Monday, March 30, 2015

Writing From Zurich

My slave was taken into the front door of the Chateau today.  The wardens immediately took him into the side room off the foyer. They stripped him and tied him with rope with the most beautiful and skilled workmanship that I have seen in my entire life. He was cinched without knots in inescapable bondage. Every strand and weave had a purpose. He looked beautiful. The wardens also bound his head, first with layers of duct tape then rope. They hobbled him with rope. I kissed him then said goodbye, although the wardens told me that he could not hear me. He was trembling as if he was a frightened child.

I felt sad seeing him shuffle down the corridor with a warden at each arm. I almost wanted to leave my business in Zurich undone so that I could stay and silently observe the events of his next 21 days unfold. But, I'll be back on Friday evening. The thing is, I have not set limits for his training this time and I have resolved not to interfere. I know that even though he may experience pain that they will do nothing that will harm him. He is also much stronger and more resolved to handle everything they can dish out so I know he can take "it" just as if I were tormenting him myself.

I have to try to get a few more hours of sleep before I have to suit-up for my business meetings.

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  1. I remember a few months ago after you returned last time you mentioned that you thought you'd done with the Chateau, Is it something you have changed your mind about it generally or was this visit one of necessity. Trace thought it could be a waste of your time and resources. I don't feel it my place to voice an opinion but inside I feel that you both have a beautiful relationship that doesn't need any "training." I would be helpful to me reading here if you thought it was a means to an end or simply another experience you both needed.

    I hope your business meetings are successful, they can be very stressful.