Thursday, February 26, 2015


The boys were handcuffed this evening.

It started with my boy. I handcuffed his hands behind his back to make for a horny evening. The boy enjoyed it. His cock was stiff as he negotiated the house. We all sat down to dinner together. The boy struggled to eat with no hands so I cut his food into bite sized pieced but he still struggled.  It was good for a laugh.  Daniel especially enjoyed the boy's situation and teased him.

Butch excused himself from the table and came back with a second pair of handcuffs and locked Daniel's hands behind his back.  "Since you're enjoying Trace's situation so much, I thought I'd give you the same experience". We all laughed through dinner.

We switched the cuffs so their hands were in front. It gave Tony more time to spend with his love because the boy's had to clean up after dinner. Any broken dishes would earn both of them a good hard beating. Of course, both boys understand the value of the china so they would not purposefully break it. They didn't. But they couldn't get it into the pantry.

We fastened the cuffs behind their backs again and let them struggle for the evening.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Australian Punishment Bench and Other Comments

The Australian Punishment Bench is a "wild ride". I may be a Master and Very Dominant Top but you have to understand that I started as a bottom and slave to a red haired brute named Reggie. The best Masters start at the bottom because they understand the bottom and know what it feels like physically and emotionally. I've taken more rides on the Australian Punishment Bench than I can count.

First, the slave or bottom is bent at the waste, his arms stretch out in front of him and restrained. The weight of the bottom half of the body hangs, pulling and stretching the body. The ankles are tied to the side post to keep the bottom from kicking. A wide belt across the back holds the body in place and protects the organs like the kidneys. All the muscles of the body are stretched and thinned by the hanging weight of the body which causes an increase in pain while being strapped, caned or flogged.

To be honest, on my recent trip to London, Reggie gave me a go on his bench. I can't handle it like I used to.

Taking the boy's cell phone and internet away is not just an arbitrary power game for me. I you knew and lived with him, you would know why I do it from time to time.

The only time that he is still is when he is bound. His brain is like a top that can't stop spinning. Sometimes I see him teetering on the point and I have to slow him down. A good illustration of that is trying to sit through a movie at home. He fidgets almost constantly, plays with Luminosity  on his tablet or looks up places or things that he hears about while watching TV. I think he is ADD, the kind that can focus on many things at one time. Keeping up with his conversation is a challenge  sometimes because he thinks about many related and unrelated things at once. It's like trying to listen to a radio that has no tuner but there might be a constant station playing in the background.

I can tell when he is close to burnout. I have to shut him down. Cell phones fly in  when he is near the tipping point. It is his primary object of revenge.

Now, this very moment, he is sitting still on the west facing deck. He is meditating with Tommy, Sancho, Panza and Buddha surrounding him. I had to cover him with a blanket. Other than a sigh for relief from the cooling air, he hardly responded. It is like the flip side of a coin.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Moving Day Survival

Moving day at the ranch went without a hitch. The boy vacated his studio from the house to a freshly completed building. It has three thousand (plus) feet of concrete floors, white painted reclaimed wood walls, shelves and shelves and cabinets of storage space, drying rack a wall easel for doing large work, stainless counter and sinks. The ventilation system is quiet and the sound system can be loud. A finely woven stainless steel mesh separated the work are from the lounge and office. Light pours in from north facing window and ceiling fixtures with  ultra-natural lamps.

His lounge is furnished in French reproductions from Restoration Hardware with a well worn oriental carpet on the floor to anchor everything.

The boy describes it as "Nirvana". He is absolutely dead-on in his description.

In spite of his excitement and exhilaration, the boy seems weepy. His eyes are blue pools of tears that never quite fall on his cheeks. When ever we're near each other he takes my arms upon his shoulders and leans into me. He is laying on the floor near my desk as I finish my work for today. Tommy is curled in the boys grasp like a Teddy Bear. I had planned on tying him up tonight but I think we'll crawl into bed after dinner.

You may notice the boy's absence from the blog. I've taken his phone and internet access away from him, just because I want to.

