Friday, May 30, 2014

Only Two More Days in Bhutan

If you compare the material possessions of the average family in Bhutan, to what we have in the west, they are poor.  But we are measuring by our standards, not theirs. There is a sense of peace, happiness and contentment that most of us in developed western cultures lack.

We measure our success by our job, the things we own, the money in our bank accounts among other things. We complicate our lives with negativity. When we find peace and happiness it is found with effort. We've been absorbed by violence, most of our entertainment revolves around it. Our children play war games before they comprehend that killing and destruction is horror. We live in a very frightening world and don't catch to that fact until someone close to us becomes a victim. Peace and happiness seem to be lost in our day-to-day lives.

Bhutan is easier to live in. People smile and bough. They seem endlessly patient and live with greater happiness and contentment than we do.

I've noted that the children here are beautiful. Each of them plays a different note on my heart strings.

I hate the thought of leaving.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Taktsang Dzong, Bhutan

It was a scary climb.

Internet connections are scarce here.

This is Taktsang Dzong, Bhutan. It's like a museum.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

NO Trace

There will not be any new posts
or answers to comments until after July 1st.


Friday, May 16, 2014


Master and I went to a Chipotle Mexican Grill last night. The line for service wrapped around the entire inside of the dining room but we were waited on fairly quickly. Once we sat down to eat, I watched people placing their orders. Most of the customer were guys on their way home from the gym that is across the street. Before long, I noticed how many guys were grabbing themselves by the their balls, seeming to rearrange them inside their shorts. I started to do a mental survey, laughing about it with Master. By my count, two thirds of the men standing in line consciously or unconsciously grabbed themselves.

I wonder how often the average male grabs their balls during the day with or without realizing it.
Were these particular guys doing it because they just got done working out and that made their hormone levels higher. I know I'm horny as hell after running or spending the evening at the Dojo.


We stopped by a bar down the street for a beer after eating the heat at Chipotle.  We bumped into a couple straight business men that we know. I got a little too honest when one of them asked me about our relationship. Master reached over and grabbed me by face, covering my mouth and nose.  What a fucking turn-on to have him do that in the middle of a straight bar.

I found these pictures on Tumblr. The bottom one made my cock hard.
It is my very favorite gag. Sometimes Master duct tapes over it.
Enough is never enough. Master's version has lockable buckles.
We're going to Japan instead of Germany in June

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Master and I went to San Francisco today to do a little recreational shopping.

We started early, intending to grab breakfast in a little place in Sausalito but forgot and drove past it. "Oh well", we'll grab brunch before we go shopping. The next thing we knew was that it was almost 5:00 pm and I started to get queasy, sweaty and light headed. I was hypoglycemic.  What a horrible feeling! We hadn't eaten since yesterday afternoon when we entertained a few friends for lunch. I ran at least ten miles after that to burn off the extra burger.

Master went into mother hen mode. and got me some sugar, which made me feel sick then dragged me to the food court and made me sit at a table near a trash can while he ran to get me something to eat. I'm not sure that a mall food court ever has real food. That ended our day. We're in our apartment to spend the night because I was exhausted and I was so consumed with anxiety that I couldn't handle the traffic.

I'd love to go out as long as we're in the city but Master is keeping me home with nothing to do.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Slap the Stinky Slut Game

This was a new game.

I'd finished my morning duties. Master filled my gut with his piss then used my hole for his first fuck of the day.  He laid down on me, pinning me down with his weight and strength then slipped the loops of rope that are allows attached to the corner posts of the bed around my wrists. His cock was still stiff inside me. He was grinning and his eyes sparkled.

"YOU FILTHY STINKY SLUT! YEAH! YOU'RE A STINKING FILTHY SLUT."  He slapped me across the face twice then called me names again. I felt panic and anger well up inside of me.  This treatment harkened memories of my mother and the way she slapped me around from the time I was a toddler. (It was the reason my grandparents took me away from her.) It was an ugly feeling. I fought my tears and looked up into Master's face. It wasn't the crazed angry face that I remembered the last time that I was slapped. It was Master, the person who loves and owns me.

My mind sort of flipped. I no longer felt terror. I started to laugh at the absurdity of the names Master called me. "Yeah sir, you certainly seem to love having this slut around to fuck any time you get the urge. You're the one who turned me into your slut. I was a good little Christian boy before you forced me into the life of perversion that I always dreamed of". And we laughed, I struggled and he slapped me a few times more.

His cock was still hard and he started to fuck me again.

He licked my ears and face, then my neck and tits. He took my cock in his mouth and head fucked his self. He ordered me to cum and then told me not to cum when I got close. He edged me over and over again until I absolutely lost control and shot my load into his mouth. He crawled over me again and forced his tongue into my mouth and spit my load in my mouth.

