Monday, December 30, 2013

It is just one of those days

I woke and went outside to get an early start on cleaning the barns.  I just finished shoveling and sweeping when Master walked into the barn and grabbed me. I pushed me onto my knees and force feed me his piss then grabbed the back of my head and force fucked, stopping short of coming. He made me stand with my hands on a fence, exposing my ass for him.

I finished my work with jiz and shit dribbling down my legs inside my jeans.

I went in to clean up while Pete sent the aroma of coffee and breakfast through the house.

I believe that Master read my blog from yesterday. He slipped a noose around my neck and threw the rude end over the beam in his office. I stood, nearly choking as he worked at his desk. He back handed me every time he passed me with his gloved hand. He wore the sap gloves that he bought yesterday all morning while he worked. Of course, he looked extra hot with them on and of course, he used them to make me hot and painfully horny.

Damn Chastity Belt!

My hands were crossed high up my back to keep them out of his way, especially when he worked my butt over with his gloved hands. My muscles are deeply bruised. I felt that when I sat down for lunch.

My immediate feeling, based on the Russian Governments policy toward Gay People is to boycott the games completely.  A second thought is that Gay People should go to compete, just as Jesse Owens did when he went to Nazi Germany in 1936.  Show the Russian government and Putin that we are the champions as Gay Athletes and a nation that is evolving on a very important civil rights issue and that we are strong enough to rectify the wrongs that have blocked freedom for all Americans.
image from Tumblr
This image is such a turn on for me. I would like a LONG TERM
trip exactly like the action in the picture.  Note the actual hardware
around the guys neck.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Shopping in San Francisco or a trip through online catalogues

Yes, so this is really boring. Master and I went shopping in San Francisco today. We went to a few stores that were absolutely absurd. This place called The Archive had "artisan?" clothing. The prices were silly. For one thing, when I see 70% off on sale items, I'm offended. I would be angry if I bought a shirt for $500. and found it on sale for $130. a month later. Leather coats for $5000. that looked like the were sewn by a seventh grade home economics class.  Pure garbage.  I guess I'm just not the fashionista who doesn't care about being skewered at the check-out.

I did buy a suit, since all my suits are in the closet in my New York apartment.  It's a good wool suit in a traditional fit with slacks the fit instead of cling to the body. The jacket fits. I hate the suits you see on TV these days that look two sizes too small. If you're going to dress, don't buy something that makes you look like a Wal-Mart shopper.

We got bored with shopping in less time than it took to drive down from home. I think I'll stick to online shopping or stick with men's shops that know how to truly fit a man. Master, who came up with the shopping idea in the first place didn't want anything but a trip to Mr. S Leather where he bought a couple t-shirts and new cock and ball toys.

We grabbed a salad on the way home. It was a deconstructed BLT made with heirloom tomatoes and uncured organically raised bacon. Extra Bacon Please!!!

We haven't played, we haven't even had sex so far today but he did grab me by holding his hand over my face and nose a couple time when we were in The Archive. He told me to shut up a few times just because he could. And he grabbed my collar when I wasn't paying attention to home because I was distracted by a few really beautiful men.

Pictures from Tumblr  _ I'm in the mood for breath play tonight

I love it when Master uses his belt for a bridle while fucking me,
it feels so dangerous and sexy. Sometimes I feel fear that enhances every other feeling.



Saturday, December 28, 2013

Assault and Battery & THE BOX

This guy came up our mountain today who was dressed in a chef jacket. It's the second time this has happened, as far as I knew. He wanted to buy one of my Alpaca to slaughter for his restaurant. I told him to get off the property but he said, "name your price, I'll make worth your while". I slugged the fucker with my right and knocked him on the ground. The killer geese were already raising hell.  Once he hit the ground they started biting him.  The dogs came barking, Christian came racing out the door with Master in hot pursuit. Christian pulled out his cell phone and called the sheriff.  The fucker wants to have me charged for assault and battery and for harboring vicious animals. I told the sheriff deputy that I wanted to charge the chef for trespassing and threatening to kill my Alpaca.

I haven't slugged a person since 7th grade when I finally had enough of Ronnie and Donnie for picking on me all of the time. I was extremely skinny and small for my age so I was an easy target.
I finally picked up a chuck of ice from the edge of the school yard and hit one of them in the face with it and jumped on top of the other and beat him in his face.

There was a big investigation about it because I really messed the guys up. Their mother wanted me kicked out of school for being violent and beating her boys up on the playground.  A bunch of ninth grade girls ended the investigation when they told the principal and police that those boys picked on me constantly and it was about time that I fought back. One of the girls was a "bad girl" who smoked and dated a high school drop out who worked in a donut factory.

Butch came from town while the sheriff deputies were "interviewing" us and looked at the Chef, he said "I know you, you've been up here twice before". He turned to me and asked, "was he trying to get you to slaughter one of your animals again?". With that, a deputy cuffed the guy and took him into custody. Christian and Master stood at my side while the sheriff deputy asked me questions. They usually take over when they think I'm stressed. They smiled while I took control of the situation and then applauded me afterward.

The guy has bite marks from the geese all over his lower arms, hands, ears and face. I don't know if all geese have teeth in their bill but my African Greys have crenulations that leave what looks like tooth marks. Funny.

I got to try The Box for fit for a few minutes today.  All the sides are heavily padded inside. The foam is beveled so they fit seamlessly. The foam is upholstered with garment leather. The bottom and three sides are rigid so I crawled in from the front and sat against the back wall. Master had a sheet explaining the best ways to strap me into the box so that I am cramped and immobile. I would have gotten a woody but the pain caused by the chastity belt ended that quickly.  He closed the front panel then locked it to the adjacent sides with cam locks before he dropped the top over head. I heard him fiddle with the lock. It was entirely dark inside. I could feel it when Master played with the lock but couldn't hear anything.

I'm scared. Master "asked" me this morning if wanted this done to me.
I was speechless, I hope he is just fucking with my head

- both found on tumblr

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Box and Rubber from Europe

The box was delivered by the cabinet maker this morning and Fed-Ex delivered the rubber that we bought in Europe.  I'm getting excited about the prospect of being shut away in it while at the same time feeling dread about how long Master will decide to keep me in it.  The box it quite nicely made of oak that goes with the architecture throughout the house. The lock is a single puzzle lock that looks like it was crafted in Japan during the Edo Period.  The wood is waxed and polished.  There is no external suggestion of what the box is used for.  It could be a pedestal for a large sculpture. The box stands under the middle gallery sky light.

Master had me strapped into the iron frame in front of the desk in his office for most of the day. I was gagged with a ball gag head harness. Master snapped a pair of Japanese Clover Clamps on my tits and left them there most of the day.  He removed them occasionally to change directions or roll my tits between his fingers.

Not me but this is a picture of the chastity belt that I normally wear.

A gratuitous picture of a naked artist.  I like to work in my studio in the nude.
but if this were me you would see my collar all of the time.
Pictures were found on Tumblr

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Debate

I have a few things on my plate this weekend. One is a creative decision that exposes a little more of my personal life than I feel comfortable with. I'm thinking my time may be better spent working on a site exposing my art rather than my sex life. I might keep this blog and places pictures from my collection of porn with less narrative.

It's a debate that I have with myself from time to time.

I have fantasized about being bound and gagged while having a huge snake wrap itself around my body. It would tighten itself around me with every exhalation.  I could hardly control myself when I saw this picture.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Everyone is home

Everyone is home. Dinner is being served in a in the next hour. The dining table is set for the holidays. Pete made Chateau Briand and a Buche de Noel among other wonderful smelling goodies.
I surprised that he has made such rich foods since he is a healthy organic cook. He's the dietician so he knows what he is doing.

It is so good to have a family dinner for six that I can't even begin to express how grateful I am. Yeah, four of them are employees but we are family in every sense of the word.

Master came racing through the door late yesterday, grabbing me by the sleeve as he ran to the bathroom to relieve himself.
"Suck it all down slave and don't you dare miss a drop!  I've been holding this all afternoon for you." And so, things were already back to normal. I was on my knees serving him while he held my face fast to his groin. He ripped his belt open, pulled my jeans down and squirted a heavy dose of lube up my ass. He laid into while I settled on the floor, head touching the floor with my ass in the air.

