Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Katmandu, Nepal

We are in Katmandu, Nepal.

We visited a Qi Gong physician that a friend from my hometown studied with years ago.
He's an ageless man with amazing energy. His touch is powerful although his actually physical grip is like the brush of a feather.

Katmandu is an interesting place. People are friendly and embraceable but I feel like I am surrounded by chaos.


  1. How are you travelling, presumably road most of the time or do you manage to fly bits point to point? Do you meet other western faces travelling like you or are you making sure you miss them if possible? I know which I'd rather do especially if I had friends or at least know one or two people where I was going.

    Does Ian feel as you do about the chaos, I know from my one visit to SE Asia I felt like I was in a tornado of people but there was a fantastic order within the seeming chaos. Seemed I could only comprehend it afterwards.

    Quite envious of you both right now. T

    1. We are staying at the Hyatt Regency Katmandu. It's a very modern western hotel filled with world travelers and businessmen from the west.
      It is a huge hotel with accommodations that start at about 150. American dollars and up to thousands per night. Service is impeccable. I think that is my answer about westerners.

      Bhutan was different. We stayed in quest houses that were family owned. Our friends kept us off the usually tourist tracks.

      There seem to be a lot of people in Katmandu who are waiting on a queue to climb in the Himalayas. They are restless.

      I laugh at myself a lot here when I am slaughtering the indigenous language. It helps to laugh instead of getting frustrated.

      Master is a patient and calm person. He is rarely jostled. I'm more hyper although I practice many ways to calm myself. I'm often like a top that cannot stop until it runs out of energy and topples.

      I was bent over at the bath basin brushing my teeth when he kissed me on my butt. I loved it.

    2. Forgot to answer your question. We hired a Range Rover and a British driver. We're making the trip by auto. The roads are usually passable. But some are very steep with steep drop offs. We've also been on gravel and dirt roads. I've closed my eyes on a few of the roads when in higher elevations. Our driver is very skilled and knows the road quite well. We'll fly from Katmandu to Northern India and then on to Singapore. The last leg of our journey is Japan. We're headed to central Japan immediately so we'll be in or near the national parks. I want to visit the Miho.

  2. You mentioned tatthe dogs were restless, missing you. It might be interesting if tere is a change in their behavior when you *decide * to come home. There is anecdotal evidence that some dogs aware when their owners *decide* ome home from a mall, for example, or that the master is not on the usual commuter train. It is not when the car pulls into the driveway, or a particular time, but when the oner at a remote point *decides* to come home.You are half a world away but...

  3. Mike,
    I know of an Irish Setter that knows when his owner leaves his office in the Loop in Chicago. The wife starts to make dinner by the dogs behavior so it will be ready when the owner gets home.

    I am sure my dogs know when I am coming home, even if it was a day trip.