Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Science Fiction

Silke David,

The last post sounded like science fiction because it is almost total bullshit. Trace was very sick and spent most of a month in a hospital. He has, in essence, disappeared from daily life around here,

As we have written about from time to time, he is a sleep walker. There was a night in September when he walked out of the house in the middle of the night, he was stark naked. This time he walked into the pine forest. He caught a cold that escalated into pneumonia that escalated into other things. It was hell for a while but he is home and he is regaining his stamina.

Anyway, I had a dream about him disappearing completely one night and wrote about it as if the reality of my dream was more than just in my head.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Trace's Return

Trace woke me up on three consecutive nights. Each time, he asked me if I heard "something" that woke him up. I didn't hear anything but the dogs restlessly moving in their sleep. The Tibetan woke slightly let out a deep partially formed "woof" and then went back to sleep. We're accustomed to them making sleeping dog noises. Tommy lays restlessly at our feet, away of boy's every move.

We sleep nude in a cool room covered with blankets and comforter.

The third night was especially odd. Trace was looking out the window when he asked if I heard the noise. He said it was like a very low pitch whirring in the far distance. I didn't hear anything and on top of that none of the dogs seemed alerted by anything.

Tommy woke me up early the next morning. He was adamant about getting me to follow him to the deck door which was thrown wide open. It's usually the boy who attends to him. I thought that perhaps the boy went outside and accidently left the door. I looked out on the deck for him but he wasn't there. I got myself dressed and went outside to find him. by that time the dogs were outside looking for him. He was no where to be found. He was no where in the house. I woke up the other guys to help me look for him. He is a sleep walk and sometimes sleep runner. I called up the GPS monitor to track him but it could not locate him. He was no where to be found.

We called the Sherriff. We looked for him for two days before calling in the Federal Authorities. There was an all out search. The Feds eventually told us to keep looking but keep our search quiet. (odd?) We kept up our search with the help of authorities. We wanted to publicize the search and get locals to help comb the mountains and forests. A few people went out but the authorities called them in.

It could have been a high profile case but his disappearance was kept quiet except for telling close friends who came to help us.

It was a bout 6:am when the dogs started clamoring. The went outside via the dog door in the lower level. They ran out toward the fields where there are no fences. Trace was walking up the side of the mountain toward the house. He was naked and cold. He walked briskly surrounded by the dogs. I ran out to get him and bring him inside. He was cheerful and lucid, as if he had just stepped outside. He was unaware that he had gone missing for nearly a month.

To all concerned, Trace is home and healthy.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Not Sure

I'm not in the mood to write much these days. We hired people to do the grunt work around the ranch but there is so much more to do here that I find myself outside working more. Time flies and the day is gone before I realize the sun is dropping below the mountains. It has been very warm and sunny almost every day and cool at night. It's been overcast and cool today so I decided to stay in the studio where it is warm.

We have been playing out breath control fantasies lately. I keep those activities private because playing with breath control is so fucking dangerous. Suffice to say that it is extremely satisfying when done with Master because I know that he will satisfy my wildest fantasies while keeping me safe.

To answer Anonymous: Neither of us willanswer questions from people who can't identify themselves, even with a pseudonym.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Quiet Saturday

Silke David:  The Denver loft turned into a condo for our friends and family when they stay in Denver. It has a small playroom behind a moveable bookcase. It is a bit of James Bond or should I say "Bound".

The studio is going to be attached through a long glassed in hallway to the house with a lounge area/sunroom. The boy can stay natural, even when he works.

Speaking of the boy, I took him to the dungeon last night and tortured the hell out of him to hours before I got tired. He's fuckin marked and bruised. I left him tightly hogtied for the night and so far today. I figured out a new way of getting him all torture tight without cutting off circulation. I can tell he hates it although he never complains except to egg me on. I stood over him last night and came all over him instead of fucking him. He hates that too.

Sunday, September 6, 2015


I thought I would spin a great story about where I have been and what I have been doing over the past month but there is nothing much to say. The new home in a new state has taken our time. We've added  new species to the menagerie and changed the fencing from wire to composite material that has a twenty year guarantee. Other than a few day trips we are home bodies living very private lives.

We drove south to Colorado Springs for a long weekend. We hiked in The Garden of the Gods, hiked up a couple thousand steps on an old cog way from Manitou Springs, dove up Pikes Peak and also took the cog railway up. I never thought much about Pikes Peak until I saw how pervasive it is on the sky line. No matter what direction you view it from, it seems front and center.

We drove down to Canon City on our last day to visit the Royal Gorge. Everything is crowded with tourists, as it should be. We took the train from Canon City through the Gorge then walked the bridge and took the cable cars across and back, I took the Zip Line across but Ian couldn't handle it. I have to admit that it was terrifying at first but eventually, awe and excitement took over my emotions. I'll do it again some day.

There were forest fires some where in Colorado that made the air gray and hazy for a few days. It affected all of us, including the animals. Here we are acclimatizing to the altitude and breathing smoke at the same time.

We have decided to build a studio separate from the house. I feel like I need a place to "go to work".

Play is about pare for the two perverts that we are. Lots of rope work and extended stays in the dungeon. It's not like me to cramp up but it has happened here a few times. We talked to a doctor about it and he said it probably is the altitude again.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Some Things in Our Lives Constantly Change

I know we sound like I change our rules as fast as the weather changes. Some changes like hiring people to take up the "must do" activities makes sense. My slave and I shouldn't be bogged down with them when we both like to be free to do as we like. Beside that, why not give some blokes a job who need them? Beside that, the boy's studio is ready to work in so if anything, that and just enjoying his animals are enough. He has more time to play with them in stead of shoveling up their shit.

As for sex, slave, owner object, etcetera and etcetera, that has and will change constantly at my whim. Frankly, my whim seems to be in synch with the boy's most of the time. But then, he is malleable and has a deep need and desire to serve my needs.

He has stopped asking me to try different experience and goes on with whatever I come up with. Actually, fuck the rules!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Does it Sound Like Complaining?

Our relationship has been changing since we moved up on the mountain. The first and most noticeable change is the labor situation. There is no more up-at-the-crack-of-dawn ranch labor for me. Butch hired two full time guys to help with the labor and a landscaping company to "make the land right" for us.

My job is to enjoy the animals and of course, make myself available for Master and his increasing desire to use, abuse, fuck and keep him company. He keeps me bound and stored more than I ever really hoped for. Pain is more a part of my life, especially that which is slight but constant. My cock is locked in one thing or another unless he is torturing it or is fucking me and wants me to "relieve" myself. I can touch myself for his entertainment while he supervises. I've learned to edge myself over and over again without getting off or getting off in such an intense orgasm that it becomes almost torture.

I'm also collared with a shock collar that he uses to summon me. Ray made a set of irons for wrist and ankles that are not connected by chain. I wear them almost constantly. Master locks chain between them at will.

He has renewed his requirement that I remain speechless unless I am asked to speak. I am ball gaged with a harness over that a lot of the time. Although I like being gagged, it gets tiring and my jaw muscles start to protest.

I have the use of the computer for one hour per week. He keeps my cell phone unless we are off the property so we're back to being a slave rather than his boy. Much of the time I am an object.

The other night, I was restrained with iron. Master has a broad jaw, roman nose, intensely blue eyes and short cropped hair. He has a three day stubble head and beard that are stiff, like needles. He has taken to using his beard to torment me. I's like having very rough garnet paper rubbing my skin. That night, Master was scraping my skin while fucking me. My chest was becoming raw enough to cause me to tear and beg him to stop. He laughed quietly as he continued. At some point, he grabbed me around my neck and began closing off my blood flow while he rammed is cum into my guts. He kissed me while still holding my neck. My cock was swollen and trapped into a birdlock punisher device. The spikes jabbed my cock mercilessly. Master removed the device so that he could torment my cock with his beard. He said he would only stop when I came.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Much Happens in Eight Days

Master tied my arms behind my back using jute rope in Bukkake style. The rope wound around my neck then back down to my arms, leaving a long tail of rope to use as a leash. He clamped a wide steel collar around my neck that was chained to a heavy steel ring that was attached to the wall. The bondage forced me to stand, back to the wall, standing flat feet on the cool cement floor. He inserted something into my urethra that was held in place by a ring at the base of my cock and another ring behind the meatus. It was secured by a post threaded through my apadrahvya. He attached wires to the base and the metal apadrahvya insert.