Pete made us a light dinner and then we went out in the winter air for a walk.  He'd been sitting for over 30 hours so he was bonkers with unspent energy.

We watched TV for a bit. He sat in his favorite corner of the sofa while I laid with my head in his lap. We went to bed, he plugged his cock into my ass and fell asleep.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Almost Christmas Eve

The guys bought a potted cedar tree into the family room and strung clear sparkling lights around it.  There is also a smattering of silver glass balls hanging from the branches.  Butch tied a garland of cedar, redwood and silver dollar eucalyptus trimmings from around the ranch. It smells wonderful throughout the house.

Master left Heathrow at 10:30 AM today and should arrive at San Francisco tomorrow after noon at 1:30 PM. He should be home for dinner. I'm very excited about having him walk through the door. 

I went to my studio to work until dinner after answering email today then plunked my ass down on the floor to watch a movie for a bit before hitting the computer again. I can't sit still for long periods of time to day. I feel like I'm on speed. Maybe it's because I can't wait for Master to remind me what his cock feels like.

In case I don't get around to it tomorrow...I wish

 Photo by Tony Preese
Hairy Christmas to All                                       

Response to Slave Jack

We live on a large piece of land. It is generally dark an quiet at night. It makes sense to have minimal security as a deterrent and for protection.  We respond via cell phone to arrivals at the gate during daylight hours. We want to see who is at the gate before we open it at night. The floods outside the house and outbuildings help us see what is going on out there, if anything. We originally decided to install the security equipment when one of my half-brothers was threatening me. It was legitimate since he was a half baked self declared army of god who was prone to acting out his anger. That was why we hired Christian. (my brother died from a heart attack during one of his invectives)

The dogs and geese are natural alarms and they're more fun than electronics so the security equipment is for night or when humans aren't home.

I've been answering email for three hours, which is always a pleasure.

You can contact me at   if you have something to ask me in private.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

This is a description of a current work in progress

I have twelve 40 by 48 inch panels that I have covered with black gesso. The panels are temporarily fastened together.  I have drawn three squiggly lines diagonally from side to side at different heights and drawn "prayer flags" from the lines that are wind blown. I've done background painting with a color that I mixed that is as close as I can get to a color in my mortar that I have gotten by shaking a collection of dust from pastel drawings into it. It is a violet gray color that I call "mars violet".  That is my base color that I mix with varying amounts of acrylic mat medium for translucency. I sometimes add indigo blue and/or lighter gray. I also use varying amounts of dichromic mica particles or gold particles or sprinkle them on the surface.  (The gold comes from my great uncle's supplies.)  The background is about half done.

I've always been intrigued by the concept of prayer flags. A monk in Bhutan gave me permission to take a string of very tattered flags that had fallen to the ground. I keep them in an archival box between layers of archival tissue.

I also work with watercolor and gouache when I feel like working on detailed pieces and pastel when I just want to go crazy. Sometimes I brush gel medium with dichromic mica particles on to paper, let it dry when wildly apply pastel. I use Acrylic fixative over the pastel. I found that it binds to the acrylic under painting.

I'm not ready to show any of my work. I'd like to have a body of work before I do that.

I also play with graphics on the computer.  I started making paged with photos that I find on Tumblr with quotes that I like. I would eventually like to find original photographers of some of the work and get permission to use it in publications such as calendars. The alternative is to find models and do completely original work.

Here's one:

Busy relaxing and enjoying being at home

I got up early this morning as I usually do when I'm home (and when I can). I go out to mind meld with the animals and clean out the stalls before everyone else wakes up.  Shoveling out the crap helps me shovel out the crap in my head that keeps it constantly spinning. Being out with all the animal milling around me is enjoyable, by enjoyable I mean fun.  I think they know how much I enjoy them because they clamor to get near me and intentional get in my way as if they are playing.

I did something daring with the horses yesterday. I rode the stallion bareback with just a halter and let the others run after us. I felt a little edgy at first because I thought they might wander off. Sancho and Panza are always present. I think they might heard the horses a bit.

Other than being outside a lot, I work in my studio while the daylight coming through the windows and skylight is good. There is nothing to disrupt me or keep me from work with Master still in England. I do miss him.

Christian had security equipment installed around the house while we were gone. Lights go on and off and random in some places and remain on in others. Cameras were installed at the gate and drive. I feel like I am living in Fort Knox.

I'm getting horny. Master ordered to put the Groethal Chastity Belt on so there is no getting myself off. Christian has the key for that on a chain around his neck. I could ask him for a good session but it's not the same as having Master rip into me. That will happen soon and anticipating it is half the fun. Still, I can do the other slave things like keeping off furniture since I don't really have permission anyway. HERE'S TO MASTER BEING HOME ON TUESDAY!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Nothing to say

Sleeping in my own bed was wonderful. Sleeping alone wasn't wonderful. Sancho and Panza were both on the bed when I woke up. I got up and went to the bathroom and they didn't stir, not even a little bed. They both snore from time to time so it's like having Master next to me. They both run in their dreams and make puppy yips. I almost forgot that I didn't have to prep myself for Master and that I didn't really have to get up at 5 as I usually do at home. I crawled back under the blankets, closed my eyes and went out like a light.

I worked out as much as I could then went to the kitchen to find something to eat. I spoke to Master on the phone again. He was at the office working when he called. He's flying home on Monday night.

I took a long hot soak in the bath tub this evening and jerked off. There was a lot of spent jiz churning in the water.  I think a really good slow edging and orgasm is a tremendous stress and pain reliever. No one would ever know of my transgression except that I am writing about it.

Pete made me a salad of spinach, avocado, shrimp, heirloom tomatoes and lemon juice for dinner. I gotten to love simple salads with lemon instead of a lot of complicated flavors. I also had a scoop of Mocha ice cream with extremely dark chocolate savings in it.  If Pete hadn't been with me while I ate, I would have scarfed down all the ice cream that he had left in the freezer.  (Maybe he needs to put a lock on the freezer door.)

I watched a sappy Hallmark Christmas movie and not I'm going to crawl into bed.

Thursday, December 19, 2013


I opened the truck door to be greeted by the Killer Geese Brigade, a pack of barking dogs, bright blue skies, Butch, Dan, and Pete. The dogs knocked me over as they climbed on top of me.  The dogs followed me as I took a tour of the Alpaca, Cows, Horses and Lamas. The geese confronted me as I returned to the house, demanding the secret code to get near the front door.

Pete opened his massage table and gave me a great massage before I climbed into the hot tub. Sancho and Panza sat at the edge of the tub to keep me company. Chris joined me and I told him about the Dominatrix. Just as one of my blog readers commented, Chris said, "women!".

I think I'll go outside to watch the sun set over the valley and maybe stoke up a pipe while I call Master. So what if it's 2:am in London. He! He!

Almost HOME

I'm traveling in a Black Leather Jacket, worn jeans and boots. A business suit sat near by who must have been uptight about something before he boarded the plane in Paris. He was obviously from the U.S. He took a look at me and turned to the flight attended,

"Does that guy belong in first class? They'll let anyone up here".  I laughed.

In Master's defense; the pain from muscle strain did not begin until after the session with the Dominatrix. I've been in much more strenuous bondage done by Master. This was unforeseen. Had I expressed that something was seriously wrong he would have been the first to know. He can read expressions and body language.

Christopher will be waiting for me at the airport.


Thanks!  I made the change last night while waiting for my plane.  The white background was boring, wasn't it?

BTW: I was listening to music on my Ipad  last night when I fell asleep. I was listening to The Beatles Abbey Road Album.  Parts of it make me feel really sad;

Golden Slumbers
( J. Lennon, P. McCartney )

Once there was a way to get back homeward,
Once there was a way to get back home.
Sleep pretty darling, do not cry,
And I will sing a lullaby.

Golden slumbers fill you eyes.
Smiles awake you when you rise.
Sleep pretty darling, do not cry,
And I will sing a lullaby.

Once there was a way to get back homeward,
Once there was a way to get back home.
Sleep pretty darling, do not cry,
And I will sing a lullaby.
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Carry That Weight
( J. Lennon, P. McCartney )

Boy, you're gonna carry that weight, carry that weight a long time.
Boy, you're gonna carry that weight, carry that weight a long time.

