Saturday, August 30, 2014

Slavery is freedom

New Sensation, who'd have thought?

I was on my knees servicing Master. It was all going well when he saddening stopped me. He snapped a pair of Japanese Clover Clamps on my ear lobes. It hurt like fuckin' hell! He used the chain between the clamps to pull my head back and forth over his cock. What a rush! My nuts went haywire. I had the hottest, meanest orgasm that I've had in ages. My cock filled it's protective tube and I came. It was almost unbearable. I opened my mouth and screamed.

Master was shocked at the fact that I came.

I know that my ears are hard wired to my cock but I had never felt a connection so strongly as when Master gave me actual pain there.

I'd like to do that again.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Sleep Sack on Steroids

Pin Prick Sleep Sack

As my regular readers know, my birthday present this year was a pin prick lined sleep sack that Regie made in his London workroom. I’ve had requests for more information about it.

Master and my family and friends spared no expense on my present. It is a work of art. If not intended for more sinister purposes it is worthy of being in a museum. It weighs about forty pounds with all the straps and pin prick studs. More weight is added by the stainless steel padlocks.

The sack looks like a leather sack made by Mr.S or Fetters on steroids on the outside. It is made of heavy black cowhide on the outside and very soft thick leather on the inside. The pin pricks are attached to the soft internal lining. There is almost no space in most places that are not covered in sharp tiny protrusions. Initially, the pin pricks are not visible but the smallest amount of pressure will give the secret away. Placing a hand or smaller part of the body directly on the pin pricks will drive them deeper that when the entire body weight is spread out over them. Climbing in and out is a real pain but once enveloped, it feels like I am itching all over and that my skin is working overtime to translate all of the sensations. One moving the body, there is the same sensation as rubbing very coarse sandpaper over the skin. It is a big challenge to get the arms inside the internal sleeves because the scraping of the skin but once in, the worst of the sensations subsides until the enclosure process begins.

First, the bag is pulled up around the body while laces are pulled tightly. The pin pricks pull into the body and arms. It feels frightening. Once tightly laced outer flaps of leather lay over the laces and zippers are pulled down from the neckline to the groin and from the ankles up to the groin, tightening the bag more and also pulling the pin pricks tighter against the skin. Sixteen two inch straps are pulled tightly around the sack causing more compression. (Keep in mind that the pin pricks are an eight in long before they are driven into the leather so about 1/16th at most is pushed in the skin. Less in most places.)

The hood went on before the descent into the sack. It is made of cowhide that matches the sack and lined with the same soft leather. There are only holes for breathing through which stiff silicon tubes are inserted to keep the nostrils open. Pin pricks cover the surface of the gag that makes contact with the tongue. The gag touches the uvula and fills the mouth. Three straps keep the pressure around the head. One goes from under the chin to the crown of the head, one over eye padding and one around the head to keep the gag from being pushed out (or to drive the gag deeper into the mouth. The hood fits under the sack collar which is locked snuggly.

I’ve only been in the sack for an hour. Once I was all in an buckled tightly, most of the feeling of sharpness was replaced by what I interpreted as a slow burn. Any attempt to move caused a new onslaught of pricking. I managed to turn onto my stomach. Holy Hell is all that I can say about that but it soon passed. The masochist in me made me try to hump the floor when I found out how (good?) it felt to drive the pricks into my cock.

Crawling out of the sack was horrible. Regie ended up opening the sack as far as it would go then flipping me on to my front side. He peeled the sack from me and then removed the hood.

The Sensations of the hood were lost. The pricks against my tongue were an irritation but nothing compared to the intensity and tightness of the hood itself. Having the silicon tubes in my nostrils blocked some of the odors around me. Someone was smoking a cigar. I could get a faint odor but I felt some of the smoke being inhaled directly into my lungs. I could actually taste it when the tubes were removed. I might be crazy but I liked it. The hood is now my favorite because it is tighter and robs the senses most of all of Master’s collection.

An important thing to remember is that I showered with something called H2Ocean. It is a product that is used to care for new piercing and tattoos. It has natural bacterial-static agents in it as well as agents that promote fast healing. I also brushed my teeth and used mouthwash (Biotene) to fight any possible bacterial invasion. 

I also used a concoction of mushroom that I get from my acupuncturist every day to help keep my natural immune system in full force.

We sprayed H2Ocean inside the sack the day after and left it open until the sweat dried.

Yeah! Back to Normal

My chastity belt has gotten to be a comfort to me. It takes all responsibility for myself out of my hands but it hasn't been doing much since I'm not able to ejaculate anyway. I asked Master if he had done something to me with all this subliminal suggestion stuff that he has been subjecting me to. He said he had. "Trace, your Master wants you to cum", was his magic word. "Just to inform you slave, you can not release yourself. Only my voice will release you."

"You mean I can cum now?"

He told me to kneel in front of him. I obeyed. He said, "Hands tied" and I involuntarily crossed behind my back. He pulled me forward and gave me a bear hug. He pushed me back to begin torturing my tits with his fingers. I would never do anything to defend myself from him voluntarily anyway but he told me he would continue until I pushed his hands away. I could not free myself no matter the effort I put into it. I put my head against his chest and thanked him for taking greater control of me. He smiled and stopped assaulting my tit. He held me against his chest for the longest time. He said, "what is it that you want to ask me?".

"Master, you haven't plowed into either of my holes for a couple days, have I done something wrong?"

Master grabbed me by the back of the neck and dragged me into the bedroom to work me over.
Back to normal.
He tied me spread eagle on the bed, face down and drew his heavy old brown leather belt from his jeans and gave me 40 heavy whacks. It was the kind of beating that would have made scream of cry but he had not given me permission to make noise with my mouth. I gave full focus to each stroke, raising my butt to great it. My cock fought its prison and precum drizzled from the tube of the chastity belt into the bed.

He untied my ankles and folded my legs over me to the headboard and tied my ankles to the posts, spreading me open. His cock was already hard and dripping precum that he used to lubricate my hole. He climbed between my legs and looked straight into my eyes. I looked into his. He minded me that I belong to him and that he will do anything he likes to me. His eyes were intense in their gaze. I looked at his face, his hair and his weeks old beard, admiring him. I spoke without permission. Thank You Master.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back to Not Normal

We went out for dinner last night. Master locked me back in the Groethal, where my cock belongs, before we left. It felt good to have that conflict taken care of. I can't do anything so why bother trying, right? I get less frustrated that way.

Butch and Daniel should be enjoying the sites of Munich. I hope Daniel is eating well because he won't be once he is locked up at the Chateau. I know, I hated the food. We slaves eat a mash of whatever it was while the Masters dined family style at a huge table in the dining room. Daniel will spend hid first days there chained to the wall in a long stone wall with the other "inductees", waiting his turn to be trained. I think that Butch will not let him be tormented. He is highly and extremely protective of his boy.

We ate in a bar that is respected for it's steaks. I had a vegetarian plate while Master cut through a big strip steak. I'm getting to be more and more vegetarian. Its gotten to be that I think of my animals bring slaughtered to be eaten every time I contemplate eating meat. I just can't justify raising and animal for consumption

Each one of my animals gives me something special. I have given them all names based upon their behavior. I often hand feed them and play with them as if we are all children. I groom them and sit in their corrals with them just to be near them. Equating them to food is impossible.

Master is letting his beard grow. It's been a couple weeks since he's shaved. I always wanted a beard like his. It is black and dense and covers a good percentage of hi face.

Well, I've been doing nothing but rambling. I'm going to crawl back in bed.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Day to Myself.

I woke to an empty house this morning. Everyone is gone. Every one has left me except for the dogs. They are wildly wagging their tails, competing for attention. They are eagerly starring at me and trying to heard me to the kitchen. Its breakfast, yummy! Its breakfast. Cold chicken in the microwave, three cups of chow in each bowl, one in Tommy's and we're in the middle of a feeding frenzy with tails wagging.

I went out to make sure our day man has started working with my menagerie. I worked with him to clean out their houses and feed them. I groomed a few of the guys and played with the dogs and horses. The cattle need to be cared for and the cheese maker lady is came to collect milk It was pure enjoyment, especially after rarely working for a couple weeks. I want to work for the rest of the day just to be outside with the animals but I am tired, truly tired.

