Saturday, March 28, 2015

Leaving for Europe

Master and I will be leaving for Europe tomorrow. I am going to Germany. Master will fly on to Zurich.  We will begin out trip home on April 21.

We will be home for two weeks before I go to Bhutan for three weeks to walk. I will be with a Buddhist Monk who will guide me through the walk. I will be flying to Tokyo after my walk to visit friends and Meet Master.

We are traveling light. Master will have a Laptop. I will have no access to anything while in Germany. I am carrying nothing but a GPS phone in Bhutan.


  1. That sounded a bit sudden, however have a very good time - or is it the Chateau?

    Hear from you when you get back.

  2. It is the Chateau. Master will be in Zurich for several days then join me. He will obviously have more freedom.

    The trip to Bhutan has been in the works almost from the moment I got home last year. The Monk that I am walking with is a close friend. I am bringing nothing but a change of clothing and my Camera.

    This will be my last message for nearly a month.