I never give you my pillow,
I only send you my invitations.
And in the middle of the celebrations, I break down.

Boy, you're gonna carry that weight, carry that weight a long time.
Boy, you're gonna carry that weight, carry that weight a long time.back to top

The End
( J. Lennon, P. McCartney )

Oh, yeah! Alright!
Are you gonna be in my dreams tonight?

And in the end,
The love you take is equal to the love you make.
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I listened to these songs when my Grandfather died and when Max left. They were the last people from the life of my childhood. When my Aunt and then my Great Uncle died, the words; "Boy, you're gonna carry that weight, carry that weight a long time", resounded through my head like a hurricane because I realized that I am adult instead of a child who had decisions made for me.

Even tough I have Master, I am still very much responsible for many other people and everything that goes with wealth. I can't just blindly hand things off to other people and expect to let them take care of me. That's why building my own home and family are so important to me and why it is becoming more uncomfortable to leave everything at home behind to play the way I did a year ago.


And in the end,
The love you take is equal to the love you make.
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Going home

Master got an unexpected call this morning and left for London.  I decided to go home after visiting a doctor for pain in the middle of the night. My session with the dominatrix did a number on me so I'm supposed to rest up for a week or two.

My flight is supposed to leave for Atlanta in about 60 minutes.  I'm looking forward to the leather, fur and sleeping in my own bed. I'm looking forward to eating in my own kitchen and I'm looking forward to watching movies in English. I'm looking forward to taking pounding waterfall showers in my own bathroom and I'm looking forward to having Sancho waiting for me when I step out to dry myself. I've had enough travel for a good long while. I want to stay home to enjoy my family.

I'm in a wheel chair because it is painful to walk. I'm taking a painkiller the minute I am in the plane and I'm going to sleep all the way to Atlanta.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Yesterday was a nightmare. It left me feeling out of whack and in pain. I've done almost nothing today except soak in a hot tube and have a massage from a bulgy guy in white shirt and slacks wearing white shoes with pink rubber soles.

My body weight hanging unevenly from one leg for several hours has pulled muscles the cause pain in my left leg, hips and lower back.

The hotel linens are actually linen with a down comforter. The pillows are linen covered and overstuffed with down the crackles under the weight of my head.  Every thing on TV is in French so I understand about half of what is being said. We Americans are so illiterate sometimes.

Master got tired of doing nothing so he went out on his own. I can tell that he's pissed at himself for my situation but he will never tell me that.  Master's Privilege is to do as they want with their property. We discussed it and I let him know how I feel about it. Enough said. I would never do anything to undermine his position in our relationship but he said he would never bring me to a woman again.

Monday, December 16, 2013

and in the end...

First, I forgot to say a few things about being tied spread eagle all day. I hate it when people tell about the action without discussing emotion.

Master made a gag by tying a Monkey Fist knot with a steel ball in it. It wasn't a perfect gag but it certainly made an impact. I could taste the steel as the rope become more soaked with my saliva. They say dog's don't like the taste of steel either.  He also plugged the IPod into my head and played an endless series of new age piano solos that completely obscured the time. 

I started to need to piss shortly after Master tied me down.  It was annoying at first then grew into painful need.  I didn't want to piss the bed and then have to lay in it. I was tied loosely so I had the ability to move but not so much that I could escape. I wished the entire time that I was really stretched out.

I was also afraid that a maid would walk in to find me bound.

I struggled to escape and dozed intermittently but Master tied the knots out of reach but frustratingly close so that struggling seemed to make sense, which kept me from totally give in to the bondage.

The Dominatrix

A woman with flaming red hair answered the door on the top floor of the apartment building.  She wore a bright red full length rubber skirt with a matching bustier. Her eyes were dressed in black makeup the terminated in wings at the side of her brows. She is older but not old. She was elegant at first but became brutal as our time together passed. Master drew my leash close to his knee, forcing me to kneel at his side like a well trained dog. The Dom and Master talked about me as if I wasn't there. He handed the leash to Madame and sat in a chair to observe as she spun her rope around me. She is an aficionado of Shibari.

She wrapped rope around my neck several times then looped the coil behind be. Without a knot, she wound the rope around my arms then crossed the rope behind my back, lifting my wrist across my pack toward my shoulder. Everything tightened as she spun the rope around me. She made me lay on my front side in the middle of a thick dark red oriental carpet. She folded my right knee so that the sole of the right foot pressed flat against my left knee. She looped the rope around my right ankle and then around the left knee, up to the cinch that she earlier wrapped around my waist then down to my left ankle. She wrapped my left ankle in coils of rope then brought the free end to a steel circle.

Madame brought the hook from an electrically operated winch toward the floor. She lopped the steel circle over the hook. She used the winch to take me off the floor and suspend me upside down. She adjusted my height so the my mouth was at the height of her crotch. She dropped her skirt to the floor and stepped out of it, exposing herself to me. She grabbed my head and brought my face to her crotch. She laughed as I winced and begged Master to not allow it.  They both laughed. She dropped me and pushed me so that I swung in circles over the carpet.

Madame was brutal. She tormented my tits, genitals and ass, using the edges of her fingernail to make it feel as if she was cutting into my fleshed. She slapped me and said "shut the fuck up!", in English every time that I responded to her ministrations. She used a leather covered metal cane to punish me. She beat my balls like they have never been beaten before. I curled upward in response to the violent pain in my gut from being hit in the balls.

All done, I got dressed, thanked her and the kneeled beside Master. He used his American Express Card to pay her.  They sipped Cognac together. He thanked her and took me to dinner.

I'm still trying to decide if, in the end whether or not I enjoyed the experience. I'm feeling numb and somewhat resentful about being taken to a Professional Dominatrix to be worked over.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

All tied up!

My morning duties pleasurable complete. Master tied by legs in a frog tie with my arms bound high up my back. He laid my waist over a pillow and spent himself up my ass. He left me bound while he showered a dressed then untied me. He tied me spread eagle on my back, covered me with a blanket. He left me there while he went out.

The sun had set before he returned. He untied me and sent me to shower. He joined me and had his way with my ass again.

"I was so fucking hot all day just thinking about you laying helpless up here in the room".

We dressed and went out to have a salad for dinner. We had baby greens with Roquefort, sliced radishes with fruit crisps.  It was so simple and somehow orgasmic in it's flavor combinations. It was my only meal of the day. We sipped pear brandy for dessert.

Master told me that he knows a dominatrix that would like to meet me. I sighed and rolled my eyes, feeling despair. Ick! Is all that I would like to say. We're going to see her tomorrow. I feel like running.

Friday, December 13, 2013


I was sleepwalking down the hall toward the elevator. I stepped into foyer when Master caught me.  I have wondered outside while sleeping, especially when I was in grade school and in college.  That's one of the reasons my grandparents hired Max to watch over me.

Master is back in bed while I remain too awake to sleep.

Before I me Master, I bought a set of irons for myself. The whole set. collar to a long chain, cuff and leg irons and a belt that are all locked with a screw type lock. The irons fit snugly so there is no movement or rotation. They are snug but not tight. The belt is always a gauge that keeps me from gaining girth. I often wear these when I am sleeping to keep me in bed.  Yeah, I need some psycho therapy, I agree.

We toured the Louvre for the entire day. I am surprised that Master was as interested as I was. We had lunch in the Museum and took several breaks. I was worried that the tour might be excessive. I feel that it is important for artist and everyone to try to understand the visuals arts in a world where movies and television are the easiest arts to take advantage of. (Or go intellectually numb) to. It was night when we walked Place de Vendome toward the hotel. Surrounding the square are homes and apartments that have housed famous people throughout history.

We showered and rolled in bed before getting dressed for dinner. YES! we actually dressed in something other that jeans or leather.