I checked my blood sugar. 76, I better get some carbs. I made oatmeal and stirred in some Lingberries to sweeten it and cooked an egg to soft boil. I drank a  glass of Oolong Tea with ice and then went out to the deck with cup of coffee, my pipe and watched everything and nothing in the mountains that surround me.

I felt horny. Smoking my pipe can do that. I was free, the chastity belts are not in use. I crawled in bed to masturbate. I edged myself over and over but I couldn't cum. Edging in itself was blissful Oh how I wanted wanted to cum so badly that I arched my back involuntarily as each attempt failed. I wondered if Master has planted a subliminal something or other in the recordings that he makes me listen to while bound. Is that why I'm not wearing any chastity devices. Is he torturing me?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

In Pain and Exhausted

Regie is the BDSM marathon man. He moved from one torment to another without a rest. I will try to give you snippets over time. The activity that I enjoyed above all others is his fetish for sticking people with sharp objects

He had two boxes of acupuncture needles with him. He used both on me so that was two hundred needles. He played with my feet, hitting a couple spots that caused the feeling of incredible orgasms into my genitalia. It was amazing! I begged him "again please, again please until stimulation didn't work anymore. The other place that caused extreme arousal was when he turned my nipples and surrounding tissue into pin cushions. He left those in until the end of that session. He also nailed my ball sack, cock and then finally loaded my meatus. He took pictures of his work that he said he will email them to me.

I reached a plateau around mid-afternoon when first I felt completely overloaded. I suddenly wanted everything done and over. Regie continued pushing. I felt nothing but pain from the top of my head to the souls of my feet. I apparently stopped reacting, almost as if I went comatose. Regie decided I was done in and pulled everything. He let me lay on the rack making constant physical contact with me. I lay center my attention on controlling my breath, pulse and blood pressure while stroked and gently fondle me. He gave me sips of electrolyte water until I could respond again. He reached up, wanting him to tighten the restraints again but he removed them.

"Go clean up and meet me in the hot tub". I showered then walked across the drive to the pool patio. He was already sitting in the deep hot water unwinding. The hot tub is actually a large Japanese bath with effervescent bubbles instead of swirling water. I climbed in a slowly sat on the tub seat. I felt I should do something to show my appreciation for his attention. He pushed me away and told me to relax.

My entire body is sore, some places pain, others a miserable rash. I am completely spent. The plans to have me spend the night in the new sleep sack foiled. Master told me that I am taking a few days to relax, unwind and recuperate.

Monday, August 25, 2014

My slave, My Pig, Regie's slave

My slave, my pig, gave me that gag he wrote about. He'd thought about that taboo for a long time. It's been one hurdle that he couldn't jump.

I buckled it in slave's mouth immediately when I took it out of it's box. I had him lay on the bed with his arms at his side as if tied. I saw him tremble. I used his mouth for my spit can, he swallowed, gagging, tears in his eyes. I took my belt out and beat his front side, called him pig and didn't stop until he let loose and sobbed. I spit in his mouth again and then came in it. It was a catharsis.

He slowly crept out of bed this morning after I edged myself in his ass all night.  He took my piss then went into the bathroom to fill his piss bottle so that he could drink it front of me. I know he hates morning piss and I get off on that.

Time to go back to bed for a while.

I'm giving slave to Regie for 24 hours.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Birthday Earthquake

We had an Earthquake this morning that shook Napa Valley. The epicenter was apparently 70 miles away. We weren't sure what hit us because we often feel tremors. Our house is on top of a mountain, which is more stable ground than the surrounding valleys. A few things slipped off shelves and tables and we sustained a crack in one of the big living room windows but that is all. I didn't feel anything but a slight vibration. By the time the guys came down to get me, it was over.

I wonder sometimes if I get the worst migraines when the ground moves. Daniel said the animals were nervous and the geese were unusually noisy. I continued my nap up the mountain near the Oaks with the dogs surrounding me.

During a party at the clubhouse in London, one of the slave had a wide collar locked on the he told me was lined with hundreds of tiny pin pricks. I would have had full blown wood if I hadn't been locked. I excitedly told Master about. He inspected it as well as he could then asked the slave's Master if he could get a good look at it. Regie is the slave's owner.

Later that night, I confessed that I having a jock from Mr. S that was retrofitted with a locking belt that is lined with hundreds of pin pricks, as well as a matching sleeveless T-shirt and bondage  booties that I should have thrown away because I hate them. I had worn these things around my apartment but never had the nerve to wear them out or tell visiting tops that I have them in my toy collection.

It was Master who first insisted that I model the items for him. He's locked them on a few times but then we lost interest until Regie sent us the collar. But still, they never caught on.

All of this comes no more than a few weeks after I read the story on MetalBondNyc called Bondage  Fantasy World about a guy who forced in bondage that was lined with "nails". The story rocked my world. I thought how cool it would be to experience the imprisonment in the story while at the same time feeling horrified by it. It is amazing how serendipitously or thoughts and reality collide and mesh with each other. Buddha said something like "We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world." I truly believe his thoughts but sometimes forget and with my thoughts screw up my world.

My migraine had passed except for the haze that I am in. It was cake and gift time. The most fun of all the gifts was the over the knee paddling that each person gave me. I got passed from one person to the next until we had counted my age. I finally got to open the box that Regie shipped from his shop in London. I had to work the package open without being allowed to use tools to cut the tape. Finally!
I got it open. I pulled a large heavy garment out of the box that had fifteen locked straps on the outside of it. It must weigh fifty pounds. It was the fucking daddy of all sleep sacks, I thanked everyone profusely. Regie gave me a key to the locks and told me to open them. I was too excited to unlock everything myself so Regie dropped to his knees and unlocked everything. He partially opened the bag and took my hand and made me stroke the interior. Ouch and Double Ouch! The entire interior is lined with tiny sharp points. "I don't fucking know about this one guys!"

Regie said, "you're going to know soon enough".

Again, I can't say I understand how coincidence play out in this world.

Master ordered me to get ready to try it out. He followed me into the bedroom to make sure I took a piss. Master had laid out while I was in the bathroom, stalling, afraid of what I was going to experience and then decided his thinking was all wrong. Strip slave. He watched me as I nervously removed my clothing. Using his finger under my collar, he led me into the great room. Regie had the bag entirely opened and waiting for me.

Master being Master and Regie being a sadistic tailor and leather making came up with giving me a sleep sack and hood. The entire sleep sack is lined with thousands of pin pricks and the gag that snaps in the hood also as almost undetectable pinpricks.

Regie applied the hood. It had two holes for breathing, no mouth or eye opening. He carefully slipped the gag in my mouth. The points were irritating but not sharp enough to do real damage. He laced it very tightly then buckled and closed the straps. The wasn't a strap for the neck. I sat in the lower body of the sack and carefully lifted my legs until my feel were in the toes of the sack. The process continued at a snail's pace until all my body parts were in the correct places. Master and Regie zipped the bag and then laced, pulling the laces snugly. They worked together to fasten the straps. I was in a sort of endorphin induced psychosis or something because I actually enjoyed all the sensations the beg was producing. When they locked the first padlock I tried to communicate "tighter" with the tiny prickers causing pain in my mouth. Regie asked "what did you say boy"? I tried to say "tighter. It worked because the two Masters tightened each strap.

I can't explain what I felt. Everything inched of my body was tormented with tiny points of pain that caused me to feel like I was flying high on some sort of Narcotic. I was in the sack for a full hour from the time the last lock with snapped close. The worst pain as they went through the process of taking me out of the sack. I think I was crying but I can't say for sure. The four Masters peeled me out of the bag. I was covered with what looked like a rash with a few tiny drops of blood here and there.
They opened the bag completely and left it in the middle of the floor for me to clean tomorrow. I went to shower again, washing thoroughly with a natural antibacterial called H2Ocean that instantly breaks down blood and washes it down the drain. It was made for new tattoos and piercings but I keep a bottle for generally first aide.

