Friday, February 20, 2015

Well Deserved Torture

My slave is tightly restrained in metal and chains to a post in the dungeon. He is forced to stand on his toes by the rigid attachment of his neck to the post. I've beaten his thighs, stomach and chest with my belt. I had to gag him to keep him from disturbing anyone with his screams. I've covered his body with more than a hundred rubber tipped clothespins. He is crying and blubbering around his gag. I like it when he tries to scream and can't.

I took his gag out and asked him if he had enough.
"Master, can you please torture my nipples more intensely?"

It's been fifteen minutes and he only started to sob.

I added more pegs to his body.

I began to relent. He reached to remove some of the pressure on the nipple clamps.

He shook his "no!", rather violently. I left him to suffer.

I stroked and sucked his cock until he came then left him to stand, still restrained while I stepped out of the dungeon to stew in his agony.

He was slumped. His chest was covered with his spittle, sweat and tears when I returned.

Now the real torture begins as I slowly remove the pegs.

1 comment:

  1. I think the real torture started after he came. You know how the build up to orgasm tends to block out the pain, then after that rush it all intensifies to a deep burning sensation.
    Hope the "slow removals" went as well as the rest of the torture.