We dined at Atelier Maitre Albert. We had scallops in a beet foam followed by spit roasted beef with bĂ©arnaise and finished with a green apple with Comte' for dessert. I loved everything.  I'm glad that I don't live in Paris. I'd turn into gigundo man, especially when I find a bakery with Macaroons. I'm keeping a blind eye so I don't have to hear Master deny me when I start drooling on bakery shop windows.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


We woke and I my first drink of the day as usual. Master frog tied me on a cocktails table and stuck his whole engorged cock up my ass. He brutally fucked me while blocking my breath with a hand over my mouth and nose. I came without permission. It escaped from my body like run away cattle breaking through their pen. Master drew his belt from his jeans and tore into my backside before fucking me again. I felt so grateful that I had difficulty expressing myself to Master.

We stopped at Arches this morning. They were kind enough to give us a short tour of the facility where they make watercolor paper and blocks. We took a plant superintendent for lunch before heading for the insanity of the streets of Paris.

We have a room at the Westin-Vendome with a view of the Eifel Tower. It's in the middle of everything. We walked to Le P'tit Troquet for dinner then came back to the hotel.

Its 3AM and I am all jazzed up after the drive and being cooped up in the car. I'd love to go outside for a walk but it's cold and damp. I guess I'll go back to bed.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Paris in the morning

I want this month to be over.

I'm enjoying the trip. I'm having fun but I sometimes wish we were at home doing our normal things. I guess I'm addicted to more physical action. I should just shut my worthless slave mouth.

We went to a few museums today and I bought a huge box of Sennelier Pastels and had them shipped home. I'd love to visit the paper plant in Arches on our way to Paris. We're hoping they have plant tour. I thinks it's between 40 and 50 K from where we are now. Sennelier is someplace near Normandy so I doubt Master is interested enough to go there with me.

We had Sole Meuniered prepared at the table this evening. I asked the waiter to remove and take the head away from the table. The waiter was an artist with major fish preparation skill. I had a salad of baby greens with paper thin radish slices and lemon dressing with fantastic French olive oil.  Master allowed dessert tonight. We had rich vanilla ice cream with warm minced fruit compote.

Nothing kinky to report except the morning fuck. That's why I miss our normal things.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A day in Strassbourg

I never fell asleep after my last entry. I climbed back under Master's arm, facing him. I could feel his breath on my forehead. The smell of cigar on his breath is gone. Sometimes it feels unbelievable to have a man who is so able to control me in so many ways that make me soar.

The sun woke Master. He squeezed me like I was his Teddy Bear. He climbed on top me and sat on my chest, pinning my arms to my side. He sent a controlled stream of piss into my mouth. I sucked on his cock as if it was a long nipple.

We had brunch out and visit a museum then walked the rest of the afternoon. Strasbourg is a very old city filled with beautiful architecture. Walking is always the best way to get the real feel of a city. Getting lost can help you find the most interesting places. If you want a refreshing, beautiful and historic destination in Europe, put Strasbourg on your list of places to get lost in. I'd like to have a home here.

We dined at Aux Mille Pates. It's owned by British people.  All I can say is YUM! I want to go again.

It's bed time in Alsace. 

Monday, December 9, 2013


We're in Strasbourg.  We found a suite at the Regent Petite.  It's been since high school since I've been to Provence during the winter.  We dined at a restaurant that seemed to be popular with gay people.

We sat next to a table of four guys. They were skinny guys with leather accoutrements. They were funny because they tried to be butch but they behaved more like raving queens trying to imitate tough masculine guys.  They ate like birds. The portions that they shared were already small, yet they managed to leave more of their meal on the plate than they ate. They ordered one slice of cake to share for dessert. Each had a small bite and then they left the rest behind.

We saw them as they stood outside the window trying to light their cigarettes in the wind, as if their lives depended on them.

We had to laugh at their stupidity.

I zonked in the car this afternoon sometime after lunch in Stuttgart.  I visited my distant cousin who is a Military Policeman somewhere near by. I just happened to catch him on his day off. He's living in what looks like 1960's military tenement housing with his wife and two kids. I think he could use my help. He wasn't very appreciative when I introduced Master as my partner but considering that he grew up brainwashed by the likes of Baptists, I can't fault him.

I hate falling asleep in the car. I miss too much of the countryside.

We checked into our hotel then Master checked into my ass and throat, relieving his bladder in and over me while we were in the shower. He napped on the sofa for a bit before we went out to eat. I watched French Television while sitting on the floor with my back against the sofa.  Master wrapped his arm around my neck in a sleeper hold while nibbling on my ear and kissing me. He was horny again when he woke from his nap.

I crawled out from under him long enough to catch my breath. It's five? in the morning and much too early to stay awake.

I am babbling ?

Hey! If you want to contact  me, my email is:

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Leaving Munich this morning

I'm wide awake already so I have a little time to write.

We're leaving Munich this morning. We're renting an auto to drive to where ever the road takes us next. The weather is cold and there are snow storms to be aware. We're not scheduling anything except that we will be in Salzburg on the 20th and stay for Christmas Mass. Our itinerary is open between now and then.  This is fun.

I'm not religious but the Cathedral is beautiful, especially at Christmas. There is also a Christmas Market that is fun to shop in.  The Mass is held in German and Latin, at least it was when I last visited. The words aren't as important as the music and the pageantry.

We'll leave for London on the 26th to be with skin head friends for a week before coming home.

Master hasn't relented on his to talk policy. I have come to think that words often get in the way of intimacy. I do want to express that both my ass cheeks and ass hole are very sore. Master is waking me up in the middle of the night by raping me. He's also been after me day and night, especially when going to bed for the night. He sort of plugs himself into me, spoons me and drops his right arm over my chest and sometimes arms.

Master tells me that I deserve a good beating but it would make too much noise in the hotel. So we only play during the late morning when the people in the nest room go out for the day. It's one of several reasons that I already feel homesick.

I hope this post makes sense.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Training at the Chateau

Slave- to answer your question about the Chateau: I cover that in the writings that lead up to the blog. I am still working on compiling them.

The first time there was a struggle to understand and I felt angry about it. I didn't understand why Master felt that another entity had to be involved and why he subjected me to it. I had no idea of what this mysterious place is so I was really frightened, especially since it seemed that some of the men were not in consenting relationships.

In the past it was always the same. Six days in a corridor that looks like a cavern with chains and plastic covered mats for insulation. You could not lay down so sleep was difficult. We were treated as a group with individual sessions of fairly intense "torture" sessions and instruction on what we all fantasize about as far as decorum.  Things like how to and when to address our owners as Master or Sir. Use of furniture. Keeping the environment comfortable. Serving at the table. Treatment of guests. Being ready to enhance the owner's lives. How to be a Butler, Maid, Cook, Driver and how to submit even when we didn't fee like it. We learned that our satisfaction comes from the owner's happiness.

The Chateau is funded by members and it is very expensive to maintain membership. Only Master's or owner's are invited to join. There is no process by which an un-referred person can join.

Now for the fun stuff. I was an object for much of the day. I stood "at ease" in one spot with my hands tied behind my back. I was not allowed to speak or make any sound. I think it is a most difficult form of bondage. It absolutely turns me on to have my arms tied or cuffed behind my back so any time that I became more aware of what I was being forced to do, my cock hardened and dripped pre-cum.

We went out for dinner after doing a bit of shopping. I have not spoken since Master told me to not speak unless spoken to. I have looked down and avoided eye contact with everyone unless Master demands it. I carried his jacket through a department store when he got to warm to wear it. Master ordered my dinner, which was a trip because every time the waiter asked me a question I smiled and tried to defer to Master. The waiter seemed disturbed and somewhat amused.

I remained an object when we got back to our hotel suite until Master buckled the Fuck Harness on me that he bought at a leather shop.  It's made of a belt, straps for each thigh and straps to connect the belt to each thigh. He fucked me while I kneeled on a tapestry covered ottoman.

Master his a very large man and he his big below the belt. Holding the fuck harness helped him drive himself deeper inside of me while keeping me from moving forward as I try to accommodate him. It works!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

I love you but I can love you better when you are gagged

This is funny so I thought I'd add it before turning in tonight.

I'd been chattering like a mad Magpie during the entire trip and this evening once we arrived at the hotel.  Master came up with: "I love you but I can love you better when you are gagged".  He didn't physical gag me but he did something that was more fun. He stuck his cock down my throat. While he head fucked me he told to not to talk anymore unless I am spoken to and asked for a response, until further notice. He wasn't kidding!

