Thursday, July 9, 2015

The boy is Down Today

The boy is down today. He is just plain tired. He's spending his day in bed sleeping. He wants me to be with him so I go in from time-to-time to hold him. His Tommy lays on the foot of the bed looking up at him and then as I leave, he crawls up and leans against the object of his adoration.

I'd like to tie him up and gag him for the evening and I think I might, just because I can and because I know he would enjoy it. His tastes have changed so much recently. He loved crazy heavy bondage and now he gets off on my rope work.

Except for brief moments, he has been locked in his chastity belt for 24 four days. He came "by accident" while I was playing with his nipples last night. I could see that he was on the edge, for the third or fourth time. His eyes were full of tears from fighting against the uncontrollable need to cum. He begged me to stop but I told him to hold it if he knew what was good for him. Finally, his back arched and he screamed "I can't hold it!". He came while screaming. It looked like his entire body was cramping in a violent spasm. He pumped like I've never seen him cum before. He was screaming in agony. Even after the lost drop of cum dripped from the tip of his cock, he screamed. His gut was still in the midst of spasm. He cried out "I think something is wrong, the pain is in the wrong place and it's getting more intense". His toes curled and I saw him trying to pull cramps from his legs by pointing and stretching his toes toward his head. He gradually relaxed and the cramping stopped.

We talked to our Urologist who said it was inflammation of the prostate caused by sexual stimulation and then no ejaculating. He told me to leave the chastity belt off for a while. If it happens again, come to see him. He also suggested that if we're having sex to let the boy ejaculate before locking the belt back on the boy.

So there you have it.


  1. In the end the body has the last word whether it's to sleep or, in this case, to cum. I doubt if it will hinder either of you your pleasure much if at all. Better to be safe as they say.

    I can well imagine that your rope work is imaginative and with great style since you have been to the chateau. The art involved would make up for all the heavy bondage and make the positions just as extreme and painful.
    Perhaps sometime when life is less busy you could post some pictures of the sort of roping you are doing?

  2. That must have been quite scary, one moment you are having a wonderful time together, and then the boy screams in pain. Good that you have doctors you can rely on. I guess he just has to let the body deal with it, no medication required?

    I also prefer leather restraints, but I guess rope is more flexible and offers you more positions. It is more intimate and brings you closer together.

    It is nice that he has the dog to keep him company as well.
    Thanks for the posts these last few days, it sounds as if you are crazily busy, and also that you are very happy.

  3. Just to say I'm off on a holiday tomorrow. Bit of Europe then the US for a couple of weeks so will get back here when I return. Hope things are OK with you all and that the silence here just means you're busy.
    best wishes T