Monday, September 30, 2013

Quick Exit from the Chateau

The guards took me at the front door without allowing Master a last touch before our separation.  I could feel his anger as they took me into a room at the side of the main door and ordered me to remove my clothes and boots.  Still hooded, I stumbled and hit my head against the door as I fell.  They picked me up and one of them slugged me in the stomach without giving me a chance to prepare for it. Christian opened the door to the room and yelled at them in German.  He stayed in the room and walked with me as the guards led me to the dungeon where I would spend my time. 

I had a bit of a headache from the fall and felt sicker than I had all day.  I didn't say anything about feeling sick to Master because I thought it was caused by anxiety.  The blow to the stomach worsened the feeling that something was wrong.  I could not communicate and I thought that once they left me that I could relax enough to allow my body to heal itself. 

The men removed the hood and chained me by collar, wrists and ankles that were fastened to the wall.  I leaned against the cool stone and closed my eyes.  Christian kicked the bottom of my feet and I looked up at him. He looked concerned about me.  He left biting his lower lip and then went to get me a woolen blanket to cover me and then left.

Christian returned with a doctor.  He examined me then told the guards to remove my restraints.  He and Christian took me upstairs to meet with the Chateau Master and Master Ian and then took me into a medical exam room.  "I'm going to remove your micro-chip.  I can give you anesthetic or you can tough through it.  If I give an anesthetic you will have to stay overnight.  I opted to go with the pain thinking that I've felt worse.

I laid on my right side with my arm under my head and dropped my left arm behind my back.  The doctor scrubbed my side over the ribs and then told me to take a deep breath. He cut into me with a scalpel then made a deeper cut. He reached into the opening with a long pointed forceps to pull out a tiny encapsulated chip.  He dropped it into a small plastic jar then taped the wound with steristrips and covered it with a bandage. The whole process took less than fifteen minutes and hurt much less than when Master played with my nipples.

Master was waiting in a lounge.  He and The Chateau Master and Christian were talking about the possibility of keeping Christian on.

Christian slipped a leather hood over my head after I finished getting dressed then escorted me to a waiting car. Master had ended our relationship with the Chateau with an invitation to come back anytime. I was happy about it so there was no need to know why.  I still had a headache and felt nauseous and very tired.  I fell asleep aided my the darkness of the hood until we reached the hotel.
We had dinner in our suite.  Master went out for the evening, leaving me with Christian who is sitting in front of the fireplace reading a book.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Breakfast, coffee and anticipation.

I don't like this.  I'm not at all convinced that this whole Chateau membership is necessary. I don't like being away from Master for days when I can't communicate with him.  Being "trained" is passionless. The guards seem to genuinely seem to enjoy inflicting pain with only obligatory concern for property of an owner/member.

I really don't have a choice. I would never request anything that would possibly question his dominance. What would I achieve except to diminish my submissiveness.  If this writing survives Masters edit, you will know that he allows me to think for myself.

I couldn't eat breakfast and the smell of coffee was unpleasant. I sipped enough water to swallow my medication then sat quietly while he and Christian talked.  Master locked his boot around mine under the table cloth, causing me to smile.

This is my last post until we leave the Chateau.

Master took this picture on our first trip to the Chateau.
My senses were taken away by a heavily padded hood until they took me inside the Chateau.
I don't know where this valley is nor am I likely to.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lake Como

We stayed at the Albergo Le Due Corti in Como last night.  It's a funky hotel with a little age in the rooms.  It was fairly private.  At least no one complained when Master reddened my back and ass with his belt.  Being beaten without being bound seems harder to take than with bondage.

There was no reason for it other than belated road rage.  I love the feel of his worn leather belt. It wraps around, catching both sides of my hips.  It stings and feel wrong but I've felt it so many times that I am completely comfortable (mentally) with it, not that it matters.  He fucked me several times before we went to sleep. I was raw before he finished.  It took him a very long time to climax the third time. He actually seemed to pass out.

I slept underneath him most of the night and woke up in bedding stained with blood and giz.