 Not me.
I love you but I can love you better when you're gagged.      

Someplace in Germany

It's about 6:PM and the first stop is near an end.

I'm writing this while I sip a steaming cup of coffee. I haven't seen daylight for more than a day.  The "Chateau" driver was waiting for us outside of customs.  He restrained my arms behind my back and locked a leather hood over my head before we started the drive. We were greeted at the front door where Master and I were separated. They took Master to his room upstairs and took me down to the dungeon. The dungeon is a labyrinth consisting of a long corridor with rooms branching off at either side. Some are "Work rooms" others are a myriad of cells and locked rooms.

As is customary, I was chained by my neck, wrists and ankles and left with other slaves in the corridor. I slid to the floor and leaned against the wall to sleep until the others started to stir. I continued sleeping while the other slaves ate their breakfast. I could have slept all day after the trip to get here.

The others were taken away and returned during the day. "Training" is one of the reasons we are brought here. I've already gone through this twice. The last and third time was aborted by Master because he heard that I was abused by two of the guards.  They are no longer in contact with guests of the Chateau (what ever that means). I spent the entire day chained.  I socialized with the others when I wasn't sleeping.

I was taken to the showers this morning and then waited in a locked cell until the guards came for me.
Yes, they played with me and teased me while I was in the shower. One of them gave me head until I was on the edge then slapped me around a bit. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

They took me upstairs this afternoon and brought me to the room of ceremonies. I imagined that the induction process is sort of like joining the Masons. It's serious but just a little hooky. Master signed the papers, pledging to care for me and describe how I was too be handled if he died before me and a few other things that I can't talk about. I had to sign what is essentially a contract. Then the fun began. The inserted a GPS tracking chip between the ribs on my left side and renewed the brand that I was marked with over a year ago.

Getting a brand over the ribs hurts like hell!

We're waiting for our ride to Munich where we'll stay a few days before heading toward Berlin.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Everything sucks today and a story about self-bondage

Our plane was late leaving from San Francisco, late leaving from Atlanta and we're still over the ocean. I'm about to kick back and fall asleep for the rest of the trip.  We're in seats that are like cubicles so there is a fair amount of room to lay back, work or whatever.

I'm glad I bought a new tablet with a keyboard. I like it a lot better than my IPad. I was getting sick of Apples proprietary systems.

Anyway, I wrote about an incident that happened several years ago.  I hope you enjoy it.

Self-Bondage for Max

Max had been my chaperone from the time that I was a kindergartener.  My grandparents hired him to keep my mother from abducting me and because I was the kind of kid who wandered whenever the grown-ups weren’t watching me.  Max took care of me while I went to college and he was my companion after my grandparents passed away.  Max was like a father, older brother and best friend to me as well as a mentor in many ways. By the time I was in high school, I knew that Max was gay and I started to feel that I was too. At least I was ambiguous about sex. I loved seeing Max nude whenever I could catch a glimpse of him but always hid my excitement.  We shared the third floor of my grandparent’s house where there was two bedrooms, a large bathroom with a sauna and a game room where I spent much of my childhood playing.

After sharing a house in New York for a while, I started to become sexually aggressive, in terms of experimentation and exploration. Max was always circumspect and hid his sex if he had any at all besides a porn video and his right hand. He never approached or touched me sexually during my entire life with him until I approached him.

I studying for my Masters and had group project meetings on Thursday evening. This was one of the evenings that I was supposed to be on campus but the meeting was cancelled just before the Holidays. I decided to go out bar hopping, hoping to find someone to fuck and fuck me.  I ran into Max in a leather bar. He was astonished and embarrassed.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.
“Ahhhh, probably the same thing that you’re doing”.
He said that he never knew I had any leather. He’d never seen me wear it. I told him it was new and said that I had seen him in his jacket and thought it was hot.

The rest is history but we became lovers of a sort. He felt awkward about it because everything he had was earned working for my family, more specifically because of me.

We were lovers and fuck buddies from that point on and began a collection of BDSM toys that he used on me. I grew up taking his directions so it seemed normal to have him dominate me sexually.

He worked outside of the house five days a week as a trainer at a nearby gym. I was always home well before he got home. One day I decided to do a little self-bondage to surprise him. I tied my ankles to an old library chair. Tied my ass to the chair with a plug stuck in it and tied my chest to the back of the chair with another hunk of rope. I gagged myself with penis gag.  I waited until the moment near the time he usually gets home to snap a pair of clamps on my tits and lock the free end from the two sets that I double locked around my wrists to the back chair legs, just below that seat.  I was well stuck with no way of freeing myself.
Max came though the kitchen door to find me in the middle of the room. He laughed at my predicament. He tweaked the clamps on my tits and rotated them so they were clamped vertically instead of horizontally. The intensity of the pain made my cock go from half-mast to granite hard. He picked the keys up from the floor where I dropped them and put them in his pocket then popped a cap from a cold bear and went into the living room sit relax in front of the TV. I was frustrated and somehow grateful that he left me there until he decided it was time to go to bed. I think the clamps were on my tits from about 6:PM until after 11:PM. That was the worst part. I could swear the clamps were piercing me.

Monday, December 2, 2013

The MAN of my DREAMS

I saw the man of my dreams today.  He is well over six feet tall. His shoulders are wide and well muscled, his waist narrow with rippling abs and his thighs bulging. He wore black spandex briefs that fit like a second skin over his round ass and bulging basket. He has a fresh tattoo winding from just above his wrists to his elbow. He wore a red wool baseball cap and leather wristband around his un-tattooed wrist. His hair was short with a slight military style cropping.  I gasped at this man's perfection.

It is my Master.

I slept in leather restraints last night. A strap around my chest held my upper arms tightly against my upper body. Another strap around the waist held my arms just below the elbow and thigh straps held my wrists. A strap held my knees together and another strap fastened my ankles together. I wore a blindfold that took my site and sense of time.

Master pinched and pulled my nipples while he was falling asleep.  I woke this morning when he pulled my lower body over the bed so my knees hit the floor. He oh-so-gently pushed his cock into my hole and fucked me for the longest time. I had several orgasms without cumming. Pre-cum spun like a spider's web to the floor. Master came, I felt the weight of his body as he trembled silently. He continued fucking me. He seemed as though he took a massive dose of Viagra because he remained hard for a very long time. He remained inside of me for as long as he was hard. He trembled as if he was being milked and couldn't stand it.

We've already packed for our trip. I decided not to bring any smoking paraphernalia. Master decided to do the same. We're making it a smoke free vacation.

We're staying in the city tonight because we have a very early flight to catch.

I'll do my best to keep up with you during my trip.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

All is quiet on the home front!

We took our quests back to San Francisco yesterday. Butch and Dan are home taking care of things. 

We had fun yesterday. Master slit openings in the pockets in one of my jackets. He locked cuffs with a belly chain on me then locked my hands in the cuffs so they were hidden in my pockets. I was restrained all day while in public. I couldn't do anything for myself. Master unlocked the cuffs during dinner but that was it. I was his obfuscated prisoner other than that. Have you ever tried opening a door for another person while your hands were locked in your pocket?

We watched a movie on HULU last night called: The Butch Factor, What Kind of Man Are You, by Christopher Hines.  It was an excellent look at different ways of being gay.  Something that I found important after having non-gay people in the house was that I felt that I was uncomfortable with people who are not gay.  I think I am losing my ability to relate comfortably with the other 90%.
Watch the movie!  I also have a problem when it comes to effeminate men.

When I was about 13, I had a friend named Frankie who was effeminate, I thought it was an affectation. I acted like him at home a couple times. My cousin told me to never act that way if I wanted to have any friends. It stopped immediately and resumed my normal way of expressing myself. I never understood why guys acted that way. It finally got through to me during the movie. They have no more choice than I have being gay.

Now I admire the strength and courage these men have for being themselves in the face of unfathomable cruelty that they live with every day.

We relaxed with the whole family in the family room last night. I finally got some serious floor time at Master's feet after more that a week without the privilege. My hands were still locked in the transport cuffs. We had popcorn. I ate it doggy style and the dogs cleaned up after me.  I slept in restraints last night and woke up with a mouth full of piss and cum this morning.