He gagged me with a ball gag that was held in place with a tightly drawn head harness then turned the power on a stimulator that had been attached to a laptop computer. He left me standing, alone, in a room in a far corner of the basement to be tortured with alternating intense pleasure and intense pain. Some of the hours that passed were spent in agonizing bondage that seemed to tighten when I struggled. I felt close to passing out.

It was the beginning of eight nights of long over due owner/object activity.

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Absolute End

We are sorry. We are absolutely ending this blog as of this posting.

We have been writing here for more than two years. It is not growing because we don't have time or the inclination to publicize the blog. Besides, we're getting bored with it and the need to chronicle our lives is well over.

Thanks for reading and we wish you well in your lives!


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fuck on the Wool

The bare living room floor was covered with a twenty foot by thirty foot Royal Sarook carpet yesterday. It deep red lustrous wool  is an inch thick and densely knotted. My grandparents bought it in 1939 when they took a trip to the middle east to celebrate their honeymoon. It always looked stately laying over the wavy maple floors in the big parlor. I spent many hours lying on it while reading or studying.  I often untwisted the bouillon fringe on the sofa skirt and watch it spin back to it's original shape. No one used that room except me  or when my grandparents were entertaining.

It took six men to carry the carpet into the house from the truck. We unrolled a thick pad on the floor then unfolded the carpet and carefully positioning it before arranging the furniture on top of it. It was like having a part of my childhood memories with me again.

The guys all went into town for dinner while I finished bedding the animals for the night. I grabbed a handful of turkey and wrapped it around strips of Swiss cheese and threw a handful of spring greens into a bowl for my dinner then went to shower of the dust and animal hair. I laid on the carpet surrounded by six dogs, intending to turn the television on but fell asleep.

Master tied my hands behind my back while I was sleeping and brought me up to my knees and held me by my hips. While I  was still half asleep he slipped his cock inside of me and began to slowly fuck me. He slid in and out deliberately and carefully for a long time before he started to shudder and moan. He slowed his rhythm as his moans grew steadily louder. He dropped one hand from my hip and used it to grab my collar and slowly rammed his cock against my inner sphincter until he came deep into my gut. He hold me by my collar while gaining his breath, shutting off my breath until he slowly pulled out of me. He stuffed his shirt under my pelvis to avoid messing the carpet then collapsed on top of me, pushing me to the floor under him.

Like a newly wed, he picked me up and carried me up to our room and laid me on our bed.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Full House

Everyone is together again. The house is full and all the animals are safe in their new home. The new arrivals were comforted as we humans are to be together again.

The boy is out playing with the animals, charging and chasing them to get them to exercise and mingle. He takes time to curry each one to let them know that he is there to take care of him. He and I have our hands full because the guys have the day off tomorrow after working like slaves to make sure everything in California got cleared out properly.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Shit on the Soles of Our Boots

It seems that we're in a state of semi-controlled turmoil. First came the animals on Friday of last week. It took a lot of TLC to calm them down. Their dog companions were hyper-vigilant and of course, half of the geese made the trip. They kept us awake all night with their barking and squawking. I ended up going out to the barn to sleep once I got all the animals into their stalls. It was the only way that I could help them adjust to their new digs.

I let them out into the corral and cleaned the barn then went in to sleep a few hours.  We had a much quieter night on Saturday.

Sunday was very quiet but there was still a sense of turmoil. We went in to town for brunch and then came home to tried to connect the satellite system inside the house. Christian's expertise in electronics made the wired maze in the electronics room fathomable.

The reindeer arrived yesterday along with the horses. The horses shook off the cramped trip by running in circle but the reindeer were jumping and hopping skittishly so that if they were in full rack they most certainly would have damaged each other.

We're all exhausted, animals and humans alike. We have little interest in kink but we manage vanilla sex a couple times each day.

Jason and Tony flew in today after helping to ship the last of the geese and the remaining two dogs. Butch and Daniel come on Saturday after the truck without household junk gets on it's way and the keys are turned over to the new owners.

I think that with all of us working together that we should start to feel settled within a few weeks. I know one thing for sure. It will be good to get a decent meal once Tony has the kitchen set up.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The boy is Down Today

The boy is down today. He is just plain tired. He's spending his day in bed sleeping. He wants me to be with him so I go in from time-to-time to hold him. His Tommy lays on the foot of the bed looking up at him and then as I leave, he crawls up and leans against the object of his adoration.

I'd like to tie him up and gag him for the evening and I think I might, just because I can and because I know he would enjoy it. His tastes have changed so much recently. He loved crazy heavy bondage and now he gets off on my rope work.

Except for brief moments, he has been locked in his chastity belt for 24 four days. He came "by accident" while I was playing with his nipples last night. I could see that he was on the edge, for the third or fourth time. His eyes were full of tears from fighting against the uncontrollable need to cum. He begged me to stop but I told him to hold it if he knew what was good for him. Finally, his back arched and he screamed "I can't hold it!". He came while screaming. It looked like his entire body was cramping in a violent spasm. He pumped like I've never seen him cum before. He was screaming in agony. Even after the lost drop of cum dripped from the tip of his cock, he screamed. His gut was still in the midst of spasm. He cried out "I think something is wrong, the pain is in the wrong place and it's getting more intense". His toes curled and I saw him trying to pull cramps from his legs by pointing and stretching his toes toward his head. He gradually relaxed and the cramping stopped.

We talked to our Urologist who said it was inflammation of the prostate caused by sexual stimulation and then no ejaculating. He told me to leave the chastity belt off for a while. If it happens again, come to see him. He also suggested that if we're having sex to let the boy ejaculate before locking the belt back on the boy.

So there you have it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It Feels Like a New Chapter

Chapter 2

This feels like a new chapter in our lives. Odd, it seems like such a short time since it began and still, it feels like it always was. I'm finding new music and new places that inspire me. I' enjoying the kitchen and the vast open spaces outside of it as I look out over the valley.

Master is every where that I am. We're talking and silent together with no place in particular to go. Every touch is sex. We spent a long morning of wakefulness in bed together this morning, leaving pools of spunk to dry in the sheets and rope trailing from the side of the bed.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Change of Plans

I made dinner this evening. I went into town and bought a big enameled cast iron pot, a bag of huge yellow onions, organic vegetable broth, Worcestershire sauce, fresh thyme, dry white wine, baguette and well aged gruyere cheese and made French Onion Soup. My no-longer secret ingredient is to use mushroom demi glaze to give the broth a more intense meaty flavor.  I was happily surprised by the selection in the local market when I found mushroom demi glaze and a really nice gruyere.

We were originally planning to fly home today but as usual plans are meant to be flexible. Master and I woke up to a chorus of barking dogs early this morning. They made a huge clatter as they pawed at the door. Christian loaded his SUV with Tommy, Buddha, Sancho, Pancho, Red and the puppy and drove them across a thousand miles of mountains. He also brought a few changes of clothes and my shit kickers.

The dogs knocked me down and kissed me from head to toe then went skittering around the hardwood floors inspecting the house.

We're staying in the new digs while Butch and the guys supervise the move from the ranch. The new owners are already taking over the vineyards and orchards.

To answer the question about acclimating the animals to the new home.  There is a barn made of logs and a stable. They both have heating units for emergencies but all of the animals originally came from cold climates.  The Lama and Alpaca are native to the Andes. The Cows form the highlands of Scotland. The horses are from Iceland, Reindeer from Nordic Countries.  The goats are fluffy and the geese will definitely know where to go in extreme cold and at night. The Great Pyrenees, with their great fluffy coats prefer the cold.  One of the reasons we're rushing the move is to allow all of us, people and animals to adjust to the climate as it changes for the winter.

I think you might be noticing that we're not talking about sex or kink these days. Rest assured, we're still getting nasty but we have decided to cool that conversation a little, especially with all that has been going on in our lives. We'll have a big party when all the toys arrive and we'll visit Denver as often as we visited Sam Francisco.  We're selling the San Francisco condo and buying a building in  Denver. This building is a big unfinished conversion from an industrial building with enough room and privacy to have a playroom.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Traveling, Water and Mountains.