I read something on the net called the Nine Levels of Submission. You can find it at:

I figured out that I was at level 8;
Full-Time live-in consensual slave
Within no more than a few broad limits/requirements, the slave regards herself/himself as existing solely for the Dom(me)'s pleasure/well being. Slave in turn expects to be regarded as a prized possession. Not much different from the situation of the traditional housewife, except that within the S/M world the slave's position is more likely to be fully consensual, especially of the slave is male. Within the S/M world, a full time "slave" arrangement is entered into with an explicit awareness of the magnitude carefully, with more awareness of the magnitude of power that is being given up, and hence is usually entered into much more carefully, with more awareness of the possible dangers, and with much clearer and more specific agreements than usually precede the traditional marriage.

As I face entering The Chateau, I feel I am at Level 9 at time.  I'd describe it as Consensual Total Slave. I often feel that the goal there is to totally remove my sense of self.  Master takes me there too but then we return to Level 8 where my goal is to please and pleasure him. Apprehension is making me feel queasy.

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Body Guard

My body guard's name his Christian.  There, now I don't have to call him my "body guard" anymore. Even though he is technically an employee, I am ordered to call him "Sir".  There are two reasons for that.  The first is that Master ordered it, the second is that he is employed through the Chateau.

So far, Christian has been silent in most things and seems to just be going on our ride.  His only input besides his constant presence was yesterday when he kept me from escaping bondage by tightening the upper arm belt. Nothing in my life seems to have the expected social norm.  I'm aware of some awkward resistance popping up within myself, especially about the lack of privacy that I should have as an adult. I've rarely been totally alone, ever!

We rented a car in Florence to make the trip to Munich. We're taking a few days to take in the countryside before going to The Chateau. I'm apprehensive about it because once there I will become a prisoner outside of Master's control, while he does whatever Masters due there. I expect to be heavily restrained in darkness, possibly in complete isolation.  I'll be punished for no reason and tormented without passion. The strangest thing is that I won't know where I am.  I've never seen the outside because I am always hooded in the van or car.

For now, I'm relaxing as we drive through the Alps and enjoying a few good meals on the way.

Once I'm in the Chateau there will be no additions to my blog until we leave.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

What do you do when you don't have any restraints?

We are staying in the Grand Hotel Villa Cora.  It's a little too luxurious for my tastes but the suites are large and the bedroom has no walls adjoining other hotel suites so it's private.

Master had a business meeting to attend today and didn't want me out on my own, even with my body guard.  He wanted to tie me up and leave me but we didn't have any bondage gear with us.  What was Master to do?

He left the room for a while and came back with five new belts,  He stripped me from my shorts and used the belts to tie me up.  He folded the belts and pulled a loop through the buckle.  He slipped it up my arms then tightened it above my elbows.  He did the same at my wrists, above my knees and around my ankles.  He used the fifth belt to pull my ankles almost to my wrists.  He stuffed one of his sweaty red socks into my mouth, layering it as he packed it almost to my throat.  He tied the sock gag in place with another sock tied in a tight knot around my head.  He got himself ready for his meeting then checked and tightened the belts on his way out the door. My body guard watched as Master bound me and watched me struggle.  I almost got the wrist belt loose enough to get my hands free when my body guard decided that "I might be in danger if I got free" and tightened everything again.  He pulled my upper arms tighter until I cried out in pain. He sat back to watch me and the television while I lay there on the floor.  I couldn't struggle because any time that I tried, searing pain shot through my shoulders. My cock strained against the ever present chastity belt.  I wet the carpet beneath me with my precum.

Master returned and bend over me to inspect my restraints. He was concerned about the tightness of the upper arm restraint. He started to loosen it and I shook my head "no".  He let me suffer as long as there was no danger. I actually liked the strictness of the bondage. Bondage for pain is one of my favorite situations to be in.  Master returned and released the hog tie.  He rolled me onto my back and began to play with my tits.  He squeezed, pulled and pinched.  His grip became ever more intense.  I tried to scream but my spit soaked sock gag kept me quiet.  He kept working my tits to the point that I was sobbing.  He kept working my tits while he handed the key to my chastity belt to our companion.  Once he managed to get my swollen cock free, Master slid down.  He sucked my cock while still working my tits. I came, unable to warn him.  He swallowed my cum and licked my cock and balls as if was searching for more.  He removed the restraints and pulled me to the bed.  He pushed my torso down on the bed.  He pulled my face to the left and spit out a heavy glob on my lips and told me not to waste it.  He spit on my rectum and pushed himself inside me.  He fucked me slowly until he came.  He pushed me on to my knees and made me clean his cock with my tongue. I used to hate it when he forced me to do this but now, we are so close that we're probably made of each other.