We're packing tomorrow for the trip. I'm bringing my Samsung Tablet so I can keep up with things when we're not to busy.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Sitting pretty

The house was finally dark and everyone except Master was in bed.  Master took a long steamy shower after tending to the animals.  His cock was so red that it almost glowed. I was laying in bed uncovered with a woody poking up at the ceiling.  Master said that he was going to sleep in a guestroom so he didn't catch my flu.

He saw the silhouette of my cock and then grabbed his, "fuck no!", he said, "It's been too damn long since I fucked you".  He squirted a gob of lube on my cock and sat on it.  He's never done that before, I was shocked!  He fucked himself on my cock and I helped him do it by arching my back so he could feel my full length. I screamed "stop! I'm going to cum!"
"Fuck NO! BOY!  I'm going to milk you of ever drop and then I'm going to fuck you!"
I shot my load and then flipped over with my knees under by chest.  He pounded the hell out of my ass until he finally came. He collapsed at my side and he fell asleep wrapped around me.

I can't sleep now because I've been sleeping for days.

Hot and Sweaty

I was feeling real good this morning. In fact I was hot and sweaty. Master was already out doing my chores before I woke up. I turned music on then went back to bed.

Pete laid out a spread for Thanksgiving dinner last night that was worthy of Gourmet Magazine's cover. Fresh herbs under the crackling skin of the turkey, mashed white beans instead of potatoes, roasted vegetables, dressing made of sprouted grain bread that he baked, wild rice and onion dinner rolls, pumpkin pie with praline topping that crackled like a brulet and sauces and gravy that was unbelievably delicious. I barely touched any of it.  Master took a look at me picking at my plate and reached over to touch me then sent me off to bed with a cup of hot chicken stock. I didn't even brush my teeth.

I went to a walk-in clinic this morning. I have the flu.

I want to post this picture for you guys. A friend on my Facebook page sent it.

I wish I was doing this instead of being stuck in bed

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have always fantasized about being trussed up like a turkey and used for a Thanksgiving centerpiece  on the dining table surrounded by room full of tops.

Christian found me asleep on the Cottage porch last night. When he woke me I felt like I was on the bottom of a deep well looking up at the light. "Hey! Wake up! Wake up! Hey! Wake up.  We've been looking for you.  Wake up!

"I'll just sleep here."
"You can't, it's too damn cold. Get up on your feet!"

I reluctantly walked as Christian guided me up to the house. He walked me to me room, undressed me and covered me with a pile of comforters once I crawled into bed.

I woke early, as I usually do but found a chain on my left ankle and wrist, making it impossible to get out of bed. I laid back down.  Master had been in bed during the night with me but had gotten up before I woke. I called out for Master and Christian because I had to take a piss. Christian came in to release me then watched me as I relieved myself.  "Your Master wants you to stay in bed this morning".

"Dan and Butch aren't here, I have to take of the livestock".
"Master is taking care of everything this morning. Get back in bed."

So, I lounged in bed all morning, falling in and out of sleep.  Master came in to wake me around noon. He felt my forehead then told me to take a shower and come out to the kitchen when I felt like getting up.  I got up immediately and stood under the warm waterfall in the shower. I went out to greet everyone then went into the kitchen to see if I could help Pete. He threw me out and told me to go relax. I went out to spend time with the animals then came in to relax. Master told me to sit in the chair by the fire.

I'm writing now because everyone is outside for a before sitting down for a Tradition American Thanksgiving meal.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Turkey Trussing

Master came home while I was in the shower. The morning chores are done and I planned to go food shopping with Pete.  We kissed and hugged while I was still dripping wet. He unlocked my belt and told me to come out to meet our guests as soon as I was dressed.

I didn't know any of them.  I actually expected that they would be guys from The Clubhouse so I felt disappointed when I saw them sitting in the living room.  Not knowing them, I had no clue how to present myself so I stood beside Master and listened to him as he introduced us.  I'm not sure that they are gay, so I felt our home might have been invaded by straight people. I was even more anxious to get out with Pete for the day. Master allowed it.

Our first stop was at Whole Foods in Santa Rosa, which provided us with everything we needed for the weekend. Pete had a few favorite markets to stop at on our way home. We filled the entire truck bed and back seat of the cab. A lot of what we bought were pantry items to fill our almost completely bare shelves.  We stopped at a farm for an organically raised fresh turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

Pete made a quick dinner for the evening.  Big bowls of Ramen with tons of vegetables and slices of grilled beef tenderloin.  He made parfaits of ice cream topped with warm blueberry compote.  We dined around the kitchen table and finished off with wooden cups filled with warm Sake that we served in the family room around the fireplace.

I wish I had something to say about sex but there is nothing to report.  While Master entertained his friends, I went outside to bring the animals in and feed them.  I stopped whirling and swirling long enough to sit on the porch after checking the cottage. I lit my pipe before going back into the house.
It felt cold once I had a chance to relax but I was determined to finish my pipe.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Important News

You guys are finally commenting on my blog.  Thank You!  Every author needs his readers to let them know how he is impacting his readers.

I'm still alone except for Christian who is always present, whether or not I am aware of him.  He' gotten to be a good friend.  I spoke to Master on the phone this morning. He's been monitoring my blog.  We're thinking that I will continue blogging, although postings may sporadic during December.

My day started earlier than usual because I am so horny that I can't sleep.
I am the only animal caretaker again today so I cleaned the barn and corral as usual then fed and checked each animal for any external sign of special need. The new boy and girl started mingling with the rest of their new family. 

The Geese Militia went into attack mode while I was in the barns working, signaling that someone or something was invading their territory.  Sancho turned with a sudden start and ran out of the barn barking, alarming the rest of the puppies.  Pete had driven in without announcing himself.  He sat in the seat of his beat up jeep pilot waiting to be rescued. What a relief! Thanksgiving dinner is covered! He said his boss told him to leave when he gave notice. 

I helped Pete empty his jeep and carry his belongings to his room. He had only a big green duffel bag, two cardboard boxes, suitcase and a small silver case that contained his kitchen tools. I used to travel light myself and felt a little envious that he hadn't bothered accumulate "stuff".  I gave Pete the grand tour of the property, keys and American Express card for expenses.

He was very intrigued by the play spaces and wondered if he could take advantage of them.  He's another pervert, he should fit in perfectly.

I feel almost sick with horniness. I took a long warm show and upped the pressure on the shower shot to work my ass over.  I hoped to milk myself and hoped it would relieve my libido a bit. It didn't work because I knew Master wouldn't approve.  I hope Master comes home today.  I hate being left alone.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Another slow but busy day

Master decided to stay in San Francisco another day or two.  He's having a great time showing his buddies around.  He warned me that they will be coming up for a good old American Thanksgiving so I better figure out how to roast a turkey.  I hope I can find a caterer.

I am alone with Christian today.  Butch and Dan look off for the mountains today.  I've cleaned up after all of my pets, curried them and fed them.  I milked the cows.  I don't see why I can't use the milking machine on myself except that we don't want cum in the milk.  I sell the milk to a woman who makes cheese with it.  Besides.  I've been locked in the Groethal for so many days that I've lost count. Not having Master around to pound my prostate is causing my balls to hurt a bit.

Christian holds a key for the belt but he's of the mind that slaves should never have the right to cum. I'm glad he's not my Master.

We went into down for dinner.  We sat at the bar to wait for a table.  I had a glass of Pinot Noire but wished I could have had a Gin and Tonic.  As it was, I barely tasted my wine before we were called to our table.  Christian ordered duck with some sort of pear sauce and baked pear.  I went rustic.  I had a green salad with pearrs and blue cheese and Cannellini beans cooked in olive oil, rosemary and shallot with shaved black truffle.  Talk about elevating the simple white kidney bean!

I went out to check the animals before turning in for the night. I smelled wood smoke and noticed a fire down the hill by the Eucalypti.  I dialed 911 and then rushed in the house to get Christian. We hopped into the ATV and rode down the hill toward the fire. We saw several people milling around the fire.  Christian drew his gun as we moved closer.  The fire Department and Sheriff's car came barreling across the field toward the fire just moments after we arrived on the scene. 

