Saturday, November 29, 2014

My Slave

My slave has very little interest in anything beside working with his menagerie and in his studio. He hasn't used a computer since last week while in Munchen.

Except vanilla sex, we have not engaged in much sexually activity. He is open to me and particularly huggy and kissy. I rarely bother him when he is so lost to his work.

Life on the ranch is very quiet. Everything has been trimmed and winterized for now.

A thought for those madly searching for presents to exchange at Christmas:

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines a Gift as
:  something voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation
Is the exchange of festively wrapped materials at Christmas really an act of giving a gift? It seems
less a gift than obligation, thus not a gift.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Here is a bondage tip.
When you are strapping a guy into restraints, pay attention to his cock right at the “point of no return”.  You know, that moment when the lock clicks, or you fasten the arms together on the straitjacket…that second when he can no longer escape on his own. If his cock is rock hard, and applying restraints makes him harder, you know he’s really into bondage.
For this kind of guy, you shouldn’t just grab his cock and start playing.  Once he is all tied up, you should just let him stew.  For him, the initial thrill of being tied up is a rush…his cock will be engorged and speaking for him…wanting you to get on with the program. 
Don’t listen to his cock.  Instead, just wait quietly. 
He’ll eventually start to complain of course, horny as he is.  He’ll want you to do something. He may become very verbal, maybe even angry that you aren’t taking any action.  This is when good gags and hoods come in handy.  Keep his mouth occupied…let him know he isn’t in charge.  
When you see his cock get soft…really soft…then you can start playing with him.  The point isn’t to get him off, the point is to make him want to get out, to force him to struggle against the restraints.  This will make them get hard again.
You see, for guys that are really into bondage, it isn’t about getting off.  It’s about being restrained.  Keep them in restraints, remind them they are in restraints, add more and more restraints…and learn how to wait.
When the time comes, they won’t just cum, they’ll erupt.
(Source: sdspitbull)
Nothing much to report in London. Hanging out with the guys at the clubhouse is pure delight. We all went out to a pub for dinner and a little too much to drink.
I'm not much into UK style food but I could eat Scotch Eggs until they come out of my ears. Are they really from the UK or just some scrumptious recipe that some American chef attributed to Scotland?
We finally visited The Eye. I guess the Ferris wheel in Las Vegas is a hundred feet taller. Wow! in Vegas you get a few of the strip, the desert and baron mountains...Not nearly so interesting.
There are no tales of sex or kink in this posting.
We chartered a flight home for Sunday so we will be home for Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Master held my neck with one hand and covered my mouth and nose with the other until everything turned gray then black. I woke with his pole lodged deep, very deep inside of me. His hands were wringing my tits with all of his strength.

Master began slowly rocking back and forth, fucking me then stopping, fucking then stopping. He came inside of me then lay still before rocking in and out again. He stopped and continued laying on top me. He is a massive muscular brute, at least that is what he looks like. He continued fucking me until the sheets were soaked with my pre-cum and he had cum a second and third time. He growled like a grizzly the third time and then flipped off of me and flipped me so that we were face to face.

"That's enough", he said. "We're done with this shit. I'm not going to let you out of my clutches again. No more Chateau, not more trips without you at my side". He squeezed so tight that I felt he would crush my ribs. He kissed and bit me. I was sorry hungry for you.

Butch and Daniel went out before to spend the day getting lost in museums. Master took me to a coffee shop where we had caramel apple scones and coffee. I didn't pay attention to much to where we were after that but we walked until Master saw something in a shop window that he wanted to see more closely. It was a very nice shop that had security at the door. Our jeans and boots didn't impress him. He was a bit rude and snooty but he let us in. It impressed me as out of date to have someone like him at the gate.

Master made me try on a motor cycle jacket that was sumptuous and heavy weight and matching jeans with a Sam Brown belt. It looked like an original post WWII leather man might have left it behind. The shop keeper said the jeans needed to be shortened and that he could get it done by the time the shop closed. I don't know exactly how to describe the color except to imagine a Maxfield Paris blue night sky or the blue mixed with the near black color in the picture.

