He had a sense that he didn't belong and most likely wouldn't fit in. Being direct, none of us liked him.

Well, life goes on. I went out to work. I wouldn't want to miss a moment of having nothing more to do than spend my day with my menagerie. Butch and Daniel pulled in after lunch. Daniel hopped the corral fence to work and talk with me. It's good that everyone is home.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Morning Cums

Master woke me in the earliest of morning hours. He had straddled my chest and was pushing his cock into through my gnarly un-brushed teeth. He fucked my throat for a while then changed position, pulling my body toward the head of the bed so that my head hung face up over the edge. He came then Reggie worked his cock into my throat then fucked until he came. When it was over, they unlocked the chain from my ankle and Master took me upstairs to his bed. Reggie laid down on the mattress in my empty cell with the door open.

Master coiled his body around mine and entered me from behind. We fell asleep that way.

Master woke up with me and came out to the barn to help me with my work.  We shoveled out the animal droppings then let them all out into the corral and pasture when the sun peaked in the eastern sky. We finished cleaning then fed the animals and played with them a bit. Master went inside while I started brushing out the dogs and came back out with cups of coffee that sipped while sitting on a fence rail.

Master talked about his evening with Reggie. My thought was that they played and didn't want us slaves around to see it. As the conversation flowed, Reggie is moving to the States and wants to set up shop in the Napa of Sonoma valley. His reason is that he wants to get away from the gloominess and crowds of London. "So, I suppose he is setting up here, at least for a while?", I asked. "If we both agree. I thought I would give him an invitation" Master responded. I suggested that we ask him while we're together but asked how Steve played into all this. I wasn't so sure about that. The fact was that Reggie didn't know either.

We went in for breakfast.

After breakfast, I got up and headed outside to work again. I had just begun to brush the dogs and had plans to spend the entire day pampering the rest of the herds. Steve came out a bit later. I never count time when I am surrounded by all the fur because I lose myself in it. Steve watched from the fence and tried to start a conversation but I think he is afraid of me. He mentioned that he was dying for a cigarette. "Steve, that means you're probably dying from cigarettes. The only place you can smoke cigarettes here is way down the mountain on the other side of the gate and don't leave any butts down there". I asked him if he would learn a little bit about the animals instead and offered him a curry.

The big boy Lama came bounding across the corral to check Steve out. The dogs watched the interaction. Steve was terrified.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It didn't End There

The boy (Steve) was quiet at first then I heard what sounded like crying. I felt an obligation to be silent at first but eventually asked what was going on. He had never been beaten to the extent that Christopher worked him over. He didn't understand how Reggie could let it go on after having Reggie tell him that he would never hurt him.

"Let me ask you Steve, why did you take the punishment? You had a choice, didn't you",  He told me that he felt he had to. "Why? I asked". He said he knew he had done something wrong and he didn't want Reggie to throw him out of his life. I asked, "have you stolen before?'. He said he had. "Have you stolen from friends?" He said he had. "Why?", I asked. He didn't seem to know.

"Well, it's done with and over here. If you need something, ask for it and don't expect the pain in your head or ass to go away anytime soon and don't expect it to happen again."

He asked if I had been beaten like that. "Yes, but it is so painful for Master to administer it that I don't ever want him to have to do it again. It is the worst thing that I can do to him."

Steve started to ask another question. I reminded him that we are locked in cells for a specific reason, to sleep. It is what is expected. We can talk to tomorrow. "Steve, you should know that everything that we say or do is monitored and can be recorded. There is no such thing as privacy here on the ranch. Master Butch and Dan are gone for another day or two. I have a lot to do tomorrow."

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Tale of a Red Tail

Later yesterday I saw the Master's walking on the hillside looking like they were having a serious conversation.

Master came to my studio to fetch me and tell me The Tale of a Red Tale. Christian has CCTV in all the rooms of the house. A signal tells him when people move from room to room when guests are in the house. He got a signal from Master's office so he decided to check it out. Reggie's boy was in the room going through Master's desk drawers. He found the petty cash box and lifted some of the bigger bills from it and stuffed it into his pocket. He also took a tiny (barely larger than a thumb nail) gold dragon from the book shelf behind the desk. It was petty theft but none the less theft.

Christian quietly called Ian and Reggie to his office and asked them to view the recording. Reggie was torn. This boy was new and he liked him a great deal but there was no way to excuse theft in a family member's home or any where for that matter. That is why they sent me to my studio. If I had known I would have confronted him and thrown him out regardless of Reggie's feelings for him. I would have felt, most of all, that I was protecting Reggie. The Master's know me well.