I returned to the bedroom and grabbed a box filled with gifts for my family. Artisan made pear brandy from a tiny producer in France. It has a tiny pear in the bottle with tiny flecks of pure gold. It was wrapped with a yellow ribbon on the neck of the bottle held in place with a gold wax seal. I tasted it on our last trip and shipped two cases home. It is divinely smooth and light like drinking fresh pressed pear juice with a kick. I popped a bottle open and let everyone taste what I had given them. I also gave Master Ian a box wrapped in red paper that I drew balloons on. I asked him not to open it until we are alone together.

My Birthday

It was one of my three hard limits when I first met Ian. NO SHIT, NO BLOOD, NO SPIT. He agree. I, as most people do, know that these substances above all others are were we expose other people to disease.

Master tied my wrist high above my waist, combining it into a sort of shoulder harness. He carefully laid me back on the bed so that I was laying on my bound arms. He tied another length of rope just above my knees and another tie at my ankles. He reached into a black plastic bag and produced a dental gag that forces the mouth open. He strapped it tightly around my head and the slowly forced my moth open. I lay looking up at him. He stood above jacking himself to near ejaculation then stopped. He stood over me, clearing his throat. "Do you want this?"
I shook my head "No".
He snapped the gag open a bit further. I felt my cock harden.
He cleared his throat again, "you're Master wants you to take his spit, do you want it"?
I stared up at him and slowly shook my head "Yes".
He cleared his throat again, bent his head a few inches from mine and let go of a long string of phlegm.
"You liked that boy, didn't you."
I was fighting an orgasm.
"Do you want more?"
I closed my eyes and shook my head indicating that I wanted it.
He let go of another glob. I had an orgasm and shot cum over both of us. He squeegeed my cum with his finger and dripped it into my mouth. He stood up and stroked himself, shooting his entire load  directly into my gapping fluid hole.

I found that I liked the humiliation of being used but liked Master's cum in my mouth more.


I won't call the text above bullshit. I think it was meant for his kinky notes diary.  It's true. There are those limits. I won't cross them. I read his comments and find he thinks about a lot of things. I think the boy might be giving in on that one before long.

The boy has a migraine this morning.  Jesus fucking shit! Of all days! He's locked himself in the migraine cave. His doctor wants him to try oxygen when he has a migraine. Always keeping it kinky, the door has a spring latch and no way to open it once he closes it. I installed a chain hooked to a leather restraint that he buckles and locks to his right ankle. He flips a switch, it turns a light on upstairs so we know where he is and crawls under a padded blanket to try to sleep it off. Being in a locked room tells him he is stuck and not doing anything cause the room is jet dark inside.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A day of celebration!

Butch and Daniel are now fucking in wedded bliss. It does make a difference psychologically even if you've been partners for a while. The rings are platinum and plain. Butch's sisters and nieces attended along with a handful of female friends and old customers from the surrounding towns. The food that Tony orchestrated was wonderful. The chocolate wedding cake arrived from Paris in perfect Shape. The layers were ringed with delicious Macaroons and sprigs of sugar currents that looked so real that they looked like that had been just picked.  Joey had a  caterer do the heavy "lifting" while he created unforgettable goodies. We had a good Country band to dance to and tubs full of iced beers and wines.
They will be leaving for Munich on Tuesday to spend time at the Chateau.

Master brought a new toy home yesterday that drives me wild. A surgical stapler. I never thought of using such a thing for play. In late morning, before the wedding. Master pinched skin from my chest over my nipples to "hide" them. And used the stapler to secure the skin over the nipple. Fuck! It hurt like hell. Then he pushed my cock and balls inside of my body cavity and stapled everything inside. It looked like I had a cunt. It hurt less than my tits. The pressure was intense. It was a little like the aftermath of being slugged in the nuts with a fist. I was unrestrained and laying on the bed when he performed the procedure. I actually enjoyed it so he left me stapled through most of the afternoon.
I'm ready to do it again.

I learned something over the last two mornings. I hate my own morning piss. It is nasty and bitter.

Yes, I am wearing tit clamps as I write this. My nipples are unbearably sensitive after a week of constant abuse. The staples left them untouchable but I am managing so far. I may not blog tomorrow so I have time to let them settle down.

My Birthday is tomorrow. I can't wait to see what Regie made for me.

A Day to Myself

First, this is a question.
It been over a month since my appetite for food has taken a real dive. I am never hungry except if I have a small amount of food or water in my stomach. I never think about eating and peck around at my food during meals until someone at the table reminds me to eat. Then I eat very slowly, enjoying all the flavors and textures in my mind. I also find that if I am not eating that I am hornier. Does anyone else have this experience?

I was supposed to go to San Francisco with Master and Regie today. I was looking forward to the day in the city. I wanted to shop for a wedding gift for Master Butch and Daniel. The alarm rang and I popped out of bed to wait for Master to crawl out of bed so I could service him. He wasn't in bed and he wasn't anywhere in the house to be found. The Panemara was gone. Joey told me they left before breakfast. I went back to Master's bedroom to get dressed to work outside with Master Butch and Daniel but found a note and a liter size water bottle filled with Master's piss and directions for my day under it.

It is a day off for you. Relax and enjoy it. Do what ever pleases you. Masturbate and cum all you want. You woke with the first alarm this morning and looked screwed up so I put you back in bed. You have permission to stay there all day if you want. Before you get going;

1. Drink every drop of piss that I left in this bottle for you.

2. Piss into the bottle and drink every drop.

We're starting a new routine for you.  You will drink a one liter bottle of water every night before you go to bed. You may not piss or get out of bed to piss. You will service me when I wake up then empty yourself in the water bottle and drink it. Any failure will lead to punishment.

3. From now on you will wear the tit clamps that are alongside your computer when ever you are on the internet or using email.

Enjoy you free day, you will not have many of them.

Beginning tomorrow morning, you will start wearing a leather collar on it's loosest setting. It will be tightened a notch each day until it is as tight as it will go. I have a new collar on order with many more holes in the strap.

I was fucking myself horny as a barnyard full of pigs.

I put a jock on and my Irish Setter work boots and then went outside to work. It was exactly what I wanted. Master was making new rules and harsher, more kinky demands. The collar came straight out of the story, Another Bondage Fantasy World Client.

Master Butch ordered me to stop working and go relax somewhere. Joey called everyone in for breakfast and badgered me into eating. He made a late' for me and I took it out on the patio, stopping to pick out a pipe to smoke while relaxing. I rarely inhale but I did this morning. I took a long slow draw, filling my lungs then jetted it out through my nose. I got light headed and grabbed my unleashed cock and nearly came but then I thought, if I deny myself, I will have a bigger orgasm later.  I relaxed with my pipe and Late' until both were done then sat in the morning sun.

I sat in front of my computer to answer email and comments from my blogs. I had forgotten to clamp my nipples. Master's left the tongue forceps that have rubber tips. They cause pain quickly. I read a story call The Drum on MetalbondNYC while jerking myself off. I stopped short of coming.

So I went back to bed still wearing the clamps, imagining that I was tied spread eagle. I wanted to jack off again but stopped short of orgasm again. I wanted to cum so badly that I was writhing almost without control. I had permission to cum but something kept me from completing my act. I did not want to cum without Master. I was fighting my urge with all my might.  I moaned "why did my Master leave me free today, I can't handle this, I don't want to handle this. I'm going to beg one of the Masters to bind me. After all, it is my day of freedom and Master told me to do anything I wanted. I could also choose how I want to be bound.  My balls were swollen and deep red and I wanted to keep them that way for Master..

Master Christopher agreed to do anything I wanted to do except that he wanted to add one thing but he would not tell me what it was.

Master saw this picture and immediately sent the picture along with his ideas to a blacksmith to have similar restraints made. He ordered a collar and two sets of ankle restraints. One set for the front and the other for the sides of the  posts. We've never gotten around to using them.

Master Christopher wasted no time in locking me into the restraints. He used the restraints at the side of the post to restrain my ankles. I was so fucked ! and loved it.
"Now what?" Blind fold and the really big gag, headphones with one of the music and static tapes, the Punisher chastity thingy. And these clamps. I tried to point to the clamps that I attached to the waist band of my jock.
 The punisher has 17 spikes inside.

