Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Energy is Full Steam Again

We rested for a couple days. I went to the Qi Gong doctor and had acupuncture. I

I didn't know it but Master brought four six foot long pieces of rope in his luggage. He managed to provide an intense and a much needed heavy duty fuck session and belting. He also let me cum a couple times.



  1. Now that sounds more like it. A decent fucking after a good belting should rejuvenate both of you.

    Out of interest, how long did the acupuncture last? I've not had it very often, and a while ago, but felt immediately good only to need another session relatively quickly.

  2. Acupuncture can be a quick fix. Usually, it is an on-going maintenance that will lead to long term healing. I go every other week to keep migraines to a minimum. If I have a bout of them, I go more often. It helps with anxiety too. I also visit a woman who actually heals by touch. Sort of a cross between Reiki and acupressure. She used to be a physical Therapist at a hospital.

    If you can find a Qi Gong practitioner, It all works together. Some are more powerful than others. You might want to find a Qi Gong instructor. I would think that London as at least a few of them. It is a martial art similar to Tai Chi but more focused.

  3. Trace, Thank you for the reply. I'll try and look into this, not tried Qi Gong before and it sounds as if it can be very effective. T