Tuesday, February 10, 2015


We all have some degree of influenza but life goes on.

Being outside is chilling and wet. The winds blow up the side of the mountain and brings torrents of rain. Although much needed, the rain runs down the side of the hills without much of it being absorbed by the earth.

The animals are all hunkering down in the barn most of the day. Like their owners, being stuck inside is making them irritable. Even the geese are hiding from the wind and rain instead of patrolling the drive.

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  1. Our days are a mixture of bright and frosty and then totally grey, miserable and cold without the sun to cheer us. No flu or cold bugs, plenty of long dog walks and hot soup though.
    Hope you're all feeling better sooner rather than later, I know those sorts of things tend to hang on rather than just suddenly go. Two labs here, stretched out alongside a radiator, snoring. What a life!