Just before he slipped the gag in, he asked me "How Long?".
"Until Master comes home tonight".
"What if he doesn't come home tonight?"
"When ever you decide Master."
"Slave, you're an idiot". He shoved the gag in my mouth then added duck tape over it with a multitude of wrappings. I was fucked even more. He added more tape that also went around the post to keep my head from moving then he added a flap over the nose, pressing it onto the other tape so that I couldn't breath. I struggled and almost came before he removed the nose coverings.

Master Christopher  said, "this is what I wanted to add". He had made a bundle of stinging nettle to flog every exposed area of my body. It was like fire. I struggled to keep from screaming.

He left me alone. As far as I knew, I was completely alone. I was alone in pain for hours with no one to call out to and no way to call out. My cock tried to engorge only to be punished. It happened over and over again. When I managed to relax, the affects from the Stinging Nettle came alive again. I was so fucked and wanted to be fucked even more. It's what a slave wants when his head is full of his cock. I also wanted to be fucked by Master's cock.

I suddenly smelled cigar smoke. It was Master Ian, the choking intensity of the smoke told me that someone was with him. It was Regie.

 I knew release would come soon, relatively speaking. Master put his mouth over my nose and blew a long slow stream of smoke into my lungs then covered my nostrils with tape. He did it several times more and then gave Regie a try at it.

Master removed the nipple clamps to play with my tits. He pinched and pulled, twisted and nibbled and the rubbed them harshly with some sort of cloth. He put the clamps back on the slowly tightened them. I felt like I would scream at any moment but remembered the consequences of screaming and managed to clench my teeth as tightly as possible while I rode the storm of pain that he gave. Regie, who is more sadistic, joined Master, tormenting me. It was more that I thought I could handle.

Then all of the sudden, Master removed the punisher and worked my cock free and erect. I was too sore and in too much pain to cum. He handled my swollen balls and asked me if I had played with myself today. I confessed that I had. He asked "so that's why they are swollen and blue? How many times did you cum?".
"I edged myself several time but at the last moment, something in my head said that only Master could make me cum".
"Do you want me to take care of that for you".
"Master, I cannot cum unless it pleases you".
"Do you want me to torture your tits more before I make you cum"?
"Master, if it pleases you".
He did, he twisted the clamps, took them off, put then on again and tightened them to the last click.
He started working on my cock, "Master Ian gives you permission to cum".
I couldn't. Master tried to encourage me to cum by torturing my tits more. I could feel myself on the edge but I just couldn't come. He handed the tit torture over to Regie to continue.

"Boy, Master Ian commands you to cum on the count of five. 1,2,3,4,5"
My body went screaming mad. I shuddered and clenched my teeth against a scream. "Cum boy Cum". I felt him take my cock into his mouth. I felt like I would faint and then let go in agonizing ecstasy that took my breath away. A blacked out for a moment and came to, still wearing nipple clamps and still with my cock in Master's mouth.

Master Ian slowly removed the bondage and walked me over to the work table and made me bend over it. He and Regie took turns fucking me.

Master and Regie slept together in Master's bed and I, I spend the night locked in the cage that I am getting very familiar with.

I woke to an open cage door.

Note: I was in intense bondage. A situation that should always be and was monitored closely by Master Christian through his various electronic toys.

I was reluctant to edit this story this morning because my nipple are very sore. I didn't but did want the clamps on them. I am done on the computer for the day.

We are celebrating Master Butch's and Daniels marriage today! I'm excited and happy for them.



Thursday, August 21, 2014

Torture Under Foot.

The (my) insanity is over now. We talked for hours today but in a very different way and under very different conditions.

 Some time ago, before Master entered my life, I bought an inexpensive arm binder that the crafter called a Japanese Bondage Harness. It's made of inch wide leather that was very stiff at the time. A long strap buckled around the back of the neck, over the front of the shoulders then in back again where it buckles and locks. There is a ring behind the neck to which another long strap is attached. It extents down the middle of the back and terminate in another locking buckle after the strap wraps around the wrist. It is made so the wrists can rest at the lower back or pull the wrists as far up as just below the neck (if lack connective tissue in your shoulder joint). Let's just say that it is impossible.
Another independent strap is used horizontally around the upper arms to compress the upper arms together, adding pain to the bondage. I had the crafter buckled me into the contraption and continuously asked him to tighten it. I turned into his model for his display booth for the afternoon.
He played, tightening and loosening all afternoon. I had a rubber jock on that I filled with precum until it started running down my legs under my jeans into my combat boots. The guy gave it to me because he sold a lot of them that afternoon. That'd how I bought it.

Anyway, Master discovered among unpacked boxes of toys and restraints.

We planned on walking to the top of the hill to spend a relaxing time together but before we left, he took my shirt off then buckled the harness over my shoulders and continued until I was in stress. He clamped my tits and we set out on our trek. He hung the keys on the key rack before we left.

We got to the top of the hill and he sat on the fallen tree trunk with his back against the still live trunk. He told me to kneel in front of him and then lay my chest over the tops of my legs. He swung his booted feet in the air and let them land on my back. He lit one of his larger black cigars and said "We have to talk, are you comfortable". We had a long talk. We laughed a lot and he ended by telling me that we would not let "this" get out of hand again. I had already (with Christians help) decided that I will earn the right to be Master's slave so I cheerfully agreed.

Master helped me to my feet and massaged my shoulders and arms until the pain quieted. He undid my jeans then has me lean facing the log and bend over it. The next sound that I heard sent shivers down my spine. It was an unmistakable sound. He pulled his thick belt out of his worn leather jeans.
He beat my bruised ass, making me cry silently. He stood me up again and wrapped me tightly in his arms then had me drop to my knees again. He pissed into my mouth slowly so that I could swallow everything thing then he started pumping his cock into my throat. It didn't take long before he came. I sucked him for ever drop that I could get. I think that I pleased him

He removed the nipple clamps. I wanted to scream but dared not to.

Months ago, Master gagged me for no other reason that to quiet me. I got so turned on by it that I hoped he would do it more often. He also covers my mouth with his usually gloved hands when he wants me quiet. It happens all the time when we go to bars. Sometimes he turns my face into his chest when he doesn't want me talking to someone. It almost always causes my cock to react. Then I read a story called Bondage Fantasy World on
about I guy who was not allowed to verbalize in anyway without being asked to talk by an official.
It was a story about and extreme situation but because Master has so often quieted me, I wanted to have that same treatment. It was one of the things we talked about. He said it was always something he wanted to do to me long term and that it would be a constant turn on for him.

And so it goes. I got one of the things I wished for. Just like in that story, if I talk or if I make noise during "play" without his express permission, I will earn a demerit that will lead to severe punishment or torture of his imagining.

By the way, if you read the story, it is now one of my deepest fantasies and Master knows about it.

Note to Anonymous

I usually delete anonymous comments but in this case I will say that this is a blog and it is about life. The relationships have developed and I've written about during the time I've been doing the blog. There information is supplied starting from the beginning of the blog.

Fuck this bullsheite! It's not going to happen!

Christian stole into the bedroom dungeon and took me out of restraints. He marched me to the punishment room and beat me until I passed out. He took me to the dungeon out in the barn and continued beating me and slapping me around. He tortured my cock, balls and tits with one intent, to punish me. He talked angrily through the whole incident, telling me to stop my bullshit and figure out how I was going to service my Master instead of disrupting the best relationship that I could hope to find. He took the contract that we all signed and burned it above my bound body. The ashes and burning paper fell on my skin, leaving minor but painful burns. "Fuck this bullsheite! it is not going to happen!"

Christian beat me more, "you fucking piece of shit, either keep your trap shut and behave or I swear I will make your sorry". He terrified me and rightfully so. He removed the restraints and help me sit up. He hugged me. His eyes were reddened by anger an tears. He looked so hurt that I started to cry.

"I want you to go to your room and crawl into bed along side your Master and put your arms around him. Remember, one more word of this bullsheite and I'm going to tear you apart!"

Master was fitfully sleeping when I crawled in to bed beside. I put my arm around him and he moaned then fell into a much quieter sleep. He woke me as he crawled out of bed. I immediately jumped and sank to my knees before him with my mouth wide open, waiting for him to use me. He stepped back in shock when he saw all the bruises, cuts and welts on my body. I dropped my head when he said "What in Hell".

"Please Sir! let me serve you SIR!" That was the end of his inquiry.

