Monday, July 6, 2015

Traveling, Water and Mountains.

As I said, I grew up on the shore of Lake Michigan. It is one of the Great Lakes. A quick walk down the embankment and a turn of the key brought me to the beach. The sand is like silk and the water is usually very cold. We had a pool outside of the kitchen door so that is where I usually swam. An eight foot high wall surrounded the property.

The sounds of the waves ranged from gentle lapping on the shore to raging waves that were deafening if the windows were open. I grew up drinking and bathing in the water from the lake so until I moved away, it made up a major portion of my body.

Our new house is on a mountain side. Nearly at the top. We face the southwest with eastern exposure. We overlook an isolated valley. I have always loved mountains. I love skiing, climbing and hiking. I went out running yesterday. It was definitely a challenge with the thinner air and the climb back up the road toward home.

The house is almost entirely log construction inside and out except for parts of bathrooms and a large part of the kitchen where the walls are painted and tiled in the food preparation area. The backsplash and counter tops are man made quartz that looks like slate with a honed surface. The cabinets are custom made shaker cabinets without pulls or knobs on them. They open by pressing on the doors and have a hidden ridge on the drawers. We are building a ceiling cabinet with the same materials to increase storage. It will look like a paneled wall. A large harvest table flanked by benches will bring the family together in the kitchen for most meals.

We hired a decorator in Denver to furnish the house. Except for three bedrooms, it is a blank slate. My only direction is to make sure that it has western influence and masculine without being overbearing. I love Pendleton tribal blankets so we're making sure that they are distributed throughout the house.

Art work comes from our collection and we're taking a couple of painting that my uncle did. The rest of what is left of his collection stays with the house.

As far as the animals. It is about an 18 hour drive. They are coming in groups by air conditioned trucks via experienced livestock movers.  They will come straight through with stops for gas and food. They will be loaded in the morning and arrive during the daylight hours the next day.

Yes, I got to be the scapegoat the other day. Master gave me a good beating followed by a night of intense sex.

I had a migraine this morning to I crashed in the darkest of the furnished bedrooms. Master officiated while the decorators worked. He even made dinner for me and served me in the bedroom. It was awkward but I truly enjoyed his affection. He made toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches and warmed cream of corn soup from a box. He also made a small salad of spring greens.


  1. I was going to ask about the animals. I suppose their year will be a bit different in as much as they won't be outside quite as much when it gets very cold. Will you have to build extra accommodation for them to over-winter?

    Glad you got to be scapegoat, it's good to hear things are progressing normally though I don't think you should find it awkward to be served by Master after the migraine. It's the same love he shows when he binds and tortures but always makes sure you're safe. Let's face it, you'd be long gone if he didn't have your health and welfare at heart thinking about some of the scenes you go through.

    The tribal blankets are interesting and attractive. I have a similar one on the bedroom floor (sometimes on the wall) from a North African tribe.

    It sounds as if this move, once it's over, will be an exciting and new chapter for the whole family, including those with four legs.

    1. I'd guess that the blanket that you say is similar is the design with the geometric patterns. The blanket design in picture is from the Seminole tribes in Florida.

      I have two original blankets that my grandparents bought in New Mexico. They were antique when they bought them in the 1930's. They have been in archival storage in my home town along with my grandmother's furs. It's time to bring them home. I'm going to have the furs turned into throws.

  2. Thanks for describing the house. It sounds very luxurious.
    About the dream on the flight, I think you should have a huge party at the old house on the last day, say goodbye to it properly.
    I too love the seaside, specially in winter, when the sea is rough. I once spent a few days in North Carolina on the coast over Thanksgiving, and while my friend was inside studying for an exam and watching football (BORING!), I sat on the balcony watching the waves. I ventured in for a swim on a sunny day, it was lovely!
    I guess exercise in the thinner air could have brought on the migraine. I agree with above comment, do not feel bad about Master serving you dinner in the bedroom. It is only natural that he would want to care for you. A relationship is about giving and taking, and that is expressed in many different ways.
    Or you could be cynical and say he made sure you keep your strength up.