Saturday, July 4, 2015

21 Days of Chastity

The number of days of having this chastity belt locked on my body slowly grows. My trip through airport security was a minor ordeal. I no longer feel embarrassed by the  inspections or rude commentary. It's usually the black women who make the crazy comments, usually involving getting a chastity belt for their boyfriends or husbands. For me, I have mixed feelings about it. It makes and keeps me horny, frustrates me and sometimes, using the toilet can be messy.

Master takes it off from time to time so I can clean and so that he can inspect me for any problems. The other day after my run, he removed it for a couple hours but I had my hands tied behind my back. Besides, he doesn't want me to touch myself. I wouldn't disobey him.

So, we got up early. We were dying for an espresso but of course, there is no machine or cups. (It shows how well this trip was planned.)  We drove into town and found a diner then drove to Denver to shop at Crate and Barrel. We bought china, glassware, flatware and a cook set. As we were driving home, it occurred to us that we have all this stuff in California, being boxed for the move. We should have gotten paper plates and plastic cups and flatware to hold us for the few days that we'll be here. Oh well, Tony won't mind the extra gear. Master told me that he was going to take his belt to me when we get home for allowing us to be so foolish. (Any excuse!!!!!!!!!)


  1. It is amazing how much stuff one needs even to prepare the simplest meal. You just have to treat it like camping, Your tent is just a bit bigger and more solid.
    Does it get very hot in the summer? Although I guess the house will be cool. GB had a heat wave this week, it does not cool down much at night, last night I had 23C in the house!

  2. Talk about "whipping Boy"! Yes,any excuse, and you'll both love every minute.

    The times I've been in Crate and barrel I found loads of things I wanted but didn't need, of course I found that out after I'd bought them, especially trying to fly home with them.

    The airport - yes well some people just can't ignore and let you get on without some inane comment. I suppose you just have to ignore it, as you do with all small minded comments.
    As Silke David says, it's been very hot here. The hot nights seem to make me horny too, just what you need when you're trying to go to sleep.

  3. Forgot to ask, do you have any furniture, apart from the bed, in the house?
    What are the inside walls like if the house is built of logs. Can one hang paintings? How many days will the animals need to travel? Sorry to ask so many questions, I just love moving and setting up house and make it your own.