Restrained in a Chair

I restrained my slave in a chair yesterday afternoon and left him there until midnight, my usual bed time. His ankles and wrists were chained form under the chair using:

His feet went from the front under the chair, his hands were cuffed, palms facing out, behind the chair. He was restrained in the chair with a locking Humane Restraint belt across his chest and waist.
I strapped a ball gag head harness on his head and locked it then wrapped his neck with a three to four inch, very stiff leather collar made by Humane Restraints for a toy company in Pennsylvania. I blindfolded him with blacked-out Army goggles.
He was bound in the Television area of the great room. I hung a pair of Japanese Clover clamps over the back of the chair and told the guys to use them to torture him throughout the afternoon and evening. His tits were well tortured.
I wore a pair of black Diesel briefs that he repeated came in during his session.
I released him and we took a shower together where he blew me and I fucked him then we went to bed.
This morning, before breakfast, I hauled the slaves sleepy ass out to the dungeon and strapped him down on the Australian Punishment Bench and beat his lovely round ass with a Tawse. His cries turned to screams. 
Being my slave, I can use him anyway I want, when I want, nothing needs to make sense for him and nothing needs explanation. I am going to take him on a wild ride.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Profoundly Cold

I can't be sure when Master bound me in the sleep sack yesterday. I doubt that he could have made it any tighter. Tiny pricks pierced or pressed into my body from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. It was agonizing at first then it seemed that pricking sensation was replaced by the intensity of the bondage and restlessness from being unable to move.  As perspiration began to dampen the ling of the bag, I felt a burning sensation that lasted for the duration of my bondage. Still, I wished for greater sensation.

Master let me out of the bag, taking his time. Release was as erotic as the bondage process. As he loosened each area, pain increased. Movement of the leather abraded my skin and the coolness of the dungeon caused my skin to reticulate. Finally, Master actually picked me up out of the bag with leather sheaved arms and hands at sat me in a nearby chair until I gained enough mental and body presence to stand.  I helped turn the bag inside out and sprayed a powdered disinfectant over the entire surface that turns residue into dust so it can be shaken or vacuumed from the surface.

We went into the house and took a long warm shower together. Master washed me then used H2Ocean to help heal my skin. We slept in clean white linen. I tried to sleep away from him to avoid the pain from what feels like a sunburn but I woke up, my body wrapped in his.

I am profoundly cold today. I cannot seem to warm up. I am tired (I wonder why). I woke to take care of Master then went outside to work until being called into brunch. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Another Day of Torment

This time, it is intense bondage and it's the slave's choice.

"Something really tight and extremely gagged so I can't indicate pain or pleasure. I want to feel abandoned. Something that will make me regret being bound by you." This is what he asked for. He never asks for anything in particular.

We were sitting out on the terrace around the pool near the fireplace while I enjoyed a cigar. Slave wore jeans and an old leather jacket. I cuffed his hands behind his back. I could see that he had something on his mind and I knew he was afraid to bring it up. I forced it out of him. He asked me to take him down to the punishment room. When I asked why, he said it wasn't for a real punishment but be wanted to be punished just because.

I refused and took him to the dungeon instead. I stretched him out belly down on the work table and beat his ass until he cried.
"Thank you MASTER!"

I laced him into his pin-prick leather corset. I called Chris in to steady him while I pulled the laced and locked the straps. I laced him into his pin-prick jock and then had him climb into the pin-prick body bag. Chris and I laced his pin-prick hood over his head then wound layers of PVC bondage tape over his mouth. We laced him into the body bag, pulling the laces as tight as we could get them the zip the flap over the lacings and locked it. We buckled the wide straps around him then laid him on the work table. We strapped him down on the table and then made a ruckus about leaving although I sat in the leather recliner monitoring him very closely.

