Thursday, July 16, 2015

Shit on the Soles of Our Boots

It seems that we're in a state of semi-controlled turmoil. First came the animals on Friday of last week. It took a lot of TLC to calm them down. Their dog companions were hyper-vigilant and of course, half of the geese made the trip. They kept us awake all night with their barking and squawking. I ended up going out to the barn to sleep once I got all the animals into their stalls. It was the only way that I could help them adjust to their new digs.

I let them out into the corral and cleaned the barn then went in to sleep a few hours.  We had a much quieter night on Saturday.

Sunday was very quiet but there was still a sense of turmoil. We went in to town for brunch and then came home to tried to connect the satellite system inside the house. Christian's expertise in electronics made the wired maze in the electronics room fathomable.

The reindeer arrived yesterday along with the horses. The horses shook off the cramped trip by running in circle but the reindeer were jumping and hopping skittishly so that if they were in full rack they most certainly would have damaged each other.

We're all exhausted, animals and humans alike. We have little interest in kink but we manage vanilla sex a couple times each day.

Jason and Tony flew in today after helping to ship the last of the geese and the remaining two dogs. Butch and Daniel come on Saturday after the truck without household junk gets on it's way and the keys are turned over to the new owners.

I think that with all of us working together that we should start to feel settled within a few weeks. I know one thing for sure. It will be good to get a decent meal once Tony has the kitchen set up.


  1. You certainly had your hands full and I can imagine that you all will need a few weeks to settle in and establish a routine.
    Glad that you are feeling better and the break was due to being busy.
    I have to ask, how many dogs have you got? Are they all allowed in the house?
    I can understand that you are looking forward to Tony's cooking.
    I look forward to hearing how you are all getting on.

  2. I am dog nuts. There are eight dogs. Two Great Pyrenees that live outdoors most of the time, two Great Pyrenees that are in and out of doors, a Tibetan Terrier that lives indoors most of the time, a Lab Mix that Follows me where ever I go and two Viszla. They are all young adults except for the Viszla puppy. All come and go as they like except for the puppy who hasn't been trained to stay near the house.