A bunch of drunks started the fire. They said they thought it was public land. The fire department put the fire out and the sheriff hauled the drunks to jail.  The whole incident was over with a half hour.
So much for a calm evening.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Slow day on the hill

Life isn't all fun up here on the mountain sometimes it's just plain exciting. A Icelandic Horse breeder sent a couple of horses with a family from Canada that was making a trip to Southern California.  It was a convenience that I was glad to pay. We have a new mare and gelding in the corral now.  The girl is white and tan and the boy is almost all black with a deep brown mane and tail.

The newcomers were nervous and tired when they arrived.  I worked with by walking them around the fence and taking time to feed them apples that I made them bite into while I held them.  I talked to them in the softest sweet voice possible while we got to know each other. The big stallion came over to check the young female out and nuzzled her.  He greeted the boy and snorted at him, as if to let him know who was boss.  It was like a Master meeting a new slave.

This whole ranch "thing" has rapidly grown to be one of the best experiences of my life. It helps me calm down and makes me want to stay home. We're leaving for Europe in nine days. I love to travel but I wish we were going for a week instead of a month.

Master went to San Francisco today to spend the day with friends from London. I'm relishing the down time.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Toilet, suck and fuck as usual

Woke up to the morning routine. Went out to clean the stable and barns then went inside to clean myself off and out.  Master was sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for me when I emerged. He hugged me and stuck his tongue in my mouth then put his hand on the stop, signally what to do next. He let his piss stream slowly into my mouth and then held the back of my head for leverage as he forced his cock into my throat. He nearly came but turned me around to ram his cock into my ass to finish himself off.  I had a little fun of my own when I clamped my sphincters around his cock so that he couldn't pull out.  He slapped me on my back and the back of my neck, playing at making demands to release him.  We wrestled on the floor after I let him go until he pinned me helplessly under his powerful body.

Butch, Master and I interviewed a string of guys who applied to our ads for a chef/Dietician/Trainer. We lined up eleven guys and told them to shop for and prepare a meal for us.  We narrowed the field to three guys that we sent outside to have a casual meet with Daniel while the three of us deliberated. Christian had already used his connections to check backgrounds of every person we invited to interview.

We called the three men in and offered them a drink while Daniel gave us his take on the applicants.

Butch, being our Care Taker announced, "We all work seven days a week here. Our days off are flexible but irregular. The chosen one, will have room and board provided beside a handsome salary and benefits. It all leaves very little time for social life outside of our family. If any of you have a problem with our demands, we ask you to leave now."

The three men sat quietly.

Master, Butch, Christian, Daniel and I went to the office to prepare a job offer.  We hired a man named Peter, Pete is what he prefers to be called.  Pete is about 5'8", stringy and heavily tattooed. He has a Marine style hair cut and wears a large ring in his septum. He's truly freaky looking with a Cheshire Cat smile.

We offered Pete two weeks to quit his current job and move in.

"You dudes, are you like Masters and slaves?  I noticed that two of you wear awesome looking collars. I always wanted to be some dudes slave". Pete was a bold guy with no inhibitions about letting people know what lies under his skin.

Friday, November 22, 2013


It's hard to know where to begin but I am determined to leave psychology and reason out of this post.

After my difficulty the other night, Master took me to the playroom and ordered me to bend over the cage.  He used handcuffs and leg iron to restrain me to the bars.  He took his belt out of his worn leather jeans and wrapped it around my neck. He slowly tightened it while reaching through the bars to yank the steel that continuously traps my genitals. My cock painfully strained at it's chamber more and more as the belt dug deeper into my neck.

Master stepped behind me a used a glob of his spit to lubricate my hole before he fucked me. He was forceful and undisturbed by my cries and grunts.  He used the belt as a cowboy holds the reigns to control his horse.  He stopped short of dumping his seed in my ass and removed the belt from my neck.

He began to beat my entire backside with his belt.  He yelled "Scream! Scream at the top of your lungs boy!  I'm not stopping until you wear yourself out."  He continued to beat me until I slipped out of my endorphin high and began to feel all of the pain that he intended to inflict on me.  I cried tears although sobs at long turned to screams.

He stopped beating me and starting fucking me.  His pre-cum lubricated my hole. He pinched and pulled on my tits until he seemed to stiffen, pushing deeper inside of me. He came, roaring like a bear.

Master released me from the irons and told me to go clean up and then get my ass inside the cage. He locked it then literally flew into bed without stopping to turn off the lights.

Being beaten forced every spark of anxiety from my body.  It sounds like punishment but punishment is given with a prison strap and no bondage and I am not allowed to visually respond to the beating in any way.  This beating was for pleasure.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

All wound up

I don't get real punishment often. One of the worst things that I do that Master has zero tolerance for is attempt to express negativity. It doesn't work for anyone. I think it is my adult version of a temper tantrum that is usually aimed at myself. The second is that anxiety over nothing starts like an internal fire. It starts with a tiny spark and steadily builds until I am consumed in its flames.

If I express negativity, Master will tell me "stop!".  I get one chance to stop, after that, If I continue I am scheduled for a severe punishment after I calm down. If anxiety builds, Master tells me to stop what I am doing and "go walk or run it off!". If I don't IMMEDIATELY do as I am told, Master will IMMEDIATELY make mince meat out of my butt. There is no second chance.

I started t feel anxiety last night. I went to clean the kitchen. I got the dishes put away then started cleaning cabinet doors, counter tops and started to take the pots off the pot rack to dust and clean them. I worked with ever increasing speed, feeling more and more stress.  The clattering disturbed Master.  He stepped inside the kitchen arch and asked me what I was doing.  By that time, my face was red, I was shaking and almost in tears. All that I said was "I can't stand the dirt". Master told me to put my clothes on and get out of the house and take the dogs with you.

Master grabbed me by the neck with his right hand as I tried to pass him. He twisted me around so I was standing with my back to him. He squeezed my neck and covered my mouth and nose with his left hand and began to "choke" and "suffocate" me. I struggled to breath. I don't stand a chance against him. "Boy, this is the worst thing that can happen to you. I can keep this up until you're dead. Nothing is worth the hell you are putting yourself through and I can tell by you're reaction that you're not ready for that.  Fuck boy, the anxiety is going to kill you".

I dressed myself and pulled on a jacket. Master was waiting at the back door for me. He whistled for the dogs and we all went walking. We made the circuit around the fence line and ended up on the Sunrise Deck. Master lit the gas fire and his cigar and sat back in a lounge chair to watch the stars. He reached into his jacket pocket to produce my pipe and handed it to me. I sat on the deck next to Master.  We sat in silence.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nose against the wall and a box of rubber

Master told me to get my ass over to the wall and stand there with my nose touching it until he decided what to do with me. He ripped a corner from a page in his magazine and placed it between my nose and the wall.  He used a leather collar with cuffs attached to a strap that extend down the back, terminating in attached leather cuffs.  He moved me from the wall where I was standing to the wall where the bracket extending from the wall with an attached ball stretching holds me against the wall.  Master replaced the paper between my nose and the wall.

I stood trapped with the fear of punishment for letting the paper drop.  He left me there for hours before a the geese made a big fuss over a visitor trespassing within their realm.  Master came out of his office to answer the call, followed by Panza, the Great Pyrenees who is constantly at his heals.

Master came into the family room where I stood naked and restrained.
"That's our victim", Master told the man who was wearing a flannel shirt with rolled up sleeves and tan bib overalls. I can let him loose if you need me to. The man said that it would help him get an accurate set of measurements. He measured my height, width from front to back and from side to side. Butch walked in and greeted Jim, who is his friend.  Master put me back in restraints and placed the paper between my nose and the wall then offered lunch to Jim, Butch and Dan.

The three men were in the kitchen eating when the geese and dogs started making noise again.  A UPS driving honked his horn to get our attention.  The dogs love him but the geese attack everything until we shoo them away.  A delivery arrived from London. Master acted like a child on Christmas morning.

Master came to release me from the wall.  He slapped me on my butt with his brawny bare hand and told me that I had been "his good boy" because I held the piece of paper in place without mishap. He told me to open the parcel.  It contained a full length thin rubber cat suit, another suit that was much thicker. It had an attached hood, socks and mitts and a rubber straight jacket that has legs.  The only openings in the heavy suit are tubes that are intended to fit into the nostrils.
"I'm excited about getting you into this gear".
"Today Sir"?
"No, not until your box arrives".


