Friday, March 13, 2015

My Trip to London and a Vacation From Me For The Slave

I took my boy, my slave to get his Apadrvya yesterday. He came though it like a well trained slave. He laid there with barely more than a wince when the needle punched through his Meatus. The slave's cock is very sore. He said it's like cock torture that never ends.

I'm leaving for London to do some business for ten days. I will post if I have the chance. The slave wanted to go with but this is going to be all business and I won't have time to give him attention. Rather than leave him home, I'm took him and his iron up to spend some time doing what the two of them do so well together. This time, the boy won't have me to fall back on for pity. Actually, the last time he was there I missed him to much to leave him.

Slave took all of the chastity devices and the chains that Ray fitted for him so that Ray can make adjustments so that I can further secure his cock (when it heals) in the devices.

Ray treated us to coffee and a simple breakfast then measured the slave for the new device that I'm having built for him. Everything looks great. I stayed long enough to help rivet the slave into his iron and see him locked in Ray's outdoor cell. Even though the slave was a bit disappointment because I wouldn't let him travel with me, he seemed happy with his situation. Before locking the cell door, the slave asked Ray to limit his range of motion more. Ray laughed a bit then pulled the chain, locking the slave's wrists against his body. "Sir? could you please gag me before you leave?" Ray laughed again and then locked his head in a ball gag head harness. The slave closed his eyes and fell silent,

The slave keeps looking at this video. Do you think he wants this done to him?

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body and<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="434" height="344" scrolling="no"></iframe> mouth.


  1. I have a copy of that very video. It's really hot. You want to see through the door when the top slams it shut, not just hear the cries of the sub.
    Be interested to know what the new devices are like when you have the time. Does that new piercing take a while to heal. Makes my eyes water to think of it.
    Enjoy the trip, weather's not so bad at the moment.

  2. Oh, and PS. I thought it might be good to add a few marks to his body whilst hanging about there, the red stripes would show up well against that sweaty skin.