I learned to control my reactions to a bad memory.
Someone that I recently heard or read said, "You can't control which door people come into your life but you can control which window you throw them out".  Sometimes, Master forces me to look inside of myself to find old demons and throw them out. He gives me a safe perch to stand on.

This is just a picture that I found on Pinterest. It's a picture of an Egret in the midst of a mating ritual.

I've been searching for Heron pictures for a tattoo.

What do you think of this?

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Joe had the day off so I decided to make lunch.  I made Avgolemono (Greek Egg Lemon Soup) with chicken and BLT sandwiches with avocado spread instead of mayonnaise. It was all very good tasting but the soup was purple.  We never have white rice in the house so I decided to use Chinese Black rice, which is actually extremely dark purple. Dark purple is okay. Dark red, blue and purple food is high in antioxidants, right?  This soup was a lovely shade of Easter lavender.  The guys fussed about the color but all asked for a second serving.

It was an easy day. All of our work was done by lunch time. The vineyard labor is done for now.  Irrigation is in and everything is planted. We all took the afternoon off.

I had been thinking that Master hadn't given a good beating since before we got married. I wondered if we were becoming old married people that I've heard sad stories about. They have a heated relationship then gradually lose interest in what brought them together. I've also heard about Masters who say they love their slaves too much to "hurt them" or they just get tired of playing because it's no longer unpredictable.

It is a wonder how two people can be so close but stop communicating. In my case, I never want to be pushy, I have always hoped for the unexpected but that doesn't always work. Just as I chanced to start a discussion about it, Master took me out to the barn that we've fitted out for a dungeon. He ordered me to strip completely and told me to put my shit kickers back on. He coiled rope around my wrists and slipped a hook through the coil. He tied my ankles together and then above and below my knees. He pulled my wrists high above me by a rope that hung over the beam above.

"You're not going to like this but I think we both need this". He tortured my tits and cock and balls. It wasn't the usual play torture. He was intense and very sadistic. I screamed and broke in to tears but it only egged him on. He turned his attention to my back side. Using a cane and strap, he beat me and then beat me more until I stopped reacting. He turned his attention to my front side. He beat me from neck to toe using a long narrow ruler shaped paddle.

He was right, Master pushed me beyond my limits. He pushed me after I begged him to stop. He said "no" to every plea and every time he said "no" my cock seemed to grow harder. I felt wonderful once he dropped me to the ground and picked me up again. He held me for the longest time.

Areas of my body were dark purple, like the color of Chinese Black Rice.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

An Evening in Front of the TV - Confusious

Master and I were watching TV. I was sitting on the floor leaning against the sofa along side Master's legs. The Dogs surrounded me. Our little yellow dog came charging into the room from the hallway with his tennis ball and threw it at me. Time to play! Master asked me to be quiet so he could hear the dialogue in the movie. It was in Chinese with English subtitles. I was talkative, maybe a little too talkative. I commented on the Chinese landscape and said I would like to see it someday.

Master grunted, hit the pause button a left the room. He came back with a new leather stuff gag and a pair of handcuffs.

He cuffed my hands behind my back and stuffed the gag in my mouth. The gag forced my mouth open wide and filled my entire mouth, touching the back of my throat. It is big sucker, possibly the largest gag I've ever seen. My cock pushed at the walls of the tube of my chastity belt in response to being gagged and unable to do anything about it.  Master dug his thumb and forefinger into my neck, blocking my carotid arteries and said, "may this keep you quiet". I felt light headed. He let go of his grip and slid back into the sofa and hit the play button.

Monday, May 5, 2014


I rely on my dogs and Llamas to keep more vulnerable animals like Alpaca and Pigmy Goats safe. I didn't realize how formidable Llamas are. They first let out a warning then spit at and bite intruders. They are almost fearless.

A worker in the vineyard climbed the fence near the goats.  The Llama let out a horrible screech and then charged the guy. They alarmed the dogs who were laying in the shade surrounded by Alpaca. They responded to the Llama at the same time that I ran out of the barn to see what the ruckus was about. The guy was pinned against the fence being attacked by our big male, the dogs were charging across the field barking with some of the geese in hot pursuit.

It was hilarious, except that the guy had gobs of grassy green spit on his face.  Llamas instinctively aim for the eyes.  We cleaned him up, flushed his eyes with water and had the crew foreman  drive him into the emergency room. He was okay but Chris had the foreman lay him off the job for leaving the vineyard.

It amuses me to see how the animals respond to each other. Sometimes I think I have a "Charlottes Web" thing going on. I fully expect they all speak English when no humans are around to hear them.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Posts Can Start Again

There is so much to do around The Ranch and I try to do all of it. Besides that, I run and work out every day (except when Master makes it impossible). After another walk up the mountain, Its when we freely converse about life, Master gave his permission to keep the blog going. We'll try to fix it so its not so hard to leave comments, if we can figure it out.

Thursday, May 1, 2014