As I said, I grew up on the shore of Lake Michigan. It is one of the Great Lakes. A quick walk down the embankment and a turn of the key brought me to the beach. The sand is like silk and the water is usually very cold. We had a pool outside of the kitchen door so that is where I usually swam. An eight foot high wall surrounded the property.

The sounds of the waves ranged from gentle lapping on the shore to raging waves that were deafening if the windows were open. I grew up drinking and bathing in the water from the lake so until I moved away, it made up a major portion of my body.

Our new house is on a mountain side. Nearly at the top. We face the southwest with eastern exposure. We overlook an isolated valley. I have always loved mountains. I love skiing, climbing and hiking. I went out running yesterday. It was definitely a challenge with the thinner air and the climb back up the road toward home.

The house is almost entirely log construction inside and out except for parts of bathrooms and a large part of the kitchen where the walls are painted and tiled in the food preparation area. The backsplash and counter tops are man made quartz that looks like slate with a honed surface. The cabinets are custom made shaker cabinets without pulls or knobs on them. They open by pressing on the doors and have a hidden ridge on the drawers. We are building a ceiling cabinet with the same materials to increase storage. It will look like a paneled wall. A large harvest table flanked by benches will bring the family together in the kitchen for most meals.

We hired a decorator in Denver to furnish the house. Except for three bedrooms, it is a blank slate. My only direction is to make sure that it has western influence and masculine without being overbearing. I love Pendleton tribal blankets so we're making sure that they are distributed throughout the house.

Art work comes from our collection and we're taking a couple of painting that my uncle did. The rest of what is left of his collection stays with the house.

As far as the animals. It is about an 18 hour drive. They are coming in groups by air conditioned trucks via experienced livestock movers.  They will come straight through with stops for gas and food. They will be loaded in the morning and arrive during the daylight hours the next day.

Yes, I got to be the scapegoat the other day. Master gave me a good beating followed by a night of intense sex.

I had a migraine this morning to I crashed in the darkest of the furnished bedrooms. Master officiated while the decorators worked. He even made dinner for me and served me in the bedroom. It was awkward but I truly enjoyed his affection. He made toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches and warmed cream of corn soup from a box. He also made a small salad of spring greens.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

21 Days of Chastity

The number of days of having this chastity belt locked on my body slowly grows. My trip through airport security was a minor ordeal. I no longer feel embarrassed by the  inspections or rude commentary. It's usually the black women who make the crazy comments, usually involving getting a chastity belt for their boyfriends or husbands. For me, I have mixed feelings about it. It makes and keeps me horny, frustrates me and sometimes, using the toilet can be messy.

Master takes it off from time to time so I can clean and so that he can inspect me for any problems. The other day after my run, he removed it for a couple hours but I had my hands tied behind my back. Besides, he doesn't want me to touch myself. I wouldn't disobey him.

So, we got up early. We were dying for an espresso but of course, there is no machine or cups. (It shows how well this trip was planned.)  We drove into town and found a diner then drove to Denver to shop at Crate and Barrel. We bought china, glassware, flatware and a cook set. As we were driving home, it occurred to us that we have all this stuff in California, being boxed for the move. We should have gotten paper plates and plastic cups and flatware to hold us for the few days that we'll be here. Oh well, Tony won't mind the extra gear. Master told me that he was going to take his belt to me when we get home for allowing us to be so foolish. (Any excuse!!!!!!!!!)

Friday, July 3, 2015

Spinning in Circles

We're in for the night. We stopped at a supermarket outside of Denver on our way to our new home then stopped at a restaurant. We bought groceries then realized we can't do anything with them because we have no pots, pans or dishes. So we're going out for breakfast tomorrow. 

We snacked on gluten free sunflower seed bread, Brie and Fig or Lingenberry jam. We used our fingers to spread the brie and jam on the bread. It was quite messy. We also forgot to bring towels with us so we have to air dry after our showers. We'll be making a buying trip tomorrow.

Aside from practicality, everything is wonderful and beautiful.

I fell asleep on the plane thinking anxiously about seeing the house and moving. I was half hoping that something would happen that would cause our buyer to ask us to keep our house and return his money. But it's all a done deal. Even though it's too late to bother thinking about it, I regret leaving the vineyard and olive grove behind. More than that, I regret having build my studio and then not getting to use it before abandoning it. Oh well, we can build a new and better work space.

The aroma of cedar was intoxicating the moment we stepped into the house. The air is completely clean having been built entirely of natural materials. It was warm during the day but we'll be able to throw the windows and doors on the second and third floor wide open. We were warned to close the first floor at night to keep marauding wild animals from coming in for a visit.

Master has gone off to bed already. I think I'll go off to be with him. Luckily, the designer made a bed for us.

Happy Independents Day!

Thursday, July 2, 2015


I went for a long run yesterday. I listened to Antony and the Johnsons during my run and got lost in the music.


As a result, I didn't pay attention to where I was going or how I felt. I ran nearly thirty miles before I started feeling tired. I had my trusty water supply, cell phone and credit card with me to I stopped to rest, had something to drink and started running back, very slowly. Master came to the rescue thanks to GPS.

Food. To answer the question. "Why do you deny yourself food"". I don't deny myself food. I have no aversions to food and there is no apparent reason for not having an appetite. I eat well and the food that I eat is nutrient dense. It's just that I rarely have a sensation of hunger so I eat at regular times so that I know it's time to eat. Sometimes, I get so involved with something that I forget to eat but drink abundant amounts of water or tea and sometime coffee and wine. I'm fussy about tea, coffee and wine so water is my drink of choice. I watch alcohol consumption because my paternal grandfather was an alcoholic and it messes with my blood sugar.  I love gin and tonic without the gin.

I ate a 10 ounce filet of beef, garlic mashed potatoes, salad and French onion soup last night. For lunch today, I had a large turkey sandwich with avocado, field greens, heirloom tomatoes, uncured bacon and a bowl of vegetable soup. This was a very large and untypical amount of meat for me to eat and I watch the kind of carbs that I consume and avoid refined and artificial sweeteners so I rarely eat desert, except dark, dark chocolate.

Yes, the new house already has a small attached greenhouse with raised insulated planting beds. We'll be able to garden about 8 months of the year. Speaking of the new house, we are leaving early tomorrow to spend a few days in house.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Extreme Punishment!?

My Dad never hit me but the punishment he inflicted was harsh. I spent many long hours sitting in a chair, facing him in his chair while he lectured me about my error and the effect that my behavior had on other people as well as on myself. He never made a disparaging remark about me but concentrated on making a poor decision. Then there were the long hours that I spent sitting in the chair, in silence, thinking about what I had done or how I hated my dad or trying to figure out how to pass the time. (I never hated my Da, he was my hero and I loved him and loved being with him.) Boredom and not being allowed to do anything until Da decided I was well punished was agonizing.

And so that's the approach Christian used except that he didn't lecture the slave. He sat quietly in the corner of the room working while the slave laid on the table anticipating a physical punishment. Christian allowed him to get up to defecate and piss before he came up to bed, leaving the slave to lay face down on the table, waiting. Christian took his breakfast down to the punishment room and ate it there. He did the same at lunch. Finally, when he was done eating, he told the slave that his punishment was complete and that he expected not to have this conversation again. The slave cleared the dishes and brought them up to the kitchen.

He cleaned himself up and went outside to work, having not eaten for twenty-four hours. Butch caught a glimpse and realized that the slave was sluggish and slow and that he was showing signs that he needed to eat to bring his energy up.

It is done and over with.

Yeah, the boy is borderline ADHD  he is an adult who has gone through one crisis after another over his lifetime. We talk about it from time to time and he realizes the need to cut those residual negative feelings off and focus on the present and his dreams for the future. He's a bit out of sorts by moving but happy at the same time. We're moving to a new home in a place where there are no family ties or memories. He made a killing on the sale of this property and unloading the fears of living with earthquakes, water shortages and paying high taxes that support the migrants.

He won't need medication, he has me and his entire family working together with him.

Monday, June 29, 2015


I usually do not talk about this sort of thing.

The slave thoughtlessly began to talk about objectification and being treated more harshly as a slave. Christian stopped the conversation within moments. He looked at me and I shook my head in affirmation. Christian grabbed the slave by his collar and dragged him to the punishment room and ordered him to lay on the bench and remain there until his punishment was carried out. He's been waiting there for several hours.

