Sunday, December 22, 2013

Busy relaxing and enjoying being at home

I got up early this morning as I usually do when I'm home (and when I can). I go out to mind meld with the animals and clean out the stalls before everyone else wakes up.  Shoveling out the crap helps me shovel out the crap in my head that keeps it constantly spinning. Being out with all the animal milling around me is enjoyable, by enjoyable I mean fun.  I think they know how much I enjoy them because they clamor to get near me and intentional get in my way as if they are playing.

I did something daring with the horses yesterday. I rode the stallion bareback with just a halter and let the others run after us. I felt a little edgy at first because I thought they might wander off. Sancho and Panza are always present. I think they might heard the horses a bit.

Other than being outside a lot, I work in my studio while the daylight coming through the windows and skylight is good. There is nothing to disrupt me or keep me from work with Master still in England. I do miss him.

Christian had security equipment installed around the house while we were gone. Lights go on and off and random in some places and remain on in others. Cameras were installed at the gate and drive. I feel like I am living in Fort Knox.

I'm getting horny. Master ordered to put the Groethal Chastity Belt on so there is no getting myself off. Christian has the key for that on a chain around his neck. I could ask him for a good session but it's not the same as having Master rip into me. That will happen soon and anticipating it is half the fun. Still, I can do the other slave things like keeping off furniture since I don't really have permission anyway. HERE'S TO MASTER BEING HOME ON TUESDAY!


  1. Can you describe what you're working on? I found a beautiful Richard Diebenkorn which I think you'd appreciate, and Friedel Dzubas.
    Not long till Tuesday! Enjoy!

  2. Were you having security issues that necessitated the new cameras and stuff?

    I think I am receiving a new chastity device from one of my Masters --or at least that is what the hinting suggests.

    Glad to read you're home safe and recovered from the dominatrix debacle.

    Jingle bells,