Just to make it clear. Christian was sent to live with us for what is in essence, security but also a mediator and enforcer. I am being the cause of disruption even though I try not to be. He came out of observer status and put me in my place. His final words last night: "earn what you want'.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A vist from my friend and mentor, Regie

Regie is a Ginger skinhead who learned to be a tailor from his uncle. He was a wild mean boy when he was away from home. He was our gang leader and the first to do all the bad boy things that all twelve of us eventually did. He got our gang up because he was gay and wanted all the gay boys to band together to protect ourselves. In private, we called ourselves "bad juju" referencing black magic. We got to be real bad asses by bashing a few guys who once picked on us. We took martial arts and worked at it together. Regie was always in the front leading us and in the back pushing.

I took Regie to my slave the moment I got Regie home. slave was strapped tightly in a bondage chair wearing nothing but his chastity belt, a tall leather neck corset, gag and blindfold. I've taken all of his boots except his work shit kickers and locked them in a closet along with his leathers. It was that I wanted to prepare for his new position here on the ranch. Regie knows slave from the clubhouse in London. The fact is, slave has been fucked  at boths ends from him.

Regie twisted the slaves tits and turned the clamps. Slave cried out. Those things had been on him for hours already. Regie slapped him and gut punched and told him "shut your fuckin' trap and at least try to be man, which you ain't anymore". Regie looked at me as if to ask me if it's okay, like he knew I wouldn't mind. He took the slave gag out of his mouth, stood up the seat of the chair and head raped him, all the while pulling on his tit clamps. I could tell slave wanted it. Regie came down slave's throat and quickly buckled his gag again.

Regie put his hand on my shoulder and said, "I needed that, thanks mate!". We went out to talk, leaving my slave to wait. We undressed at the edge of the pools and jumped into the cool water to swim and float while talking of the old days. Regie brought me to date on my Mates and then we talked about my slave. "He wants more and less from me. I took him as a slave but we became loves, impinging on my ability to make him into the slave I truly wanted I don't know how to proceed so that is why you are here. I need your help and advice. How do keep why happened between you and me from happening between him and me?"

"You do what me and you never got into. Keep him tied in that chair and keep him blindfolded. Take his gag out and take your meanest clamps and put them on his tits. Make him hurt like hell to he's screaming or crying. Sit on a chair in front of him and ask him what he really wants. Interrogate him." That is what I did.

I dressed in my leathers and 20 holers and went to the bedroom dungeon where I was storing my slave. I ungagged him and pulled a chair up facing him. Regie stood quietly in the corner listening to me. "Slave, we need to talk. I'm going to ask you questions and I want you to answer each question as fully and honestly as you can. Do not hold anything back. What is it that you want from me, keep in mind that I read your latest diaries so I know what you were looking for before we met".

"I answered that recon add advertising for bottoms or slave who wanted to be objectified. You gave me some of what I wanted and you made me fall in love with you. I adore you and I want to be the best person that I can be for you but I have a nagging feeling in my gut that tells me that I want more use and abuse and right now, I want it to come from you. You say that you own me and you do but at the risk of...I guess I am just being self centered".

Regie popped in angrily, "He wants the whole truth and nothing but the truth, faggot!" The slave stammered. Regie stomped across the room and slapped him really hard. My slave started crying.
"I want that!" he said. "I want to get up every morning to service you, If I do not make you happy I want you to let me know, punish me and then make me go out to the field to work like I an nothing but labor or make me work in my studios when there is no work outside. Punish me if I fail. At the end of the day put me into strenuous bondage. I don't care how severe but severe. Use me for a foot stool, a toilet, a servant or store me away when you don't want me in sight. Don't give a shit about how I feel. Keep me quiet unless you want me to talk. Punish me if I talk without being asked to open my mouth. Drag me into bed and fuck me hard, use me, what ever you want but I want...". Tears ran down his cheeks from under his blindfold. I put my finger up to his mouth to stop his rant which grew and spiraled to a near state of anger.

Fed-ex dropped off the package that Regie was waiting for. He had made a birthday surprise for the slave.

I returned to my slave to tighten the straps on the chair. I decided to put a heavily padded hood over his head and let him listen to my recording. He apologized for losing control. I placed a ball in his mouth and tightly strapped the hood over his head. I twisted his the tit clamps to another angle, telling him he would be sorry if he didn't keep quiet while I did it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Finding a privat diary on my slaves external drive.

My slave has given me absolute irrevocable power of his life, "past, present and future". He had turned his keys for everything so that nothing can be hidden. I'm learning trust from him.

I found a external storage device labeled Diaries and writings. I plugged it in and started reading. There are years worth of diaries dating back to high school and early writings about everything you can imagine.

I found references to suicide over the years that saddened me. He had even worked some plans out in detail. He was desperate for something he never felt he had. Someone to hold him tight. He wrote about feeling like a burden to his grand parents and being taken care of by housekeepers and chaperone who never quite filled his need for love.

Here is an excerpt that I feel safe in adding here

6 May 2011

I had a night with a “Top” named Alan. I was frustrated by his lack of experience. I was infuriated by wasting my time. Why do I bother? Do you think I want too much?

I’ give almost anything to find a real Master to take over my life, sort of like Max does without the history we share that keeps him from going all the way with me. It’s never going to happen. He’s been by surrogate father since I was 5.

So what do I want?

Someone bigger and stronger than me.
Someone masculine who cares little about what people think of him.
Tough and a little street wise.
Driven by a high testosterone level.
A little unwashed.
Someone who wants to turn me into his pig.

Someone who cares about me but has a dispassionate and sadistic side.
Someone to keep me unbalanced.
Someone to keep me balanced.

Someone who can say No to me.
Someone who won’t put up with my moody shit.
Someone who will slap the crap out of me if I say something mean or sarcastic

Someone to love me for good and bad but strong enough to eliminate the bad.

Someone who has the same wealth or has an ability to ignore mine.
Wealth can make happiness hard to find.

Someone to keep me captive and bound and torture me without hurting me.

Someone, most of all, someone that I can love, worship and respect so much that I can forget myself.

 A man who can change as our reality changes.
A man who can be Master, friend and big brother but mostly be my Master.
His list went on.
Now for some fucking fun. My Mate Regie. He is an Irish Ginger that is fucking fun to be with. He trained me in a lot of stuff. He's here to help record some more hypnotic shit and work the slave over in ways he never felt before. Slave is in his cage except to piss and stretch and of course be fucked. Been that way for over a day. He'll stay there longer until he's good and tired of it.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Too much for slave boi

MY slave is completely exhausted today after a week of his birthday gift and his afternoon with Daniel creating their respective slave contracts. They were both excited and nervous about the contracts because of what the future had in store for them and because they want the contracts to be air tight in a judicial sense, even though not legally enforceable.

I gave my slave a taste of how his treatment will change if I choose it. Our bed is a large iron dungeon bed with many bondage features included. I made slave stand at the foot of the bed with his arms shackled behind him and feet shackled. I trussed him up in a suspension harness, forcing him to stand and ball gagged him. I gave him a fucking rough caning on his legs as a warning and told him that if he disturbed my sleep that he would get that at least doubled. He was forced to stand and watch me sleep all night. I promised him another caning if I caught him sleeping.

I fucked the hell out of him this morning and forced him to lick me clean.

He's locked in five way heavy metal inside of a small cage for the day, resting before the arrival of my mate Regie who is going to work him over for 24 hours. My slave is in for hell and some nasty abuse.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Preface: Both slaves are entering into similar contracts that exclude any limitations or safe words what-so-ever. Be it known that we are aware of all of the Master’s behavior and passions and understand that we are safe in their hands as we have been in relationships for a reasonably long period of time. No slave entering into a contract with an unknown or new Master should ever offer himself without conditions or safe words.


Article for Master Ian’s current property:
Property is any physical or intangible property that is owned by a person or jointly by a group of people. Depending on the nature of the property, an owner(s) have the right to consume, sell, rent, mortgage, transfer, exchange or destroy it or exclude others from doing those things. [1][2][3] Important widely recognized types of property include real property (combinations of land and any improvements to or on the land), Personal property (physical possessions belonging to a person), Private property (property owned by a legal person or business entity). Public property (state owned and available possessions), and Intellectual property ( exclusive rights over artistic creations, inventions, etc.), although the latter is not widely recognized and enforced. [4] A title or right of ownership, established the relation between the property and other persons, assuring the owner to dispose of the property as he sees fit. Some philosophers assert that property rights arise from social convention. Others find origins for them in morality or natural law.