The subject of objectification and harsher treatment is strictly forbidden because the last time he started that bull shit, it got out of hand and screwed things up around here for a while. Christian stopped him that time when he dragged him down to the punishment in the middle of the night and nearly skinned him alive then tortured him to tears and beyond. Christian warned him then. "You're stepping way out of line and you're hurting everyone, worst of all, your Master".

Christian took the responsibility of punishing the slave at that point simply to separate punishment from play.

Christian likes to torment the kid by making him anticipate what he will do, partially to plan what he will do to him.

Christian can be ruthless and frankly frightening for the boy, especially since slave and I got married. Christian stopped thinking of him as his employer so it removed the skirting's of taboo over punishing a boss.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa Tattoo

The Great Wave Tattoo was completed and it is healed. It's about ten inches in diameter. Like many people who get a tattoo, one is never enough. The artist talked me (and mostly Master) to allow him to continue his work. He is working from the center (the wave). The rest of the work will be entirely original work designed by him. It's a process and a dream that is coming true, thanks to Master's permission and encouragement (big switch in his attitude).

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/4pzkRkENmXE?feature=player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Our new home is on a mountainside that overlooks a valley. It snows in the winter and warms during the spring and summer. We own a large portion of the valley, the rest is part of a national forest. The house is a log structure with large windows facing the valley. There is no true swimming pool. That was hard to give up.

The brand and tattoos

The brand has healed without complication. It was the third time. This time it should finally scar without fading.

The tattoo is a process like any large piece. It's being done in traditional Japanese technique so it takes longer and it is more painful than modern needles. We're going to Japan in August for five days after the move is completed.

The biggest and most difficult part of the move is transporting the all the animals during the summer heat but we found a mover who can do it in cooled semi-trailers. The furniture is original to the house so that is staying behind.

Nothing is as difficult as we thought it would be. boy and I are taking a weekend trip during the holiday to check the progress of the few changes that we're making then we can start the actual move.

The whole reason for keeping the boy locked in chastity is to keep him frustrated and uncomfortable. It has also done wonders to make him even more submissive and compliant. Don't worry, I check him every time I un-belt him so I can get into his ass.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

14 Days of Chastity But who is Really Counting

14 days of 128 Days

It's Saturday and we all doing as little as possible after our celebration yesterday. Tony made a wonderful spread of party food and we chilled a half dozen bottles of Pol Roger. One bottle had gone flat but it was still drinkable.

I was catching some sun by the pool when Master came out to join me. He began to open his belt when he suddenly stopped for a moment then pulled it out of his belt loops.  He told me to get up on the outdoor dining table and hang on to the edges "as if your life depends on it". Had I been able, my cock would have gone full erect but it's steel prison prevented it.

Master used his belt to beat my back side from the base of my neck to the back of my calves. He was slow and deliberate, measuring each stroke for maximum erotic effect and then told me to flip over with my head hanging off the edge of the table. He fucked my throat deeply, holding my neck just above the Adam's apple so that I could not swallow or gag. He fucked me until he nearly came then pulled his cock out of my throat.

While laying on my back, Master beat my front side, paying great attention to my nipples. He reached my abdomen then removed the chastity belt so that he could beat my cock and balls and thighs. He ordered me to "HOLD TIGHT" while he beat the soles of my feet. I started screaming. Not from pain but because I was so close to cumming. "SHUT UP AND HOLD TIGHT OR YOU WILL REGRET IT!"

He threw my legs over his shoulders and began to fuck me, again. He moved very slowly. His face twisted in agony and ecstasy. He shook and he seated. His body gave off a sweet pungent odor. He kissed me, holding his mouth over my mouth and nose and then wrapped both hands around my neck. I tried to cry out again, "Master! I can't hold it! I am going to cum!"

"You best not slave!"

He came inside me then held his gut and sat down in a nearby chair leaving me in a state of frustrated oblivion.

He locked my belt on again. My balls are angrily churning and aching. I am going to be in a state of blue balls and leaking cum that will burn like molten lava.

Friday, June 26, 2015

We All Started Sobbing with Joy! Gay Marriage in all 50 States.

Thank You Supreme Court and Justice Kennedy for your work!

We heard the decision while eating breakfast. All eight of us simultaneously began sobbing tears of Joy!

Gay Marriage for all America is legal!

Time to celebrate!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Violent Lad -Revised

A knew a small boy who was a violent young lad. He was smaller than most of the boys in our school and he started out being the smartest of us all. Yes, he wore spectacles and we called him four-eyes. He smelled from not taking a bath and his tattered clothes were often than not, dirty. He was a friendless boy that was teased relentlessly for things that were beyond his control. Then one day he disappeared from our school and from the streets were he suffered ridicule and bullying. The only reason that anyone cared was because we had to find another victim to torment.

Years later he reappeared to me in the halls of the private military school where my parents stuck me to remove me from the bad crowd that I began to run with. He had changed and so had his name. He was Jim Jones and then he became James William Harriman because he was taken in by a relative on his mother's side and adopted. The names "Jones" was never spoken in the Harriman family after James's father murdered his mother. The old man never got tried for the crime because while he was passed out on the lounge floor, little Jimmy bashed his brains in with the very same wood base ball bat that the old man used to kill Jimmy's mother.

James had grown from his pixie sized self to a strong young man who was quiet and brooding. He was no more the boy we picked on in the primary grades. He was taller than most and had grown broad and confident under his cousin's treatments and gym practice. In fact, when James recognized me as one of his tormentors, he throttled me and nearly beat my face in with his fists.

"Hey Jimmy boy, you fuckin' changed yourself into a violent beast! I understand why you hate me and I'm sorry for treating you worse than shit. Good going ! I hope you got your revenge against me out of your way". I truly respected him after he punched me out and wanted to be his mate. It took a while but be warmed up to me and we eventually got close enough to be roomies and fuckmates.

Jimmy and I flipped to see who would fuck whom. I never admitted it then but I liked being his bitch.
James was well endowed (a bit like a horse). His uncut cock seemed to hang half way to his knees and his sack was even longer. It reminded me of  a saint surrounded by a soft fleshy halo. James knew exactly how to make that cock work for him and his pleasure while trashing my hole, VIOLENTLY!

And then, James went off to the US to attend MIT. He took his violence and his cock with him but brought it back to the UK for holidays with his family. James an I met for sex when he came home. It wasn't known for years but James had a fantasy that he's been hunting down all of his primary school tormentors and beating them to death with the same baseball bat that he used to kill his father. Both boys and girls, he tied them up, fucked them then beat them until their faces were unrecognizable. Of course, he caught himself in the depth of his anger and need for revenge and talked it away with the psychiatrist who had been treating him ever since the day that his fear and anger caused him to snap and defend himself from the violence that he grew up with.

Jimmy eventually joined my gang. The would be thugs with the shaved heads embraced him and gave him a permanent "band of brothers".

I think that we gave him a family that would support him and keep him safe and sane enough to keep him from acting out his fantasy of revenge.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

slave, or is it Slave?

We're in the dungeon. My slave is bound with his arms painfully cinched high at his back. He is forced to stand high on his toes by the noose around his neck. His entire body is shaking from muscle strain. My cum is leaking around the long plug that I brutally shoved up his ass after fucking him. I know that a lessor man would drop to the flat of his feet but my slave is totally focused on my pleasure. He will stand until every ounce of his strength has gone then pass out.

I will grab him just before he drops, lift his body with my left arm the free him with my right. I will lay him down the rip the plug from his ass so that I can fuck him again until he regains consciousness. This is not a game that we play often because it is dangerous.

Butch and Christian will stand watch in case I need their help or see that I am playing too close to the edge. As the slave becomes more alert, he will realize that his family is using him and each other to celebrate their love by giving of themselves.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Answer to Anonymous

Thanks for your message and you kind words. We're not quitting the blog, we'll just be slowing down while we are busy with other activities.

We are happy here on the ranch but sometimes there are just too many "ghosts" wandering the property. Our decision comes after purchasing the adjacent property then getting a very good offer from a developer. This house is a historic piece of architecture and there is a natural cave under part of the property that is wonderful for anyone wanting to set up wine production.

Also, with the move, we hope that we will spend more time at home.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Our lives are together seem like they are getting shorter. A 24 hour day seems to fly by all too fast and so much is deeply personal that we have less and less to say in this open forum.