Master said that Reggie, Christian and he confronted the boy, showing the video on an Ipad. The boy was stunned and humiliated, especially when Reggie voiced his grief over meeting a boy that he really cared for who turned out to be a thief who disrespected him by disrespecting his family. As a result of the Master's conversation out on their hillside walk, Reggie offered the boy two options. Being sent away or taking the punishment that no one wanted to give. The boy was quick to choose the punishment, not knowing what it was. Master said he thought the boy was thinking it was a horny punishment, the kind that goes on when you want to get your rocks off.

Reggie, Christian and Master took the boy to the punishment. The light in the room is blindingly bright. They ordered him to strip and fold his cloths neatly. The ordered him to stand at attention and explained the punishment and that once it starts there is no way out. They also told him that if he were ever to steal again that the punishment would increase exponentially.

"Lay face down on the table. To avoid mistaking this for play, you will not be bound, gagged or blindfolded. You are to lay on the table remaining motionless and expressionless. You remain perfectly still and quiet or you punishment will increase exponentially. This will take all your abilities to control yourself. Christopher will administer the punishment. You will receive ten stroke from this strap and then a minute to rest. You will receive two similar sets of strokes followed by twenty rapid fire strokes. Remember, he is in charge and that any movement or reaction from you will cause the punishment to begin anew but the number of strokes will double. Do you understand? This is your last chance to choose between being sent away, never to see Me again or the punishment".

Master said the boy's eyes welled up with tears. Reggie turned his back to him and Master explained that crying was a reaction that is not permissible. I know this punishment from experience. It is torture, primarily because of the self control that it takes to remain absolutely stoic.

Master said the boy laid on the table without saying another word. Christian punished him with care filled expertise. The boy bounced involuntarily and braced himself as if he wanted to get up but then laid back down. He took all fifty strokes. Christian told him to remain on the table and think about what pain he caused the Masters to see him punished and to come up when he was ready to rejoin the family. He also told him that he could not talk about the punishment experience. "What's done is done". The three Master's left him alone in the room.

Tony made a great meal, as usual. Dinner went on for the evening.

Master took me to the dungeon after dinner and chained me to the wall. Reggie came out a while later to chain the boy to a cot in the adjoining cell.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Ways of Being

Reggie is visiting for a week or two. He's brought his new boy with him. It was the first that I knew of the boy. He's nice looking with his jet black beard and hair cut in one of those trendy long slicked back top the head dew's with nearly shaved sides. He covered with a lot of black ink that looked like quick and impulsive, meaningful at the moment disjointed design

Master has given me use of the internet again.

We were all sitting in the living room talking casually. I was thirsty so I mentioned to Master that I wanted to get a drink of water and asked him if I could get him anything before I got my drink. He smiled as he tapped me on the cheek and told me to go ahead. I got up and asked Master Reggie if he or his boy would like anything. "We're good, slave".  I walked off to the kitchen to get an ice cold drink from the water cooler. It was so cold in my empty stomach that it hurt. Tony laughed "that water is a little cold to gulp".  "Hey Tony, do you need any help out here?" Tony kicked me out of the kitchen. I went back, as usually I kneelt in front of Mast before I sat at his feet. I noticed his glass was empty, "Master, are you sure that I can't get something for you?".

"Sit down and relax. You're off duty, in fact your skin feels cold. Go put something on and take a warm shower or bath if you want and take off to your study".  Master stepped into the bathroom while I was soaking. "Lock the studio doors and turn up your music and don't let anyone in there who doesn't have a key. Take your dogs with you". I climbed out of the tub and tried off. Master locked the Cararra chastity belt on me with my ass plugged and locked. He wrapped me in his arms then helped me put my t-shirt on.


A Story:

He woke up feeling breathless and unable to move. He tried to open his eyes but something gauze pads and the tape that was wrapped around his head made it impossible. He started to panic and tried to open his mouth to scream but his dry stinking briefs were stuffed in his mouth and kept there with tape that was wrapped around his mouth and under his chin to the top of his head. His hands and body were tied to and old oak library chair and then wrapped again with duct tape. He couldn’t move, even his toes were taped together. He coughed as he tried to breathe again. A tube was fed through one of his nostrils down his throat to his stomach. He was scared, really scared to the point of absolute panic. He tried to breathe again then passed out.

He woke again from a choking feeling. His captors were pulling the tube out of stomach, throat and head. The sprayed a shot of decongestant into his nose that contained a steroid that along with the other drugs, opened his congested breathing passages. He groaned as best as he could and tried to shake his head, hoping that whoever was touching him would release him.

He heard muffled voices through his head wraps. “It looks like he’s coming around again”. Someone removed the tape that covered his ears and pulled foam plugs from his ear canals. “Listen”, said a gravelly voice, “You are our prisoner any misbehavior will result in this”. A sharp electrical blast from a stun gun ran from his balls through the rest of his body. He tried to scream and wiggle but nothing came out and he could move. The electricity blew through every nerve in his body. “You’re going to be here like this for another couple and days. IF you survive, we’ll move on to the next stage of your miserable life”.
Do you want more?