Saturday, December 28, 2013

Assault and Battery & THE BOX

This guy came up our mountain today who was dressed in a chef jacket. It's the second time this has happened, as far as I knew. He wanted to buy one of my Alpaca to slaughter for his restaurant. I told him to get off the property but he said, "name your price, I'll make worth your while". I slugged the fucker with my right and knocked him on the ground. The killer geese were already raising hell.  Once he hit the ground they started biting him.  The dogs came barking, Christian came racing out the door with Master in hot pursuit. Christian pulled out his cell phone and called the sheriff.  The fucker wants to have me charged for assault and battery and for harboring vicious animals. I told the sheriff deputy that I wanted to charge the chef for trespassing and threatening to kill my Alpaca.

I haven't slugged a person since 7th grade when I finally had enough of Ronnie and Donnie for picking on me all of the time. I was extremely skinny and small for my age so I was an easy target.
I finally picked up a chuck of ice from the edge of the school yard and hit one of them in the face with it and jumped on top of the other and beat him in his face.

There was a big investigation about it because I really messed the guys up. Their mother wanted me kicked out of school for being violent and beating her boys up on the playground.  A bunch of ninth grade girls ended the investigation when they told the principal and police that those boys picked on me constantly and it was about time that I fought back. One of the girls was a "bad girl" who smoked and dated a high school drop out who worked in a donut factory.

Butch came from town while the sheriff deputies were "interviewing" us and looked at the Chef, he said "I know you, you've been up here twice before". He turned to me and asked, "was he trying to get you to slaughter one of your animals again?". With that, a deputy cuffed the guy and took him into custody. Christian and Master stood at my side while the sheriff deputy asked me questions. They usually take over when they think I'm stressed. They smiled while I took control of the situation and then applauded me afterward.

The guy has bite marks from the geese all over his lower arms, hands, ears and face. I don't know if all geese have teeth in their bill but my African Greys have crenulations that leave what looks like tooth marks. Funny.

I got to try The Box for fit for a few minutes today.  All the sides are heavily padded inside. The foam is beveled so they fit seamlessly. The foam is upholstered with garment leather. The bottom and three sides are rigid so I crawled in from the front and sat against the back wall. Master had a sheet explaining the best ways to strap me into the box so that I am cramped and immobile. I would have gotten a woody but the pain caused by the chastity belt ended that quickly.  He closed the front panel then locked it to the adjacent sides with cam locks before he dropped the top over head. I heard him fiddle with the lock. It was entirely dark inside. I could feel it when Master played with the lock but couldn't hear anything.

I'm scared. Master "asked" me this morning if wanted this done to me.
I was speechless, I hope he is just fucking with my head

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  1. Good for you T! Sounds like the bully had it coming. Bet that felt great afterwards.
    As for the box, yep, I'd be getting a woody too until I found it wasn't up to me anymore.

  2. If someone showed up on my doorstep wanting to murder one of my pets, I would have done the same thing! That must have been hilarious watching the geese attack. Nice work. I bet everyone is proud of you.

    Like you, I was smaller and skinny as a kid but was only messed around once with by a bully (three times my size). I just complained to an even larger friend and that pretty much ended that.

    Damn, that box sounds hot. Love to give up control like that. I might have to make another box for my new Masters...