We've found a new home with more land and lower taxes in a mountain state. We've already sold our home here and need to be out by September 1. The entire family and all of the menagerie is making the move beginning in July. The new house is 2,00 feet smaller and more compact than this house. This house is 11,000 feet of modernist architecture of empty rooms. The new home Will have a horse barn, a larger barn and a quest house with a large studio space. It also has a large basement for play.
The new house is less than two years old. It was built as a vacation home that was never used because the owner went bankrupt. It's very masculine having been build of logs and stone.

So that's the news.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


It is the anniversary of the day I took Trace as my slave. Two years have flown by at what seems at the speed of light. There have been more changes in our lives than I can keep track of. I began to celebrate my procession of my slave a midnight when we shared a glass of champagne. We drank from a single flute.

I removed the slaves chastity belt and replaced it with "The Punisher" from Mr. S. It is a silicone device with tiny silicone points in the head. I trussed him up in a frog tie with a single length of cord then gagged him with a monkey fist made from rope. His legs were easily spread so that I had access to his ass and already punished genitals. I well and properly fucked him then snapped a pair of Japanese Clovers Clamps on his tits. His lower legs were folded under his upper legs, causing a great deal of discomfort.

I flipped him over several hours later and fucked him again before I fell asleep at his side. He woke me with his moans. He was sound asleep and reacting to the pain that I was causing him. I might have punished him for waking me if it were not for the fact that he was sleeping. I also needed to fuck him again. I unloaded inside him then plugged him, trapping my seed inside of him. He has since been cleaned up and crammed and locked in a small cage awaiting noon when I will refresh the brand on his ass then turn him over to a tattoo artist who is tattooing him.

My slave has no idea of what I am planning for him.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Chastity Reaction

Day 6 of 128 days in chastity.

I've been locked much longer the 6 days so this should not be a big deal but I think I am in a high testosterone period after my trip to Bhutan. I went for over three weeks without getting off properly. Tweaking my own cock alone in a hotel room was an uninspired attempt at sex.

I'm only complaining a little bit because what this is doing to me is amazing. Seeing Master in a worn out skin tight black t-shirt is almost more than I can handle. His massive upper arms, his forearms that are bigger around than my upper arms and his huge shoulder remind me that if I were to try to escape or refuse him that he could easily overwhelm me. Seeing him is like being slugged in the center of my solar plexus. I think that as much as I belong to him that he belongs to me.

He fucks me at either end, purposefully ignoring my need to cum, I mean really cum with an intense orgasm. I leak as he pounds my prostate gland but it is not the kind of release that I need but in a way, it is completely satisfying because I am as he wishes.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bhutan and Religion

Bhutan is a happy place. A great majority of the people that I met are happy and very peaceful. All of those that I met practice Mahayana Buddhism. I personally think that religion is the cause of more descent than good and would like to see religion somehow removed from the human experience. I serves no real function outside of control of a population, explanation of the unexplainable and a way of satisfying the greed of religious leader and institutions.

Yes, even Buddhism, and Taoism are guilty of placating and dulling of the mind, perniciously stealing spirituality and the wonder of what we do not know. In Taoism, the god that we can describe is not the Tao "god" but all throughout it's history, Taoist teachers jealously guarded and politicized their teachings to the pointing of murdering and causing imprisonment of competing teachers.

Religious Freedom
The law in Bhutan provides for religious freedom, however, in practice, this is limited. The state religion is Buddhism. Proselytization is illegal, and Christian missionaries are not allowed in the country. Buddhist texts are the only religious materials permitted to enter or be manufactured in Bhutan. Prior to constructing a church or temple, communities must obtain a government license; yet minority religions are not permitted to build places of worship or congregate publicly in large groups. Worship in private homes, however, is legal as long as there is not a gathering of believers.

How good is this from the point of view of people who look beyond religion to spirituality and evolving knowledge? I do believe in god, make no mistake about but for me, god is everything that exists, especially the things that I cannot comprehend because I, like all humans are too egotistical and lacking in compassion to be still and quietly let our minds wander without judgment.

Buddhism like most religion is based of freeing ourselves from ego and attempting to define to the point of exclusion of god. For me and from experience, the people of Bhutan are close to god in their compassion that it would be a travesty to pollute the people with Christianity, Islam or any other religion.

A Same Old Story

Day 4 of 126 days in Chastity

I had my slave in a bar in San Francisco last night. I had him strip down to his chastity belt and plugged ass and his boots. It doesn't seem like such a big deal these days to see a slave in just a CB but it was a little humiliating for my slave, which was my intent (besides showing off my property).

He was talking to three friends who were inspecting his belt. They were all having fun an teasing him. I could see the slave enjoying himself. His friends left, leaving him alone talking to a stranger who also wanted to inspect slaves situation. Since Trace didn't know him and the fact that the guy was being demanding, he deferred the guy to me for permission. He calls me "the big mean looking guy". Instead of doing as Trace asked, the guy grabbed him and began to feel him. I could feel my slaves duress and grabbed him by putting my gloved hand over his mouth and pulling him into me.
I shot the guy my most fearsome look and he backed way off. I the old days I might have gone after him with a baseball bat for violating my property.

Now I know we were advertising a bit and I don't mind touching but not without permission. So listen up fuckers! Don't touch unless you have permission. I'm not just talking about my property, I'm talking about everyone, Male and female!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

I Am Starting to Establish a Routine

I am starting to establish a sense of routine. My head space is quieting.

I woke up before the sun and slipped into my work clothes and shit kickers and went out to work with the animals. I got them outside into the corrals and fed them, making sure to give each of them attention as they passed through the barn door. I started to clean the barn when Daniel came out to begin his day. We worked together and messed around before going to clean up for breakfast. The weather was beautiful so Tony set the table and cooked in the outdoor kitchen (that he designed).

Master locked my junk up in the Carrara chastity belt after we finished breakfast. I spun the chastity wheel on the laptop to determine how long it will be before I have access to my genitals again. Can you believe that I spun 128 days? That's the end of October! The only way I'll get to cum is when Master rams it out of me while fucking me.

With the breakfast activities done, I went outside to work with the critters. I went out wearing only the Carrara and my work boots. I brushed the white dogs and Buddha and collected their fur to spin into yarn when I have enough. Tommy was constantly at my side as was little Juan, the puppy Viszla. They require little brushing but a lot of attention.

I went to my studio to get myself started a new project, including loading pictures from my laptop into the iMac, Cloud and peripheral storage device. I took hundred of pictures while in Bhutan that I never want to lose.

I chose a landscape that I wanted to capture on canvas. The challenge is portraying the way I felt while out hiking. I think that I will eventually try to paint from pictures of people but I really need to draw them a few hundred times before I can portray personalities with some accuracy. I'm thinking a head to a possible studio show when I have enough work.

We've com up against some competition among vineyard owners. Butch is helping us find the right person to help us with that. We discussed that over a glass of wine on the deck.

I seriously doubt that there will be any play this evening. I think we're all in the mood for and evening of hugs and cuddles in front of the patio fireplace.

Permanent Chastity? A chastity Wheel mishap and this could happen to me.

 128 days locked in this Chastity Belt

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Thoughts About Food and a Damn Good Bondage Session

My gut has been a little grumbling for the past few days. I think it might be caused by switching from a very simple diet back to a comparatively rich diet.

Most of our hosts served meal made of rice or some other grain with a few vegetables. I didn't eat meat in Bhutan except for one night in the hotel after my friend left me. He said that eating an animal was eating god. We talked about eating plants as eating a gift from god. Because in either case, if you believe that god exists in everything then there is no escape from eating god. The difference is that animals are sentient  beings.

Anyway, my meals were gluten free with very little fat and a few vegetables seasoned very carefully with salt and local herbs that were sometimes also used to make hot infusions. My meals on the trip home were primarily meat, vegetables and various carbs. Once I got to San Francisco, I had dry aged Chateau Briand, soup, salad, fingerling potatoes and crusty bread slices that we dipped in olive oil. Of course, we did not pass up on desert.


I'm not even sure what day of the week it is. My head is still someplace in the clouds high above the valley floors of Bhutan. It was a good day to be strenuously bound and then used by Master.

