Monday, December 23, 2013

Response to Slave Jack

We live on a large piece of land. It is generally dark an quiet at night. It makes sense to have minimal security as a deterrent and for protection.  We respond via cell phone to arrivals at the gate during daylight hours. We want to see who is at the gate before we open it at night. The floods outside the house and outbuildings help us see what is going on out there, if anything. We originally decided to install the security equipment when one of my half-brothers was threatening me. It was legitimate since he was a half baked self declared army of god who was prone to acting out his anger. That was why we hired Christian. (my brother died from a heart attack during one of his invectives)

The dogs and geese are natural alarms and they're more fun than electronics so the security equipment is for night or when humans aren't home.

I've been answering email for three hours, which is always a pleasure.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question! I dunno why I even asked it --just nosy, I guess.

    Sorry about your brother...that's a tough one.

    I'm glad your Master will be home in time for Christmas dinner. I wish I could be with my Masters, but everyone is going 'home.' Well, maybe some day...

    Thanks again for writing.

    Jingle bells,