Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Paris in the morning

I want this month to be over.

I'm enjoying the trip. I'm having fun but I sometimes wish we were at home doing our normal things. I guess I'm addicted to more physical action. I should just shut my worthless slave mouth.

We went to a few museums today and I bought a huge box of Sennelier Pastels and had them shipped home. I'd love to visit the paper plant in Arches on our way to Paris. We're hoping they have plant tour. I thinks it's between 40 and 50 K from where we are now. Sennelier is someplace near Normandy so I doubt Master is interested enough to go there with me.

We had Sole Meuniered prepared at the table this evening. I asked the waiter to remove and take the head away from the table. The waiter was an artist with major fish preparation skill. I had a salad of baby greens with paper thin radish slices and lemon dressing with fantastic French olive oil.  Master allowed dessert tonight. We had rich vanilla ice cream with warm minced fruit compote.

Nothing kinky to report except the morning fuck. That's why I miss our normal things.

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  1. Sennelier are the best pastels I've ever used but never been able to buy more than a small box. I hope you have lots of time to use them when you get home. As for rich vanilla ice cream - who needs any other dessert?