Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Opposite of What I Expected.

We're in the Airport early this morning. It even too early for coffee or Tea.

Master is taking me to Germany and leaving me there for two weeks while he continues on to London to complete the sale of the family business to a Swiss company. This will end the freedom that I've had thus far on our trip. He's been aggressive with me for the past twenty four hours and he tells me that I'm going to have a rough two weeks and that when he comes to get me that he will administer my re-branding. The scar is barely visible now.

So much for a few days of Rest and recuperation in Maui. I was really looking forward to an American meal.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Punishment Scenario and a Visit to the Japanese Kinbaku Master

We made a night long visit to a Kinbaku Master near Kyoto in which I was the subject of his art and kink. He was a very kinky man indeed. Master stopped one of the activities as it started.

I was first tied by the shoulders arms and wrists then hoisted into the air. The Master tied my ankles tightly to my thighs then started swinging back and forth. I was blindfolded and gagged with cloth wrappings. He started mouthing my cock and then after a while started almost fucking his own throat, allowing my cock to plunge into his mouth. He sucked the meatus as it exited his wet opening.

He stopped swinging me then lowered me. He folded my still hanging body forward from the waste and tight my knees as closely to my chest as he could force them. He left me hang for a few moments while he massaged and manipulated the muscle in the back of my waste, buttocks and thighs the came to the front again and forced my knees against my chest. I hung, feeling relaxed except that my weight was beginning to strain my arms and shoulders. He hoisted me higher into the air and began manipulating my ass before dropping me slowly on to a dildo that he placed beneath me, impaling me deeply.  He reached between my legs from the front and started to work my cock until I nearly came then he let go.

He raised me into the air again, removed the dildo and untied me, massaged and manipulating muscle and joints with each stage. He massaged and pinched my shoulders. It was sheer torture but it relieved the effects of muscle strain immediately.

He moved me into the next position on a table. I was bound and immobilized face up. He removed the gag and set and from about my head and then climbed up and sat on it. I could feel the heat from his buttocks. He wanted me to rim him. He started contracted his gut as if he was going to shit on my mouth. Master, MY MASTER, said something in Japanese and the Kinbaku Master immediately got up, jumped from the table and left the room for a while.

Thus, the session ended. The Kinbaku Master untied me very slowly and removed the blindfold. He was naked except for his complete body suit of ink. Master reached into his pocket and brought out a condom, offering it to the Kinbaku Master. I bent over the side of his table. He finished and Master fucked me as well.


I found this on a tumbler site. I can't remember what video it is from but it is the basis for any punishment that I receive from Master. This is called the Naval Barracks Routine and it was historically done in either or both the British or Early US Navies as a punishment.

The video shows the victim being loosely restrained. In real life they would be stretched so they could not wiggle or squirm away from the lash.

The routine goes:
10 strokes then a moment of rest, ten strokes and the rest, ten strokes then rest and finished with twenty strokes. The punishment could be double or worse, tripled. It go, 20,20,20,40.

I have received one punishment from Master. My punishment was worse. Master did not restrain me. He ordered me to curl my toes over the edge of the table and grab the edged with my hands. I am to lay without squirming, verbalizing or crying. I am to remain without expressing emotion or reacting to pain. If I fail, punishment starts over and it is doubled.

It sounds impossible but If you knew Master or saw his expression when he gave me direction, you would be too terrified not to do exactly as you are directed.

I had done something that violated absolute rule and the punishment was harsh. I received the double routine, 20,20,20,40. It was done with a heavy leather strap with a wood handle. I took the entire beating without moving, except from the force generated from and I did not make sound. I held me tears.

 The strap was exactly like the one in this picture. It was made by the now defunct Hanson Paddle Company. The strokes are full armed, very forcrful and given without mercy.

Master was so angry about punishing me that he locked a heavy iron collar around my neck and chained it to the wall in the punishment room. He left me alone for several days with nothing but water and ensure at meal times.

It was once that he locked me up that I started to cry.
I would never to anything to hurt him or invoke punishment again.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


We went to the mountains to visit the Miho today. The roads leading into the forests were breathtaking. The museum was crowded with western as well as Japanese tourists.

I love Japanese food, now that I've tried a few things that I was afraid of but I still stick to mostly vegetables and noodles. I'm just not a fan of rice unless it's mixed into something.  I had Udon noodles with vegetable broth, garlic chive flowers and boiled egg for breakfast this morning, Ramen noodles with chicken and vegetables at mid-day.  The ramen cooks make the noodles by hand. They are definitely different than the stuff we have in the U.S. The broth that they make is a matter of pride and the chefs who specialize in ramen compete with each other.