Be that as it may, the previous definition defines the legal concept of property. It has been my position that all people who are employed by me are owners in the property that they work to manage. There are times when I, out of practicality, must make executive decisions. This is the only time that I am “the boss”. In consideration of my marriage contract with Ian xxxxx, most of the decisions are made by him, seeking my advice when necessary.

In consideration of a legally non-enforceable existing contractual agreement declaring my consent to be Ian xxxx’s slave, I wish to enter into an addendum to that contract, with the consent of Ian xxxxx. This contract is intended to give authority to Butch xxxxx and Christopher xxxxxxxxxxx to enjoy authority as agreed upon by Master Ian xxxxx.

Before entering this agreement, I would like to make the following request; I wish to have my genitals locked in a chastity device at all times unless the Masters find reason that they may gain pleasure by exposing them.

The Contract for Enslavement:

Of my own free will, I ___________________________, herein known as the slave, hereby grant you, __________________________, _________________________, and _______________________ herein known as the Masters, full ownership, care and use of both the slave's body and mind as of;


                   The 25th day of August, 2014, at 2:00 pm.

                                                Until a time at which all three (3) Masters declare it void.


This period of time will herein be known as the enslavement term.


The slave will obey the Masters at all times and will wholeheartedly seek the Master's comfort, pleasure and well-being, above all other considerations the slave may have.


The slave agrees that the slave will derive his own pleasures from accepting orders and directions his in the relationship with the Master and that the slave will gladly accept the pleasures that the Masters provide. The slave further agrees to confess the slave's desires for the Masters consideration. Failing to do so, the Masters takes no responsibility in the consequences of the slave's failure to disclose desires, even if the slave is unable to communicate the slave's desires.


The slave will strive diligently to re-mold the slave's body, habits, and attitudes in accordance with the Masters desires. Also, the slave agrees to change the slave's actions and speech to express the slave's changed habits and attitudes including, addressing all others as Sir or Mam.


The slave will seek, during the enslavement term, to learn how to please the Masters and will gracefully accept any criticism in whatever form the master chooses without any boundaries set for the Masters.


The slave renounces all rights to privacy or concealment from the Master. The slave will answer truthfully and completely, to the best of the slave's knowledge, any and all questions the Masters may ask of the slave. The slave will not have access to any money except one American Express Card for emergency purposes only. The slave may not use any communication devices other than those allowed and monitored by the Masters.


The slave understands and agrees that any failure by the slave to comply fully with the Master's desires shall be regarded as sufficient cause for any punishment the master deems appropriate.

The slave otherwise unconditionally accepts, as the Master's right, anything the master may choose to do with the slave, whether as punishment, for the master's amusement, or for whatever purpose the Master desires, no matter how painful, unpleasant, or uncomfortable to the slave. Furthermore, If the slave at any time expresses displeasure or negativity (after one warning to stop, he will be severely punished in a manner separate from all other punishments.


The slave agrees to take all the experiences that occur during the enslavement term as a chance to learn and grow, and use them to improve the relationship between the Masters and slave, both during the enslavement term and after the enslavement term.


Signed by, _______________________________, Master,

Signed by, _______________________________, Master,

Signed by, _______________________________, Master,


signed by, _______________________________, the slave,

dated this 17th day of August, 2014, 3:15 PM

Witnessed by Daniel xxxxxx, Esq.  attorney at law.




Fun with subliminal hypnotism. It really works.

As I have stated, slave with left in his sleep sack for over 30 hours during which he wore headphones that played music interspersed with messages from me. It played in a loop. Mixed in the loop were almost inaudible suggestions that cause certain behaviors upon command. He was not aware of those commands.

The commands cause him to cross his arms behind his back until the release command is given.
Close his eyes tightly as if blindfolded.
Close his mouth tightly as if he is tightly gagged.
Walk as if his ankles are chained.
Playing these suggestions over and over has definitely worked. We played with him during breakfast this morning. He was about to put food into his mouth when I said the magic word that tied his wrists tightly behind his back. He carefully put his fork down and crossed his wrists behind his back and could not free himself until I gave the command. It works with all four suggestions. The suggestions will eventually fade if not reinforced or I can give a command to ignore those commands in the future. The kid likes it.

Butch and Daniel have been Master and slave for several months. They are getting married in six days to consummate their relationship. There will be a reception to honor the wedding which is taking place among the olive trees. They will be leaving for a two honeymoon in Germany where the two will become members of the Chateau. Chris and I are sponsoring them.

The slaves have an announcement that they will be making late this evening.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Archiving my blog to an external drive?

Can anyone tell me how to copy my blog to my external drive?

Lets Explain this Shit!

My slave is having a birthday coming up next Saturday. The only thing the slave wants is to go through his ultimate fantasy slave hell for an (unknown to him) period of time. In addition, he has asked for a trial period of a fantasy that he wrote about some time in the last few months. I will paste the fantasy into this document.

You will see bits about what we have done over the last five days. They are a script, that we have been following, to some extent. The dreaded corset a kink that he is exploring. He saw guys bound in corsets at a leather event before we met. One was wearing shoulder to below corset that enclosed everything, including his arms. The bloke could hardly walk. His Domme was shocking him remotely for not keeping pace with her. He got up the nerve to ask who made the bondage gear. The woman asked him if he wanted to try it but he couldn't stand the thought of having a woman touch him.
He actually loves the corset. He likes the restriction and having to struggle to breath.

Telling the whole story would kill the drama.

The slave has until the 25th before his birthday present ends.

Here's the fantasy.

Master and I have endlessly kinky minds and almost unlimited funds to buy or have things made to satisfy our kinky ideas. We also have friends who are construction contractors who find our ideas entertaining so they are always willing to work with us.

I am very sore and very horny today. The punishment was like a catharsis although intensely painful.
I am not allowed to struggle or cry out during punishment. If I were to break that rule, punishment would be extended. I can barely handle what was given. Christian administered two separate Navel Barracks Routines. One set for disobeying Master, the other for disrupting family harmony. Read about the
Naval Barracks Routine.

We have a lot of discussions about “what if”, “If only, “I wonder” and so on when Master and I discuss kinky lifestyles and occurrences in our daily life. That is how he joined the Chateau. In our beginning conversations before I submitted to him for a month, I mentioned my fantasy about being taken to a location in some unknown location to be turned into a slave and then sold to a Master, never to be seen again. He told me that he actually knew of a place. It excited me but he refused to discuss the particulars. I thought he was wanking my head to excite me. It never left my memory but I didn’t think anything like that existed. Unfortunately, places like that do exist and they are rarely for pleasure. He arranged to take me there for training after he declared to me that I was his slave.

The Chateau is an on-going “what if” that I don’t enjoy but it is an important aspect of our relationship. It has taught me that some men and their slaves have strict relationships that do not share the sense of equality that exists in my relationship with Master. Some of these men are bound and stored until their owners want to entertain themselves with them. It’s frightening but also intriguing. I’ve had a taste of being objectivized. It was fun, horrifying and damn boring.

My life was horribly boring and restrictive as a child. I never went anywhere without a chaperone. Sometimes I felt like a dog on the end of a choke chain. It was for my protection from my evil and sinister mother who tried on occasion to steal me from my grandparents. On one hand, I had everything; on the other hand, I had to earn everything that I wanted. Then all of the sudden, there was no one left to take care of me. Everyone died. It’s odd that I grew up feeling overly responsible for everything in life. I wondered what it would feel like if I had to do as I was told without thinking. I wondered what it would be like to refer to other people with obviously terms of respect that would take away my stature as “Boss” or “Head of the Family”. How could I rid myself of authority and daily control over my life?  My discussions with Master were truly regarded even though we didn’t discuss possible realities.

I also wondered how long I could take frequent long term bondage. I asked Master if he thought he could do that too someone and be happy and turned on by it. I knew he could do it for hours or days and I knew the depth of his conviction when he said “NO!” but I wondered how we could live as some of the Master’s and their slaves the Chateau.