Chris came in to the dungeon to give me a break. The slave lets out a whimper and moan now and then but he is handling his torture well. He's been in wraps for a little over three hours. How long he remains is up to him. I'll be able to tell when to let him out by intuition.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Well Deserved Torture

My slave is tightly restrained in metal and chains to a post in the dungeon. He is forced to stand on his toes by the rigid attachment of his neck to the post. I've beaten his thighs, stomach and chest with my belt. I had to gag him to keep him from disturbing anyone with his screams. I've covered his body with more than a hundred rubber tipped clothespins. He is crying and blubbering around his gag. I like it when he tries to scream and can't.

I took his gag out and asked him if he had enough.
"Master, can you please torture my nipples more intensely?"

It's been fifteen minutes and he only started to sob.

I added more pegs to his body.

I began to relent. He reached to remove some of the pressure on the nipple clamps.

He shook his "no!", rather violently. I left him to suffer.

I stroked and sucked his cock until he came then left him to stand, still restrained while I stepped out of the dungeon to stew in his agony.

He was slumped. His chest was covered with his spittle, sweat and tears when I returned.

Now the real torture begins as I slowly remove the pegs.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

What Does My Story Tell

Going back to yesterday's post. What does my story have to do with the programs about manipulation?

The difference is, Ian and I are strong willed people. His control over me goes as far as I will consent. It may seem like a flip to say this but my control over him goes as far as he will consent. This is a mutual relationship of love, trust and shared mutual goals along with the confidence to follow one another and also allow independence without feeling threat.

Yes slave Tony, you are correct, in many ways, we are like opposites sides of coin.

I guess you can call it god if that is what you understand but we know little of the universe that we are made of, which leads me to believe the swirling energy that we are made of is the miracle and all things are possible. Sometimes we get to will some things by our intention. Sometime we expect some thing for nothing then get angry when we get nothing.

I have been reading articles about ISIS on MSNBC about why people get sucked into the cause. For most, they are disenfranchised, scared people who are looking for meaning in life. Islam is the excuse, not the reason. How have we and do we use religion as the excuse and call it the reason? Chairman Mao was exactly right in his belief that "Religion is Poison".

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Too Much Television

We were watching television last night. It was and investigation/TruTv type show about people manipulating other people. There was on family that was being haunter by Scientologist and another about a Crazy Bastard scripture quoting mad man who held his family along with another entire family in his manipulative grasp.

The crazy guy beat everyone with a belt and when his two eldest sons came of age and were strong enough, they became the disciplinarians. The family was beaten relentlessly. He demeaned the other adult male relentlessly until he was nothing more than a frightened puppet.

He treated everyone like slaves. They all did exactly what he ordered for fear of retribution. He destroyed the relationship of the husband and wife by manipulation. He often starved family members as a way of punishment.  He made the wife stand facing into a closet for hours and days, withholding food and water. She became skin and bone and very weak, physically and mentally.

Once the police and legal system broke up the families, the crazy guy was found guilty of many crimes, including sexually molesting all the females in the household beside hideous abuse and manipulation, keeping people prisoners and many other crimes. He was sentenced to 180 years in prison.

So, as usual, when we expose ourselves to stories about manipulation and forced submission, we have a discussion about our lives and the entire kink lifestyle. It's hard not to compare, although in our lives, the activities are consensual. Though the experience can seem brutal at times, we are always concerned about mutual pleasure and more so, psychological health.

There was a moment during the first three days that Ian and I reconnected. It had been over seven months since he kept me as an object for thirty day in the attic dungeon of his NYC Brownstone. His housekeeper let me out of bondage and told me that Ian had to leave suddenly. He left nothing behind for me and his housekeeper would not give me any information. Ian disappeared, sold the Brownstone and everything in it. I tried to find some explanation but couldn't find anything. I fell into a depressed state for a while. That's when my great uncle died, leaving me everything.

Frankly, I wasn't over Ian and I wasn't over the feeling of abandonment. I knew from the beginning that he promised that our time together could and would not lead to anything but I had fallen hard for him and what he was able to give me. So when he "hunted" me down and came to visit, my obsession was immediately rekindled. However, I did not trust myself or him.