I hate sushi because of the texture of the Nori and rice but I love sashimi.

We're having some bondage fun over the weekend with a doctor who specialized in medical "torture" scenes. We invited him to dine with us in the hotel and then had a drink in our suite. He's an interesting mad who has had body completely covered with tattoo except from the neck up, below the wrists and below the ankles. He is very circumspect about exposing them or showing them off. I wouldn't have seen them either except that he and Master used my holes for a while.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It Is The Little Things

A child was bouncing a red rubber ball down the hotel hallway as I stepped out of our room to find the butler. That red rubber ball turned me on.

Master belt was laying across the bed while he was in the shower. How I longed to have it caress my butt and back.

The tasseled cord that hangs from a piece of art on the wall.

The sight of water pouring over Master's shoulder, down his chest and his abs, partially running from the end of his swollen cock.


I'm really sorry guys, I'm lousy with the camera. I get so involved in the moment that I forget to take pictures.  I have a few that I promise to post when I get home.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Shanghai for a Shang Bye


As much as I love to travel, "there's NO place like home".

At least in Japan, Master can tie me up and fuck me with abandon.

We're going to Kyoto then to the Miho and Sagawa Museums and whatever else we
can fit into our stay. We're definitely staying away from Tokyo because we have
both been there several times. It was good the first time.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Master Separation

It's weird, Master is thirty miles away and I feel a sort of separation anxiety.
Maybe I feel a little homesick as well. I think I just want to get back to our
normal routine and maybe I'd like to communicate with people at home.

I'm heading into the Hotel tomorrow then back to Shang Hi to fly to Japan.
We'll be there for a week before heading home via Hawaii. I've never been in Hawaii.

I just want to feel Master around me and in me.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Less Bitching! Less Bitching!

We are visiting my friends. They live in northern Fujian, high in the hills.

They live in a circular building that is open in the center with six other families. Animals live on the first floor where tea production is also carried out.  They were up before the sun but they politely let us sleep after our journey.

The women go out into the hills just as the sun rises with big baskets slung over their shoulders.  Some women go to the bottom of the estate and work their way, row after row while some started near the top of the hill with smaller closed baskets. As they pick, the rows of camellia looked as if they were perfectly trimmed by a Bonsai Master.

The women at the top of the hill pick only the tiny shoots before they actually open into leaves.  The women are done by about mid-day and return home. They dump the tea leaves on a huge white sheet that is laid out on the floor of the court yard. The tiny shoots are laid out on a long screen where they are left to dry in the afternoon sun. They dry into tight buds that look like fur covered needles

The women go inside to eat lunch with the family while the men go to work, cleaning and processing. They heat and twist the leaves inside a white cloth that is twisted into a long spiral that look like a rope then string the ropes in the rafter to dry and ferment.  Two of the men take smaller leaves and twist them into tiny pearls then lay them in metal pans to dry and "fry" in the sun.

They take tea breaks during the day. Instead of using a tea pot as we would, they pour hot water in a bowl with the tea leaves the throw the water away. They pour water over the tea again and then pour from that bowl into tiny bowls. It is sipped and tasted then drunk, leaving tea in the bottom of the bowl to throw on the ground. They brew the same leaves two or three more times then all go back to work.

They finish their day when the days processing is done finish.

My friend Michael in San Francisco buys their tea. He pays well and sells to a few restaurants and tea merchants who pay a premium price for it. 

Michael communicates with them through satellite internet that he furnishes the estates that he works with.

I would like to try my hand at picking and then processing before we leave.

One fun thing! After the women are done picking for the day.  They let goats out on the mountain to graze. They keep the tea plants and rows between them free from weeds. They eat everything but the tea because they don't like the taste of it.

Master went back to our hotel because he needed to get some work done before his brother goes nuts on him. I'm enjoying the country and laughing at myself while trying to learn Mandarin. Good thing that Gae (spelled it wrong, I'm sure) speaks fairly fluent English.

Electricity is being turned off for a while.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Red Ants

Red ants came from Brazil in the hold of one ship. They now have spread from Maryland to San Francisco covering the south. They are a pestilent invading species.

Man reportedly came from Africa and spread out over the earth. Breeding uncontrollable and living at the expense of every other living species on earth. We spread, encroaching on or destroying the habitats of many species and out right drive others to extinction.

China has many protection programs in place to protect the wild.  But so much as already been destroyed. The Yellow river is the single greatest source of pollution to the Pacific Ocean. Many native species are either extinct or on the cusp of extinction. It is only one example that is repeated worldwide.

And still, humans continue breeding long past the tipping point at which the earth cannot support us. And still, we continue to procreate.

War, famine, disease and natural disasters trim our population but still we go on building our madness.