(BTW: I am having this image tattooed on my back. For everyone who knows the image, it is from the "Great Wave off Kanagawa" by Hokusai.
Master is finally allowing me to get it. I, with the help of Stevie Moon centered the circle in the middle of the image to create a Yin-Yang of fire and water. I am told by my acupuncturist and oriental healers that I am primarily a water type personality and body type with strong fire traits. Opposites for sure. Water is represented by the wave, fire by the volcano.)
We bought the jacket, shirt and jeans then went continued down the street. It seems I go through like asking for nothing material and getting...
There was a small protest against the EU and payments for immigrants. They preach that if the countries stop supporting indigent immigrants that it will slow the tide.
Master talked to me about storage. He has kept me bound in a closet several times recently and wanted to know how I felt about it. "It's cool, I've fantasized about being stored".
We had late lunch in a restaurant that played dreamy eastern music. Most of the food was vegetarian and either very spicy or tasteless.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Quick Answers to Comments

Rick and Tony,

Rick, I think you are correct. When I play with family, they have greater empathy and sense when a "scene" should end. We've developed an ability to read each other's body language and at times, thoughts. There is also a sense that the "caregivers" at the Chateau are almost robotic because the responsibility they have is to keep members coming back. I've developed a relationship with some of these guys but it doesn't change the "script".

Being tired is from fatigue and lack of desire to be in the situation that I was in. Daniel felt a little of that too. Nothing feels as good and energizing as being with people that you respect AND love. In a sense, being a slave can be like being a victim by choice. But in my case, it is a privilege with family and extended family. I think I relate more to using the term "object" because I relate to periods of extreme play differently depending on the mood that we set together.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Have you ever been tightly bound with no way and suddenly felt so tired that it wasn't fun anymore?

We just escaped from the Chateau today. We generally had a good time, speaking for all of us except the incident when I was chained ankles to genitals with my wrists chained behind to a waist chain and a collar attached to a heavy steel kettle ball. The where caning me. I was tightly gagged and blindfolded.

In an instance, I felt extremely tired and bored. I just wanted out and to be done with being a victim. Yes! I said victim. Not slave but victim. There was nothing to do about it. It felt like having influenza or being hurt in and accident. You want it to end but you know it's not going to end until your body has worked through it and the sick feeling or pain gradually subsides. It made me wonder "Why the hell am I doing this?".

So, we're leaving for London tomorrow. I don't even know what the weather forecast is.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Very Diobedient and Well Punished

The boys managed to get themselves in trouble down in the dungeon yesterday.

Much of the time, slaves are held in a long hallway-like room, usually with no restraints except a heavy steel collar locked around their necks that is connected to the wall. There is usually enough length to allow the slaves to lay down (unless they are being mildly punished). Our slaves were chained next to each other with enough leeway make almost full body contact with each other. On one hand, it was nice for them to be close to each other, on the other hand, it allowed room for them fill each other's holes with cum, repeatedly!

The boys don't have much opportunity to fuck each other at home except when they are targets of family gang bangs because they are both locked in chastity belts almost 24/7. The belts were removed for their stay in the Chateau dungeon so as far as they were concerned there was no reason not to take advantage of the situation.

The guards walked in on them while they were fucking and promptly separated them and then reported the incident to the Chateau Master. Butch and I thought it was funny although slightly embarrassing for our slaves to tumble with each other. They had to be punished so this is what happened.

They boys came in front of the Chateau Master, Butch and me for an inquiry. The Chateau Master found through a very willing confession that they had been having sex when ever the guards were not directly observing them. So what to do?

They boys were sentenced to 30 lashings with a leather flogger that were to be administered by each other. They were warned that holding back and not giving a proper punishment would result in another 30 lashings by their owners. The punishments were given this morning.

