Monday, November 3, 2014

Workday in heavy leg irons

The slave worked most of the day, dividing his time between the pets and his studio. He wore heavy leg irons over his boots and his Carrara, without clothing. Other than having him serve as a fucking cum toy, he's been busy in his own world. We don't have many days like this. I'm feeling kind of tired today, like getting sick tired. I hope it's just the change in the weather.


  1. I hope it doesn't develop into anything - illness wise.

    "Days like this" are as important as anything for balance aren't they. Just going about doing stuff that you enjoy. Too much play and not enough work - not quite the old saying but points to the same outcome.

    I was thinking this morning on the dog walk, Have you ever tried those great leather boots that have the solid lead soles? Trying to work in them doesn't hamper movement but I'll bet they're as heavy as leg irons.

  2. slave,
    Where do you get lead soled boots. It sounds like diving equipment.

  3. I don't have an address. It's something I saw a bit back which looked "interesting".on a BDSM site. They may have been adapted at home. I would think Ray could knock some up for you if you gave him the boots to work on. Diving boots are close but these were proper leather, "bovver boots" type with the addition of heavy metal soles.To add to the discomfort of the weight they also, of course, don't bend with the foot as you walk. Plod like Frankenstein's monster more like it.

  4. There is something known as the Oregon Boot which is a heavy metal weight that can be locked over a regular work/military boot. Supposedly it was invented in the Oregon prison system at the turn of the last century. If you Google it you can see several images that should provide enough info to either purchase one or fabricate it.
    Good luck!