Monday, December 16, 2013

and in the end...

First, I forgot to say a few things about being tied spread eagle all day. I hate it when people tell about the action without discussing emotion.

Master made a gag by tying a Monkey Fist knot with a steel ball in it. It wasn't a perfect gag but it certainly made an impact. I could taste the steel as the rope become more soaked with my saliva. They say dog's don't like the taste of steel either.  He also plugged the IPod into my head and played an endless series of new age piano solos that completely obscured the time. 

I started to need to piss shortly after Master tied me down.  It was annoying at first then grew into painful need.  I didn't want to piss the bed and then have to lay in it. I was tied loosely so I had the ability to move but not so much that I could escape. I wished the entire time that I was really stretched out.

I was also afraid that a maid would walk in to find me bound.

I struggled to escape and dozed intermittently but Master tied the knots out of reach but frustratingly close so that struggling seemed to make sense, which kept me from totally give in to the bondage.

The Dominatrix

A woman with flaming red hair answered the door on the top floor of the apartment building.  She wore a bright red full length rubber skirt with a matching bustier. Her eyes were dressed in black makeup the terminated in wings at the side of her brows. She is older but not old. She was elegant at first but became brutal as our time together passed. Master drew my leash close to his knee, forcing me to kneel at his side like a well trained dog. The Dom and Master talked about me as if I wasn't there. He handed the leash to Madame and sat in a chair to observe as she spun her rope around me. She is an aficionado of Shibari.

She wrapped rope around my neck several times then looped the coil behind be. Without a knot, she wound the rope around my arms then crossed the rope behind my back, lifting my wrist across my pack toward my shoulder. Everything tightened as she spun the rope around me. She made me lay on my front side in the middle of a thick dark red oriental carpet. She folded my right knee so that the sole of the right foot pressed flat against my left knee. She looped the rope around my right ankle and then around the left knee, up to the cinch that she earlier wrapped around my waist then down to my left ankle. She wrapped my left ankle in coils of rope then brought the free end to a steel circle.

Madame brought the hook from an electrically operated winch toward the floor. She lopped the steel circle over the hook. She used the winch to take me off the floor and suspend me upside down. She adjusted my height so the my mouth was at the height of her crotch. She dropped her skirt to the floor and stepped out of it, exposing herself to me. She grabbed my head and brought my face to her crotch. She laughed as I winced and begged Master to not allow it.  They both laughed. She dropped me and pushed me so that I swung in circles over the carpet.

Madame was brutal. She tormented my tits, genitals and ass, using the edges of her fingernail to make it feel as if she was cutting into my fleshed. She slapped me and said "shut the fuck up!", in English every time that I responded to her ministrations. She used a leather covered metal cane to punish me. She beat my balls like they have never been beaten before. I curled upward in response to the violent pain in my gut from being hit in the balls.

All done, I got dressed, thanked her and the kneeled beside Master. He used his American Express Card to pay her.  They sipped Cognac together. He thanked her and took me to dinner.

I'm still trying to decide if, in the end whether or not I enjoyed the experience. I'm feeling numb and somewhat resentful about being taken to a Professional Dominatrix to be worked over.


  1. I can feel it from here. I'm never sure about ball torture. It's a part of the body that is so easy to injure irrevocably My M and I had a pact. Light torture only there. I hate bondage that makes me feel nauseous, I feel "what's the point?"

  2. I wondered about you lying tied up in bed and the hotel staff walking in --guess your Master put the 'do not disturb' sign on the door before he left?

    I'm SO glad I discussed 'women being a hard limit' with my Masters!


  3. Studwatch, I am sure that he did just to keep from getting asked to leave the hotel. He's left me bound in gay hotels without posting a "Do not disturb" sign.