The boys made a pact. Apparently, Trace told Daniel try to draw blood, Daniel agreed and told Trace to do the same. They have done this in play. It's a contest to see who can get the other to give in and ask the other to stop. They have gotten horribly vicious with each other. That was before Butch and I came into their lives.

Trace took his lashings first. Dan immediately tore into him, back, legs, chest and the crack of Trace's ass. Butch had no idea what to expect, especially from Dan who appears to be docile. My slave very quickly turned into a mass of welts and bloody hash marks. Trace did the same to Dan except that he stopped to give Dan a sloppy kiss and a swat to Dan's balls, which earned Trace an additional punishment consisting of ten swats to the balls given with small leather strap by one of the guards.

It was great to know that the slaves get into each other as much as they do,

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hotel Business Center

We're in Munich and I am writing from a hotel computer. We are in the midst
of a quiet period on the ranch and saw an opportunity to experience the chateau
together and then get home in time to enjoy the Yule Holidays as a family. We
are celebrating Thanksgiving on the Sunday following the actual holiday.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

We're on the Road

Four of us are on the road. We'll be back after Thanksgiving Day.
We don't have computers with us other than cell phones so there
won't be any postings.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mind Reading

It seems sometimes that Master is able to read my mind, especially when it comes to sex and play.

One afternoon while working in my studio, I had a sudden urge for Master to strap me down very tightly on the Australian whipping and gag me so that communicating would be painful beside entirely useless. I thought I would like to be left for a long period of time to die the thousand deaths, wondering how intense the session would get and building fearful anticipation and regret for consenting to the coming punishment. My desire slid into the pit of my stomach because I knew that if I could think it that Master would eventually do it.

I laid a strip of Prussian Blue on my palette and began to mix it with another shade of blue when Master appeared from behind the canvas. He told me to clean up and meet him in the dungeon. I did as he ordered and the crossed the drive in the rain to meet him. He stood looking stern and irked that I had taken so long. He grabbed my nipples and lifted me off the ground by them. "When I tell you to meet me somewhere I don't want any dallying, do you understand?"

Master strapped me to the bench, stretching me and tightening and retightening straps until the position became almost intolerable and the straps felt like they would cut into my flesh. He gagged me with what looks like a ball gag from the outside but has a pecker gag pushing to the back of the throat. Everything went as I fantasized in my momentary day dream. Master fucked me and cum dumped in my ass the pulled out and let it dribble down the inside of my legs.

Master pulled his belt from the loops of his jeans and folded it over. He showed it to me and told me to smell it. "It smells like leather and your blood, doesn't it boy!" He pulled it away from my nose and raised it in the air above his head and swung full arm, sending it crashing down on my butt. Beatings like this are hellish, they are given for no other reason than for his own pleasure. He beats me and then fucks me then beats me more. In the end, when the endorphins are beginning to subside, the beatings are gratifying. Tear stains show Master that he has worked his magic. The hugs and kisses once I am released are proof  that I am thankful that I belong to him.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Quote

I found this quote on Tumblr this morning;


Monday, November 3, 2014

Workday in heavy leg irons

The slave worked most of the day, dividing his time between the pets and his studio. He wore heavy leg irons over his boots and his Carrara, without clothing. Other than having him serve as a fucking cum toy, he's been busy in his own world. We don't have many days like this. I'm feeling kind of tired today, like getting sick tired. I hope it's just the change in the weather.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tight, Tight, Tight!

New hood?

Master had a hood that I have never seen before. It smelled like new leather. He pulled it over my head. It was already a tight fit. Master slowly laced it, pulling each lace tightly and pulling the zipper over the laces. He had to re-tighten the laces at times to get the zipper closed. The hood was tight. It felt like something that had shrunken over my head. There were holes at the nostrils that were my only possibility for breath but as Master demonstrated, they could easily be blocked. The entire hood was coated with a rubber material that sealed all the seams. I might have panicked if it was anyone but Master using it to torture me.

He tied me in a chair that he set in the Greatroom. I was next to the television where he could watch me while reading a book that enthralled him.