On the third evening together, I asked Ian how long he planned to stay.
"Forever, if you will have me."
I was shocked and then grew angry at his presumption.
"Oh? This after the disappearing without a trace act?"

I an tried to explain what happened but we both grew so emotional that he couldn't finish.
"Enough Ian. Where do we restart this relationship?"

We ended the conversation while sitting on the edge of my sex-free-zone bed. Ian said, "I want you, I want to keep you forever, I want to enslave you, keep you prisoner, make you an object, manipulate you, squeeze you in my arms until you melt and keep you as the most precious thing that anyone can possibly own."

Monday, February 16, 2015

New Adoption

A man from town came up the mountain in his black Land Rover. As usual, the stranger was welcomed by a threatening flock of geese and quick footed mounds of snow white fur. They circled the Range Rover with unusually ferocity.

The driver rolled his window down several inches to speak to a fierce greeting from Christian. The poor man was terrified. Christian as how he got past the gate. It was opened on one side, giving now warning at the house. Christian cleared the man as not being a threat then raced down to check the gate.

The man, Scott was his name, timidly stepped out of his car. He shouted "Quiet Buddha! be a good boy! Lay down boy." Buddha is a huge Tibetan Mastiff.

Scott explained his visit. The geese and dogs quieted and stood sentry around the car as if to keep the k-9 invader at bay and satisfy their curiosity.

"The neighbors are terrified of him and they have been calling the police because of his "nuisance" barking. They, the town, said I have three days get rid of him. I don't want to put him in a shelter and I don't have time to find a home for him and I can't afford to move.  My friend Alex, told me about you and your farm. He suggested that I talk to you but I didn't know how to get hold of you so I drove up, hoping to talk to you."

I opened the car door and spoke to Buddha. He was threatening at first but then stepped forward and offered his head to me. I scratched and pet him behind his ears while continuing to talk to him. I grabbed his lead and asked him to jump out of the car. He looked at Scott as if asking for permissions then jumped out. The geese and my dogs widened their circle.  "What do you think guys?"

Panza cautiously stepped forward to greet Buddha. Buddha growled a bit until I told his to "be a good boy Buddha, Panza will take care of you", from me was all it took to calm him down. I unhooked his leash from the collar.  "Don't!" Scot shouted. "We'll never catch him!"

Panza bounced toward Buddha, inviting him to play. The dogs ran off together. "Panza! Jose! Sancho! bring him back!" They came running back, all four, all sixteen paws flying through the air.
"GOOD DOGS!  Tommy stood at my side. He is my absolutely steadfast companion who rarely leaves my side.

I asked Scott what he wanted for Buddha. All that he wants is a good home and a place for Buddha to run and make all the dog noises that he wants to make and, if possible, I'd like to visit him occasionally".

I offered Buddha a home. I invited Scott in for coffee and called the dogs to follow. We sat in the Great Room amid the settling fur. We have another huge appetite to feed.

Master is going to be happy about this! I can't wait for him to come home.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Loook at Him

Look at at him sitting there bound in a hundred feet of rope. He is sitting as still as death with his eyes half open. The only sign of life is his chest as it expands when he breathes. A slight smile of contentment turns the corners of his mouth toward the sun that pours into the living room window. 

Tommy sits in front of him looking into his face. He wide eyes open and close sleepily. Sancho sits at his back. Is he warning the boy's back or acting as a back rest?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


We all have some degree of influenza but life goes on.

Being outside is chilling and wet. The winds blow up the side of the mountain and brings torrents of rain. Although much needed, the rain runs down the side of the hills without much of it being absorbed by the earth.

The animals are all hunkering down in the barn most of the day. Like their owners, being stuck inside is making them irritable. Even the geese are hiding from the wind and rain instead of patrolling the drive.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


So, I'm out roaming free today except for the belt. It doesn't mean my ass is out of use. In fact, Master rarely plays with my ass just for pleasure but he decided he would try it today.