We had a long discussion out on the deck after dinner. He smoked a long black Maduro cigar and told me that he would enjoy it if I would smoke my pipe. We smoke infrequently these days. I fidgeted in the corset and Carrara belt. Master told me to stand and said he would fix that for me. He unlocked the corset, tightened the laces and then relocked it. He tightened the out strap and told me that if I was uncomfortable sitting that I should stand. I pulled my jeans up and buttoned my flannel shirt. I packed my pipe and lit it and re-lit Master’s cigar and I stood in front of him while he talked.

“I have decided to make you a true slave. As of the conversation, you will no longer have the freedom to do what you want when you want. You will experience constant bondage of a greater magnitude than what your collar and chastity devices provide. You endure frequent long term incarcerations.  Butch, Christopher and I will carry dog whips with which to punish you for anything we feel is cause.” He took a folded paper from the back pocket of his worn leather jeans. He told me that if I wanted this life change that I should sign the very statement that he had just made. He told me to think about it while he called Butch and Christopher out to witness and sign the document explaining what their duties and rights are.

I took the pen from Master and asked, “and what is the duration of this agreement?”
Master said, “there is no termination date”.
I shrugged my shoulder and touched the pen to the paper.
Butch asked me if I was sure that I wanted this. I signed the document. Master Ian signed the document followed by Master Christopher and then Master Butch.

Master reached into a canvas bag to pull out three dog whips to distribute to the other Masters. The whips look like 3 foot long signal whips. The Masters each gave me ten lashes to teach me what to expect for any infraction of rules. I do not know exactly that the rules are. Master Ian told me that if I protested, talked back disrespectfully or overtly disobeyed a direct order that I would be punished by the usual method, implying the Naval Barracks Routine. I am at their mercy. May be I am insane but I like exactly what I signed up for. I have trusted each one of the Masters with my life from the first day I met each of them.

Master Ian is taking me to the city (SF) tomorrow. He wants my P.A. to be turned into an Apadravya so there is more meat involved in the piercing. He also wants my nipples pierced. (I wonder how that will affect my love of tit torture). Master is bringing restraints and a gag with because he wants the event to be memorable. The piercer, a longtime friend is an expert at turning a piercing session into torture. We’re going to his house to have this done because if he was caught doing something the way Master wants him to do it in the shop, he could get into trouble.

I am told that I will not be writing this blog for quite some time and that Master Ian may take on the responsibility. I hope that he will allow me to write from time to time. I’d like you to know how I am doing.
He's not going to be available until the middle of week. He'll be a pierced man then, except for the tits. I like to play with them too much.
Enjoy the read.

Friday, August 15, 2014

New Induction Process

The slave didn't realize what I had done to him on his visit real encounter with me. I hypnotized him to follow my commands and enjoy being bound and left alone. It came to home in pulses when ever the heating system came on. He also sees a psychologist that helps him understand his relationship with his family. He uses hypnotism as well. The slave is easily hypnotized so I have an additional avenue of control over him that he consented to after listening to it while not in a trance.

He is in the cold room in the wine cellar. He often "hides there" when he has a migraine. I put him in his favorite leather sleep sack. It is black thick leather with a soft kidskin type blood red leather. He's bound and strapped down with a catheter in his cock because he ain't getting out for maybe twenty four hours. He likes it up to a point or he will by the time I'm done fucking him over in the head. He's got headphones playing an endless loop of slave behavior instructions that I recorded with my own voice.

He asked for this shit sometime back and now he's getting it.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Escape to the Legion

We recently watched all four episodes of Bear Gryff's project called Escape to the Legion. If you follow Metalbondnyc, there is a picture of Bear buried up to his neck in sand for stealing food for a hungry fellow recruit. Seeing that picture led to viewing the program.

Escape to the Legion is a documentary that explores the process of becoming a French Legionnaire. The trial and tribulations, the hardships, being broken down and then being built back up, brotherhood, obedience, loyalty, the list goes on. It is a military training that parallels or exceeds top military forces of the world.

The first thing the recruits learn is absolute obedience. Do what you're told to do without thinking for yourself. (sound familiar?) The second thing; life his filled with hardship and disappointment, you can either rise above it or let it drag you down. What you do defines the quality of your manhood.

4 out of twelve made it through the grueling one month of training, Some quit, some left because of injury and one was made to leave because he refused to follow the rules and showed disrespect to the training personnel. The four who lasted to the end were celebrated by the training sergeants. I couldn't help but wish that I could go through real Legion training without obligating myself to warfare.

Time alone last night allowed me to think about Legionnaire training. In the short term, it seemed like slave training if you imagine sex slave training without the sex. Ideally, you allow another person to turn you into what ever they want of you and give up at least a part of yourself to please another person. Most men can't conceive of themselves doing such a thing.

I think that I am often more self-centered than I should be, even though I don't act on it, it creates friction is our relationship, Master and I manage to work through friction in private because we talk about it before it before it surfaces. We quickly solve the cause and move on. The corset (thing) was an exceptional case of disrespect that foolishly grew out of proportion and affected the entire family. I reacted immediately and thoughtlessly and I was sleepless over it. I caused Master to apologize for an action that I had given him the right do when I agreed to be his slave, do what pleases him.

It was very early morning before I went to bed. I slid in beside Master and wrapped my left arm around hid middle. He laid his massive right arm on top of me. I whispered "are you awake"?

"Not really, what do you need?"
"To talk."

"Okay, let's sit up on the sofa." He got up and went to take a piss then sat in the corner of the sofa. I kneeled in front of him, wrapping my arms around his middle.

"I am sorry for disobeying you yesterday. You were right, I am your property so I had no right to do or say anything. I can't expect to be or do anything that you do not consent to. I will do my best to do as you train me and I will never express anger or resentment again.
He replied with a stern voice, "You realize that you will be punished for the problems you caused yesterday and for expressing moodiness after you were directed to stop."

"Master, I expect as much. I am sorry that I am causing you to do something that you don't enjoy doing."

"I will not be administering the punishment. That is Christian's responsibility. By the way, you will no longer address him by name. You will address him as Master and you will also address Butch as Master. Every other person that you meet in your life will be addressed and "Sir" or "Mame". Is that absolutely clear?"

"It is clear Master."

"The corset is hanging in my closet, get it and bring it to me."

I felt unhappy about it but I did as I promised. I said "yes Master" and retrieved it with a smile of surrender. I stopped momentarily at a small framed quote that I printed from a tumblr site. I felt grateful that Master had so easily forgiven me.

The corset went on. This time, Master inserted metal stays into the vertical pockets and tightening everything so that I found it difficult to breath. He positioned me so that my nose was six inches from the wall while I stood at attention. "You will stand there to contemplate your coming punishment". He went back to bed.
I realized that the corset was not intended to feminize me. It is just another form of bondage, another form of submission and something that I started to understand as a way of giving me pleasurable pain.
Morning came as it always comes. Light poured in through the bedroom window, waking Master who was horny as hell. He got himself off before getting out of bed to shower. He dried himself off then dressed himself. He hadn't recognized me. He went out to breakfast. Christian came to fetch me later. He took me to the punishment room. It all happened without a spoken word until Christian had finished punishing me.
"Thank you, Master". He smiled

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Speaking Up

I sat quietly at the breakfast table. I had decided to keep my mouth shut and do what I was told until I understood my feelings. I didn't each much because I was focusing on the situation and tried very hard to be Zen about it. I didn't intent upon doing so but I was brooding and my facial expression exhibited it.

Butch spoke, "Ian, we're talking out on the deck after breakfast". Butch's loyalties are to me. He was my first hire, my friend and I've given him ownership in this land and house. He has power of attorney and executor of the property if something were to happen to me. I trust him.

I went out to be with my menagerie.

The first family argument was occurring in my absence and I knew it was about something that Master was doing and his attitude about my feelings. He tried to feminize me once before when he turned me over to a Domme in Paris. It didn't go well and he promised he would never do anything like that again. Has he forgotten his promise or didn't he think this corset had anything to do with feminization?