We went out for late lunch and went back to the hotel to pack. I absolutely craved his touch.  I wrapped my arms around Master and he responded with a bear hug.  He wrapped his right hand around my neck and whispered "you're mine, never forget that".  It was a moment of the possessiveness that he often expresses.
"Sir, I know".

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ponte Vecchio

Master pushed me out of bed this morning and told me to clean myself out then come back to bed.  He head fucked me then pulled out as he was about to cum.  He pulled me to my knees and fucked me slowly, pulling out then pushing back in.  He growled like a wolf and bit me on the back of my neck.  He pulled out again and reached down to the floor to grab the studded belt from the jeans that he wore last night.  He held the belt across my neck,  like the reins of a horse and plowed into me again, fucking me until he groaned.  He pulled out again for a few moments then drove deep again. He banged into my prostate, making me fall on my face in agony as my cock met the damn of steel that traps it. He pulled out of me again and manipulated my prostate until I came.  He dug his cock into me again over and over again until he came, filling my ass with his giz.

I collapsed and turned onto my back while he straddled me. He kissed and licked my face then placed his wide open mouth over my mouth and nose.  He held it there breathing his breath into me until I struggled for oxygen.

Later yesterday we went to the Ponte Vecchio.  We stopped in a few shops but didn't find anything that we wanted. We walked the narrow streets of Florence looking for non-tourist spots and then headed for the hotel.  I love walking cities. It gives a real sense of the souls who live there.

We watched a stupid detective program a few days before leaving for our trip.  It was about a whack job who advertised himself as a Master to attract women that he manipulated then murdered for their money. I guess the program really bothered him because, while were walking, Master asked me if I ever thought I was being manipulated.

"Of course you manipulate me.  You manipulate me everyday of our lives. Do I know what you are doing? Yes! Do I want you to manipulate me? Yes but I know when to stop you. If you go too far and you never have. Just because I submit to you doesn't mean I'm not strong or that I am stupid. Do I like it when you manipulate me?  It's exactly what I signed up for so I'd kind of prefer not answering these kinds of questions."  I hugged him and we walked on.

We made love when we got to our room then went out to find dinner

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Losing a chunk of my life

I lost everything that I have written over the past year when I dropped my external hard drive on the floor.  It feels like I lost a big chunk of my life. I'm trying to recover the data on my own before sending it to a lab that said they charge $3000.  I just have to think of it as keeping a child from dying.  It was stupid to not have it backed up on the cloud and another drive.

We're staying in a hotel again.

Master hired a "body guard" though Die Schloss unknown.  I expected that he would be a big shaved head man like Master but Master chose a thin bearded dark haired man, He is licensed to carry a concealed weapon in most US stated and counties of Europe. He is a trained Martial Arts practitioner with the eyes of an eagle. He's kinky and no-nonsense as one from the Die Schloss is expected to be.

I'm still not convinced that I need a body guard but I guess I can look at the whole situation as having another companion in my life.  I grew up with it so I can get accustomed to it again.

Tenzin Gyatso, His Holiness the Dalai Lama said  "True compassion is not just an emotional response but a firm commitment founded on reason".  A yoga instructor that I found on the web said "we don't know what internal hell a person is facing so BE KIND".

I live a kinky life in which I submit to Master's rule over me.  It often includes pain, bondage and submission to his desires,  He protects me, cares for me and pushes me to do things in other parts of my life that I might not do on my own. He has hurt me once in an emotional way because he could not explain the internal fight when dealing with his Mother's death and shrinking family.  The pain went away when he came home to me and let me yell at him in our one and only argument. I learned that compassion often needs to be expressed, even when we don't understand the plight of another.

We're in Italy.  We haven't played, other than fucking, for going on the fourth day.

Most people think of art, architecture, great cities, vineyards and pasta when thinking of Italy.  I think of olives and orchards of trees, black truffles and house table wines.  It all forces me to humiliate myself while trying to communicate in a language that I don't know.  I just laugh at myself when I can't communicate.  I smile and touch people more when I am in Europe than when I am at home.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Master Ian's Slave

This blog is written by No Trace & edited by Master Ian

Picture is from a Tumblr blog.

This is a story of Trace, his life and his journey into dedicating himself to the service of the man who came to own him.