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Questions about Bondage and Male Slaves

My presumption is that the term Slave as it applies to consensual sexual slavery is that we all want to participate in activities and that we all have fantasies that vary in degree of reality.  For instance; I call myself a slave.  I call my partner Master. In reality, I do what he wants me to do. This can be anything from cleaning up after the animals and tending to their needs, digging around in the Olive groves, painting in my studio or just plain sitting out on the sun deck watching the colors change with the sunlight over the fields. These are all things that I want to do and they are the things that keep give me a sense of productivity that all humans need to feel.

There exists another side that is secret and sometimes "dark". Master enjoys dominating other people, including men and women. I likes wielding power that makes other people productive.  He is retired from his company office but still has a strong hand in his family company via internet and telephone.
He also likes to dominate men sexually. Before me, it could have been a different man every night if he wanted.  His intense charisma attract attention whenever he walks into a room. I wouldn't dream of trying to bottle him up for myself but he has come to focus his energy at me. I'll be eternally grateful to him for that.

Our sexual interaction can take president over everything because we manage our own lives so we can due anything we want now or later, meaning there is rarely a fixed schedule.  This all works out well because of our sexual fantasies and the way we interact.

I like be commanded, demanded and required during bondage. It is all integrated in our life together. Master decides what he is going to do and when he is going to do it. For me, it gives me the feel of being a victim. Being bound or restrained when I don't want to be or when I am tired of it is when I start to feel it is real.  I love it when he says "no".

One day, he put a diaper on me. I hate diapers, they are stupid as far as I am concerned. He tied my ankles and knees together. He used another rope to tie my ankles to a rope waist cincher so that I was forced to stay in a kneeling position.  He tied my wrists together with rope and stretched my upper body by tying the rope over a ceiling beam. He clamped my tits with an array of clamps that he changed though out the day. He told me to beg for release whenever it got too intense.

I begged and begged. He told me to shut up and increased the torment. This went on for hours.

I recently read a story about a guy who wanted to "try" different thing during his bondage sessions. He could option out at will.  I wondered at the difference between our approaches to the world of BDSM. We all have different levels of fantasy.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Dreaming in Bondage

Have you ever fallen into a sound sleep while in intense bondage?

I bought a really nice straightjacket and sleep sack while visiting London a few years ago.  They are both made of heavy black leather with quilting and padding is all the essential areas.  The straps and buckles are extra wide with locking buckles. They're both lined with blood red buttery-soft calf skin that absorbs my sweat and starts to sling deliciously to my body.   No one has ever been in them beside me.

Master laid the body bag out on the bed and opened it up.  He laced a snug leather hood over my head with nostril openings and a grommet over the mouth. I crawled into the body bag. He tickled me for a few moments then began lacing the bag closed. He buckled the collar.  There is a flap that covers the laces that zips with a heavy black metal zipper. The zipper pull locks into the collar.  Once zipped, Master began to buckle the straps snugly but not too tightly. Master wanted me to sleep in the sack all night. Once strapped in with all the padlocks secured, he crawled into bed beside me and laid his arm across me.

I was too excited to fall asleep. I clearly didn't want to risk waking Master by testing my bonds. I lay quiet listening to him breathe and smelling cigar and the mint from his toothpaste on his breath.

I dozed in and out of sleep. At one point I was having a pleasant dream that caused me to laugh out loud. Master slapped me across the gut and told me to be quiet.  I dozed in and out of sleep a few times then fell into a deep sleep. I had no concept of the time when I sudden awoke from a stressful dream. I didn't know where I was or why everything was so black and why I couldn't move. I felt like I was dreaming a dream from which I couldn't wake. I felt panicked until I finally realized where I was.

It was interesting to be so completely disoriented and so completely bound. I laid awake listening to my heart race and then slowly fall to a slow steady thump that resonated though out my senses until I fell into dreamless sleep.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Business as usual.

There is an eight inch diameter 10 foot high post in front of one the outbuilding.  Master handcuffed my hands behind me and around the post from ten in the morning until eight in the evening. I stood or slid down the post to sit on the ground.  The guys ignored me the entire time I was bound. I guess I was just a helpless object. At least that is the head space that I got myself into.

I went from bound object to fucked object when I was taken into the house.

We're working on turning the sitting room in the master bedroom into a playroom.  We decided to do it because it is a completely wasted space as it is now.  There are four more unused bedroom suites in the house.  We rarely have house guests.  There is also a bedroom connected to the kitchen for domestic help. We're searching the web for new and unusual toys to fill the room.  Any suggestions?

Wake up was routine this morning. I went out to work with the animals then cleaned myself up and out for Master's use. He used my mouth for a urinal then hiked my ass in the air so he could fuck me. We worked in the office together then Master bent me over his desk and fucked me again.  It's business as usual but anything butt routine.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Fuck You Idiot

We were in San Francisco yesterday We were looking a some real estate to invest in..  We stayed the night in a Gay Bed & Breakfast so we could have dinner and bar time with friends who went on out hut with us.  They are long time residents and realtors.

We went to a bar for a few drinks before going to the room for the night.  Master was standing, facing away from me talking to another top that we know when a guy that I didn't know came over to talk to me. He was okay looking but he was obviously a geeky misfit.  I was nice to him but indicated that if he wanted to continue talking to me that he had to talk to Master first.  The guy ignored me. He touched my collar, I stepped back to touch Master with my back.  The guy reached down and touched my groin. I stepped back again.  Master turned toward me and put his hand over my mouth and turned my body and face so that my face was buried in his chest.  Master threw is open hand toward the guy as if he was a traffic policeman signaling traffic to stop. The guy told Master that he only wanted to talk to me.

"He belongs to me you obnoxious arse! He doesn't talk to anyone without my permission."

Master held me in a bear hug and whispered, "he's an ignorant shit". "Was he touching you without your permission"?

"Yes Sir".

We walked over to the bouncer to talk for a moment.  The bouncer told him to keep his hands off people unless they indicate they want his attention.  The guy got angry and charged out of the bar.

Master said, "For Christ sake, I can't take you anywhere". He was smiling as if he was proud of me.
Master handcuffed my hands behind my back and pushed me to my knees.  He slipped his fingers around my collar to hold my face in his crotch.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wheel of Misfortune

We played wheel of misfortune today.  You can find it here:
It was originally written for Chastity "play" but it can be modified for other activities.  Master made several versions of it.  Bondage Time, Bondage Devices, Head Gear and Tortures.

Bondage can last between 2 hours and 3 days.  Bondage devices are rope, steel, leather harnesses, sleep sack, straight jacket, Bondage chair, etc.  Head Gear is Ball Gag and Blind fold, None, Isolation Hood, Breath Control Hood, Piss Hood. Duct Tape, Duct tape with piss pail & tube, Rubber lined tight hood, steel ball, etc.  Tortures includes tit clamps, leather Prison Strap, Master's belt, etc.

I spun 5 hours, steel bondage, piss pail & tube and Prison strap, tit clamps and none.  The torture wheel has 24 slots and 3 spins.

Master chained me inside of a cage with a steel plug in my ass. I was unable to move. He locked a three inch steel collar around my neck and chained it around two vertical bars.  He placed the piss bucket on a board that he laid on the top bars.  The pail has a drain hole that has a plastic tube connected to it. He placed the free end of the tube in my mouth and taped it in place with a duct tape gag.  He took a piss into the pail and asked the other guys to piss in the pail when ever they had to relieve themselves.  Master attached clamps to my tits then hung several other pairs over the cage bars. The guys attached which ever clamps that they chose, alternating with none.

My day was interesting. Piss dripped into my mouth all day and leaked from my body through a catheter into another pail, when the catheter was not clamped off, forcing me to retain my own piss in my sometime painfully distended bladder.  When my time was up in the cage, Master took me out of the cage and chained me on top of it.  He gave me twenty punishing full arm  strokes with the prison strap.

I like the wheel of misfortune game. I thought of variation that we can use. I'm surprised at how vicious I can be toward myself.