He tied my wrists crossed behind my back then pulled the rope up, wrapping it around my neck several time then cinching it, leaving the tails dangling in front me. He wrapped the rope around my genitals, creating a cock ring effect. He continued by wrapped the rope around my scrotum, stretching it tightly and stretching my balls to the limits. From there, I kneeled with my balls between ankles. He tied and cinched the ends of the ropes so that find any sort of comfort.

The experience first lead to a dull ache in my guts that gradually escalated. I began to feel nausea build and an intense burning sensation in my balls. Everything intensified over time. I began to moan loudly which earned me a heaping stuffing of a leather gag jammed deep into my throat.

Friday, June 12, 2015

I Have So Much to Talk About

Being home is almost overwhelming. I came home to chaos of recognition. The geese treated me as if I was a stranger until they heard my voice. Their attack turned into a clamor for attention (and feed). The dogs came racing from every corner of the ranch. The new dog and puppy stood reluctant at first then ran to see what of the excitement was about. I Sancho and Buddha knocked me on the ground and the rest of the dogs piled themselves on top of me. Hugs, kisses and wet tongues and noses came at me from every direction. The tiny Viszla puppy wiggled his way through the crowd to find out who I was. Amazingly, the big dogs let him through and allowed him a moment to greet me.

I had so much more to see out in the corral. I knew before I left that we would have babies while I was gone but there were so many surprises.

I went inside to greet Tony and then took a long bath in my own fizzy tub where I fell asleep. I live a life of absolute abundance, love and luxury. It's not that it doesn't exist in Bhutan but it is so different to feel a sense of such well being in my own home.

My hike took me to villages and farms that few tourist experience. Even the poorest were generous. There was always at the least, a cup of tea or Yak Milk that was warm from the animal or warmed over a wood fire. My friend and I sleep a simple wood palettes with a Blanket in some homes. our hosts always smiled and treated us like family. My friend bestowed blessings on everyone and I slipped my hand into my backpack for my offering of Bhutanese Ngultrum.  I often resorted to placing it on a table or shelf in the room to give it too them. They most often refused it if I handed it  directly to our host. My friend apologized for me in the case that I offended them until I learned to apologize myself. Sometimes, our hosts were so impoverished that $50.00 could be a life changer.

I will go back to Bhutan next spring. I already miss the gentle smiles from everyone that I came in contact with. I will take Master with me.

I Am Home

I am home. Once again, I am surrounded by family, both two legged and four legged. I made a quick round of the ranch to see what has gone on in my absence. Life abounds!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Together At Last

My little world traveler is home at last. His skin is browner and slightly wrinkled from the Mountain air and sun than it was before he left.

I felt his stress level melt away as I hugged him at the airport. He was properly greeted once I got him to the condo bedroom. He has been tied all day in such a way that I can use him. He's in an easy hogtie and sound asleep at the moment. I think it's time to untie him and take him out for a long quiet dinner together. It looks like he lost a lot of weight again. He's starting to look a little like his Buddhist Monk friends.

A picture from Tumblr. The collar and the man wearing it is really hot. Does anyone know who made the collar?

A gratuitous hot bondage picture from Tumblr. Guess who gets to know what this position feels like...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A crack in the Wall?

Not really but these weeks apart are painful.
We'll be traveling TOGETHER more in the future.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Long Wait

Boy leaves Paro for home within the hour. He has a five hour flight to Singapore and a fifteen hour flight from Singapore to San Francisco. I have a big bag of Caramel Corn Cheese Corn mix for a welcome home gift. He loves the stuff but it's not the kind of thing we eat with any frequency.

November 7 (from the boy's diary)

It used to be that I had to search for someone to tie me up. I can't say that I had a problem finding a top but a tryst always had it's limitations. Things like time, experience and trust got in the way of a really meaningful session. I am so happy that I don't have to rely on a friend of stranger to fix me up and leave me frustrated and empty feeling.

I thought of the past the other day when Master hogtied on top of the pool table in the great room. He had covered it with a big latex sheet so we didn't fuck the felt up by abrasions or with body fluids. Master tied me up about noon. He gagged me and blindfolded me then started wrapping me in rope and knots until I was unable to do little more than wiggle.

I was content about my situation. I was unable to release myself but not in discomfort. Master left me there while he went of to do other things. I just laid there waiting until he decided what to do next. Hour after hour passed without a sound. Then, I heard his foot steps. He stood and quietly laughed to himself. He began to touch and pinch me over my entire boy. He reached under me and played with my nipples and probed by rectum with his fingers. My cock had been locked up for over a week so that was off limits.

I thought he was going to let me up or climb up on the table and fuck me. I didn't get what I expected. He untied a few knots then tightened the ropes and knotted them again. He left me alone again.

I could smell Tony cooking in the kitchen. The smell of food was intoxicating. My stomach started growling and I drooled around the gag with greater intensity. Tony called the guys in for dinner. Master left mr on the table, still bound, waiting.

I waited while they ate dinner then Master came in to play with me again. He untied knots, tightened the ropes and re-knotted every thing again, this time adding more rope to the hogtie that added more pain to my wearing ability to handle the bondage. Pain or not, I had no choice in the matter. He left me while he and the guys sat in another corner of the room watching a streaming movie and drinking cognac from the wine cellar.

For me, this is the epitome of bondage. Wanting to be bound and gagged for what ever drives me, being bound endlessly waiting for release and never knowing when that release might come. It could be an hour of many days. In my situation, my ability to apply limitations to an experience are over and done with. I can't imagine finding a more fulfilling state of being.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Coming Home

It is just past Midnight on Tuesday Morning in Bhutan. That's almost a day ahead of Pacific Time here in the US. Trace leave tomorrow morning then flies backward in time as he flies east. He flies to Singapore then to the US this time.

I spoke to him on the telephone as he was dozing off. He said he was dreaming that he was naked in the San Francisco Airport. He said he his hands were handcuffed behind his back at that I was hugging him. Then, the ringing phone woke him.

Nice dream.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Unthinkable

I'm sitting in front of my computer eating whole grain crackers, cheese made from our goat's milk with Castelvetrano Olives and roasted asparagus tossed with rosemary roasted garlic vinaigrette. I had left over brussel sprouts made with maitaki mushrooms for lunch.  Tony took the day off and Christian and Jason ran errands in San Francisco. Butch and Daniel went out for dinner after calling the animals into the bar.

Trace sprained his right ankle early yesterday morning when setting out for his walk. He was able to get help from the hotel staff that took him back to his suite in Paro. They obtained medical help for him that included manipulation, herbal treatment and a soak in a hot spring, excellent dining and a good nights sleep in a hotel bed.

He had to cut his walk by two days so he has a couple extra days to relax before coming home. The usual arrangement is rental hotel rooms for a minimum stay which usually includes everything that you need while in Bhutan.  In boy's situation, he paid for seven nights of hotel stay and then transferred as a guest to the Tiger's Nest. He ("paid") made a donation to the Tiger's Nest that  included his hike with his friend (tour guide).  His health care was free with his hotel stay. Going to Bhutan as a tourist is a bit like going to an all inclusive resort.

His friend is still with him, enjoying the luxury of the hotel. They are planning on going out to a couple shops today and visit a temple that he hasn't scene yet. He hired transportation for the rest of his stay so he won't be on his feet much. He will undoubtedly send handmade paper, ceramics and metal craft home. The boy is a paper freak.

Today is near an end. For boy, it is already Late Sunday. He'll be heading home on our Tuesday. It gets confusing without looking at timelines on the internet.

A picture of a Grandmother and Granddaughter in Bhutan

As if we needed another pair of dogs.
I rescued this mom and son from a shelter here in the valley today.
He had a butt sniffing festival out in the driveway. Mom is a little nervous.
The baby acts like he owns the place.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I talked to Boy.

I talked to boy via GPS earlier. I know for you Master/slave purists that this was not necessary but we are partner and husbands. I became more excited as I thought about starting a new venture. I know their are a lot of fucker's out there who are opening Vape store fronts but if we do this, we'll do it right with proper branding and a consistent look throughout multiple stores and websites. I already called Steve to set up a meeting. I'm thinking of trying to market in leather stores because I would like to see people in our lifestyle get the tobacco monkey off their backs.

Trace is enjoying himself although he said he is constantly hungry (not normal for him) and a little bit tired. He is looking forward to getting home. He said he wishes he could be transported home (as in Star Trek).

 from tumblr
The boy is going to suffer for me when he gets home. A good long bondage and fuck session is a week away.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Nothing NEW

I don't know why I feel compelled to say anything here today. I forgot what it was that I was going to talk about. It must have been totally profound.