In the 70's, there was a movement called Zero Population Growth. What happened to that movement?
It still lives!

Please support the Population Connection.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Leaving Shang Hi

I've had enough of the city.  I hadn't realized how much of a country boy I have become. We leave for Fujian.  I doubt that I will post during the next four days. I am looking forward to renewing friendship with old acquaintances.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reading The Wall

I'm reading a book called The Wall by Marlen Haushofer that was written in 1963.  It is now on my list of favorite reads.  I found that much of it reflects my own feelings about the self and my perception of "god".

I found this important;

She talks about feeling pity for all animals and people because we are given life being given a choice and then said that perhaps people are even more deserving of pity they are "given just enough intelligence to resist they natural cause of things. It has made them malicious and desperate and not very lovable". She goes on to say "There is no emotion more sensible than love. It makes life more bearable for both the lover and the loved. Only, we should have recognized early enough that this was our only hope for a better life."

As I try to fit into the streaming madness on the sidewalks of Shang Hi, I realized how desperate people are. The madness of overpopulation is overwhelming. It is the same in almost any city. The streets of New York or Tokyo are no different I wonder shouldn't love extend to the universe that supports us, the planet we life on or the children of our children's children?  We clamor for more and more still. Some just beg for shelter or enough to eat to stay alive. What love can exist when our desperation for more robs the unfortunate that we use as stepping stones to grow disproportionately and uselessly wealthy?

This trip has opened my eyes to more than I imagined.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sudden Change of Plans

We had a change of circumstance while packing out of our room yesterday.  Our driver quit on us so we were waiting for the concierge to find new travel arrangements. We got the news that our visas were cleared to enter China.

We are in Shang hi, China and staying at the Fairmont Peace Hotel on the Bund. We had dinner in our room then shared the spa tub until our skin began to wrinkle. We gave each other a massage then went to bed and got all dirty again.

The Peace is a restored pre-communist era hotel overlooking the one of the rivers and Nanjing Road.
It might rate as one of the most beautiful hotels that I've stayed in. 

We hung around the area. Went shopping for clean dress clothes so we don't look like a couple of over aged street urchins then went out to explore a nearby museum. Much of the population speaks English and many of the people in the streets are Westerners. I feel like I am in New York, London or Paris. 

We had High Tea when we got back to the hotel then later dined in the Dragon Phoenix and then went to The Jazz Bar to relax. This is so opposite of the trip we had planned but this will change when we head out to the Fujian Provence later this week. I want to visit some people that I met when I traveled with a friend who is a tea buyer and collector. We'll be hiking quite a bit.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

On The Road to Dharamshala

We debated on whether to drive or fly to Dharamshala. It is about a twenty four hour drive to Himachal, Pradesh which is in Dharamshala India. We decided to keep our driver and make the trip by car. It is the best way to see the country. We're leaving the hotel this afternoon.

My guess is that I won't be writing in my blog for several days.

I am deeply, almost gut-sick with horniness.

Master has been letting his hair and beard grow while we've been traveling. I wanted to do the same but he won't have it.

He doesn't loosen his grip on me at all, even while traveling. He tells me when and what I can have or do. It was a minor thing but I wanted to pick up some goofy beads to bring home. I really wanted them at the time but he stopped me. "You don't need to bring that crap home."  I felt insulted and a little pissed with him.  The little kid in me threw an internal tantrum that I would never dare to express to Master. I think he denied me just because he could.  But then, I saw some tribal silver and coral pieces that I thought would look good in frames. He offered to buy me several pieces. I took one ornate antique piece.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Energy is Full Steam Again

We rested for a couple days. I went to the Qi Gong doctor and had acupuncture. I

I didn't know it but Master brought four six foot long pieces of rope in his luggage. He managed to provide an intense and a much needed heavy duty fuck session and belting. He also let me cum a couple times.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Travel Fatigue

I'm starting to feel fatigued. We're sticking around the hotel with short trips during the day. We're dining in the hotel, simply because I've eaten so many unexpected things that I crave western style cuisine when I can get it.

Happy Gay Pride Month

A friend sent me this today. He found it on tumblr


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Katmandu, Nepal

We are in Katmandu, Nepal.

We visited a Qi Gong physician that a friend from my hometown studied with years ago.
He's an ageless man with amazing energy. His touch is powerful although his actually physical grip is like the brush of a feather.

Katmandu is an interesting place. People are friendly and embraceable but I feel like I am surrounded by chaos.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


We are making our way to Dharamsala today.
There is no itinerary for this trip, just a general list of places that we want to visit so we're going where we can go, when we can go.

Sharing this trip with Master is amazing!