Sunday, June 1, 2014


We are making our way to Dharamsala today.
There is no itinerary for this trip, just a general list of places that we want to visit so we're going where we can go, when we can go.

Sharing this trip with Master is amazing!


  1. And one to remember for your lifetime.
    Do you keep in touch with the ranch or are you "on your own" for a while. I'm sure the others are totally capable so there'd be no worries either way.

    You'll have to do some great descriptions here when you return - (please)

  2. Tony,
    The Ranch is well run but we email when we can. The guys keep things running. Daniel and Christopher work together to keep up with the bills and such, which is not time consuming. Never! Never! A business owner should always watch what is going on. We have access the cloud as often as we can.

    The animals are okay but I am told that Sancho and Panza are ill at ease with my absence.