Monday, March 2, 2015

Ways of Being

Reggie is visiting for a week or two. He's brought his new boy with him. It was the first that I knew of the boy. He's nice looking with his jet black beard and hair cut in one of those trendy long slicked back top the head dew's with nearly shaved sides. He covered with a lot of black ink that looked like quick and impulsive, meaningful at the moment disjointed design

Master has given me use of the internet again.

We were all sitting in the living room talking casually. I was thirsty so I mentioned to Master that I wanted to get a drink of water and asked him if I could get him anything before I got my drink. He smiled as he tapped me on the cheek and told me to go ahead. I got up and asked Master Reggie if he or his boy would like anything. "We're good, slave".  I walked off to the kitchen to get an ice cold drink from the water cooler. It was so cold in my empty stomach that it hurt. Tony laughed "that water is a little cold to gulp".  "Hey Tony, do you need any help out here?" Tony kicked me out of the kitchen. I went back, as usually I kneelt in front of Mast before I sat at his feet. I noticed his glass was empty, "Master, are you sure that I can't get something for you?".

"Sit down and relax. You're off duty, in fact your skin feels cold. Go put something on and take a warm shower or bath if you want and take off to your study".  Master stepped into the bathroom while I was soaking. "Lock the studio doors and turn up your music and don't let anyone in there who doesn't have a key. Take your dogs with you". I climbed out of the tub and tried off. Master locked the Cararra chastity belt on me with my ass plugged and locked. He wrapped me in his arms then helped me put my t-shirt on.


A Story:

He woke up feeling breathless and unable to move. He tried to open his eyes but something gauze pads and the tape that was wrapped around his head made it impossible. He started to panic and tried to open his mouth to scream but his dry stinking briefs were stuffed in his mouth and kept there with tape that was wrapped around his mouth and under his chin to the top of his head. His hands and body were tied to and old oak library chair and then wrapped again with duct tape. He couldn’t move, even his toes were taped together. He coughed as he tried to breathe again. A tube was fed through one of his nostrils down his throat to his stomach. He was scared, really scared to the point of absolute panic. He tried to breathe again then passed out.

He woke again from a choking feeling. His captors were pulling the tube out of stomach, throat and head. The sprayed a shot of decongestant into his nose that contained a steroid that along with the other drugs, opened his congested breathing passages. He groaned as best as he could and tried to shake his head, hoping that whoever was touching him would release him.

He heard muffled voices through his head wraps. “It looks like he’s coming around again”. Someone removed the tape that covered his ears and pulled foam plugs from his ear canals. “Listen”, said a gravelly voice, “You are our prisoner any misbehavior will result in this”. A sharp electrical blast from a stun gun ran from his balls through the rest of his body. He tried to scream and wiggle but nothing came out and he could move. The electricity blew through every nerve in his body. “You’re going to be here like this for another couple and days. IF you survive, we’ll move on to the next stage of your miserable life”.
Do you want more?


  1. It sounded like Ian wanted you to be safely out of the way, perhaps that was to keep you from "spinning" again, or at least stop you trying to do everything for everybody. Almost, too, like he wasn't in the mood for sharing you with anyone. I don't blame him.

    That story. Funny but I have been reading stories on a site recently where captured boys are kept slaves for good under the most appalling conditions that probably would only work in fiction - eating nothing but shit and never seeing the light of day. It scares me a bit to think you could actually get into that situation. I've met a couple of tops without anyone else knowing, against all the best rules, who turned out to be great guys but could have had their own ideas about whether I'd ever return. Yes, I know when you read stories like this it's horny and sexy but I usually end up trying to work out how to rescue them and take them to my own bed.

  2. Oh, and yes please - when you're ready to write it. T.