I went to my favorite Vape store today. I sat in the lounge with the manager while he taught me to build a new coil. We started talking about work ethic. I guess one of his employees called in sick at the time the store opened.

My manager friend said that he "hated people who don't show up for work but complain about all the money they need". Apparently he is having problems with a few of his employees but at the same said he understood because "the owner didn't want to pay his employees anything". It always amazes me when business owners pay minimum wage and expect loyalty and responsibility. They are unrealistic. My grand dad paid his employees as well as he could when he started his company, sometimes leaving his own family hungry. He put in more hours that he expected from any one that worked for him. Apparently this Vape store owner expects to male a living from the store that he almost never works.

It makes me wonder, could I open my own store(s) and give my friend the responsibility and autonomy in my absence to decisions befitting his experience and make sure that he has something besides a minimum wage job to offer his staff. If for no other reason than to give my friend and his loyal customers a better life? He would have my backing and I could give him the benefit of my business knowledge. I can almost feel my boy whispering in my ear.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Return Leg of the Walk

The guys are on the return portion of their loop of their walk. They are north of the cities heading west.

Butch and Daniel were playing in the barn last night. Daniel was strung up from the rafters. Butch was swinging forward and backward and whacking him with a leather strap as he swung by. Daniel started pumping like a kid on a swing. Pushing himself higher and higher each time he swung past Butch. Daniel's buffed body is a thing of beauty when involved in stressful activity. He has grown from looking like a skinny twink looking boy to a powerful looking young man. Along with his increase in body strength, he has grown more confident.

The animals are settling down after the chaos of giving birth. We still expect a calf to be born in the next month or two.

Life is good and getting better.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

It's in the Eyes

The expression of anticipation in the boys eyes when I begin a Bondage and Pain experience with him often tells me where to take him. Sometimes there is fear, sometimes his eyes are wide open and shifting about as I work on him and sometime, but rarely, he is complacent and appears emotionless.

I tied the boy with the new techniques a few days after I returned from Germany. His eyes were wide open with anticipation of a new experience. I had him sit on a work table and began the session by wrapping his right wrist as an anchor that I pulled behind his back to his neck. I wrapped the rope around his neck, building a snug coil. I hoped that I would see a level of fear but the boy sat quietly, anticipating the next step in my dance. I continued weaving the rope around his torso. The rope tightened itself as I continued, reducing his ability to expand his chest to breath.

He was unable to move except to wiggle his toes and fingers.

I tied a monkey paw from rope to gage him then sat back in a chair to admire my work and watch his feeble attempt to struggle.

I later climbed on to the table and removed his gag so that I could face fuck the boy.

His eyes widened with wet panic as he choked on my cock. His nose started running as he swallowed harder and harder, working to please me.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Feeling the Same?

To answer your question. I know he feels the same. Bondage is so much a part of the boy's needs that he probably thinks about it a hundred times a day.

It is amusing to spy on the boy during his day. He and his friend are having a fantastic time together. They are animated and fooling around almost constantly. Sometimes it looks like they are bent over from belly laughter. Boy gets that way sometimes and when he does he sounds a little bit like a little kid. The sad thing is that he will suddenly stop and anxiously look around to see is someone will slap him or tell him to shut up. (His mother did  that to him).

He had a few intense nightmares concerning his family during the week before he left for Bhutan. I both dreams, he was responsible for cleaning up after his family and the mess they main. While sleep walking during his last dream he shouted "I"M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS MESS. I don't have to clean it up!" then he went back to bed and I crawled in beside him. While still sleeping he pulled my leg and arm over him and snuggled his face into my arm pit.

We talked about his dream the next morning.
"Ya know", he said. "I dream these family dreams and always feel guilt. Did I ever tell you that my aunt Marrian told me that it was my fault that my dad killed himself and my older brothers?". He had, I am tell him that he was not responsible and that his aunt was bitter with anger. "Ya know", he said. "Every time I think that I'm going to tell myself "I didn't make the mess and I'm not responsible for it". Somehow or another, he seemed lighter in those last few day before he left and from what I can see he is having a lot of fun.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fucking That Fucking Hole in the Airport Restroom

I'm going to Fuck my slave's hole in the airport restroom then drive him to the condo and fuck his hole and then I'm going to dry hump him. Two more fucking weeks!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Esthetics of Bondage

It really gets my jiz boiling when I see well done bondage that shows the top as invested in learning esthetics of the art. It can be as simple a rope neatly wound around wrists or a pair of handcuffs applied correctly. Bondage does not have to be severe to be beautiful.

I had a dream about Trace last night that was based on a real incident.  We were in a leather bar. I was talking to a buddy and Trace was standing next to me. A hot looking guy stopped to talk to Trace as he walked through the crowds of men. Trace greeted him as he would a friend and tapped me on the arm to get my attention. Trace introduced us and then I turned to my buddy again. Several minutes later, I felt Trace starting to feel anxiety. As I often do. I put my hand over his mouth and turn his face into my chest, hold his nose closed, tell him to breath then release his nose, forcing him to breath deeply and slowly through his nostrils.

The dream seemed so real that I woke from it feeling disappointed that it was just a fleeting dream. I felt uneasy about him. I studied the GPS then called him. He was fine but he said that he thought of me and felt anxiety about being so far away from me.

I never, never thought that I would be this dependent on another person for so much of my happiness.

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Journey

I can watch the boy move, almost in real time. I know he is doing well.

There is much ado here on the Ranch. We all have busy hands, tired backs and we're sleepless. The animals are all whelping at the same time. We've had a vet here for the past 24 hours. We have three Alpaca Cria and one Lama Cria. Helga, one of the mares gave birth to a foul that I named Krista. One of the cows also looks heavy. We do things the natural way here and allow calves to bond with the mothers.

The dogs that prefer living outdoors are doing fine. Tommy is obviously lost without his boy, I think Buddha is a little mournful too. Sancho and Pancha run to the door when they hear a vehicle start up the hill.

I think boy would love to have been here for the births but he is where he needs to be.

My right arm is getting a workout in the boy's absence.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Airport in Paro

It is a nice airport but a timid traveler should keep the airplane window shade down or close your eyes tightly. Aspen, Colorado is hairy too.

Boy is on his way over mountains and through valleys off the highways. If you do a little research you will see that a modern highway connects major towns and the airport. As in most countries, the real beauty is found far off the easy path.

The boy is enjoying moderate temperatures.

Reggie has gone back to Napa, leaving me wanting more. I had fun but not nearly as much funs as when I am tormenting my slave.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Breif Interlude

By my GPS calculation, the boy is at the top of the world in the monastery above Paro, Bhutan. He will stay there for two days then begin his 3 week trek with his friend and spiritual guide.

Reggie is giving me hell and I am enjoying every moment of it. We're taking a break to relax and catch up with business in the office then we're going back at it.

Some Tumblr pics for your amusement:

Sunday, May 17, 2015


My slave is okay. He arrived in Paro, Bhutan safely. He's taking time to acclimate to the altitude before hiking to the monastery to meet his friend. I can actually track his movements to the square meter when he is not in a plane as well as call him via GPS.

Most or all of the seismic activity is west of Bhutan in Nepal. boy flew in from the east via Japan and Thailand.

As for me, I am entertaining Reggie for a few days as I assume my old role as slave to him. I don't do that when my slave is around. If I am any good at all at being the boy's Master it is because Reggie was a damn good Master to me.

This picture is from Tumblr, it's not me but I spent the better part of my life as Reggie's slave sleeping this way. I was locked to a ring in the floor with about a half meter of chain. It was hard at first because it made feel like a very hungry whore. I felt content and happy after I got used to it and the position became so common that it didn't make me horny any more.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Bondage the Day Before the Left

One of my favorite Hoods to use on the boy is a hood that Jim Stewart made some time ago. Good heavy thick leather on the outside lined with Garment Leather. No holes except two punched openings at the nostrils. It's a bit small for the boy so it's a struggle to get it on him. I becomes a very tight second skin. He can't move his jaw at all so his mouth is forced closed. I put him in a leather straightjacket. It's black on the outside with kid glove blood red leather on the inside that clings when it get damp from sweat. All the buckles lock. I inverted him. He was wearing chaps and boots.