He strapped me down on the work table with my hole exposed at the edge of the table. I expected a marathon fuck.  Instead, he lined up a selection of butt toys and a squeeze bottle filled with coconut oil, his favorite new lube. It's slippery as hell and easy to clean up.

He started plying with my rim with one finger and gradually added another then switched to toys and plugs, electricity and vibrators and then his hand again. One finger, two fingers until his massive fist plunged deeply into my rectum. He played ever so gently with the next sphincter until his hand plunged into my filthy colon. I had in no way prepared myself for this activity. Master pulled his fist back to the rectum and played with my prostate gland, forcing me to cum.

He filled my gut with a warm, almost hot, sudsy enema and plugged me, watching me as my gut churned and convulsed. He laughed at my despair and massaged my abdomen with his hands then pulled the plug.

He rinsed my gut with a gentle stream of water with another short piece of hose alongside the water hose to allow water to run out.

He plugged my clean ass with his cock and filled my rectum with his cum,

During the whole process, I watched the sparkle in his eyes. He has grown a good inch of hair on his head, keeping the sides shaved. His thick black/brown beards now covers his cheeks and chin. Hair peaks out of the neck of his V-neck t-shirt.  He looks rugged and menacing.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Game for the boy and me.

New Game for the boy and me.

Bondage:  Let's make this a contest. The first person to spin the wheel and enter the results in the comments page gets to choose the boys predicament.  Please be honest.

Bondage Wheel

I thought this would be a fun way to start a session. The only thing is that I chose options on the chastity wheel that are pure fantasy.

Chasity Wheel

Thanks for the Comments Guys

First, we live near the California Coast in an area where it is sunny most days. Rain and clouds are always welcomed. My slave is outside with his menagerie almost everyday, including rainy cool days.  Our temperatures reach the 70's many days and usually drop into the 40's at night. We can thank the Pacific Ocean for this. His studio has expansive windows with direct sun early in the day and early evening so he is not affected by seasonal affects of winter cloudiness and shorter daylight hours. He's never lonely, even when he is alone. His brain is constantly flooded and spewing with creative thought that only stops when he is completely exhausted.

He only goes to NYC when he absolutely must. He says it is an ant hill of insanity. There are many places to go and many people to meet and befriend. He has a sixth sense when meeting people which, I think, helps him choose his friends.

He knows about the email and asked Christian to block them. He apologized but of course, he has nothing to apologize for. He reminds me of a comment, "you can't control who comes into your life but you can choose which window to throw them out of". It is amazing to me how much he tries to impress upon me that he has chosen me to be his eternal companion. I always thought that I had chosen him.


The boy is out in the barn coddling his animals. Most of them were caught in the rain earlier this morning. He tries to keep the dogs and horses clean and dry, the rest of them aren't as prone to "rain rot" although, that usually happens when they are outside and uncared for.

Sometimes, he just sits among them talking to them. He's like a St. Francis of Assisi or Dr. Doolittle sometimes.

I removed the hobbles from the boy. He will join the rest of us. He'd been caged for a week. I will remove his belt before dinner.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


My slave, my boy, my husband, my love, got an email signed by a couple of his oldest friends from NYC.

"We can't wait until you get tired of that asshole "Master" of yours or he gets gets tired of you so you can get back to being the normal fun guy that you used to be".

FUCKERS! You are going to be waiting a long bloody fucking time so pull up a comfortable chair because you're going to waiting an eternity. Before I opened this email you were welcome anytime but I just rolled up the welcome mat where you're concerned.

Get the guts to use your real email instead of your alias.  Fucking cowards!


My boy is hobbled while we works. I just wanted to up his discomfort level. He slept in his cage with his hands cuffed behind his back after eating his dinner doggy style with the cuffs attached to the top of his cage.

Monday, February 2, 2015

There Isn't Much to Say

The slave has been indisposed for five days. I let him out to work and then lock him up again before dinner. I fuck him two or three times a day and whip his ass for nothing but getting a hard on. He's been locked in his belt for two weeks so he's fuckin horny when I want him.

I'm sure and don't care what he thinks of this but I like it.