Butch came out to talk to me while I was throwing a ball for the dogs. He said "go in the house and demand that he remove that thing or I'm going to take my trimming knife and cut it off". It is an issue that has grown out of perspective, especially since I didn't know or understand how I felt about it beside it's immediate repugnance. I promised Butch that I would talk to him again once I came more assured about what I truly felt. I went back to playing with the dogs. I was naked except for the corset.

It was afternoon before I went back into the house. Lunch was being served outside on the pool patio so I went to our bathroom to wash. I passed through the hallway and past Master's office on the way. He got up from his desk to follow me, stopping me in the threshold of our bedroom. Without speaking, he unlocked the corset and removed it. He apologized for damaging our relationship. I was still angry, I wanted to say something threatening or mean but I kept my mouth shut. My grandmother once told me that I have a "tongue like whip" after we argued about wanting to go out with a friend that she didn't like. I hurt her deeply. That one experience taught me that I had a power that I should never wield. I hugged him and then went to wash.

Master reached out to touch Butch and thanked him for his insight. The argument was over.

Joe asked if he could wear the corsets if we weren't going to use them. Hairy Bear with the tattooed bear is into that sort of thing. Figures.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I'm not liking this little surprise at all

Fed-Ex dropped off a package for Master this morning. It was shipped from London.

He seemed overwhelmed with excitement. He reminded me of a five year old on Christmas morning.
Master ripped away the wrappings with glee, deviously laughing as he opened the box and pulled the contents into view.

What the hell!!!? I was a black leather corset with all sorts of straps, padlocks and but plug. I knew he wasn't the one who would be wearing it. He pulled out yet another longer corset with more locking straps and padlocks. "Oh SHIT!", I thought, "He's gone completely mad. Where did he get the idea for this shit?"

"Come here slave!"
He unlocked my Groethal chastity belt and told me to fetch the cock lock. He was hasty about locking it in place. I was already naked. He wrapped the shorter corset around my middle and fastened it. It was loose at first. He started lacing it down the back, pulling them tight as he moved down. He pulled the laces very tight then tied them off. He zipped leather lace covering from bottom to top, covering the laces and tightening the corset even more. He wrapped a wide leather strap from front to back then locked that. He locked a flap over the zipper pull. Took the should straps that were fasted them in the front and flipped them over my shoulders, buckled them snugly then locked them.
One last strap remained.

Master spit lubed my hole and then the butt plug and shoved it inside of me. He bulled the remaining strap between my legs, bucked it and locked it in back. There was no way to escape this except to cut it off and I wanted out. I thought he was trying to feminize me and I have never been into to that kink.

I could not bend at the waist. The guys sniggered at me when they came in for breakfast. This was humiliated in a way I did not enjoy. I radiated anger throughout the room. My lower lip protruded in an angry pout. Master stopped my misbehavior cold. "I AM YOUR FUCKING MASTER AND I WILL DO WHAT EVER PLEASES ME! So fucking straighten up and be grateful that I don't take you to the punishment room."

Monday, August 11, 2014

Just thinking

I'm guessing that most bottoms and slaves fantasize about someone slightly older, definitely stronger and larger, as well as ruthlessly demanding to dominate them. I know that is what I fantasized about when I went out on the prowl. I never dismissed someone because they were smaller or younger because it did nothing for me but limit my experiences.

I once bumped into a guy that I would consider tiny. I'm 6'1" and he was less that 5'6". His fantasies were opposite of mine. He like to dominate bigger guys, especially guys my height of taller. I wondered if it was because he had some sort of size envy or was teased for being a small guy. He talked me into going home with him one night. He handcuffed my hands behind my back and enforced his commands with an electric baton that he bought at The Spy Store. One brush with that toy told me that he wasn't messing around. He was not afraid of causing another guy pain and as it turned out, he was ruthlessly creative.

As I got to know him, I learned that he had a black belt in several martial art forms. Not only that, he could move like a monkey to dominate his opponents. We got to be close and he referred to me as "his boy", especially at parties or bars.

When I answered Master's ad looking for men to treat as objects, I gave no credence for to my fantasies concerning age or strength. I answered it because unless he was a bull shitter, he was ruthlessly demanding. He was looking for a pain pig to keep in bondage. I was emotionally at a loss in my life and looking for someone to give me a thrill. I definitely wasn't looking for what I found.
He is slightly older, much larger and stronger and frighteningly (at times) demanding.

Sometimes I wonder at my good fortune, especially now that we've gotten to know and trust each other. We've come a long way since the days in his dungeon when I was left alone on the floor wrapped in a straightjacket, blindfolded and gagged with duct tape with a three foot chain attaching my collar to the floor. I lay, seemingly ignored for days, in the mess that I had no choice in making.
He beat my ass brutally for making the mess after I had been forced to clean it. Oddly enough, it was never enough. The longer he kept me prisoner, the more I could see into his heart and like what I
knew of him.

Master encourages me in everything that I do unless it is pure folly. He keeps hold of my leash which is often too long and he is endlessly kind but still, his ownership is obvious in the way that he controls me. "Das Es" as Freud called it, sometimes longs for more of what happened in our first thirty days of being Owner and object. The problem is that I think we passed our ability to more than entertain it in play for more than a few days. It would not be possible to function as a useful member of society without exploring a more constructive purpose, especially given the dreams that we are building on together.
This photo is from ropestopbay. It is not me.
Master loves this position. He keeps me in it for long periods of time.
He can actually carry me around when I am frog tied.
It becomes painful.

Who knows, maybe he will put me in a straightjacket and chain me to the floor again sometime in the future and maybe he will find strength to leave me there longer. It would be more demoralizing for me now that I have so much that I love doing everyday. Maybe I am just full of egotistical bull shit.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Swinging in the breeze

I saw this scene in a murder intrigue movie. We've played at the scene once or twice. Each time that we get involved in replaying it, it gets more exciting, although it is almost exactly the same.

We played in the barn. There is a large pulley attached high up from a horizontal beam. A thick soft rope hangs from the pulley that is tied off at vertical beam.  The cool thing about this barn is that my Great Uncle purchased an old post and beam barn from the east and had it rebuilt on the land. I thought of using it for a studio when I first moved in..  We use this barn for play now and for a bunk house, although we haven't had anyone stay in it yet.

Master tied my wrists together in a thick coil of rope and did the same to my ankles and knees. He wrapped a long narrow strip of linen cloth around my head to blindfold me. He threaded the rope from the pulley through the wrist bindings the pulled me up so that I was forced to stand tall, barely reaching the floor with my bare feet. I was wearing a pair of white jockey briefs. It was how the victim in the movie was dressed. I already had a wet spot from precum that Master found entertaining. He slapped me across the gut as if to punish me.

I tell the last detail of the bondage with the caveat that it is dangerous and urge that you never leave a slave unattended when doing it. I could easily lead to a joking death.

Master used a large linen bandana to gag me. He pushed a corner of the bandana deep into my mouth, almost in the throat itself. He continued stuffing and packing it into my mouth until all but a small corner protruded between my lips. The dry bandana absorbs all the moisture in the mouth and feels as if it is swelling in size. It feels impossible to yell or cry out. It is a frightening feeling. If it were not Master administering this gagging, I might panic.

Master raised me into the air so that I swung freely in the air. It became stressful fairly quickly. Breathing was a chore after a while because of the tension in my chest.

In the movie, the murderer left the victim hanging while he went off to kill another person. He was unrealistically unstressed by the situation. Master never left me. He swung me around in circles and stroked my body with his hands. He lowered me when he thought I had near enough and pulled my briefs down to my knees. They were soaked with precum. My cock was painfully rigid. Master sucked my cock into his mouth and throat. It is a rare pleasure. He worked my cock until I came into his mouth. He swallowed and continued licking focusing on my urethral opening, driving me out of my mind.

Master lowered me to the ground and gently pulled the gag out of my mouth then lowered me to my knees. I gratefully worked his cock with my mouth until he was nearly ready to cum.  He grabbed me by my ears and forcefully face fucked me until he blasted his load into my throat. I choked and some how managed to get a load of his cum into my nose. His cum dripped from my nose along with snot from my irritated throat and sinuses.

He untied me and we hugged then I ran into the house, as Master suggested, and rinsed my sinuses with saline until I cleared the mess out. We tumbled into bed for a while and laid there talking and...