The boy was in serious shape, hardly able to breath and locked up cock. He'd been wearing the belt for well over a month without getting any relief at all through all of our sessions. I finally took it off. I can't have the boy trying to go through international airports with that thing on him. Not in the East. So I drew my belt from my jeans and let him know I was going to work him over with it. His ass was at a perfect height for a good belting.

I beat his ass to bruising.

I took him down and kept him bound. I bent him over the Australian Punishment Bench and beat his ass some more before I fucked him over and over until I had nothing left and my cock was sore. I wanted to give the boy something to think about during that very long trip to Bhutan.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

It's Going to be a Long, Long Trek

I wish that I had something interesting to talk about. It seemed that we were all work and play but there is nothing new about that. We didn't do anything that we hoped to do exact take time to take time with each other without allowing for interruptions.

We didn't change the blog or the site and most likely won't until July.

I encourage my boy to take his trip to Bhutan to take his trek along with his friend. He should be arriving at the Monastery sometime soon but he is out of reach at the moment. He'll need to acclimate to the thin air for a few days before starting out. He'll have nothing with him beside the clothes on their backs, a change of underwear and dry socks. I think he might take his camera but he's more into memories than pictures. When he paints, he creates moods and impressions from memories.

He finished several paintings before he left and decided to turn the fleece from his animals over to a commercial facility this year. He's spending more time painting than any other activity in the studio.

I have been working outside more since I shed all business concerns outside of running this place (financially). Butch runs everything else around here, including my ass when I am out in his territory. It's odd (as my boy might say) that I feel less interest in going out and feel like working the ranch instead. I never before thought I'd be happy do this manual labor shit, but it is damn fun and makes me feel like an honest man. Makes me horny too. Something I can hardly deal with in the boys absence. 

Something on the kinky side.

 from Tumblr
I saw this picture sometime ago and got all hard over it. I had some girls up in Canada reproduce except that every single buckle locks with a padlock and the hands will be restrained behind his back. The waist and chest cinchers have roller buckles for easy tightening. The boy hasn't seen it yet. It should arrive before he comes home.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

One More Week

One more Fucking Week until we start posting again.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Frog Tied

I know we said we wouldn't post until we got the new domain up and loaded but I saw this on Tumblr and had to share because it is my favorite position to be bound in.

This is not Master's work! And, I never have hair.............

Sunday, April 26, 2015

New Postings Will Begin

New Postings will begin in Mid-May.  We will be moving the blog to it's own domain. We are considering monetizing the site by adding advertisements to kink gay friendly businesses. Any funds, if we decide to monetize the site, will benefit Charity.  The site will be free as always with no membership. We are also considering adding original photographs from our own activities.

We are open to suggestions. Please reply in the comments section for this page.

From Tumblr

Friday, April 24, 2015


We will be taking a break for a while.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Th PlaySpace at the Ranch and Games We Play

We have a large post and beam building adjacent to the animal barn. It is our main play space with the larger equipment. The ceilings are high enough so that I can swing a 12 foot whip.  The sitting room off our bedroom was converted to a private play space. Boy's uncle built another "party" room off the wine cellar with spaces for tables and chairs. We removed the furniture and added locking steel doors to two spaces and insulated the third space for sound and installed a heavy wooden door. The space in deafening in it's quiet. The insulated room is where boy rides out a migraine. We also play outside among oak trees when weather permits.

Our toy collection grows but I think we have enough for now. At least we have enough big toys.

My boy is all tied up this morning in coils of black rope. I added a silicone plug under his Carrara for his further discomfort..

The following is brazenly stolen from my favorite site  metalbondnyc.com
Visit his site often!

Idea for a bondage game

Part One: Prisoner rolls one die, with the result of the roll to be as follows:
  • Prisoner rolls a 1, his hands are cuffed behind back with a chain running from metal collar to cuffs, and he is locked in a cage or isolation cell.
  • Prisoner rolls a 2, his neck is locked to ring in floor with 3 feet of slack.
  • Prisoner rolls a 3, his neck is locked to ring in floor with 3 feet of slack and hands are cuffed behind back.
  • Prisoner rolls a 4, his neck is bolted to ring in the floor with no slack.
  • Prisoner rolls a 5, his neck is bolted to ring in the floor with no slack and his hands are cuffed behind.
  • Prisoner rolls a 6, his neck is bolted to ring in the floor and his wrists/ankles are spread eagle, with prisoner on his back.

Part Two, after Prisoner’s bondage is determined with the first roll, prisoner is restrained and then the Captor rolls TWO dice, with the results as follows:
  • Total number on both dice equals the number of hours the prisoner stays in the bondage.
  • If prisoner rolls a double (i.e. two 2’s or two 5’s) the total number of hours is doubled. For example, if prisoner rolls two 4’s, he spends 16 hours in the bondage (4 plus 4 is 8 hours, which is doubled to 16).
  • Prisoner will therefore be subjected to a minimum of three hours (if he rolls a 1 and a 2) to a maximum of 24 hours (if he rolls two 6’s) in bondage.

Part Three, interpretation of rules and consequences
  • If prisoner complains or asks for early release, he forfeits all rights to release from the bondage and captors may extend imprisonment time and/or increase the severity of the bondage, at their discretion.
  • There is only one way for the prisoner to get out early, and that is for the prisoner to convince the captor or another person to change positions with him and become prisoner.
  • If that happens the new captor rolls two dice, which determine the sentence for the new prisoner, which is an additional 3 to 24 hours.

Another game that we play


His Spin of the wheel earned him 32 days of lock-up. That added to over a week locked already is a good start toward total frustration.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Home, We Are All Home At Last

slave: The box is and isn't the same. The first box is sound proof and lined with leather. The straps are leather and it was designed so that multiple layers of rubber or leather can be worn inside. A minute amount of movement is possible and it is far more comfortable than the new steel box. I am much more cramped in the steel box. Attempts to move are painful because the metal straps are tight and the edges feel threatening against bare skin. I didn't design the thing and I'm not enamored with it.

Master Ian is home,  we are all home at last.
This is the first thing I've done today that doesn't require a "physical coupling" with Master since he walked in the door.

Just a picture from Tumblr.
The slave doesn't look happy.
That's that opposite of what I feel today but still, I emphasize with him.

On the other hand, bring chained and owned by Master is one of the best things in my life.

Monday, April 20, 2015


Master Ian comes home today, in a matter of hours.

Ray dropped the new toy off early this morning. He insisted on doing a "fitting" so in I go. It's essentially a small iron box. The bottom, back, left side and top are permanently welded and reinforced now. I slid into to the box and Ray clamped my neck, above my hips and upper arms inside the box. He pulled a hinged steel bar up between my legs with cuff attached to it the pulled my wrists forward and locked them in the cuffs, He clamped my left ankle to the side of the box then positioned the right side of the box and fastened it to the rest od the box. He clamped my right ankle to that then position the front wall and fastened it to the  box. I was jammed and locked inside the box. There is a sliding observation window in the front wall. Holes allow the top to peer inside and gives the captive limited ability to view outside the box. With the window cover on, there is nothing but darkness.

Bind in self bondage that goes wrong. I'd bet anything that it is intentional.
I love self bondage because I intentionally get myself into situations that I can't get out of so I am stuck until Master (or someone) finds me. I've been stuck for hours on occasion. Sometimes I am discovered and left other times discovered and tortured.

This picture has been around a while.I've been bound like this for hours while Master relaxes.
I like it when He smokes a cigar when I am bound and "Ignored".I think this picture is where He got the idea to do this to me.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

I'm Hardly Awake Today

It feels like a dog day of August for me today. Everything I do seems to take more effort that usually. I slept through my 6:AM internal alarm and slept until 9:20 Am when Tony came into the room and shook me out of bed. Without realizing it. I went to the breakfast table without putting any clothing on. I cleaned up after breakfast so Tony and his love could go off and spend the day together. It took discipline to clean and more time than is reasonable. I went shopping for a while but went home because decisions were too hard to make. I'm just sitting here, my brain turns off and on and I fall asleep mid-keystroke. I'd go to bed but it seems like too much effort.

Master starts his trip home in a few hours. He's flying commercial and he's already complaining about how terrible the flight is. He said that he wants both of us to get pilot license's so we can fly ourselves around. Hmmm.