Saturday, July 18, 2015

Full House

Everyone is together again. The house is full and all the animals are safe in their new home. The new arrivals were comforted as we humans are to be together again.

The boy is out playing with the animals, charging and chasing them to get them to exercise and mingle. He takes time to curry each one to let them know that he is there to take care of him. He and I have our hands full because the guys have the day off tomorrow after working like slaves to make sure everything in California got cleared out properly.


  1. Wonderful news.
    I hope everyone settles quickly, and you get everything just right. Although it is fun to re-arrange the furniture and the garden from time to time.
    Now you all can explore your new neighbourhood. I hope everyone (human and non-human) will be happy.

  2. Silke David,
    We had a designer, Except for a few antique oriental carpets from my grandparents house, everything is new and in its place.

    Our nearest neighbor is nearly a mile down the road but we still have plenty to explore.