Friday, December 6, 2013

Training at the Chateau

Slave- to answer your question about the Chateau: I cover that in the writings that lead up to the blog. I am still working on compiling them.

The first time there was a struggle to understand and I felt angry about it. I didn't understand why Master felt that another entity had to be involved and why he subjected me to it. I had no idea of what this mysterious place is so I was really frightened, especially since it seemed that some of the men were not in consenting relationships.

In the past it was always the same. Six days in a corridor that looks like a cavern with chains and plastic covered mats for insulation. You could not lay down so sleep was difficult. We were treated as a group with individual sessions of fairly intense "torture" sessions and instruction on what we all fantasize about as far as decorum.  Things like how to and when to address our owners as Master or Sir. Use of furniture. Keeping the environment comfortable. Serving at the table. Treatment of guests. Being ready to enhance the owner's lives. How to be a Butler, Maid, Cook, Driver and how to submit even when we didn't fee like it. We learned that our satisfaction comes from the owner's happiness.

The Chateau is funded by members and it is very expensive to maintain membership. Only Master's or owner's are invited to join. There is no process by which an un-referred person can join.

Now for the fun stuff. I was an object for much of the day. I stood "at ease" in one spot with my hands tied behind my back. I was not allowed to speak or make any sound. I think it is a most difficult form of bondage. It absolutely turns me on to have my arms tied or cuffed behind my back so any time that I became more aware of what I was being forced to do, my cock hardened and dripped pre-cum.

We went out for dinner after doing a bit of shopping. I have not spoken since Master told me to not speak unless spoken to. I have looked down and avoided eye contact with everyone unless Master demands it. I carried his jacket through a department store when he got to warm to wear it. Master ordered my dinner, which was a trip because every time the waiter asked me a question I smiled and tried to defer to Master. The waiter seemed disturbed and somewhat amused.

I remained an object when we got back to our hotel suite until Master buckled the Fuck Harness on me that he bought at a leather shop.  It's made of a belt, straps for each thigh and straps to connect the belt to each thigh. He fucked me while I kneeled on a tapestry covered ottoman.

Master his a very large man and he his big below the belt. Holding the fuck harness helped him drive himself deeper inside of me while keeping me from moving forward as I try to accommodate him. It works!

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  1. Thank you so much for that answer. I do hope the hard drive you dropped can be fixed to save you re writing too much. Arms tied behind the back is certainly a hot position, silly things like an itchy nose become impossible and almost torture at times. There's also the feeling of being totally "naked" even when clothed.